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Last Updated: January 2022


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State Farm
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Auto-Owners VS State Farm
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User Ratings
OptionsAuto-Owners State Farm
63 reviews
2,186 reviews
U.S Auto Insurance Shopping Study (2018)
OptionsAuto-Owners State Farm
Insurer Website--The rest
Local AgentAmong the bestAbout average
Overall SatisfactionBetter than mostAbout average
Policy OfferingsAmong the bestAbout average
PricingBetter than mostThe rest
U.S Auto Insurance Claims Satisfaction Study (2018)
OptionsAuto-Owners State Farm
Claim ServicingBetter than mostAbout average
Estimation ProcessBetter than mostBetter than most
First Notice of Loss (FNOL)Better than mostAbout average
Overall SatisfactionBetter than mostAbout average
Rental ExperienceAmong the bestAbout average
Repair ProcessAbout averageAbout average
SettlementBetter than mostAbout average
J.D. Power Ratings by Region (out of 1000)
RegionAuto-Owners State Farm
California--813 pt
About average
Central847 pt
Better than most
824 pt
About average
Florida812 pt
About average
798 pt
The rest
Mid-Atlantic--826 pt
The rest
New England--838 pt
Better than most
New York--820 pt
About average
North Central850 pt
Among the best
840 pt
Better than most
Northwest--817 pt
About average
Southeast842 pt
Better than most
821 pt
About average
Southwest--829 pt
Better than most
Texas--816 pt
The rest
Mobile App Ratings
RegionAuto-Owners State Farm
20 Reviews
12,082 Reviews
6 Reviews
288 Reviews
Financial Ratings
OptionsAuto-Owners State Farm
A.M. BestA++A++
Standard & Poor's--AA

Auto Insurance Quotes

For Married Drivers

CityAuto-Owners State Farm
Santa Monica--$81

For Single Drivers

CityAuto-Owners State Farm
Santa Monica--$117

For Male Drivers

CityAuto-Owners State Farm
Santa Monica--$116

For Female Drivers

CityAuto-Owners State Farm
Santa Monica--$83

For Drivers with Speeding Ticket

CityAuto-Owners State Farm
Santa Monica--$187

For Drivers with No Speeding Ticket

CityAuto-Owners State Farm
Santa Monica--$80

For Drivers Age Between 18-40

CityAuto-Owners State Farm
Santa Monica--$132

For Drivers Age Between 40-65

CityAuto-Owners State Farm
Santa Monica--$79

For Drivers Age of 65+

CityAuto-Owners State Farm
Santa Monica--$55

For Drivers with Average Credit

CityAuto-Owners State Farm
Santa Monica--$95

For Drivers with Fair Credit

CityAuto-Owners State Farm
Santa Monica--$81

For Drivers with Good Credit

CityAuto-Owners State Farm
Santa Monica--$89

For Drivers with Excellent Credit

CityAuto-Owners State Farm
Santa Monica--$131

Quotes & Discounts

Discount typeAuto-Owners State Farm
Passive RestraintUp to 35%Up to 40%
Multiple VehicleUp to 31%Up to 20%
Student Away at SchoolUp to 25%Varies
Multiple PolicyUp to 14%Up to 17%
PrepayUp to 14%--
Anti-Theft DeviceUp to 11%Up to 15%
Anti-lock BrakeUp to 10%Up to 20%
Good StudentUp to 10%Up to 25%
Company CarUp to 5%--
Accident FreeVariesUp to 15%
Good CreditVariesUp to 80%
Good DriverVariesUp to 25%
Mature driverVariesVaries
Paid in fullVaries--
Paperless documentsVaries--
teenSMARTVariesUp to 15%
Claims Free Renewal--Varies
Daytime Running Lights--Varies
Defensive Driver--Up to 5%
Driving Habits--Up to 30%
Driving training--Varies
Home Owner--Varies
Low Mileage--Up to 10%
New Car--Up to 40%
Senior Adult--Varies

Payment Methods

Discount typeAuto-Owners State Farm
Automatic Online Payment
Bank Payment/Direct Deposit --yes
Credit Card Payment --yes
Debit Card Payments --yes
Electronic Check
In Person Payment
Mail Payment
Mobile App Payments
Online Payment
Pay Through Your Agent
Person 2 Person Payment --yes
Phone Payment

Features and Services

Features and ServicesAuto-Owners State Farm
24/7 serviceyesyes
Enhanced towing & substitute coverage--yes
Flexible / convenient payments--yes
Loyalty rewards program--yes
Mobile appyesyes
Online account managementyesyes
Policy bundling discountsyesyes
Roadside assistanceyesyes

Optional Coverages

Optional CoveragesAuto-Owners State Farm
Accidental Death, Dismemberment, Disability
Antique or Collector Car Insurance
Emergency Assistance Coverage
Emergency Lockout Coverage
Gap Insurance
Glass Coverage yesyes
Mechanical Breakdown Insurance
Pet Coverage
Preferred Repair Services
Rental Reimbursement
Ridesharing Coverage
Roadside Assistance
Umbrella Policy

Uber and Lyft driver insurance

  • Auto-Owners
  • State Farm
  • Both

Compare Insurance Products

ProductAuto-Owners State Farm
Personal Articles InsurancePersonal Articles Insurance--yes
ATV InsuranceATV Insurance--yes
Car InsuranceCar Insuranceyesyes
Boat InsuranceBoat Insurance--yes
Business InsuranceBusiness Insuranceyesyes
Condo InsuranceCondo Insurance--yes
Dwelling Fire InsuranceDwelling Fire Insurance--yes
Disability InsuranceDisability Insurance--yes
Farm InsuranceFarm Insurance--yes
Flood InsuranceFlood Insurance--yes
Golf Cart InsuranceGolf Cart Insurance--yes
Health InsuranceHealth Insurance--yes
Home InsuranceHome Insuranceyesyes
Identity Theft InsuranceIdentity Theft Insurance--yes
Life InsuranceLife Insuranceyesyes
Long-Term Care InsuranceLong-Term Care Insurance--yes
Mobile Home InsuranceMobile Home Insurance--yes
Motorcycle InsuranceMotorcycle Insurance--yes
Renters InsuranceRenters Insurance--yes
Ridesharing InsuranceRidesharing Insurance--yes
RV InsuranceRV Insurance--yes
Snowmobile insuranceSnowmobile insurance--yes
Umbrella InsuranceUmbrella Insurance--yes

User Reviews

  • Auto-Owners Reviews
  • State Farm Reviews
5 Stars
33 %
4 Stars
6 %
3 Stars
11 %
2 Stars
6 %
1 Star
43 %

Most Positive Review

By Dixie
Their staff is always friendly, answer all my questions, and I may stay with them. I'm just researching because my rates are so high. I can understand them raising my payments as I've had two accidents since December 19, 2016, but no one was hurt or killed (THANK GOD)it was my only accident in 73 years, damage to both vehicles was under $9,000. My second accident only involved me. Auto-Owners totaled my vehicle and paid me damages of $6206.80. Again, I can see where my rates would raise, I just didn't expect it to be what it is, so I thought I'd shop around.

Most Critical Review

By Donna
Claims Adjuster for 1 thing. Most of the time you can't get ahold of anyone at my agents office

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Nancy Ferguson
We've had Auto Owners for home and auto for more than 10 years. Their rates have always been the lowest I've found for full coverages. We work with a local agent for questions and policy reviews who has been excellent. Claims go through the claims department and not through the agent. They also have been very responsive and helpful. This year, 2020, we had a significant increase in premiums. The reason given on the policy page was a reduction in credit score. Our score went down 10 points but is still in the 800's. I think it has more to do with our age but they won't say that. We don't have tickets and no accidents or claims for at least 5 years and we drive fewer miles now than ever before. We are getting a Covid19 rebate but as of now we don't know how much that will be. I always recommend Auto Owners to others and will continue to do so. I'm just a little disappointed that we aren't rewarded for being such a good customer.
Regina, my Agent has been great, however wrong information was entered by Nexusis & my driving record incorrectly impacted, also Auto Owners rates are jumping outrageously, also I am being double invoiced for a policy which is currently paid through Dec 14, 2019. I don't know what is going on with Auto-Owners or with Clinard Insurance Agency. I do like the personal agent, Regina that has always helped me with my insurance.
Too difficult to deal with for claims. Charged my wife as responsible for an accident in a parking lot when her car was struck from behind. My car was totaled in another accident where I was rear-ended on an exit by a truck which pushed me into a van. AO hired an appraiser to get the value of my vehicle and then arbitrarily and unilaterally reduced the value given. I had been warned this would happen by another insured.
Betsy Heckert
Brittany S
No problems with it and it is cheaper than anything you offer for the coverage I get.
Donna W.
On June 28, 2018, our boat dock on West Point Lake suffered severe storm damage from strong wind. Auto Owners' hired a engineer to inspect and he reported that the damage was caused from waves (which is not covered by our policy) instead of the obvious cause of wind (which is covered by our policy.) Not only is the lake too small to possibly have waves large enough to cause this kind of damage but we had a path of trees down through our property as a result of the strong winds during that storm. After several attempts to get the adjuster to reconsider their decision, we were forced to file claim in Magistrate Court. After four months of filing this claim and many hours preparing to present our case in court, the Judge found that it was obvious wind damage and ordered Auto Owners to pay the full amount of our claim. Their attorney stated they would consider an appeal so we had to wait another thirty days for them to pay. We are aware of others on our lake who were also denied their damage claims from Auto Owners but they (like most people) chose not to fight it. It is just not right for any insurance company to collude with engineers or contractors to prevent paying legitimate claims knowing that most people will not fight it. We have cancelled our home and auto policies with them as well as our commercial policies we have had with them for at least twenty years. No one should have to go through what we went through due to their unethical business practices.
The claim process has been a disaster!
Good customer service.
Showing 1 - 10 out of 63 reviews


The car insurance quotes displayed are based on an analysis of Insurify’s database of over 40 million quotes from 500 ZIP codes nationwide. To obtain representative rates, Insurify’s data science team performs frequent comprehensive analyses of the factors car insurance providers weigh to calculate rates including driver demographics, driving record, credit score, desired coverage level, and more.

Insurify’s analysis also incorporates the Insurify Composite Score (ICS) assigned to each insurance provider. The ICS is a proprietary rating that weighs multiple factors reflecting the quality, reliability, and health of an insurance company. Ratings used to calculate the ICS include Financial Strength Ratings from A.M. Best, Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s, and Fitch; J.D. Power ratings; Consumer Reports customer satisfaction surveys and customer complaints; mobile app reviews; and user-generated company reviews. 

With the above insights and ranking methods, Insurify is able to offer car insurance shoppers insight into how various insurance providers compare to one another in terms of both cost and quality. Note, actual quotes will vary based on unique attributes including the policyholder’s driver history and their garaging address.