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Freeway Car Insurance Review (With Quotes, 2022)

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Insurify partners with top insurance companies and is a licensed agent in all 50 states. However, the insurance experts writing our content operate independently of our partners. Check out reviews from over 3,000 satisfied customers, how we make money, our data methodology, and our editorial standards.

Why you can trust Insurify

Insurify partners with top insurance companies and is a licensed agent in all 50 states. However, the insurance experts writing our content operate independently of our partners. Check out reviews from over 3,000 satisfied customers, how we make money, our data methodology, and our editorial standards.
Amy Beardsley

By: Amy Beardsley

Edited by Jackie Cohen

Updated August 31, 2022

Freeway Car Insurance is an insurance brokerage agency, not an insurer. Essentially, it works with a pool of insurance companies to help customers find car insurance. It is part of the Confie family of companies and is licensed to sell insurance in all 50 states. It focuses on insuring high-risk drivers, such as those with a DUI or at-fault accident.

If you’re in the market for car insurance, Insurify is a comparison platform that works with dozens of the nation’s top-rated insurers to find car insurance protection for all types of drivers. You can check multiple car insurance companies simultaneously and apply discounts automatically. Best of all, it only takes a few minutes to get a car insurance quote.

Freeway in a Nutshell

  • The average cost of car insurance with Freeway depends on the company the driver is matched with.

  • Freeway is good for high-risk drivers with a record of at-fault accidents, speeding tickets, and DUIs.

  • Freeway isn't the best option for safe drivers who prefer working directly with an insurance agent.

Freeway Industry Rankings and Scorecard

Despite being a national provider, Freeway insurance services is a small insurance company. Because of its size, third-party review sites like J.D. Power and A.M. Best haven’t reviewed the company. However, Freeway is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has earned an A+ rating.

Industry RankingFreeway Rating
Better Business BureauA+

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Freeway Car Insurance Quotes by Driver History

Freeway auto insurance quotes will vary based on several factors. A driver’s motor vehicle record, age, driving experience, credit score, marital status, and more can affect car insurance quotes. Experienced drivers with a clean record and good credit typically pay the lowest rates.

Freeway specializes in matching drivers with less-than-ideal driving records with sufficient auto insurance coverage. Drivers with DUIs, speeding tickets, at-fault accidents, and other driving violations can get assistance finding coverage with Freeway’s agents.

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Freeway Car Insurance Quotes by State

Freeway car insurance quotes will vary based on your resident state. Each state’s insurance department mandates different requirements for coverage and rates. Rates can also change within the state since some locations are more expensive to insure than others because of risks like traffic patterns and crime rates.

Freeway insurance agents can help high-risk drivers find coverage in the following states.

| States Freeway Offers Brokerage Services
| -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
| AL, AR, AZ, CA, CO, FL, GA, ID, IL, IN, KS, LA, MA, MD, MO, NJ, NM, NY, NC, OH, OR, PA, SC, TN, TX, UT, WA, WI |

Freeway Car Insurance Pros and Cons

Drivers must consider many factors when choosing a car insurance company. When looking at insurance options, our Freeway auto insurance review discovered the company is a simple way to get quotes from multiple insurance providers—even if you’re high-risk. However, the company offers limited discount opportunities to lower your insurance costs.


  • Quotes multiple insurance providers

  • Spanish-speaking customer service

  • Competitive rates for high-risk customers who must fulfill SR-22 requirements


  • Customers may be charged a brokerage agent fee

  • Limited discount opportunities

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Freeway Car Insurance Discounts

Freeway car insurance policies can come with a few discounts. But the discounts you receive depend on which insurance company, partnered with or part of the Freeway Insurance family, provides the best price. Be sure to ask about the discount programs offered by the recommended insurance company.

Driver-Based Discounts

Freeway car insurance agency offers a few driver-based discounts like good student, safe driver, military, and multi-car programs. You may get a discount for adding ATV, watercraft, snowmobile, or motorcycle insurance to your policy. However, because it’s a car insurance broker, not every insurance company will offer every discount.

Policy-Based Discounts

Policy-based discounts are popular options to lower your insurance costs. Freeway car insurance partners may offer paperless discounts, paid in full discounts, and auto-payment discounts. It depends on which company you purchase your policy from.

Bundling Discounts

Because Freeway is an insurance broker, the bundling discounts you qualify for depending on the insurance company you choose. However, bundling discounts are available from some insurers. For example, homeowners may want to bundle their homeowners insurance or renters insurance with their auto policy to qualify for a discount.

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Freeway Car Insurance Coverage Options

Freeway car insurance coverage includes many types of insurance products and options, such as bodily injury liability, property damage liability, comprehensive insurance, collision insurance, and full coverage. The particular insurer that you choose may have additional coverage options to choose from.

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist

Suppose the other driver in an accident does not carry sufficient auto insurance to pay for repairs to your vehicle. Underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage helps bridge the gap between their insurance and the damage your vehicle suffered.

Medical Payments

Medical payments coverage helps cover the cost of medical treatment for you and your passengers that health insurance won’t pay for. In addition, it can reimburse you for missed wages if you can’t work after a car accident. In severe cases, it can also cover the cost of funeral arrangements.

Rental Car Reimbursement

Rental car reimbursement insurance helps pay for a rental car if yours is too damaged to drive. While the vehicle undergoes repairs from a covered loss, rental car reimbursement ensures you have transportation during that time.

Gap Insurance

Drivers who finance or lease cars often buy gap insurance in case of an accident. For example, suppose the car was totaled, but the claim paid you less than the car is worth. Gap (guaranteed asset protection) insurance makes sure you don’t end up paying the difference out of pocket.

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Freeway Car Insurance Reputation

Is Freeway car insurance good?

Freeway car insurance is an auto insurance brokerage that helps high-risk drivers find coverage regardless of their spotty driver history.

Freeway auto insurance matches customers with insurers to set up low-cost coverage. In some cases, Freeway insurance charges a broker’s agent fee if it matches you with a company it’s not already working with. To get a quote, customers must enter their contact info on their website and a sales rep calls them back on the phone.

Overall, Freeway car insurance has a positive reputation for customer service and claims handling that policyholders enjoy.

Freeway Customer Service

Freeway insurance customer service occurs primarily over the phone and email. Its customer service representatives speak English and Spanish. In some states, Freeway has local offices where customers can visit and meet with sales and service reps.

Freeway Claims Filing Process

Freeway car insurance has a claims phone number where you can report a loss. In some cases, it may be able to process the claim on your behalf. However, some of its insurers might require you to contact the company’s claims department directly, bypassing Freeway altogether.

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Freeway: Is it right for you?

Freeway may offer car insurance quotes, but you may not get the best rate. Insurify never charges fees and is easy to use. Our website actually shows you car insurance quotes side by side so that you can make an accurate comparison. Best of all, Insurify is free to use, and you can get a policy set up in minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Customers who prefer to speak Spanish and need insurance for a high-risk driving record may find value working with Freeway. However, because Freeway car insurance charges some customers a broker’s fee, you may want to look elsewhere to save money.

  • Since Freeway is an insurance broker as opposed to an insurance provider, the cost policyholders will pay will vary based on their selected compnay. Freeway writes policies for partners like Dairyland, Kemper, National General, Progressive, and Safeco.

  • Depending on which insurer Freeway car insurance chooses to offer you, the discounts may vary. Some companies may offer several discounts, while others have none.

  • We guarantee you will always find the cheapest car insurance at Insurify. Our industry-leading technology checks with the nation’s best auto insurance companies to get you the lowest possible rates. Try Insurify today to see how much you can save on car insurance.

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