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Updated February 1, 2022


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FAQs - Mendota Car Insurance

How does Insurify work?

Insurify lets you freely compare accurate car insurance quotes and discounts from top national and regional insurance companies in a matter of minutes. You can choose between coverage levels and adjust deductibles to ensure you're not just getting the cheapest policy, but the most appropriate one, too. Users save an average of $489 a year when they buy a new insurance policy through Insurify.

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Think of Insurify as your personalized, online insurance agent. Insurify's platform uses the latest in AI to match you with real, accurate, and bindable car insurance quotes based on your driver history and budget. Insurify is not an insurance company and will not share the information you share on the site with any third party.

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Insurify is the top-rated and most-rated insurance comparison website in America. Unlike comparison sites that just take your information and sell it to the highest bidder, Insurify is built on trust and empowerment. No matter your license record, budget, or regional background, Insurify is committed to securing the cheapest and best deals that work for you.

Company History

Mendota Insurance Company was founded in 1989. Mendota provides personal, non-standard auto insurance in the United States. It is a subsidiary of Kingsway Financial Services, Inc. and is headquartered in Eagan, Minnesota.

Mendota has an A- rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) but is not BBB accredited.

Contact Information

Mailing address for payments:

Mendota Insurance Company
C/O Covenir
PO Box 15122
Worcester, MA 01615-5122

Claims phone number: 1 (800) 422-0793

Customer service phone number: 1 (800) 422-0792 or 1 (651) 468-2910

Website: www.mendota-insurance.com

How to cancel your Mendota Car Insurance Policy

You must contact your local agent in order to cancel your policy.

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By Willie
Madonna was great I never had any problems

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By Darrell
It wouldn't let me give more

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Tyron Kemper
I was insured with this company and had autopay. Do not trust them. They will cancel your policy without telling you. I drove feeling confident that I had insurance and was not. That is a scary thought. Anything could have happened and I would've looked stupid. If you have to use this company then do so without autopay. I never have accidents so I can't rate if they cover you in a accident. I can tell you to not trust that your policy is ok without checking up on them every month. They will give you no notice of cancellation.
Madonna was great I never had any problems
Leticia M.
This is one of the worst car insurance companies ever. I have been with them for three years. My policy started at $124. In those three years my policy has gone up to $161. In those years I have had no accidents no tickets. I have an amazing driving record, no accidents nor tickets or suspended license. It makes no sense to me why the insurance keeps going up instead of down. I recently cancelled my insurance with them and they still took the money out of my checking account after canceling with them. when i called and asked if i would be refunded the full amount i was told the full $161 would be mailed to me in a check. The check took a whole month to be sent to my house. when i received the check i was only refunded $147. i called the insurance company for the missing $14 and no one could help me. i spoke with the representative and she was beyond rude. Not only to mention i waited 15 min before i was even put on the phone with her. when i demanded to speak to her supervisor she constantly kept asking me if i wanted to speak to her supervisor. when i clearly kept asking if she can connect me to her supervisor. The supervisor was no help at all and just kept talking over me saying "whats done is done" basically saying nothing i say is going to get the $14 back. I had went back and fourth with the supervisor wanting my $14 back. i ended my policy and they still took money out of my checking account this is not right and not okay. this company just looks for ways to take peoples money.
It wouldn't let me give more
It wouldn't let me give more
Rebecca G.
As all of the other reviews of this company indicate, this is a HORRIBLE company. I was rear ended by one of their insureds almost two months ago. My initial impression was that their claims rep was very rude to me on the phone. BUT they did get me a check for the initial estimate within a reasonable amount of time. I scheduled my repairs, and as expected, once the collision center took the bumper apart, there was more damage than could initially be seen, resulting in the need for Mendota to approve further repairs. The collision center spent 8 DAYS trying to contact Mendota - AND THEY NEVER SPOKE TO A REAL PERSON!! The left 6+ messages, even went to the extreme of pretending to be someone needing to submit a new claim so they could actually talk to a person (of course, they still couldn't help). My claim rep did return one of the calls, but did so AFTER HOURS and left a message that I was told could not be understood. According to the collision center, the message sounded like the claims rep was talking through a tin can, and the only words the could be understood was someone else's name - but only a first name was provided and no phone number. Turns out that person doesn't even exist in the company. At this point, I decided to stop wasting time and submitted a claim with my own insurance so my repairs can be finished; I can only hope that my insurance will be able to get the money from Mendota and re-pay me my deductible. ALSO, Mendota's "policy" is for the claimant to pay for the rental car up front, and Mendota will (supposedly) reimburse you. I don't have much confidence in that happening, considering how things have been going (and reading other people's reviews) - which means I WILL BE OUT AROUND $600 for the rental until I can get someone to pay me back. If Mendota would have cooperated, this repair would have been done in 7-10 days (no more than $300 for the rental). I'm guessing I will have to fight for them to pay the full amount also, since it has gotten so large (they failed to tell me what the cap is, but my insurance will only do $25/day, max $600 if Mendota doesn't cooperate - which again, leaves me responsible for a chunk of the $30/day car that Mendota approved). Do not even consider getting insurance with Mendota - and if you are unlucky enough to have a collision with one of their insureds, start fighting from the very beginning! I don't know how this company can even still be in business based on my experience, the many negative google reviews, the negative EMPLOYEE reviews, and their lack of BBB accreditation. *Side note, I read the other review, on here, and saw that the claims adjustor was Gary ******** - that is also who I am dealing with.
Davaasuren T.
On May 1st, 2017 I was in an accident involving a Mendoza insured driver. I called the police to the scene and the police determined it was the other person's fault. Citing right of way as the reason. When I called mendota insurance I was told I'll be contacted by an insurance adjuster within 24-48 hours. But I didn't get any calls, so I called back to get the insurance adjuster's contact information. When I called the insurance adjuster he insisted he wants to do his own investigation and asked kept asking me irrelevant questions about the accident. I never met and insurance adjuster face to face and he sent me a link via text message for an app to take photos of my car. So I did what the app asked me to do. A week later I got an email saying my claim was denied. I tried contacting the adjuster back but he never picked up his phone. So I sent an email with photos from the accident scene and full detailed summary of the events leading up to the accident. It's been over a week since then and I haven't gotten any calls back or email replies. I have a feeling they're running some sort of insurance fraud over there. What got my blood boiling was the how the insurance adjuster threatened me with fines and jail on the letter he sent. Why was I being threatened for having my property damaged and for trying to get it fixed? The insurance adjuster's name is Gary *********. He now have all the facts in the email I sent him. This should have been an easy claims process. Instead it's an nightmare and I am even considering filing a suit.

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