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The Hartford Car Insurance Review (With Quotes, 2023)

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With a national average cost of $112 per month, The Hartford provides reliable auto insurance for policyholders across the country. Headquartered in Hartford, Connecticut, the insurance provider scored the highest in customer satisfaction in the recent J.D. Auto Insurance Claims Experience rankings. Keep reading to find out if The Hartford meets your auto insurance needs.

Individuals deciding on auto insurance policies and providers need to consider factors around their driving history, profile, and more. With Insurify’s comprehensive quote-comparison tool, users can compare quotes whenever they need from the convenience of home. We’ll help you decide if The Hartford—or another provider—offers the coverage you need at a reasonable cost.

The Hartford in a Nutshell

  • The average cost of car insurance with The Hartford is $112 per month.

  • The Hartford is good for owners of small businesses, AARP members, and drivers over 50 years old

  • The Hartford isn't the best option for individuals who need rideshare coverage and those who expect a top-notch mobile app.

The Hartford Industry Rankings and Scorecard

As calculated by data scientists at Insurify, The Hartford received an Insurify Composite Score of 93 out of 100. Compare this rating and the other provided industry rankings to other car insurance companies. These scores, coupled with auto insurance rates and other policy and insurer information, give drivers a holistic look at the insurance providers being considered.

Insurify Composite Score Methodology

The Insurify Composite Score is a proprietary rating calculated by a team of data scientists at Insurify, weighing multiple factors that reflect the quality, reliability, and health of an insurance company.

Inputs to the score include financial strength ratings from A.M. Best, Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s, and Fitch; J.D. Power ratings; Consumer Reports customer satisfaction surveys and customer complaints; mobile app reviews; and user-generated company reviews.

Industry RankingThe Hartford Rating
Insurify Composite Score (ICS)93 out of 100
J.D. Power Claims Satisfaction905 out of 1,000
A.M BestA+
Standard & Poor’sA+
NAIC Complaint IndexFar fewer complaints than average

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The Hartford Car Insurance Quotes by Driver History

Costs of auto insurance coverage with The Hartford depend on the driver profile and history of each policyholder. Driving violations, including DUIs, at-fault accidents, speeding tickets, and more, increase auto rates, while individuals with clean driving records benefit from cheaper rates overall. The chart below provides average monthly premiums for various driver profiles.

Driver ProfileThe Hartford Average Monthly PremiumNational Average
Clean Record$106$77
At-Fault Accident$130$113
Speeding Ticket$112$104
Disclaimer: Table data sourced from real-time quotes from Insurify's 50-plus partner insurance providers. Actual quotes may vary based on the policy buyer's unique driver profile.

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The Hartford Car Insurance Quotes by State

Car insurance premiums vary based on the driver’s state and city in the same way that location impacts costs for renters and homeowners insurance. Population density, climate and weather conditions, crime rates, and more impact these location-based fluctuations. Below, you’ll find a chart with the average monthly premiums for The Hartford in all 50 states.

Disclaimer: Table data sourced from real-time quotes from Insurify's 50-plus partner insurance providers. Actual quotes may vary based on the policy buyer's unique driver profile.

The Hartford Car Insurance Pros and Cons

Customers each carry with them their own specific insurance needs, but policyholders gravitate toward The Hartford for the benefits available for individuals over 50, AARP members, and small business owners. Additionally, policyholders appreciate the option to set their insurance rates on a yearly basis. When comparing the pros and cons, keep your needs at the forefront.


  • Good for owners of small businesses

  • Great for older drivers

  • Discounts for yearly policys


  • No rideshare coverage

  • Subpar mobile app experience

  • Lifetime renewability not offered in all states

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The Hartford Car Insurance Discounts

Everyone appreciates a good discount to decrease their auto insurance premiums, but what does The Hartford offer? Eligibility for driver-based, policy-based, and bundling discounts varies for customers, but older adults, AARP members, and drivers with a good driving history tend to benefit the most from these discounts.

Driver-Based Discounts

The AARP auto insurance program from The Hartford offers new car replacement coverage, RecoverCare coverage, lifetime car repair assurance, disappearing deductible, and accident forgiveness. Safe driving, defensive driving and driver training courses, hybrid and electric vehicles, and antilock and airbag safety features are also associated with some discounts.

Policy-Based Discounts

Aside from bundling and multi-vehicle discounts, policy-based discounts with The Hartford are fairly limited for policyholders. Customers financially able to pay their bill in full—instead of in monthly installments—are eligible for a paid-in-full discount that decreases the overall cost of insurance. Though not everyone will be able to pay in full, some have a chance to save money.

Bundling Discounts

Bundling auto with renters, condo, or home insurance through the AARP Auto and Home Insurance Program from The Hartford offers policyholders big savings. Customers who change their insurance products or policies from another insurance company to The Hartford save up to 5 percent on auto insurance and up to 20 percent on their home, condo, or renters insurance.

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The Hartford Car Insurance Coverage Options

The Hartford offers a number of coverage options for their customers’ individualized insurance needs. Liability insurance (including bodily injury and property damage liability), uninsured motorist bodily injury and property damage, comprehensive coverage, collision coverage, medical payments insurance, and no-fault or personal injury protection are all available policies.

Other coverage options include full auto glass insurance, towing insurance, rental car expenses, lifetime renewability, new car replacement, and The Hartford RecoverCare Advantage. The correct amount of coverage to purchase per driver varies based on each individual’s driving profile, history, credit score, coverage needs, desired car insurance rates, and much more.

AARP Auto Insurance Program from The Hartford

This program for AARP members offers a number of special advantages for a car insurance policy. Examples include lifetime renewability that promises policyholders the insurer will provide coverage for them for as long as they can drive, the RecoverCare Advantage provides up to $2,500 to help manage in the aftermath of a car accident, and some new car replacement.

Full Auto Glass Insurance Coverage

Full auto glass insurance coverage increases a customer’s deductible by just a few dollars a month. In return, policyholders with a smashed or damaged window do not have to pay any more than their existing deductible. The Hartford does include a more basic auto glass coverage in their comprehensive coverage, and the full auto glass coverage is not available in every state.

Towing and Labor Insurance Coverage

Towing and labor insurance coverage aids policyholders with the costs associated with towing their vehicle to a repair shop. Other roadside assistance for repair services like lock-outs are included in this coverage from the insurer. Upwards of 40,000 towing facilities throughout the country are connected with The Hartford and available to aid with the aforementioned services.

Rental Car Expense

The aftermath of a car accident—especially if it is a driver’s first accident—can be incredibly stressful. For those with either comprehensive coverage or a collision deductible, rental car expense coverage with The Hartford helps customers cover the costs associated with using a rental car for a certain amount of time while their car is in the shop being serviced or replaced.

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The Hartford Car Insurance Reputation

Is The Hartford car insurance good?

The Hartford car insurance ranks generally well for claims and customer satisfaction, financial strength, and affordability. The average monthly cost for a policy with The Hartford is $112.

The Hartford offers the following auto insurance coverage options: liability insurance (including bodily injury and property damage liability), uninsured motorist bodily injury and property damage, comprehensive coverage, collision coverage, medical payments insurance, no-fault or personal injury protection, full auto glass insurance, towing insurance, and rental car expenses.

Other vehicle coverage includes policies for RVs, ATVs, boats, golf carts, snowmobiles, and classic cars. As mentioned with the bundling discounts, homeowners, renters, and condo insurance are all available. Other personal and commercial policies for homes and businesses include flood, umbrella, general liability, and worker’s compensation insurance coverage.

The Hartford Customer Service

Reviews vary for the customer service reputation of the Hartford, both on their website and on the ConsumerAffairs website. Complaints largely focus around complications with the claims process and disappointment with The Hartford’s mobile app. The positive reviews from customers highlight the attentiveness customers experienced with their customer service representatives.

The Hartford Claims Filing Process

Claims can be filed with the help of an agent by setting up an in-person visit or by calling 1 (877) 805-9918 for AARP members or 1 (800) 243-5860 for non-members. Individuals can also complete their claims online. After you successfully file your claim, your claims adjuster will contact you with information around coverage, estimates, setting up a rental car, and more.

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The Hartford: Is it right for you?

Insurify understands that the decisions involved with choosing an insurance provider can feel overwhelming. Whether The Hartford fits your insurance needs completely depends on what you’re looking for and willing to pay. Using a car insurance comparison tool like Insurify helps users easily compare quotes from a number of providers in just a matter of minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is The Hartford car insurance good?

    Drivers over 50 and AARP members benefit the most from purchasing The Hartford car insurance coverage, with policies and discounts specifically tailored to their needs. Those who value the newer features frequently offered by car insurance companies—including rideshare coverage for Uber and Lyft drivers and a top-notch mobile app—may want to look elsewhere.

  • How much does The Hartford car insurance cost per month?

    On average, policyholders with The Hartford pay $112 per month. Ultimately, the actual costs vary based on the types of coverage purchased, driver profile, AARP membership, age, driving history, location, and more. Be sure to check out the auto insurance quotes for different scenarios provided by Insurify to gauge what monthly costs would look like for you.

  • What car insurance discounts does The Hartford offer?

    The Hartford offers a number of driver-based, policy-based, and bundling discounts for customers. Many of their insurance policies and discounts are catered to AARP members, so those individuals have the greatest opportunity to save money. Other available discounts reward drivers for their safe driving practices, multi-vehicle policies, and multi-policy bundling.

  • How do I get the cheapest car insurance?

    Most insurance providers will likely tell you they offer the cheapest rates available—even though prices will inevitably fluctuate over time. Using quote-comparison tools like Insurify is a great way to compare the different insurance providers you’ve been considering to find the cheapest rates for the coverage you need. We’re here to help you make decisions that work best for you.

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Data scientists at Insurify analyzed more than 40 million real-time auto insurance rates from our partner providers across the United States to compile the car insurance quotes, statistics, and data visualizations displayed on this page. The car insurance data includes coverage analysis and details on drivers' vehicles, driving records, and demographic information. Quotes for Allstate, Farmers, GEICO, State Farm, and USAA are estimates based on Quadrant Information Service's database of auto insurance rates. With these insights, Insurify is able to offer drivers insight into how companies price their car insurance premiums.

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