How to Find Cheap DUI Car Insurance in Colorado

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DUI Car Insurance in Colorado

Colorado is no place to get a DUI. For one, a DUI will always be on your record in this state. And DUIs cost a lot here. According to state calculations, the average cost of a first DUI in Colorado amounts to $13,530. This number includes the additional amount you'll pay year after year in increased car insurance premiums.

Unfortunately, Colorado is one of the more expensive states in the nation for post-DUI car insurance. Still, it's not impossible to get out of the mess you may find yourself in—if you do the right research. Getting car insurance may be more expensive, but companies are ready to provide you the coverage you need. And unlike the state, insurance companies don't count a DUI against you for life. After three to five years of good driving, you'll earn the privilege of lower rates once again.

Avg. Monthly Cost - No Violation
Avg. Monthly Cost - After DUI
$186 Monthly Impact of DUI on Rates
78.48% Percent Bad DUI Impact Rates

Insurify's comparison tool will help you make sure you're getting the best possible quote even after a DUI. You can have peace of mind that you're reviewing all of your available insurance options and can confidently choose the one that is best for your situation.

How Much Does a DUI Impact Car Insurance Rates in Colorado?

A DUI is something everyone wants to forget. In reality, it's something that will likely stay with you a long time. How could it not, knowing that you are now paying 78 percent more for insurance than the driver next to you without a DUI? It's true. Rates in Colorado increase that much.

If you haven't seen your new insurance bill yet, you should expect to see an increase of $186 after a DUI. The average insurance bill for Coloradans with this driving mistake is $423. Insurance companies have to tack on more as their way of insuring themselves against rising risk. Because of your behavior, you're more likely to make a claim now than ever before. Every month's insurance premium is a reminder to do better next time.

No Violation - Avg. Monthly RateAfter DUI - Avg. Monthly RateAverage Percent Increase After DUI

What Are the Best Car Insurance Companies After a DUI in Colorado?

There are plenty of car insurance companies in Colorado that insure drivers with a DUI. We ran the numbers for you and found some names you may not be aware of yet. The cheapest options for keeping you insured after your DUI include Bristol West, Sun Coast General Insurance Agency, Inc., and Metropolitan Property and Casualty Insurance.

CarrierAvg. Monthly Cost
Bristol West$149
Sun Coast General Insurance Agency, Inc.$149
Metropolitan Property and Casualty Insurance Company$168
Liberty Mutual$215
Dairyland Insurance$236
Safeco Insurance$252
The General$268

What Are the Average Car Insurance Prices After a DUI in Colorado?

Because your circumstances will dictate your exact car insurance rates, getting the best read on just how much you'll pay after a DUI in Colorado is next to impossible without comparison shopping yourself. However, the average premium for Colorado drivers with a DUI on their record is $423.

Colorado ranks 19th most expensive in the nation when it comes to car insurance costs after a DUI—something to keep in mind as you review your options. While moving to a cheaper state may not be feasible, using an insurance comparison website to run the numbers gives you the most individualized outlook on the best premiums available.

California After DUI Avg. Monthly RateMost Expensive State for DUI (1-50)

How Long Is the Lookback Period for a DUI in Colorado?

There is no lookback period for DUIs in the state of Colorado. A lookback period is the time period within which, if you have a DUI on your record, it will be counted against you while determining your insurance rates and if you are caught for any subsequent driving offenses.

This is important to know, as each DUI offense carries with it progressively stringent penalties. That should weigh heavily on any driver before they get behind the wheel. Motorists convicted of a third DUI within seven years will have their license revoked for five years. Your fourth DUI offense counts as a felony.

Colorado DUI Penalties

The consequences for DUI convictions in Colorado are varied and depend on several factors, including your blood alcohol content, your age, whether there were minors in the vehicle at the time of your DUI, and how many times you've received the same conviction.

Though you can get a better idea of exact consequences here, penalties include up to 12 points against your license, losing your license for up to five years, 120 hours of community service, and up to 180 hours in a treatment and education program. Additionally, an ignition interlock device may be installed on your vehicle, you can face as much as six years in prison, and you may have to pay fees exceeding $1,500.