Insurify’s Editorial Guidelines & Key Principles

Insurify Editorial Guidelines

Our mission

Our mission is to provide objective, well-researched, simple explanations of complex subjects related to all things insurance. We believe everyone deserves to get the best deal on insurance that’s available to them, and we create content to help you make informed decisions about your insurance coverages. 

Most insurance comparison sites are lead-generation sites. They collect your data, sell it to insurance agents, and don’t have access to real quote data. 

Insurify is different. We’ll never sell your information to insurance agents or carriers. We don’t need to – Insurify operates as an insurance agent in all 50 states, so our data scientists have access to more than 40 million real-time auto insurance rates to compile the car insurance quotes and statistics displayed on Insurify articles. 

Our key principles

We relentlessly pursue accuracy

  • Our team of 100-plus skilled editors, writers, insurance agents, and insurance experts rely on meticulous research and verified, reputable sources such as expert interviews, government authorities, and insurance company representatives.

  • Insurify’s skilled editors and insurance experts fact-check and review every article to ensure accuracy.

  • We reference only authoritative sources, and use citations throughout our articles. 

  • We often invite subject matter experts to provide important context in our articles. 

We create with integrity

  • We base our content on factual research and analyses of available data. 

  • Insurify’s partners do not influence our carrier reviews or any editorial decisions.

  • Although Insurify does receive commissions from the insurance companies we partner with, our team of content writers and editors receive no direct compensation from our business partners or advertisers.

  • Our reviews express our own objective opinions based on our editorial judgment.

  • We publish jargon-free articles that explain insurance topics with simplicity and clarity. If we need to use insurance terminology, we’ll explain what it means — thoroughly and concisely.

We speak with empathy

  • Buying insurance can be confusing, intimidating and frustrating —  but we believe it doesn’t have to be. We aim to provide information that can help de-stress the insurance-buying process.

  • Our content strives to help readers understand insurance industry news and trends that affect their financial well-being.

  • We believe that providing high-quality insurance information isn’t just about selling policies. It’s a powerful way to fight financial and social inequities in the marketplace.

Content for humans, created by humans

  • We recognize that empathy and insight – uniquely human qualities – are just as important as raw data and information when creating insurance content. 

  • We may use AI to provide inspiration for our writers and editors in the creation process.

  • If we use AI for inspiration, an experienced human editor will evaluate the value and accuracy of the AI’s product before we use it in any way.

  • Humans write, edit, and fact check every article we publish. We will never publish an article written by AI.

Contact us 

If you’d like to reach out to our editorial team with any feedback, questions, or ideas for future articles, contact us at

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