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Updated February 1, 2022


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The largest discounts from PEMCO are: Multiple Policy, Anti-Theft Device, Anti-lock Brake

Carrier Discounts
Discount %
Discount Group
Discount TypeDiscount %
Multiple PolicyVaries
Anti-Theft DeviceVaries
Anti-lock BrakeVaries
Passive RestraintVaries
Good StudentVaries
Student Away at SchoolVaries
Defensive DriverVaries
Accident ForgivenessVaries
Accident FreeVaries
Advance shopperVaries
Low MileageVaries
Home OwnerVaries
New CarVaries
Paid in fullVaries

Payment methods

  • complete-tick.svg
    Phone Payment
  • complete-tick.svg
    Credit Card Payment
  • complete-tick.svg
    Online Payment

Features and Services

PEMCO insurance agents are available for claims support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week online or over the phone.

PEMCO customers can manage their policies, payments, and documents through their online account. 

PEMCO’s website also allows users to find a trusted repair shop or glass repair company online through PEMCO’s Timesaver Repair Program, streamlining the repair process. 

PEMCO auto insurance also offers accident forgiveness and minor ticket forgiveness benefits if a driver has been accident or ticket free for the past five years.

  • benefit/towing.svg
    Enhanced towing & substitute coverage
  • benefit/policy-bundling.svg
    Policy bundling discounts
  • benefit/sms-email-alerts.svg
    Text and email alerts
  • benefit/flexible-payment.svg
    Flexible / convenient payments
  • benefit/online-portal.svg
    Online account management

Car Insurance Coverage

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Optional Coverage

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    Roadside Assistance
  • complete-tick.svg
    Rental Reimbursement
  • complete-tick.svg
    Gap Insurance
  • complete-tick.svg
    Electronic Key & Lock Replacement
  • complete-tick.svg
    Original Equipment Manufacturer Coverage
  • complete-tick.svg
    Accidental Death, Dismemberment, Disability
  • complete-tick.svg
    Pet Coverage
  • complete-tick.svg
    Ridesharing Coverage
  • complete-tick.svg
    Comprehensive Claim Forgiveness

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FAQs - PEMCO Car Insurance

How does Insurify work?

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How is Insurify different from other insurance quote comparison sites?

Insurify is the top-rated and most-rated insurance comparison website in America. Unlike comparison sites that just take your information and sell it to the highest bidder, Insurify is built on trust and empowerment. No matter your license record, budget, or regional background, Insurify is committed to securing the cheapest and best deals that work for you.

Company History

PEMCO (which stands for Public Employees Mutual Insurance Company) was founded in Seattle in 1942 by Robert J. Handy. PEMCO Mutual Insurance Company originally provided car and home insurance to members of the local School Employees Credit Union of Washington.

PEMCO is the American Northwest region’s largest regional provider of auto, home, boat, renter/condo, and umbrella insurance. The company serves over half a million policyholders across the states of Washington and Oregon. A mutual insurance company, PEMCO is owned by its customers.

The company has a Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating of A+. PEMCO is based in Washington state, with headquarters in Seattle and two other offices in Lynnwood and Spokane. 

Contact Information

Headquarters address: 1300 Dexter Avenue N., Seattle, Washington 98109

Phone number: (206) 628-4000; 1 (800) 467-3626 (toll-free)

Website: www.pemco.com

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Most Positive Review

By Sandra
good customer service. offered ideas on how to lower my rate.

Most Critical Review

By R. S. Simmons
While pleased w/PEMCO's cheap rates, the fiasco that passed as "service" for towing my dead car {22 miles from Portland, OR to an outlying small town} last Sat. afternoon was so disappointing I am determined to change companies.

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Great service, fair price. I always shop my insurance every couple years.
Good price, prompt payment of claims
Alexis C
The auto insurance quote I got from Pemco when I first moved to the west coast was similar to the quotes I received from other insurance companies. I went with Pemco even though they were slightly, not significantly, higher than a few other quotes that I received because they were local, and that is important to me. Two years later, my rates have increased drastically in a short period of time. I have not had an accident, ticket, or late payment with Pemco, so I was obviously upset. I called Pemco and was told there was nothing they could do... I started calling other insurance companies for new quotes. EVERY SINGLE QUOTE I RECEIVED WAS ABOUT HALF OF WHAT PEMCO RAISED MY RATES TO. I switched yesterday to a new insurance company where I am literally paying less than half of what Pemco raised my rates to. Raising customers' rates so significantly without cause is horrible business practice, and I don't foresee ever giving Pemco my business again.
Jamie Emerson
R. S. Simmons
While pleased w/PEMCO's cheap rates, the fiasco that passed as "service" for towing my dead car {22 miles from Portland, OR to an outlying small town} last Sat. afternoon was so disappointing I am determined to change companies.
Marlys Jane
I was driving on I5 during morning rush hour. I was behind a large semi - truck when suddenly a large piece of shrapnel was tossed up from under his back tires and hit the front of my car! Pemco claims I was "50% negligent and it was my responsibility to know the condition of the road." There is no way I could of prevented this event!
Ken E
Pemco used to operate ethicaly but times have changed. After recieving a $500 increase in our yearly premium we found they increased our rates for a "NOT at fault accident" A fender bender last year that the other party accepted responsibility for..and it cost Pemco nothing. Pemco wouldn't have even known about the incident had I not given them a courtesy call to let them know in case thet were contacted by the party at fault. A poor busniess practice charging good customers, with perfect driving records, for other peoples issues. It's going to cost them all my accounts and I'll warn as many people as I can through the miracle of social media. Buyer beware.
Georgiy K.
Rating of this insurance company is by far from A!!!! I got rear ended by one of their drivers who called them on the spot, filed a claim saying that it is 100% her fault. Adjuster by the name Kyle Lodge told me that unless he can get recorded statement from the driver, he cannot approve my claim and their driver that rear ended me is not returning calls. First of all, it has nothing to do with me. It is obvious that its her fault. She admitted it when filing a claim. Kyle also told me that it has to be 30 days and if they don't get in touch with the driver within 30 days, they will approve the claim. Well on the day #30 Kyle goes on vacation and gives no f*** about our claim. Now we have to wait for him to come back and that will put me driving broken car to 40 days....
Showing 1 - 10 out of 15 reviews

PEMCO Car Insurance Information

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Number of discounts17
Number of reviews15
User Rating2.5


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