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Updated February 1, 2022


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FAQs - ACCC Car Insurance

How does Insurify work?

Insurify lets you freely compare accurate car insurance quotes and discounts from top national and regional insurance companies in a matter of minutes. You can choose between coverage levels and adjust deductibles to ensure you're not just getting the cheapest policy, but the most appropriate one, too. Users save an average of $489 a year when they buy a new insurance policy through Insurify.

How does Insurify find me the cheapest car insurance quotes?

Think of Insurify as your personalized, online insurance agent. Insurify's platform uses the latest in AI to match you with real, accurate, and bindable car insurance quotes based on your driver history and budget. Insurify is not an insurance company and will not share the information you share on the site with any third party.

How is Insurify different from other insurance quote comparison sites?

Insurify is the top-rated and most-rated insurance comparison website in America. Unlike comparison sites that just take your information and sell it to the highest bidder, Insurify is built on trust and empowerment. No matter your license record, budget, or regional background, Insurify is committed to securing the cheapest and best deals that work for you.

Company History

ACCC Insurance Company was founded in 1997 and is based in Houston, Texas. A self-described "leading provider of personal auto insurance," the company works through 3,000+ independent agents. It specializes in non-standard state minimum liability coverage. 

ACCC policyholders can navigate to www.drivewiththeeagle.com to make payments, access insurance ID cards, and check the status of their policy. 

The company offers auto insurance in nine states: Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, South Carolina, Texas, and Utah.

ACCC Insurance Company is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). It currently has an F rating from this organization, along with a one-star rating from customer reviews.

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Most Positive Review

By Kelli
Everything about ACCC is ideal. Lowest prices, pleasant customer service and time friendly.

Most Critical Review

By Kimberly
The insurance is ok. The premium is high for me and the customer service hours are not convenient

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Jennifer R.
Zero stars. Their insured failed to yield and hit my car. They told me they could not reach their insured so could not establish liability. They told me it would take two weeks to get police report. I provide them with the police report in which their driver admitted fault and the police determined it was their fault. Then they didn't want to pay for a rental. Then they wouldn't agree to repairs. Then they tried to cancel my rental before they agreed to pay for repairs. These are their tactics to stall so you will give up. I had to file a complaint with the ***** ********** ** ********* to move anything forward with them. Third party claims against them are tough to get any help with. Get a police report and file a complaint with ***. The ***** ********** ** ********* and the ***** ******** ******* needs to know so they can review their practices. I still don't have my car and they are currently trying to be shady about the diminished value. ACCC Insurance should not be in business!
Adam M.
I am surprised ACCC still in business in Texas .... or in business in general ... we need to work towards getting ACCC’s *** out of our state. They don’t deserve to operate in Texas or at all .... I am filing a complaint with the state insurance commissioner today ... They’re getting out of control ..
Pamela K.
ACCC insurance is absoluetly the worst compoany EVER. On July 29, 2018, at approximately 6:06 p.m., I was driving the 2013 Honda Accord Eastbound on W Bellfort Avenue in Houston, Texas. At all times, I was paying careful attention to the road, traffic lights, and other vehicles in my line of sight. There were no severe weather conditions or other unusual road conditions present. I was wearing my seatbelt. As I approached the intersection of W Bellfort Avenue and South Kirkwood, I could see that the traffic light was clearly green and in my favor. As I was passing through the green light, suddenly and without warning, The insured violently struck the front left half and the back left of my Honda Accord. The primary point of impact was the driver’s side corner panel and front bumper. The severe force of the impact sent my car careening through the intersection. It only came to a stop when it struck a raised curb median of S Kirkwood at the south corner of the intersection. I underwent a series of examinations and tests, included a physical examination, X-rays for neck, which continues to ail me. I was informed that I did not sustain any life-threatening condition that would require hospitalization, and I was advised to follow up with my primary care to manage my pain and other issues that may arise following the accident. I was also informed that within a few days, the pain will get worse before it gets better, and was prescribed painkillers and muscle relaxant until I could see my physician. I have sustained a severe neck and shoulder pain, both of which would require ongoing chiropractic/physical therapy care. I was told to regularly ice the severe bruises along the left side of my body. Police Officer *** issued The insured R.E a traffic citation for failing to stop at the red light. the ACCC insured’s negligent actions were the direct and proximate cause of the accident and my resulting injuries. We filed a claim 160358-8 without Representation thinking that we will be delaing with civilized people that understand pain and suffering, but unfortunately, they do NOT. Adjuster Carolyn ****** out of Houston's Office was and still resistant with compensating us for our injuries, pain and suffering, we deserve, She is not taking us serously becasuse we dont have legal representation just yet. We formally requested her supervisor to look into the claim again, after presenting all the evidence they could NOT refute: Police report, citation for running red light, the insured's own audio testimony admitting fault, and best of all, the dashcam video ( which they have not examined) showing exactly what happened. How can you assess a claim wihtout looking at the evidence. Ms ****** still refusing to connect us to her supervisor to settle the claim. Soon, we will have not choice but to explore other legal venues ACCC team is neither professional nor courteous. If there was a negative star review, they would be getting it.
Insurify User
Price hike
David H.
On July 25, 2018, a driver having an auto policy with ACCC Insurance Company, PO Box 680048, Houston, TX 77268, hit my vehicle from behind. I contacted ACCC to make a report and file a claim. They sent me to a dealership to get an estimate of the damage caused by their insured which is in the range of $1200 and told me I would have to wait until they heard from their insured because he never reported the accident to them. Yesterday, the claims adjuster called and flatly told me that they talked to their insured and were denying the claim. Period. End of story. Now I'm looking into subrogation through my own insurance company in order to get the damage caused by their insured repaired. I was also going to file a complaint with the Houston BBB, but saw the advisory notice regarding this company and it's track record of not paying for damage caused by drivers they insure. I will now file a complaint with the ***** ** ***** Insurance Commissioner's Office.
The insurance is ok. The premium is high for me and the customer service hours are not convenient
Marla R.
If there was a star lower than 1, I'd choose that. I am not a policy holder, but one of their policy holders damaged my vehicle and the claims adjuster Roger ********* did a terrible and heartless job of taking care of our issues. He dropped the ball several times (as he admitted over the phone, but never through email) concerning paperwork with the repair shop and their appraiser and took well over a week to respond to us. He initially blamed it on the repair company and then admitted that the repair company had indeed tried to contact ACCC's appraisal department. Because of Roger's delay, we weren't able to pick up our truck when the vehicle was ready. The repair company was awaiting final verification from ACCC on the repairs. Roger would not return our phone calls or those of the repair shop. I had to end up contacting the supervisor about this issue, who was unavailable because he was on vacation. Roger initially said they'd also cover the cost of the rental, but later lied about covering the entire cost of the rental and then told me that because the repair shop took so long, they were the ones that were now responsible for the remaining cost of the rental. This is despite the fact that Roger admitted to a delay in the appraisal department of ACCC. Once I was charged for the a portion of the rental fee, I contacted Roger and he refused to pay the fee. He said that because the repair company took so long, they have to pay. I told him to contact them about the payment, since he contacted them about the original setup to cover the rental, and he said NO. He said that this cost is between me and the repair company. This company and employee is TERRIBLE and HEARTLESS. Roger had little to no regard and was excessively unprofessional. Do not use this company under any circumstances and good luck if your vehicle is damaged by one of their policy holders.
Nadia H.
I was rear ended by someone who was insured by ACCC back in March. I called the company right away and let them know what had happened and they told me they would get the information from both parties and let me know. What’s also strange is they asked for my insurance company’s and i asked why and they said they just needed the info for my file yet not even a minute later my insurance called me saying that they had been notified that i had been in accident. Now mind you i called the police as soon as i was hit and the officer even put in the police report that the other driver was at fault. I had to call ACCC a couple times to get a answer on what was going on with my claim and finally was told that i was being denied because the other driver claimed i was at fault. Seriously i had a picture of the damage done to his truck from backing into me and the yellow sign right next to my car and a police report that stated he hit me. Didn’t matter to them. Horrible horrible company all they care about is denying every single claim that comes to them so that they don’t have to pay out. My car has over 2,000 in damages and to top it off the guy that hit me tried to leave the scene of the accident after he hit me but yet I’m the one that hit him??? Come on now. I brought up the police report and they said it doesn’t matter. At least my company told me that they believe the other guy hit me and if i ever file it with them they will be going after them to pay for my damages. I will be suing them for my damages and i hope this company gets shut down.
Showing 1 - 10 out of 61 reviews

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