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Updated February 1, 2022

CSAA Auto Insurance Quotes

StateAverage Monthly Cost
South Dakota$214
New Jersey$226
Washington D.C.$339
West Virginia$293
New York$415


Composite Score
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U.S Auto Insurance Shopping Study (2018)
Call Center RepresentativeAmong the best
Insurer WebsiteThe rest
Local AgentBetter than most
Overall SatisfactionBetter than most
Policy OfferingsAbout average
PricingBetter than most
U.S Auto Insurance Claims Satisfaction Study (2018)
Claim ServicingThe rest
Estimation ProcessAbout average
First Notice of Loss (FNOL)The rest
Overall SatisfactionAbout average
Rental ExperienceThe rest
Repair ProcessBetter than most
SettlementAbout average
J.D. Power Ratings by Region (out of 1000)
RegionRatingsState Average
California814About average
Mid-Atlantic816The rest
Southwest839Among the best
CSAA Ratings
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A.M. BestA


The largest discounts from CSAA are: Student Away at School, Multiple Vehicle, Multiple Policy

Carrier Discounts
Discount %
Student Away at SchoolMultiple VehicleMultiple PolicyGood DriverLow MileageHome OwnerGood StudentProfessional organizationAlumniLoyaltyOrganizationDriving training
Discount Group
Discount TypeDiscount %
Student Away at Schoolup to 46.7%
Multiple Vehicleup to 27.3%
Multiple Policyup to 20%
Good Driverup to 20%
Low Mileageup to 19.1%
Home Ownerup to 15.7%
Good Studentup to 14.3%
Professional organizationup to 7.4%
Alumniup to 7.4%
Loyaltyup to 5.6%
Organizationup to 5%
Driving trainingup to 4.7%

Payment methods

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    Automatic Online Payment
  • complete-tick.svg
    Credit Card Payment
  • complete-tick.svg
    Debit Card Payments
  • complete-tick.svg
    Online Payment

Features and Services

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    24/7 service
  • benefit/mobile-app.svg
    Mobile app
  • benefit/roadside-assistance.svg
    Roadside assistance
  • benefit/loyalty.svg
    Loyalty rewards program
  • benefit/online-portal.svg
    Online account management
  • benefit/policy-bundling.svg
    Policy bundling discounts

Optional Coverage

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    Roadside Assistance
  • complete-tick.svg
    First Aid Reimbursement
  • complete-tick.svg
    Rental Reimbursement
  • complete-tick.svg
    Antique or Collector Car Insurance
  • complete-tick.svg
    Umbrella Policy
  • complete-tick.svg
    Accidental Death, Dismemberment, Disability

FAQs - CSAA Car Insurance

How does Insurify work?

Insurify lets you freely compare accurate car insurance quotes and discounts from top national and regional insurance companies in a matter of minutes. You can choose between coverage levels and adjust deductibles to ensure you're not just getting the cheapest policy, but the most appropriate one, too. Users save an average of $489 a year when they buy a new insurance policy through Insurify.

How does Insurify find me the cheapest car insurance quotes?

Think of Insurify as your personalized, online insurance agent. Insurify's platform uses the latest in AI to match you with real, accurate, and bindable car insurance quotes based on your driver history and budget. Insurify is not an insurance company and will not share the information you share on the site with any third party.

How is Insurify different from other insurance quote comparison sites?

Insurify is the top-rated and most-rated insurance comparison website in America. Unlike comparison sites that just take your information and sell it to the highest bidder, Insurify is built on trust and empowerment. No matter your license record, budget, or regional background, Insurify is committed to securing the cheapest and best deals that work for you.

Company History

AAA serves more than 57 million members. Your local club is available to serve you through branch office locations and online services. Take full advantage of every AAA membership benefit including a variety of services that can help you save money.

How to cancel your CSAA Car Insurance Policy

To cancel your policy, contact your local agent. You will receive a refund for any unused portion of your premium.

Cancellation Fee: $0

CSAA Reviews

5 Stars
39 %
4 Stars
5 %
3 Stars
15 %
2 Stars
5 %
1 Star
37 %

Most Positive Review

By Tiffany
It's a great company. Always kind and helpful. No issues so far.

Most Critical Review

By Linda
they are very expensive and i felt they penalized me for an accident claim against my medical payments for an accident that was not my fault. I never authorized a claim be made against my insurance company and I don't know who made the claim but I felt I was penalized anyway.

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Heather B
I would recommend avoiding AAA insurance at all costs. I recently had serious damage discovered in my home. The damage was behind a cabinet in my kitchen and impossible to see so it was ongoing for 6 years. I called the insurance company just to ask if this was the type of thing they would cover. I was told I would need to file a claim. I spoke to my adjuster and asked him. His response was "I can't say for sure until after the investigation but this is probably something we will cover." My hopes soared and I fully cooperated and took valuable time out of my work week (I work for the army and am currently preparing to deploy to Afghanistan for 6 months.) to help the investigator and describe the situation. Again I was told this would not qualify as "wear and tear" because it was "accidental damage." I heard back from the Adjuster a week later with a completely uninformative voice message and after repeated emails and voicemails was finally able to get a hold of him by calling from a blocked number. At that point he informed me that my claim had been fully denied. He was entirely unsympathetic, lacked compassion and seemed to take glee in finding a clause that allowed him to deny my claim. By calling it "faulty workmanship" instead of "accidental damage" he was able to deny the entire claim. I asked him why I bothered to pay for insurance and he said no insurance covers this type of damage...so why did he tell me they probably would??? I discourage anyone from using AAA insurance - they will make every effort to deny claims and will not treat you with kindness and respect in the process. They may have saved themselves my claim in the short term but they have lost my business and hopefully that of anyone I can communicate too in the long term.
Jean N
I am a bit late in writing this complaint BUT still VERY angry about your services for our daughter...or should I say LACK of emergency roadside services. We have been members with AAA longer than our daughter (who needed your services) has been alive... 30+ years. Now you failed us miserably for the whole reason we got the membership. We joined your membership not only for us and our daughters that live at home but encouraged our other 2 daughters and families and my parents that live elsewhere to join. They too are now aware of the trouble and anger you have caused us. Let me tell you we had our auto insurance with you in the 80s. When we bought our first home in CA we added home insurance and had membership as well. I have to say back then the office in Placerville, CA was EXCELLENT and went out of their way to care, inform, and update their members. Then in the 90s you grew and you made the offices less accommodating to your members but the office in Placerville still seemed to care. In the early 2000s you seemed to feel everyone wanted to do it online or go to a larger, farther away facility...we did not. And you have been going down hill since. We now live in Columbia, CA and you do nothing but drop services. You dropped our home due to the new "fire line." You no longer do travel services at each office. You seem to only have local maps. You now charge for camping books. My list goes on. We then thought, "Might as well change the auto insurance to a company that DID cover our home." Yet I insisted on keeping the AAA membership and even expanding it to include our daughters for the safety and comfort of knowing someone would ALWAYS be available. My husband is a helicopter pilot for *** **** and is often not available. For his peace of mind he also thought the membership was a good idea. Well, you have proved that WRONG too. Our daughter had a car engine issue on the night of June 1, 2019 at about 8 pm in Manteca, CA. She of course called her dad. He had just finished his shift at *** **** so we both drove down to meet her, which was over an hour away. The car was a VW, belonged to another daughter, and was still under warranty. We arrived about 9:15 pm and our daughter contacted your Emergency Roadside Service and was on hold over 45 minutes. Your customer service agent asked if she was in a safe place and she did say yes BUT that was only because her father and I were there. Our daughter, her father, and I were NOT in a well lit area. We were off on a side street in an area we were NOT familiar with but it is what it is. Your agent said someone would be there in 15 to 45 minutes. An hour later our daughter called again and your service agent claimed they tried to call her and let her know no one would come a tow the car to a VW dealer at the time. Yet AAA never got a hold of her. Mind you we have paid for Plus Membership so we had a 100 mile tow. No where can I find that you have the ability to do that if and when you want. SO there we are out in Manteca at 10:20 pm still waiting for a tow. At this point and on hold again my daughter is in tears and her father is talking to the agent who is saying "No one will tow it to a VW dealer tonight" even though there are 3 dealerships within LESS than 100 miles. Again we are told someone should be there before midnight. That did NOT happen and we received NO CALL. At midnight we had enough, locked up the car, hoped it would be safe, and drove over an hour home. Her father had told the agent if they could not be there by midnight we would try the next day. Early the next morning our daughter and her father drove back to Manteca to try again. After being put on hold and then accused of not being there when the driver was there at 8:30 am when we called...guess what we did not call till after 9 am so that was totally incorrect. A driver FINALLY made it there. I wish we had his name because he was very caring and thoughtful and said what happened last night should have NEVER
Barbara M
Zero stars for the customer service. Called because we could not pay out Auto insurance online and ****** ******** was rude, would not listen to what we were trying to tell her, and continued talking while we were trying to explain the situation. We asked to speak with her supervisor and she said her supervisor told her to tell us we would not be insured if we didn't pay $27 more. All we were doing was trying to get the correct address change to match our monthly billing address that we have had for the last 10 years. Someone changed our address without our approval but we couldn't get her to understand that because she wouldn't shut up.
Keith L.
On 3/23/19 my truck battery went dead at 6000' in the Sierra Nevada's. I called in my AAA roadside service. They assured me a AAA tow truck driver would call. She did. She was frantic and said she couldn't help us until Monday. It was Saturday. We wanted to go home. So I tried calling back. AAA said "Dont' worry it will be fine!" I got a call at 630ish. They said we will have someone come get you at 1130 PM. This was my only choice. At midnight, with a dead battery and 22 degree weather...nobody showed up. I got someone to help with the truck. We drove it back with all the lights stuck on the truck. At 212 AM on Sunday, AAA called to see how we were. I let it go to Vmail since we were safe and AAA really didn't care. I called in on Sunday and got a Claim no and to complain. AAA has ignored us ever since. They say they have sent a letter but wont tell me what it says. They won't email me either. It's very secretive with the way they use email. So, now I am taking them to court. Super disappointing that I pay for 125 mile roadside service and wasn't offered a room for the night or a tow truck from a neighboring town. Beware of AAA. It's now been a month. I will pursue trying to correct the mistreatment of AAA.
Worrall S.
My wife as in a car accident 6 weeks ago on February 13th 2019. It is important to note that we do not have CSAA but the insured for the other car that was at fault according to the police report which they said they could not obtain for a month but my wife obtained the same day and had in their hands 20 min later. Since then we have gotten nothing but the run around form CSAA. The insurance adjuster’s assigned have not only obstructed the progress of the settlement but also lied countless times about what they needed and the things my wife and I have said to them. They lied about picking up our totaled car on the day they said they would. They check things into there systems without haveing the items on sight and I the unprofessional way in which I have been talked to by one of the insurance adjusters is inappropriate. This company is garbage and I will not give it a rating because it is that bad the system makes me give a rating but they are not even one star. If anyone else has to deal with this company get a lawyer involved from the start as they will not pay even though the Law may be on your side.
I worked with ******** ***** regarding a car accident I was involved in in 2017, and she purposely prolonged the case when their insurer was at fault. She is the worst agent in CSAA! She did nothing to resolve the case. I had to email her multiple times to get a response. And her responses were weeks if not months later! I had to call and speak with someone else to get the case resolved. And her manager* ***** ******* never returned my phone call! These people are the worst!
Greg H
AAA takes advantage of disabled seniors. Be careful of their battery scam
Emily S
Facticious sales. Sally grover at this office sold me insurance and a membership for roadside. When i needed to use my roadside roadside was not able to find me in there system. I had ID cards on me proving i had purchased roadside and yet dispatch refused to send out anyone. I paid for a service and never recieved it. I was then told by my agent ***** that i would be refunded for the out of pocket roadside i was wrongfully paid for. 2 months later.. no. I wasnt refunded. Excuse after excuse. So she got her commission for the insurance sale and i got sold a faulty product. Great right? Agents here will do what ever to make a quick buck. Even if that means cheating a customer.
Terri G
I have been a AAA member for over 20 years. AAA use to have the best customer service. In the past few years the service has gone down hill. On Saturday Aug 18, 2018 we were driving home from salinas on highway **** ** ******* ****, when our truck started losing power and we had to pull over to the side of the road. Just to let you know I pay for the premiere membership. At 7:19 pm I called AAAs premier number to get a tow. The agent asked me for a call back number, which I gave them. They keep saying i'm having trouble hearing you, then we got disconnected so I waited a while for someone to called me back.(never happened, why ask for a call back number if they aren't going to call back?) I called them again at 7:30 pm was told we should have someone there in about an hour. I called back at 8:29 pm I was told it would be another hour, no show again. At 9:29 pm I called again and I believe this time they said the tow truck was on it's way and should be there in about 10 min. it was almost there. NOPE at 9:47 pm I called again, and I was told the same thing it will be there any minute. Called again at 10:13 and 10:14 because everytime I would start to complain about the service the call got disconnected. I finally reached AAA again this time I was told that they were still trying to find us a tow truck to give us a safety tow. At 11:39 pm I talked to AAA again I told them this is ridiculous I pay for the premier membership and I get treated like I'm an inconvenience. At 12:21 am talked to AAA again was told tow truck was on it's way, ( I've heard that one before). At just after 12:30 am the tow truck showed up. We were informed by the driver (which was the original driver that had the tow first ) that he was told that the call was being transferred to another company. Then they received a 2nd call to come tow us. The driver informed us that because it was a safety tow that AAA would rememburce us for the room. He towed us to Gilroy for the night, by the time we arrived it was 1:37 am. The driver said someone would be able to take us home in the morning. We finally made it home around 11:00 am Sunday Aug 19th. I was told I need to go to AAA to file the request for the reimbursement, I was going to just fill it out there at AAA when I was informed that I needed to email or fax it to the number on the form. which I emailed on Sept 7, 2018 I emailed the request with the billed from the hotel. I received a letter dated Sept 12th from ******* Global assistance stating they received our request for reimbursement. Then we received a letter dated Sept 28th saying they needed verification of the break down. Such as the a 1. tow invoice (which we never get) 2. a repair bill, 3. AAA incident report. ( when AAA sent ******* they should know what they need to process the claim and sent them the incident report) Soon as I received the letter I called AAA, I was told by the agent she would fax them what they needed. I waited until Oct 12th and called AAA to see what was going on with it and was told that they have nothing to do with it because it's a 3rd party, the agent transferred me to ******* ******** service. The person at ******* told me that it was still pending but didn't know why. He would have the adjuster call me on Monday 15th because it was to late on Friday. None of ******* correspondence had there phone number on them.On Monday I received a call from ******* and she informed me that the check would go out tomorrow which would be Oct 16th. On Tuesday Oct 16th we received an email from the claims department saying thank you for the supporting documents. ( which seem like the documents were just sitting there not being processed like the should have been). We finally received the check on Nov 5th. that's about 2 months to process the claim way to long considering I had to pay the interest on the card for the room amount. We are very disappointed in the service we have been receiving from AAA. If we would have know by upgradin
Karen M
My agent *** ******** does not return my calls despite numerous attempts. I am trying to get a new agent. I called the local office but was transferred to the 800 number and then transferred back to the local office. I talked to another agent who said she would let the manager know I wanted a different agent. But the manager never returned my call. What a crap organization. My agent also ignored my calls when I had a nightmare of an experience with an adjustor. Terrible terrible service.
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CSAA Car Insurance Information

Insurify Composite Score79
Number of discounts12
Number of reviews176
User Rating3.1
A.M. BestA


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