Nurses are known for their big hearts, but it’s those big brains that make them safe drivers. When you’ve seen the dire consequences of distracted or reckless driving, you bring a different caution to the road.

No wonder some nurses say “RN” stands for “refuse nonsense.” And this article will help you do just that with your car insurance. Insurify can guide you to the discounts and deals that are just what the doctor ordered, whether you’re a CNA, LPN, RN, APRN, or other healthcare professional.

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Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes for Nurses and Medical Professionals

How do insurance companies come up with your rate? Among other factors, they use your:

  • Age. More experienced drivers pay less.
  • Car. Safer vehicles often demand lower premiums, and less expensive ones are also cheaper to replace in an accident.
  • Coverages. Higher liability insurance limits cost more, and you’ll also pay more when you get comprehensive coverage and collision coverage.
  • Credit. Insurers can show a correlation between higher credit scores and fewer insurance claims.
  • Driving record. Drivers with a clean history pay less.
  • Estimated amount of driving. Is your hospital a short commute away? You’ll pay less than someone who travels farther.
  • Gender. It’s a woman’s world. They’re statistically less risky drivers.
  • Location. If you live in an area with high crime or heavy traffic, you’ll pay more.
  • Profession. Some occupations drive safer than others, and insurers pass those savings to those professionals.

Every company weighs these characteristics differently, which explains why any two companies can have such different prices. 

Here are some of the cheapest companies for nurses and medical professionals, along with their average monthly cost:

Company NameQuote/mo
Bristol West$28/mo
National General$31/mo

Best Car Insurance Companies for Nurses and Medical Professionals

Most insurance companies grant a slight price break as your education increases, so you’ll pay about 4 percent less if you have a Ph.D. rather than just a high school diploma. Since most healthcare professionals have advanced education, you’ll get a deal there.

The best car insurance providers for nurses and medical professionals give affinity discounts. Affinity price breaks result from your membership in a preferred alumni association, university, honor society, sorority, fraternity, professional association, or another special interest group. 

Rarely do insurance companies advertise the list of these groups because they vary by state and the insurance company. For example, the nursing board or association in one state may get a discount while in the neighboring state it does not. Also, individual states regulate how insurers can discount, and that affects pricing too.

The best way to get all the insurance discounts you qualify for is to fill in your quoting tool with your highest level of education and all your affinity groups. You never know which one will save you money. Here is the list of insurance companies with specific savings for nursing and medical affinity groups:

  • AAA. AAA awards specific discounts to members of:
    • Individual state boards of registered nursing
    • Individual state nursing associations
    • American Nurses Association (ANA)
    • American Society of Registered Nurses (AARN)
  • California Casualty. California Casualty, along with tailored pricing, has created a unique car insurance policy specifically for those working in the healthcare field. For example, they offer a $500 reduction in deductible for any collision or vandalism that happens at a volunteer facility or other work location of a healthcare professional.
  • Farmers. Farmers Insurance Company has discounts for nurses, but programs differ per state.
  • GEICO. Geico grants reduced insurance premiums for many medical associations and alumni groups, sororities, and fraternities.
  • Liberty Mutual. Liberty Mutual boasts over 14,000 affinity groups, and they cut costs for members of the AARN.
  • Nationwide. Nationwide is “on your side” with its affinity member discounts. They’re not listed online but make sure to enter relevant professional associations when getting a quote.
  • Travelers. Travelers has hundreds of affinity groups for specific universities, employers, and professional agencies.
  • USAA. It’s listed last because it doesn’t give specific discounts for nurses. But if you or your spouse are military veterans or one of your parents served, you may qualify to get insurance with USAA. Their rates are so competitive that they might beat other insurance providers even without a price break for nurses.

Car Insurance Discounts for Nurses and Medical Professionals

The savings for your profession will be relatively small at 5 percent or less. Here are savings nurses and other healthcare professionals can stack with their occupational discounts:

Driver Discounts

  • Good Student Discount. You can qualify for this discount with most insurance companies by keeping a 3.0 GPA or a B average. The price break is usually for students under age 25, but some insurers cut it off at age 23. Nursing students can benefit from all their hard work.
  • Marriage. It’s not the best reason to walk down the aisle. But saying “I do” can usually lead to a slight discount on your auto insurance, especially if you bundle policies with your spouse.
  • Safe Driver. If you haven’t had an accident or moving violation in the last three to five years, depending on the company, you can qualify for a lowered premium.
  • Student Away Discount. You can pass these savings along to your family if you live over 100 miles away from your vehicle and only use the car when you return for holidays or vacations.
Discount TypeDiscount %
Good Credit Discount84%
Good Driver Discount40%
Passive Restraint Discount40%
Multiple Vehicle Discount38%
Anti-Theft Device Discount36%
Family Discount25%
Good Student Discount25%
Multiple Policy Discount25%
Organization discount15%
Professional organization discount15%
Seat Belt Use Discount15%


These savings programs use technology to watch your driving (usually an under-the-dash plug-in device or smartphone app). Your acceleration, braking, distance, speed, route choice, and time of day can all affect your total savings. If you commute when most people are sleeping like many healthcare professionals, you could save money.

Insurance Policy and Payment Discounts

  • Automatic Payments. You can usually get a slightly larger discount for electronic payments from your bank account rather than a credit card because of the lack of processing fees.
  • E-Sign. When you are already stressed from long shifts, who has time to call insurance companies? Buying car insurance online can give you a discount.
  • Multi-Policy. If you already have homeowners insurance, renters insurance, condo insurance, life insurance, or other insurance, think about bundling all household policies with the same company.
  • Pay in Full. If you’ve been racking up the overtime, then you may think about paying upfront. 

Nurses vs. Other Drivers: Who Pays More?

Nurses, medical professionals, scientists, firefighters, law enforcement, military personnel, teachers, and a few other occupations all get price breaks. The insurance companies have been able to show these professions have safer drivers. Auto insurance discounts vary based on the company and the state. 

Driver ProfileAverage Insurance Price
Veterans DriverStarting from $22/mo
Military DriverStarting from $22/mo
Seniors DriverStarting from $16/mo
Retirees DriverStarting from $24/mo

FAQ: Nurse and Doctor Car Insurance

Who gives the best car insurance rates for nurses?

AAA, California Casualty, Farmers, Geico, Liberty Mutual, Nationwide, and Travelers all have special discounts or affinity programs for nurses and other healthcare professionals. Affinity programs give nurse discounts based on membership to alumni associations, honor societies, sororities, fraternities, professional associations, and other special interest groups.

How can I get cheap car insurance as a registered nurse or medical professional?

When getting your quote, list your highest level of education and all relevant professional associations, alumni groups, sororities, or fraternities. The insurance company might ask for a copy of your hospital badge or nursing degree as proof. Also, general best practices apply, such as keeping a safe driving record, improving your credit score, dropping comprehensive and collision insurance coverage on older vehicles, and increasing your deductible.

Where can I compare car insurance quotes online?

The best place to find the cheapest car insurance as a nurse or healthcare professional is a website that collects quotes from the auto insurance companies available in your area. Use a car insurance comparison shopping tool like Insurify to compare up to 10+ real free quotes for your combined driver profile and unlock savings and car insurance discounts. Auto insurance rates can vary based on your driving history and personal profile, but you should be able to find a competitive price. Insurify provides the cheapest car insurance quotes from local companies in just a few minutes.

Conclusion: The best and cheapest way to save on car insurance

To some healthcare workers, “M.D.” stands for “make decisions,” but this guide should help all of our heroes in the medical field make the right one.

As a nurse or medical professional, you can use Insurify to compare the best car insurance rates, coverage options, and companies personalized for your price point. Get free, cheap car insurance quotes today on America’s best-rated auto insurance comparison site.

Score savings on car insurance with Insurify

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Updated July 23, 2021

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