Chubb Car Insurance Review (With Quotes, 2023)

Chubb has claims teams working in 54 countries, available to help policyholders at home or abroad 24/7.

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Quick Facts
  • The average cost of car insurance with Chubb is $108 per month.

  • Chubb is good for coverage options, temporary car rental, and claims coverage.

  • Chubb is bad for most states, inexpensive vehicles, and pet insurance.

On average, Chubb policyholders spend $108 per month on auto insurance coverage, which is fairly comparable to the national average monthly rate of $106. Ultimately, average Chubb auto insurance rates will vary on a driver-by-driver basis, depending on factors like driving history, vehicle type, chosen insurance coverage, credit history, age, discount eligibility, and more.

Chubb Car Insurance Quotes by Driver History

What is the average cost of Chubb auto insurance?

On average, Chubb auto insurance is $108 per month, or $1,296 per year. The insurance provider offers a wide range of specialized coverage ideal for luxury vehicle owners.

Like most insurance providers, Chubb calculates rates for auto insurance policies by considering a number of factors that influence risk levels, including driving history, personal information, vehicle type, and chosen auto coverage. Drivers with a clean driving record tend to pay lower rates than those with DUIs, at-fault accidents, or speeding tickets.

Driver ProfileChubb Average Monthly PremiumNational Average
Clean Record$118$108
At-Fault Accident$116$122
Speeding Ticket$91$116
Disclaimer: Table data sourced from real-time quotes from Insurify's 50-plus partner insurance providers. Actual quotes may vary based on the policy buyer's unique driver profile.
Best Car Insurance Companies

Best Car Insurance Companies

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Chubb Car Insurance Quotes by State

Chubb auto insurance coverage is currently limited to nine states, including California, New York, and Texas. Rates for Chubb policyholders vary on a state-by-state and city-by-city basis. Insurance prices fluctuate based on location in accordance with area-specific factors, like infrastructure, crime rates, state requirements, population, weather, climate, and more.

StateChubb Average Monthly Premium
New York$141
Disclaimer: Table data sourced from real-time quotes from Insurify's 50-plus partner insurance providers. Actual quotes may vary based on the policy buyer's unique driver profile.

Chubb Car Insurance Pros and Cons

Chubb works best for drivers looking for a wide range of coverage options within and outside of the auto insurance realm and widespread claims service available throughout the globe. Considering Chubb caters to a demographic of people potentially owning luxury vehicles or in need of yacht insurance, auto coverage runs the risk of being on the costlier side.

  • Customer service
  • 24/7 claims coverage
  • Temporary car rental
  • Unavailable in most states
  • Tailored to luxury vehicles
  • Pet insurance not offered
Cheap Car Insurance

Cheap Car Insurance

Chubb Car Insurance Discounts

Perhaps due to the targeted demographics of wealthy individuals, no explicit mention of auto insurance discounts exists on the Chubb website. Common discounts offered by auto insurers may be offered despite their absence from the site. Potential savings include a number of driver-based, policy-based, and bundling discounts.

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Chubb Car Insurance Coverage Options

The Chubb Masterpiece® Auto Coverage builds on a standard policy with additional features for customers. For one, Chubb covers the cost of purchasing original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts and allows policyholders to have their own choice of repair shop or body shop when towing and fixing damaged vehicles.

Specific coverage varies but perks include worldwide rental car coverage, $15,000 rental car reimbursement with no per-day limit, the option for an agreed-upon car value prior to a total loss, and high liability coverage limits. Chubb also offers classic car insurance for cars that are 30 or more years old or part of a limited production model or larger vehicle collection.

Chubb Car Insurance Reputation

Chubb is known for comprehensive coverage and customer service for life insurance, homeowners insurance, renters insurance, personal motorist coverage, classic car insurance, commercial auto insurance, business insurance, and more. Unique policies for individuals and families include natural disaster, travel, boat and yacht, cyber, valuables, and liability insurance.

Chubb’s financial strength ratings are consistently solid, and policyholders have easy access to Chubb insurance agents and claims teams. Due to the targeted wealthy demographic of Chubb services, auto coverage is not an affordable option for typical auto and home insurance customers looking to find cheap coverage for their reasonably priced vehicles and homes.

Chubb Customer Service

For questions regarding insurance claims, policyholders should call 1 (800) CLAIMS-0 to reach a Chubb representative. This line is operated every day of the year, all day long. Existing Chubb clients can log in to their PRS Client Portal for self-service or seek help from a Chubb support team representative by emailing or calling 1 (866) 324-8222.

Chubb Claims Filing Process

With claims teams in 54 countries, Chubb offers services and legal counsel 24/7, every day of the year. Policyholders can file claims online via their computer, tablet, or mobile phone. A claims team can be reached at 1 (800) CLAIMS-0. Chubb promises that adjusters will respond to insurance claims within 24 hours and have approved payments issued within 48 hours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Chubb car insurance good?

    Chubb car insurance is great for wealthy drivers with luxury vehicles who are looking for perks like high liability policy limits, an agreed-upon value for a covered loss, worldwide rental car coverage, robust rental car reimbursement, classic car coverage, and more. If you’re looking for more standard coverage for inexpensive vehicles, Chubb likely is not a good fit for you.

  • How much does Chubb car insurance cost per month?

    On average, Chubb car insurance is $108 per month and $1,296 per year, which is comparable to the national average monthly rate of $106. The Chubb Masterpiece® Auto Coverage policy works best for luxury-car owners who benefit from high liability limits. Individual rates vary depending on state and city location, driving history, vehicle type, chosen coverage, and more.

  • What car insurance discounts does Chubb offer?

    The Chubb website lacks information regarding specific auto insurance discounts available to customers, perhaps due to the fact that most of their policyholders own high-value vehicles or homes. Discounts typically offered by auto insurance providers include a wide range of driver-based, policy-based, and bundling discounts individualized to each policyholder.

  • How do I get the cheapest car insurance?

    Finding the cheapest car insurance often comes from setting a high deductible, installing adequate safety features like airbags and anti-theft devices, and staying up to date on discount eligibility. Comparing car insurance quotes through a comparison tool like Insurify before purchasing or renewing a policy is a reliable way to discover affordable policy rates.

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