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If you’ve received a driving under the influence (DUI) conviction, shopping for car insurance can feel challenging. Some insurance companies won’t sell you an auto policy if you have a DUI on your record, and others might increase your rates.

The national average monthly auto premium for a driver with a DUI is $460 — almost double the average rate for drivers with a clean record. Colorado drivers with a DUI pay a little less than the national average, at $425 per month for auto coverage, but you can find ways to earn cheaper rates.

Here’s what you need to know about car insurance with a DUI in Colorado.

Quick Facts
  • State Farm and USAA offer the cheapest rates for DUI car insurance in Colorado.

  • You may need to file an SR-22 form to reinstate your license after suspension.

  • Comparing quotes from multiple insurance companies helps you find the cheapest rates.

What is DUI insurance?

DUI insurance isn’t an official type of car insurance policy. Rather, the term is used after a DUI, as many insurance companies won’t provide coverage to drivers convicted of a DUI. Companies that do offer coverage typically charge higher rates.

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The basics of DUI insurance in Colorado

In Colorado, a DUI conviction stays on your record permanently. However, you won’t necessarily be penalized forever — especially if this is your first offense.

In addition to other penalties, Colorado requires you to carry an SR-22 form for up to three years after a DUI. An SR-22 is a document filed by your auto insurer with the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) that confirms you have sufficient liability coverage. The insurance company will notify the DMV if your coverage lapses or you cancel your policy.[1]

This means you need to notify your current insurance company if you have a DUI so it can help you file the SR-22 form. If you want to switch coverage to another insurance company during that three-year period, you’ll need to inform the insurer that you have a DUI on your record.

As a result, you may have difficulty finding affordable coverage because companies charge much higher insurance premiums for drivers with a DUI than drivers with a clean record.

DUI insurance rates in Colorado vs. the national average

In Colorado and elsewhere in the country, you’ll face higher car insurance premiums with a DUI on your record than without.

DUI Rates in Colorado vs. The National Average

Disclaimer: Table data sourced from real-time quotes from Insurify's 50-plus partner insurance providers. Actual quotes may vary based on the policy buyer's unique driver profile.

Cheapest DUI insurance in Colorado

Depending on your chosen level of coverage, the cost of DUI insurance in Colorado ranges between $143 and $462 per month from the cheapest car insurance companies. State Farm, USAA, and American Family offer the lowest average monthly quotes for liability and full-coverage insurance.

Insurance CompanyAverage Quote: Liability OnlyAverage Quote: Full CoverageInsurify Quality (IQ) Score
State Farm$143$1764.4
American Family$194$2404.3
Sun Coast$159$380N/A
Direct Auto$398$4363.2
Disclaimer: Table data sourced from real-time quotes from Insurify's 50-plus partner insurance providers and quote estimates from Quadrant Information Services. Actual quotes may vary based on the policy buyer's unique driver profile.
  • Insurify uses an in-house, proprietary method to rate and review the best car insurance companies. The Insurify Quality (IQ) Score uses more than 15 crucial criteria, including average premiums, customer satisfaction, discounts, third-party ratings, and more, to calculate a final score for a company.

    Criteria are weighted by importance to the consumer — factors such as customer reviews and affordability influence the score more than availability and third-party ratings. With the IQ Score, Insurify is able to provide quantitative ratings for drivers to better compare car insurance companies and make informed decisions to meet their coverage needs.

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How long will a DUI affect your car insurance premium?

A DUI conviction has a significant effect on your car insurance premiums. 

“Depending on the insurance company, getting a DUI can increase your rates by a few hundred dollars to over $1,000,” says Zack Fortman, personal lines and office manager at Fortman Insurance Services.

Though a DUI remains on your driving record permanently in Colorado, you likely won’t face penalties after several years. In most states, a DUI stays on your driving record for five to 10 years.

“A DUI will affect your insurance rates for three years and could prevent getting insurance through some carriers for five years,” Fortman says.

Insurance companies consider you a high-risk driver if you have a DUI, and they charge higher rates to account for that increased risk. In Colorado, average monthly premiums are nearly double for drivers with a DUI on their driving record compared to people with a clean record.

Even if you have limited options, shopping around for quotes from multiple insurers after a DUI can help you find affordable coverage.

DUI penalties for drivers in Colorado

Colorado takes DUI charges seriously, and the state imposes harsh penalties on drivers convicted of this offense. The severity of the punishment depends on several factors, such as your blood alcohol content (BAC) level, number of previous offenses, and circumstances surrounding the arrest.

For a first-time DUI offense, you can expect the following penalties:

  • Nine months of license revocation

  • A misdemeanor on your criminal record

  • Five days to one year in jail (not mandatory)

  • Fine or parole payment between $600 and $1,000

  • 48 to 96 hours of community service

You may qualify to reduce the criminal penalties by entering a plea bargain or agreeing to participate in an alcohol or drug treatment program. But you can’t reduce the administrative penalty of license revocation.[2]

Penalties increase in severity for subsequent DUI offenses.

SR-22 certificate in Colorado

If you have a DUI conviction in Colorado, you’ll need to obtain an SR-22 form through your insurance company. This form verifies to the state that you carry the minimum amount of liability coverage required and confirms the insurance company will notify the Colorado DMV if you cancel your coverage or it lapses for any reason.

To file an SR-22 certificate, you’ll need to contact your insurance company. Not all insurers issue SR-22s, so you’ll need to shop around for a new policy if your current insurer doesn’t. Insurance companies may charge a filing fee between $15 and $25 for SR-22 certificates.

The state will re-suspend your license if your insurance company notifies the DMV of a policy lapse or cancellation. If you decide to change insurance companies while you have an SR-22 in effect, you should plan on getting a new SR-22 before the old one expires to avoid having further suspension.[3]

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DUI car insurance in Colorado FAQs

You may run into issues when finding or maintaining insurance coverage after a DUI. This information should provide insight and help you navigate the process.

  • Do you need DUI insurance if you don’t have a car?

    It’s possible. If you don’t have a car, you may still need DUI insurance in Colorado. Nonowner car insurance provides the state minimum liability insurance for when you drive a rental or borrow someone else’s car.

    The insurance company providing your nonowner car insurance coverage needs to issue an SR-22 certificate to the Colorado DMV on your behalf.

  • Do you have to tell your insurance company about a DUI conviction?

    Yes. If you have a DUI or DWAI (driving while ability impaired) on your record in Colorado, you must notify your car insurance company in order to have it issue an SR-22.

    Even if you don’t notify your insurance company, it will find out. Insurance companies typically check their customers’ driving records anytime they need to make coverage changes or renew the policy.

  • Can you get insurance after a DUI conviction?

    Yes. You can find car insurance if you have a DUI. Many insurance companies view drivers with a DUI as high risk, so some companies may refuse to insure you or charge significantly higher premiums.

    But it’s possible to obtain affordable car insurance after a DUI conviction by shopping around. You should also do your best to avoid getting any other tickets or having accidents during the three years following your DUI to demonstrate safe driving tendencies.

  • Can your car insurance be canceled after a DUI?

    Yes. Your auto insurer can cancel or choose not to renew your car insurance after a DUI conviction.

    Insurance companies can’t simply cancel your insurance coverage mid-term for no reason, but they can cancel your policy because of license suspension or revocation, failure to pay premiums on time, or evidence of false statements made on an application or claim.

  • How long does a DUI affect your insurance in Colorado?

    A DUI conviction stays on your driving record permanently and will generally affect your insurance rates for at least three years in Colorado. As a high-risk driver, you’ll face higher rates from your auto insurer.

    The state requires you to carry an SR-22 certificate proving you have the minimum insurance coverage required. Many insurance companies charge a fee of $15 to $25 to file an SR-22, which adds to the overall expense of insuring your vehicle.

  • How much does DUI insurance cost in Colorado?

    Colorado drivers pay average car insurance rates of $424 per month after a DUI conviction. The cost of insurance after a DUI ultimately depends on factors like your driving record, age, and the severity of the offense. Rates from the cheapest car insurance companies range between $143 for liability coverage and $462 per month for full coverage.


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