The cheapest car insurance isn’t always the best car insurance, and SafeAuto car insurance customers seem to agree that sometimes, you get what you pay for. 

Based in Columbus, Ohio, SafeAuto insurance company is known to be a budget-friendly online car insurance provider. Its specialty is providing SR-22 coverage to high-risk drivers. And while the opportunity to save on this sometimes pricey insurance can be appealing, you do still get what you pay for. 

For an online car insurance company, customer service and technology should be strong points. But if the ease of online account management isn’t living up to its name for you, it could be time to move on to a different insurer

Just because you’re ready to jump ship doesn’t mean you should head over to the insurance companies you already know about. Providers like Progressive or State Farm have good reputations, but household names aren’t always the most affordable for high-risk drivers. 

So when it’s time to find something new, try out Insurify’s online quote comparison tool. You’ll get personalized quotes with just a few clicks, and you may even find a new company to connect with at a great price

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At a Glance: What is SafeAuto’s cancellation policy?

SafeAuto insurance company lets you cancel your policy early, but not without a fee. To cancel your policy before the renewal date, you’re required to make the request in writing, and you’ll be charged a $25 cancellation fee

Step 1: Look up your renewal date. 

SafeAuto requires you to send a request in writing to cancel your car insurance coverage, but don’t start writing anything until you figure out your renewal date. 

Even if you’re ready to part ways with SafeAuto in the middle of a policy period, your renewal date is an important piece of information to have on hand before you cancel. There are two reasons for this: 

  1. Cancellation fees: If you’re adamant about avoiding SafeAuto’s $25 cancellation fee, you’ll want to cancel your policy near the renewal date. 
  2. Continuous coverage: Understanding your renewal date when choosing a new insurance policy helps you maintain continuous coverage. SR-22 drivers will want to be cautious to keep the minimum required coverage at all times, but a lapse in coverage can be bad news for anyone. 

If you’re not sure where to find your SafeAuto renewal date, there are a few places to look. You can log into your online account by visiting, or you can access your policy details via the mobile app or your insurance card. 

Step 2: Compare car insurance quotes.

If you’re hoping to find a good rate on car insurance (and honestly, who isn’t?), your next step is to compare car insurance quotes.

If getting quotes from different insurers sounds like a lot of work, don’t worry—you don’t have to do all the work yourself! Try out a site like Insurify, where you can get multiple quotes in less than 10 minutes by creating just one profile. 


Personalized quotes are important because they take into account your driving history, coverage needs, and other policy factors. To make a fair comparison, though, you’ll need to compare equal policies. 

Comparing quotes with Insurify can help you compare quotes for your preferred coverage so you can make sure that you save money on your next policy. With a single profile that details your driving history, personal information, and insurance preferences, Insurify gets quotes for exactly the policy you need. 

Two major factors in car insurance premiums are deductibles and coverage, which is why using a single profile to get quotes is so important. For example, lower deductibles can lead to higher premiums. Since Insurify gets quotes based on your preferences, you can rest assured that your quotes are all for the same coverage level.

Many drivers turn to SafeAuto for car insurance because it’s an affordable way to get SR-22 coverage. However, state minimum insurance for high-risk drivers (like those who have had a DUI in the past) can be more expensive. If you need special coverage or have a spotty driving record, make sure to include that information when getting personalized quotes for an accurate comparison. 

SafeAuto Quotes vs. Competitors 

To give you an idea of what SafeAuto’s competitors charge for car insurance, here is a list of average quotes from our proprietary database: 

Insurer Average Monthly Cost
21st Century GA Limited $165.00
National General $186.00
SafeAuto $206.00
Infinity $346.00
Nationwide $227.00
Safeco $200.00
Travelers $174.00
The General $307.00
Liberty Mutual $244.00
Mercury $244.00

Bear in mind that these quotes are based on averages. To find out how much other companies would charge
you for car insurance, use Insurify. Insurify allows you to compare customized car insurance quotes from up to 20 companies at a time––for free!

Score savings on car insurance with Insurify

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Step 3: Think about why you’re leaving SafeAuto.

Even though SafeAuto is known for being an affordable car insurance option, its customer service record is a little shaky. Chances are if you’re looking to leave, there’s more than price motivating you. 

Take some time to reflect on your experience with SafeAuto and what you might prioritize in a new car insurance company. A good way to make sure you get what you sign up for is to read insurance reviews online to compare actual policyholder experiences. Here are some ideas to keep in mind. 

  • Customer service: SafeAuto offers its insurance products completely online, but some people prefer connecting with an insurance agent locally. If you’re missing some human connection with your insurance company, look for a provider that has local offices. 
  • Claims processing: If you’ve ever had to file a claim with SafeAuto after a car accident, you may have already had to work with the first notice of loss team or its adjusters. Keep this experience in mind when checking out reviews for other insurance companies
  • SR-22 insurance: If you’ve ever been in an at-fault accident without insurance or have a driving history of DUIs, you might need SR-22 insurance. And while SafeAuto does offer SR-22 insurance, it’s not available in all states. If you’re planning a move, make sure your new policy also offers any required coverage that you need. 

You might think about what worked well, too. If setting up automatic monthly payments helped keep you current with your policy, look for a company with similar payment options. Or if you were able to benefit from roadside assistance with SafeAuto, you might want that coverage with another insurer as well. 

Step 4: Enroll in a new car insurance policy. 

Enroll in a new car insurance policy before canceling your existing policy with SafeAuto. When you purchase new coverage first, you make having continuous coverage a lot easier for yourself. Driving without insurance coverage puts you at risk legally and financially. Uninsured motorists can still be at-fault in an accident, which is why getting a new policy before canceling your old one is so important. 

After you compare insurance quotes with Insurify and find a car insurance premium and coverage that work for you, you can head over to your new insurer’s website right from your quotes page. Since you already took the time to create a profile with Insurify, most of your information can be carried over to the company page to complete the enrollment process.

Step 5: Cancel your SafeAuto policy. 

Now that you’ve got your coverage all set up, it’s time to cancel your SafeAuto insurance policy. You’ll need to send a letter requesting to cancel your policy to get the ball rolling. Be sure you don’t miss any details by calling SafeAuto and find out what information is needed in your letter. Minimally, you’ll need your policy information, the policyholder’s name, and the start date of your new insurance policy

Step 6: Follow up on your refund. 

If you cancel your policy in the middle of the policy period, you’ll be due a refund for any unused portion of your policy that you’ve already paid for. 

If SafeAuto owes you a refund, make sure you actually get it. A good first step is asking an agent what the process is like so you know what to expect. This way, you’ll know when you should see a refund and how the funds will be returned to you. 

According to the cancellation FAQs on SafeAuto’s website, refunds are usually issued within 5–30 days and refunded to the original payment method. So whether you paid by check, credit card, or debit card, you’ll receive your refund through that same payment method.

SafeAuto Car Insurance Cancellation: Quick Questions

Where can I find new car insurance after I've decided to cancel my SafeAuto policy?

Before you cancel your SafeAuto car insurance policy, make sure you have a new policy lined up and ready to go. A comparison site like Insurify lets you discover new insurance companies that can offer you the best coverage for your needs at affordable prices. Head on over to the website, and check it out today.

What should I do before canceling my car insurance with SafeAuto?

Before you cancel your car insurance with SafeAuto, make sure you compare car insurance quotes and enroll in a policy. You don’t want to leave yourself driving uninsured, which is illegal in most states.

Does SafeAuto charge a cancellation fee?

Yes, SafeAuto charges a $25 cancellation fee for policies canceled before the end of the six-month policy term.

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Updated April 28, 2021

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