The General Car Insurance Review: Costs and Ratings (2023)

The General gears its car insurance toward high-risk drivers but has high satisfaction ratings with customers.

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Nearly every state requires drivers to have car insurance, so forgoing it isn’t an option — even if you have trouble finding an insurance company willing to give you a policy. Nashville-based insurance company The General could be an option for difficult-to-insure drivers looking for the right car insurance for their needs.

The General company provides coverage to high-risk drivers and drivers with poor driving records. Here’s what to know about The General, its rates, discounts, and reputation.

Quick Facts
  • On average, The General’s liability-only coverage is $185 per month.

  • The General offers SR-22 insurance and filing for drivers who have revoked or suspended licenses.

  • The General has high ratings with the Better Business Bureau and Trustpilot.

What is The General car insurance?

The General has provided insurance coverage since its inception in 1963 under the name Permanent General Agency. It wasn’t until 1997 that the company began to sell insurance under The General moniker.

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, The General also runs regional call centers in Arizona, Louisiana, and Ohio. In addition to its automobile coverage, The General offers a full suite of insurance types, including:

  • Renters

  • Motorcycle

  • Boat

  • Motor home

  • Travel trailer

  • Homeowners

  • Health

  • Pet

  • Phone

  • Liability

  • SR-22

How does The General auto insurance work?

The General claims it has affordable car insurance rates and focuses on quality customer service. It’s also known for providing coverage for individuals with poor credit and driving records. The company sells insurance primarily online or by phone. Prospective customers can receive a customized car insurance quote online within minutes by providing some basic personal and vehicle information. Once you receive a quote, you can sign up and choose from the available policy options based on your needs.

Similar to other insurance companies, The General profits through insurance premiums paid by its customers and by investing the premiums received. 

The General car insurance coverage

Drivers must buy at least the minimum amount of liability coverage that their state or car lender requires. The General offers several types of auto insurance coverage for various needs, but its options are limited: 

  • Liability insurance: Liability coverage protects you if you’re at-fault in an accident. Having liability insurance also helps you avoid violations and fines for being underinsured in your state. However, with liability-only coverage, you’ll still have to pay out of pocket for any damage to your vehicle.

  • Comprehensive insurance: Comprehensive coverage protects your vehicle against theft and damages from incidents other than collisions. Having comprehensive coverage ensures you’re protected in almost any situation except car accidents. 

  • Collision insurance: Collision coverage protects you financially from damage to your vehicle when you’re at-fault in a car accident or collide with another object.

  • Gap insurance: Gap coverage makes up the difference between your vehicle’s market value and the outstanding loan balance. It’s helpful if you total your car and the amount you owe on the vehicle is less than the insurance payout, but it isn’t worth it if your car is paid off or you owe less than the car’s value.

How to get a car insurance quote from The General

You can request a quote online through The General’s website or by phone. To get a quote, enter the insurance type you want and your ZIP code. As you navigate through the quote process, you must provide additional personal and vehicle information. The General and its partner providers consider other factors — like your driving record, past claims history, and credit history — to determine eligibility and provide an accurate quote. It typically only takes a few minutes to receive a quote from The General. 

You can also use an online quote-comparison tool like Insurify, which allows you to quickly compare car insurance quotes from The General with other insurance companies all in one place. 

The General car insurance cost by state

Car insurance requirements vary between states, as do insurance costs. Where you live will influence your car insurance premiums.[1] Below is a look at the cheapest full-coverage and liability-only car insurance quotes through The General, by state. 

StateAverage Monthly Quote: Full CoverageAverage Monthly Quote: Liability Only
North DakotaN/A$126
South Carolina$372$224
Actual quotes may vary based on the policy buyer's unique driver profile.

The General auto insurance rates by driving history

Your driving record also contributes to how much you pay for car insurance. You can expect to pay more if you’ve had several moving violations rather than a clean driving record.[1] Here’s a look at the average monthly premiums through The General for full-coverage and liability-only insurance based on driving records. 

Quote Price by Driving Record

Disclaimer: Table data sourced from real-time quotes from Insurify's 50-plus partner insurance providers. Actual quotes may vary based on the policy buyer's unique driver profile.

The General car insurance discounts

Unfortunately, The General doesn’t advertise any discounts on its website. To find out what discounts you might qualify for, you must get a quote or speak to a representative. 

This is a clear downside of The General car insurance: Customers can’t efficiently shop around for car insurance without potential discount information readily available. However, you may still reduce car insurance costs by removing certain coverage options or bundling policies. 

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The General insurance bundling options

The General doesn’t advertise discounts for bundling multiple insurance policies. Many insurance companies offer discounts for bundling insurance policies. You can often save money by combining your car insurance with other coverage, like homeowners or renters insurance, under the same company. 

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The General insurance reviews and ratings

The General carries an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, but an insurance company is only as good as its reputation among its customers. Searching online for customer reviews and ratings can give you a better sense of how customers view the company and how it responds to customer issues. 

The General customer reviews

Like most insurance companies, The General has received mixed reviews from customers. 

The General ratings

Here’s how The General stacks up on various rating sites:

  • Trustpilot: 4.7 out of 5 stars with 76,111 reviews

  • Better Business Bureau: A+ BBB accreditation, 4.65 out of 5 stars with 904 reviews

  • Google Play Store: 4.8 out of 5 stars with more than 26,000 reviews

  • Apple App Store: 4.7 out of 5 stars with more than 112,000 reviews

The General vs. other insurance providers

Choosing the right car insurance provider can be difficult in this highly saturated market. Here’s a look at how The General compares to the competition. 

The General vs. Allstate

Allstate is one of the largest insurance companies by market share.[2] It also offers more coverage options than you’ll find with The General. Not only does it offer liability coverage to meet state minimums, but it also offers options like uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, medical payments coverage, and personal umbrella policies. Allstate also offers more discounts than the General, including discounts for safety equipment installed on your vehicle. 

Allstate’s average premiums are cheaper than The General’s, with $212 a month for full-coverage insurance and $146 for liability-only insurance. The General’s average monthly quotes are $451 for full-coverage and $259 for liability-only insurance.

The General vs. Liberty Mutual

Like other insurers, Liberty Mutual has an edge over The General because of its long list of advertised discounts, making it easy for drivers to see how they may save on car insurance costs. However, the two companies are similar in that they both have an A rating from A.M. Best, indicating their strong financial stability and abilities to pay out claims. 

Drivers may find cheaper rates with Liberty Mutual. The General’s average monthly premiums are $451 for full coverage and $259 for liability-only insurance, while Liberty Mutual’s are $284 for full coverage and $198 for liability-only insurance. 

The General vs. Progressive

Progressive is one of the largest auto insurance companies in the U.S by market share.[2] The insurance giant offers more coverage types than The General, including optional coverages like rental car reimbursement, roadside assistance, and rideshare coverage.

The average monthly premium for Progressive liability-only coverage is $161 — almost $100 less than The General.

The General car insurance pros and cons

Before choosing an auto insurance policy from The General, consider some of its pros and cons:

  • Insurance for high-risk drivers: The General offers coverage options for individuals with prior violations.

  • SR-22 insurance: The General offers SR-22 filings in most states. 

  • Mobile app: Customers can use the mobile app to file claims, make payments, and access their accounts.

  • Not available everywhere: The General isn’t available in all states.

  • No bundling discount: The General doesn’t offer discounts for carrying multiple insurance policies with the company.

  • Limited advertised coverage options: The company doesn’t offer many coverage options past collision and comprehensive advertised on its website.

Filing an auto insurance claim with The General

An auto insurance claim is a request by the policyholder for compensation for a covered loss or event. If you’re in a car accident, and it’s not your fault, your insurance company provides financial help up to the policy limits for covered damages and loss, depending on your state.

Customers can file an auto insurance claim with The General online, by phone, or through its mobile app. When filing a claim, document the incident by taking photos. Share details about the incident and other pertinent information with the claims department. 

Once you’ve filed a claim, an insurance adjustor will gather facts and documentation about the accident and decide whether it’s covered. Once it determines fault, The General will negotiate with the other insurance companies to determine which company will pay for damages and additional costs.

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The General insurance FAQs

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about The General car insurance.

  • Is The General legitimate?

    The General is a legitimate insurance company with no history of fraudulent practices. The insurance provider carries high ratings overall on customer review platforms.

  • What is the average cost of The General car insurance?

  • Is The General good with claims?

    The General and its underwriting companies have an A rating with A.M. Best, which calculates a company’s financial stability and ability to pay out insurance claims.

  • Is The General car insurance right for you?

    The General is a great option for high-risk drivers who may have trouble qualifying for coverage through other providers. However, drivers with clean driving records may find more affordable coverage options elsewhere. 

  • Does The General offer SR-22 insurance?

    SR-22 is a certificate of insurability that drivers may be required to obtain if their licenses have been suspended or revoked, or they were convicted of a DUI or driving without insurance. The form, which insurance companies provide, certifies that the driver carries the required liability coverage for their state. The General offers SR-22 insurance and provides SR-22 filings in most states. 

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