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USAA Car Insurance Review (With Quotes, 2022)

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Insurify partners with top insurance companies and is a licensed agent in all 50 states. However, the insurance experts writing our content operate independently of our partners. Check out reviews from over 3,000 satisfied customers, how we make money, our data methodology, and our editorial standards.

Why you can trust Insurify

Insurify partners with top insurance companies and is a licensed agent in all 50 states. However, the insurance experts writing our content operate independently of our partners. Check out reviews from over 3,000 satisfied customers, how we make money, our data methodology, and our editorial standards.
Maria Sanchez

By: Maria Sanchez

Edited by Jackie Cohen

Updated August 31, 2022

The national average cost for USAA auto insurance is $149 per month. United Services Automobile Association, USAA, provides financial services specifically for military members, former members, and their immediate families. It also provides bank products, like checking and savings accounts. If you fit this demographic, you may want to consider this insurance company.

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USAA in a Nutshell

  • The average cost of car insurance with USAA is $149 per month.

  • USAA is good for current and former members of the U.S. military.

  • USAA isn't the best option for customers without any military background.

USAA Industry Rankings and Scorecard

USAA’s Insurify Composite Score (ICS) ranks very high, making it a great auto insurance policy to consider, especially if you fit its targeted clientele. Even if you don’t live on a military installation or base, members of the U.S. military benefit from its services, extending to a family discount. Policyholders can enjoy the perks of great and affordable auto insurance coverage.

Insurify Composite Score Methodology

The Insurify Composite Score is a proprietary rating calculated by a team of data scientists at Insurify, weighing multiple factors that reflect the quality, reliability, and health of an insurance company.

Inputs to the score include financial strength ratings from A.M. Best, Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s, and Fitch; J.D. Power ratings; Consumer Reports customer satisfaction surveys and customer complaints; mobile app reviews; and user-generated company reviews.

Industry RankingUSAA Rating
Insurify Composite Score (ICS)96 out of 100
J.D. Power909 out of 1,000
A.M. BestA++
Standard & Poor’sAA+
NAIC Complaint IndexMore complaints than average

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USAA Car Insurance Quotes by Driver History

If you’re interested in getting an auto insurance policy with USAA, ask for a quote. Advisors are available through the company to help USAA members navigate its financial and insurance products, as well as to calculate expenses. In most cases, having an accident-free driving record keeps costs low. Claims, DUIs, tickets, and other violations often cause costs to go up.

Driver ProfileUSAA Average Monthly PremiumNational Average
Clean Record$149$77
At-Fault Accident$181$113
Speeding Ticket$170$104
Disclaimer: actual quotes may vary based on the policyholder's unique driver profile.

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USAA Car Insurance Quotes by State

Being a safe driver with a good driving record isn’t the only factor that car insurance companies take into account when considering how much you pay for your policy. Your location—from your specific state down to your exact ZIP code—matters, too. Urban areas with a higher number of motorists and more congestion have more traffic than open areas with fewer cars.

StateUSAA Average Monthly Premium
New Hampshire$110
New Jersey$181
New Mexico$147
New York$183
North Carolina$130
North Dakota$111
Rhode Island$181
South Carolina$188
South Dakota$126
Washington, D.C.$110
West Virginia$151
Disclaimer: actual quotes may vary based on the policyholder's unique driver profile.

USAA Car Insurance Pros and Cons

USAA best supports people serving in the military, who often have unique financial priorities and concerns. The insurance company started after a group of Texas-based Army officers couldn’t get policies due to their “high-risk” status. Conditions like deployment made it hard to get things done in a timely manner. The company continues to be headquartered in San Antonio, Texas.

When USAA was first founded almost 100 years ago, it supported uninsured people who served in the U.S. military and only covered cars. Today, USAA provides other coverage, like home and renters insurance and property insurance. Also, its policyholders don’t need to be confined to a military base. Membership covers members of the military and their immediate families.


  • Supports servicemen and women

  • Advisors are available to support USAA members with its products

  • Lowest available rates


  • Strict eligibility requirements

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USAA Car Insurance Discounts

If you’re looking to pay a low monthly premium, there are a number of discounts that come with USAA membership. Some require specific eligibility, so be sure to read the details. Discounts are a great way to include additional coverage onto your policy if you’re worried about being underinsured but don’t want to break the bank with add-ons.

Driver-Based Discounts

As always, safe drivers can expect to see lower costs. A simple way to keep your deductible and monthly premium

low is by keeping a clean driving record. USAA rewards this with a good driver discount of up to 10 percent. Policyholders with families can also save big with multi-vehicle discounts, policies being passed down, new vehicles, or good student discounts.

The most significant way that USAA members can save is with a vehicle storage discount of up to 60 percent. USAA knows that members of the U.S. military are more likely to be away on service. Deployed members who garage their cars on a military base can save up to 15 percent on comprehensive coverage and can also save for driving less, based on annual mileage.

Policy-Based Discounts

Policyholders who set up automatic payments can save up to 3 percent on their auto insurance premium just for paying their bills on time and without the hassle of setting reminders.

Bundling Discounts

USAA rewards policyholders who bundle multiple policies, like home insurance, onto their car insurance with a multiple policy discount. Also, members can get up to 10 percent off their property insurance when they add auto, a good option for homeowners or anyone leasing. Extending auto coverage to two or more vehicles can be rewarded with a multi-vehicle discount.

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USAA Car Insurance Coverage Options

If you’re looking for minimum coverage or need more add-ons for your lifestyle, USAA makes it easy to customize an auto insurance policy. The company offers options for liability coverage, collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, and more. Each state has its own minimum coverage laws, so be sure to check these.

There are plenty of ways to save if you choose to buy an auto insurance policy with USAA. The best way to keep costs low is to keep claims, collisions, and accidents off your driving record. If you see your expenses spike after getting into an accident, consider defensive driving or driver training courses, which help insurers notice that you’re putting in the work to be a better driver.

Roadside Assistance

If you find yourself in need of a hand, USAA offers roadside assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Policyholders with coverage pay absolutely nothing for towing up to 50 miles, changing a flat tire, pulling a stuck vehicle out of mud or snow, jump-starting a dead battery, or unlocking a vehicle. USAA will also deliver fuel if you run out, but at a contracted rate, where fuel fees apply.

Comprehensive Coverage Discount

It’s more likely that members of the U.S. military will find themselves away for work, maybe if they’re deployed or need to temporarily relocate to a military base. For this reason, USAA caters specifically to its clientele with a discount of up to 15 percent on comprehensive coverage, which helps repair or replace a vehicle if it’s damaged from an incident, while their car is stored.

Rental Reimbursement

If your car is in the shop for repairs after damage, USAA will cover the cost of a rental car. Note that the damage needs to be a covered loss and that rental reimbursement and transportation are additional coverages that require an additional premium. Restrictions apply for this special offering, but it’s worth it if you think you’re more likely to get into an accident.

SafePilot Mobile App

Policyholders can save up to 30 percent on their auto insurance premium just for being a safe driver. SafePilot is USAA’s free safe-driving program that shows you how well you’re driving and how you can improve by automatically logging and scoring your trips. When you renew your policy, USAA will let you know of any discounts you’ve earned and will reset your driving score.

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USAA Car Insurance Reputation

Is USAA car insurance good?

USAA car insurance ranks among the best in the nation for claims and customer satisfaction, financial strength, and affordability. The average monthly cost for a policy with USAA is $149.

Even though a policy with USAA is limited to U.S. military members, veterans, and their families, the insurance company has great reviews and ranks as one of the top insurers. Across all regions of the United States, it is consistently rated one of the best. Its financial ratings also scored the highest with A.M. Best, Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s, and Fitch.

According to a U.S. Auto Insurance Shopping Study, USAA ranks as one of the best auto insurance companies in terms of overall customer satisfaction, pricing, policy offerings, call center representatives, and website. Its accessibility to high-quality products and services tailored to a certain clientele at an affordable rate makes it an incredibly trustworthy company.

USAA Customer Service

Having customer service that is specifically tailored to U.S. military members can be really helpful, especially since they have different financial needs. USAA ranks as one of the best insurance companies in terms of overall customer satisfaction. While local agents are rated around average for individual customer support, call center representatives are among the best.

USAA Claims Filing Process

Policyholders can file a claim for themselves or for someone else by going online to the USAA Claims page and following the prompts. Alternatively, they can also call 1 (800) 531-8722 to speak with a representative. Once the claim is filed, it’s easy to manage and track its progress from the same page just by entering the claim and policy number.

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USAA: Is it right for you?

With more than 600 car insurance companies in the market, trying to find the right fit can feel a bit daunting. This is where Insurify can help! Our data tools make it easy to find insurers that have policies specifically tailored to your lifestyle, like supporting members and veterans of the U.S. military, as well as their families. In just a few clicks, you can get your free quote today!

Best USAA Alternatives

USAA provides sufficient coverage for many, but policyholders looking to switch providers have a number of quality options available to choose from. Learn more about similar providers—Liberty Mutual, Clearcover, and Nationwide—below, and use Insurify’s quote-comparison tool to determine which providers match your insurance needs.

Liberty Mutual

Policyholders with Liberty Mutual save up to 30 percent with its RightTrack telematics program. Liberty Mutual earned a solid financial rating of A from A.M. Best and offers ample discounts, giving a lot to offer its customers. With slightly higher premiums than USAA and marginally below-average customer service scores, the provider has potential drawbacks.


For the technologically savvy, Clearcover’s highly-rated mobile app allows customers to easily manage their policies. Clearcover earned an A- financial strength rating from A.M. Best and automatically factors discounts into its rates. It should be noted that the provider currently operates in just 20 states.


For those with poor credit, Nationwide coverage gives drivers more grace than many other providers. Customer eligibility for safe driving, multiple policies, low-mileage, and good student discounts vary. Like the other listed providers, Nationwide earned a solid financial strength rating of A+ from A.M. Best. Average premiums, however, are slightly above average.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Overall, USAA car insurance ranks very high and has a good reputation in terms of customer and claims satisfaction. With an Insurify Composite Score (ICS) of 96 out of 100, it is one of the best car insurance companies in our system. Also, it is among some of the best insurers across the U.S., according to the J.D. Power Ratings. It’s generally safe to trust a policy with USAA.

  • On average, a policy with USAA will cost around $149. However, it’s important to note that this number can change based on a number of factors like your age, gender, state (and even ZIP code), and most importantly, your unique driving history. Since USAA’s clientele is specifically the U.S. military, prices are likely already tailored to its average demographic.

  • If a policy with USAA seems out of budget, consider some discounts! Safe drivers are rewarded with the SafePilot Program and a good driver discount. In addition, policyholders can save big with a military discount to start, on top of discounts that benefit family members or other people on their policies. Multi-vehicle, family, and multiple policy discounts can all come in handy.

  • According to Insurify’s analysis, the average cost of auto insurance with USAA is $149 per month. While it may not be the cheapest on average, the company has a great reputation in terms of customer and claims satisfaction and offers plenty of discounts that help offset the cost of a policy.

  • The easiest way to get the most affordable rate on your car insurance policy is by shopping around. It might seem overwhelming to choose from hundreds of companies in the market, but saving big bucks takes minutes and is just a few clicks away with Insurify. We do all the legwork to sift through millions of quotes and give you a side-by-side comparison, all for free!

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  • Data scientists at Insurify analyzed over 40 million auto insurance rates across the United States to compile the car insurance quotes, statistics, and data visualizations displayed on this page. The car insurance data includes coverage analysis and details on drivers' vehicles, driving records, and demographic information. With these insights, Insurify is able to offer drivers insight into how their car insurance premiums are priced by companies.

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