Based in Hartford, CT, The Hartford provides auto insurance policies in partnership with AARP across the United States. 

Seniors who want targeted care from an insurance company should look no further than The Harford. Whether you’re on the market for a car insurance company that is senior-friendly or just looking to get the best deal, The Hartford is worth checking out for anyone who could qualify for one of its many available discounts. 

When it comes time to purchase an auto insurance policy, don’t go with the first company you find online. Even if you are an AARP member who can take advantage of The Hartford’s insurance offerings, you should still shop around for a car insurance policy

But that doesn’t mean you need to visit every website to find a good deal. Insurify does the heavy lifting for you, giving you multiple cheap car insurance quotes to compare off of your single user profile. Head on over to Insurify to see what rates you qualify for. 

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AARP Auto Insurance Reviews: Here’s what customers are saying…

Overall, AARP auto insurance has positive customer reviews. Although you need an AARP membership to purchase an auto insurance policy with The Hartford, claims and customer service are all handled within the insurance company. The Hartford maintains an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. 

Happy customers highlight affordable rates and personable customer service:

And while The Hartford’s mobile app isn’t its strongest point, customers do appreciate the human touch of being able to reach an insurance agent over the phone.

One benefit that customers wish came along with their AARP policy is some form of loyalty rewards. Those with clean driving records or long histories with the company won’t see decreased rates as a result.

It is worth noting that The Hartford offers safe drivers a disappearing deductible for every year they are accident-free. It also guarantees its policyholders renewability as long as they maintain a valid driver’s license and ability to pay their premiums.

And even though some states qualify for a 12-month rate lock, there’s no guarantee that your premium will stay the same year after year.

How to Get Auto (and Home) Insurance through AARP

For those interested in getting insured by The Hartford, the process is easy as long as you meet the basic requirements: you must be an AARP member, be at least 50 years old, and hold a valid driver’s license

When it comes to finding out if the AARP auto insurance program is right for you, you can get a quote online by visiting the company website, or by calling the quote line at 1 (800) 684-1933. 

Once insured by The Hartford with AARP, you’ll benefit from its lifetime renewability program. This means that you’re guaranteed to be able to renew your policy as long as you continue to hold a valid driver’s license and make on-time premium payments. While this won’t guarantee your rate, it may bring you peace of mind knowing that you’re guaranteed coverage with these fundamental requirements. 

AARP Auto Insurance Quotes

When Insurify’s data team pulled quotes for a typical AARP driver with a clean driving record, the average rate was $130/month. However, having a speeding ticket or at-fault accident on record raised that average rate to around $170. As with any other insurance company, driving history is a significant factor in determining car insurance rates

What these numbers don’t take into account are potential discounts. With opportunities to save from bundling home and auto insurance policies, and discounts for car safety features, your quote could look slightly different depending on your history and driver profile. 

Bundling Home and Auto with The Hartford

One of the easiest ways to save money with The Hartford is to bundle home and auto insurance coverages

The Hartford’s many resources make it ideal for those who have different types of property to insure. In addition to auto insurance, The Hartford offers renters and homeowners insurance as well. Bundling either of these coverages with your auto insurance policy can save you up to 5 percent on your auto insurance premiums, and 20 percent on renters or homeowners insurance premiums. 

AARP Auto Insurance Discounts

AARP members have many ways to save money on an auto insurance policy with The Hartford. Check out the most common discounts below. Just keep in mind, some of these discounts are only available in certain states, or by participating in the Advantage Program. 

  • Car safety features: AARP members can get extra discounts for safety features like driving a car that is equipped with more than one airbag or anti-theft devices. Completing a defensive driving course can also earn you a discount lasting three years. And if you’re a senior who drives an electric or hybrid vehicle, you could reap even more savings. 
  • Deductible discounts: While many of the available discounts affect your annual premium, The Hartford also offers discounts that apply directly to your deductible. 
    • Disappearing deductible: For each year without an accident, your deductible will be reduced with no overall limit. This means after enough time driving accident-free with an AARP car insurance policy, your deductible could reach $0. 
    • One deductible: A significant benefit to policyholders with multiple vehicles covered, if two covered cars are damaged in a single incident, you’ll only pay for the highest deductible. This is especially good for drivers whose cars are likely to be damaged in weather events (like a hail storm). 
    • Deductible reduction: You don’t have to use a pre-approved repair shop after a covered incident to fix your vehicle, but if you do, you’ll save $100 on your deductible. 
  • Other policy benefits: 
    • 12-month rate protection: Don’t worry about unexpected rate hikes throughout your policy period. The Hartford’s rate protection guarantees your car insurance premium rate for 12 months in some states. 
    • First accident forgiveness: In certain states, your first accident won’t actually impact your current premium (although it could impact the next year’s). 
    • RecoverCare coverage: A benefit that goes beyond your car, RecoverCare helps cover the cost of home maintenance services if you’re injured and unable to do some chores yourself. 
    • New car replacement coverage: If you total a car that you’ve had for fewer than 15 months, or have driven it less than 15,000 miles, The Hartford will replace the exact model. 
    • Lifetime car repair assurance: Not only does using a pre-approved auto body repair shop score you a discount on your deductible, but your repairs are also protected. If any repairs go awry, The Hartford will cover the cost to fix the mistake. 
    • Roadside assistance: This add on coverage can end up saving you the cost of calling for help on your own. Whether you’re locked out of your vehicle or stuck with a flat tire, emergency roadside assistance with AARP can assist you 24/7. 
    • Paid in full discount: Paying for your annual policy upfront can save you money in the long run.

AARP and The Hartford Contact Information

Customer service number1 (800) 423-6789
Customer service emailVia the online form 
Roadside assistance phone number1 (860) 547-5000
Headquarters addressThe Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc. 690 Asylum Ave, Hartford CT 06155
Auto claims number1 (877) 805-9918
Glass Claims number1 (800) 892-8484

AARP Auto Insurance FAQ

Who is The Hartford auto insurance best for?

The Hartford partners with AARP to offer affordable auto insurance policies to AARP members. This partnership only benefits drivers who are 50 years or older, and you must hold a valid driver’s license to be insured. AARP members get a discount on auto insurance with The Hartford just for being members. Not only that, but your AARP membership also lands you separate servicing for insurance requests. Additionally, those who can bundle home and auto insurance policies will save.

Does The Hartford have good customer satisfaction?

Online reviews show that customers are generally pretty happy with The Hartford as their auto insurance provider. Highlights include affordable rates, and a consensus that agents actually care about their customers. However, some customers do note that premiums increase year to year.

How much does AARP auto insurance cost?

Insurify’s data team pulled quotes for several typical driver profiles, and rates came in between $120/month all the way up to $180/month. However, insurance rates are highly individual. Your driving history, where you live, the car you drive, and discounts you qualify for can all affect your rates. The best way to get the best deal on car insurance is to compare personalized car insurance quotes. With Insurify, you can get quotes tailored to your personal profile, so you can make sure you’re getting all the savings you deserve.

Conclusion: How seniors can compare quotes and get cheap car insurance

You don’t have to be up to date on all the latest technology to get a good deal on car insurance

Insurify makes it easy for seniors to compare quotes that work for their needs. By simply answering a few questions about yourself, you can access real car insurance quotes tailored to you. Give Insurify a try today and see how easy saving on car insurance can be for yourself.

Score savings on car insurance with Insurify

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Updated May 12, 2020

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