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Updated January 2, 2024

Frequently asked questions

You asked. Our licensed insurance agents answered.

  • The quickest way to pay your premium is through your insurance company’s website. You can find direct links to payment portals for our top insurers below under “Contact your insurance company.” 

    Log in to your insurer’s customer portal to pay your bill and set up automatic payments, or make a one-time payment without an account. Most companies also accept payments by phone or mail.

  • Your due date will vary based on when you bought your coverage and your insurance company. Auto insurers generally allow you to pay your car insurance premium in full or to split your bill into installments or monthly payments. You can find your payment due date in your insurer’s customer portal.

    With homeowners insurance, you can bundle your premium with your mortgage and property tax payments through an escrow account. If you’re not paying out of an escrow account, insurers typically offer monthly, quarterly, semiannual, or yearly payment plans.

    Some insurance companies offer a grace period for missed payments. You may still have time to secure your policy if you miss your due date by a few days. However, we recommend setting up automatic payments to prevent a coverage lapse.

  • You can download your digital ID card through your insurance company’s website or app. Find a link to your insurer’s website below under “Contact your insurance company.” 

    All states, except New Hampshire, require proof of insurance to drive legally. Your insurance ID card shows proof of coverage. Your insurer will mail you a paper ID card with your insurance declaration. If you misplace your card, your insurance company will send another copy upon request. A digital ID card is valid proof of insurance in all states except New Mexico. 

  • Some life events, like your teenager getting a driver’s license or replacing an old roof, require updating your insurance policy. Many insurance companies allow you to make these changes online through your customer portal. Our insurance agents can help if you’re unsure about a change or need different coverage to match your new circumstances. 

    Common reasons to update your policy include:

    • Increasing or decreasing your deductible

    • Changing your policy limits

    • Adding or removing a driver or vehicle

    • Moving to a new address

    • Home renovations or additions

  • The claim reporting process varies by insurer, but you can typically file online or by phone. To speed up the process, photograph all damages and keep receipts for any temporary repairs. You should also file a police report for car accidents, burglaries, or vandalism. 

    After reporting a claim, fill out forms requested by your insurer and submit documentation to finalize your report. An insurance adjuster will investigate the extent of damage, request additional documentation if needed, and determine your compensation for repairs or injuries.

    Learn more about reporting a car insurance claim or home insurance claim.

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