Chris Schafer

Chris Schafer

Senior Editor

About Chris's expertise

Chris is Insurify’s Senior Editor for home insurance. He’s a seasoned writer/editor with past experience across myriad industries, including insurance, SAS, finance, Medicare, logistics, marketing/advertising, and many more. He is passionate about breaking down complex subject material to make important information accessible to everyone. 

Chris began his career as a journalist, managing two weekly newspapers, then moving into marketing and content marketing roles. Before joining Insurify, Chris served as the content strategy manager at Siteimprove and as the content manager at Brandpoint, where he managed a team of content creators. 

Away from work, Chris is an active hockey player and proud father of two rambunctious little girls. Chris holds a Bachelor’s degree in English with a minor in mass communications from the University of Minnesota. 

Our Editorial Guidelines

Insurify’s content goes through a rigorous editing and fact-checking process that includes reviews by insurance agents, data scientists, and multiple editors with years of experience in insurance and personal finance. We vet every article and report for: accuracy, educational value, objectivity, enjoyability.

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