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Daniel Roccato



  • President at Quaker Wealth Management
  • Media Personality at WFLX FOX 29
  • Adjunct Professor of Finance & Economics at Rutgers University
  • Personal Finance Expert at Credible
  • Clinical Professor of Finance at the University of San Diego

About Daniel's expertise

Dan Roccato enjoyed a successful 20-year career with two of Wall Street’s most prominent investment banks: Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley. Advising corporations, pension funds, and institutional investors, Dan served as an executive abroad for several years and traveled extensively to more than 40 countries. He became a recognized expert in global securities services and corporate stock options. In 2006, Roccato founded Quaker Wealth Management, LLC, a registered investment advisory firm. After growing the company to nearly $300 million of client assets in 2019, Dan completed a successful sale of the firm to employees.
In 2014, Dan was elected to the board of directors of Delanco Bancorp, a publicly traded company that controls Delanco Federal Savings Bank. During his tenure on the board, the bank was successfully acquired by First Bank in a public transaction.
Roccato is a graduate of Rutgers University, University of Pennsylvania, and Drexel University. Now, Dan is a clinical professor of finance at the University of San Diego School of Business, consistently ranking among the top of his peers. Previously, he was an adjunct professor of economics and finance at Rutgers University, where he was named Outstanding Adjunct Professor in 2012. Dan has also taught at Rowan College and lectured at Drexel University. He is a contributing author of the book “International Securities Lending,” published by Macmillan in 1992. Dan has also authored several articles related to investments, capital markets, real estate, and personal finance.
Dan is a Fox News Contributor specializing in finance and economic analysis. He also appears regularly on News Nation and a variety of local media outlets.

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