Nurses play an incredibly important role in our country. Not only do they continuously sacrifice so much of their time, but they also work for 12 to 16 hours at a time. To say nurses have it tough is an understatement.

One perk of being a nurse however, is that car insurance companies consider nurses to be a lower risk to insure, and offer nurses a small discount. 

To help you identify insurance providers that offer discounted rates for nurses, Insurify has created a platform that allows you to quickly scan quotes to find the insurance that makes the most sense for you. By compiling the policies on one page, Insurify lets you compare insurance quotes and make a decision in only a matter of minutes.

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Car Insurance Discounts Nurses Can Apply For

Car insurance companies like GEICO, Nationwide, Liberty Mutual, and Allstate will apply discounts automatically when you sign up for your policy. Some of these savings are based on your chosen profession, while others revolve around schooling. Luckily for nurses, they typically qualify for both discounts.

Generally, in order to work in the healthcare sector as a registered nurse, an individual will need at least a bachelor’s degree. Some positions even require that a student obtain their master’s or PhD before they can begin work. The advanced schooling that a nurse and other healthcare workers go through generally qualifies them for the advanced degree discount. 

Another factor that helps keep car insurance rates lower for nurses is that carriers often see them as less risky to insure. Through the use of data and statistics, companies find that nurses and other similar professionals are less likely to file a claim or find themselves in an accident. In turn, this leads to lower monthly premiums. 

Drivers who work as nurses will find that they can save as much as 5 percent on their rates for simply being a nurse. In addition to their job, nurses also have other ways to save on their car insurance rates. For instance, many organizations like the American Nurses Association will offer cheaper car insurance rates for their members.

If you are currently working as a nurse or a healthcare professional, it could be beneficial to look into joining an organization. Some hospitals and facilities will also have programs that help cover a portion of the fees required to join these groups as well. 

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How Much Nurses Pay for Car Insurance 

Nurses are in one of the few professions that can often enjoy the benefit of lower car insurance rates just because of their job. For instance, nurses typically receive lower rates than other professions such as teachers. They also enjoy the benefit of having nurse-specific discounts as well. 

Profession Average Cost for Liability-Only Coverage Average Cost for Full Coverage Average Cost for Car Insurance
Nurse $162 $272 $233
Teacher $166 $274 $251
Working Seniors (65+) $125 $202 $178

Cheapest Car Insurance Companies for Nurses 

Whether you work as a neonatal nurse, emergency nurse, or oncology nurse, there are ways to save on insurance coverage. Often, shopping around for quotes is one of the best ways to find affordable insurance quotes. Below are just a few of the auto insurance rates available to nurses:

Insurance Company Average Car Insurance Cost for Nurses
Farmers $106
Amigo USA $137
USH&C $138
Metromile $141
Clearcover $142
First Chicago $155
Mile Auto $156
Plymouth Rock $156
Progressive $161
TSC Direct $165
Elephant $173

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Nurse Organizations That Offer Car Insurance Discounts

As a nurse, there are several ways for you to receive auto insurance discounts, including through organizations. A few of the most common groups that help lower the cost of your insurance policy include the American Nurses Association, the American Society of Registered Nurses, and the Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric, and Neonatal Nurses Partners. 

American Nurses Association

Nurses who currently belong to the American Nurses Association have the opportunity to take advantage of key partnerships with top insurers, such as Nationwide. Through the organization, members will receive special rates and lower deductibles on their car insurance quotes

American Society of Registered Nurses

For nurses who live in the Southern California region, joining the American Society of Registered Nurses can prove to be beneficial. Members will have access to driver discounts, free quotes, and lower rates with AAA

Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric, and Neonatal Nurses Partners

Healthcare workers who are part of the Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric, and Neonatal Nurses will have access to special pricing from one of the top auto insurance companies, GEICO. In addition to lower rates, nurses who are homeowners will have the option to bundle their coverage to receive lower rates on home insurance as well. 


Other Discounts Nurses Can Also Apply For

While there are several special discounts that are just for nurses, there are several other discounts available to everyone. These can range from safe driving discounts and multi policy discounts to affinity discounts. Regardless of your profession, everyone should consider the following discounts if they are looking for cheap car insurance

Safe Driver Discount

Nearly all insurance providers will offer lower auto insurance policies to drivers who have a history of being safe behind the wheel. Keeping a clean driving record that has no violations or accidents on it will typically qualify you as a low-risk driver and grant you access to some of the best car insurance plans at the lowest rates. 

Good Student Discount

Drivers who are still in school should discuss the option of a good student discount with your insurance agent. Many carriers will give discounts if you are a full-time student and maintain good grades, including As and Bs. 

Multiple Policy Discount

For families who have multiple drivers in the household, it can be beneficial to ask if your provider offers a multiple policy discount. Insurance companies will often give you better rates if you have multiple vehicles on one plan instead of individual plans. This can also save time for drivers, as adding a vehicle to a current plan is much easier. 

Bundling Discount

One of the best ways to cut down on how much you are paying each month for insurance is to bundle your insurance plans together. Depending on who your insurance is through, there could be multiple policies to bundle with your car insurance policy, including renters insurance, homeowners insurance, and life insurance

Good Credit Score Discount

Insurance companies use risk as one of the biggest determining factors for setting rates. Drivers who have a good credit score are typically classified as less likely to partake in risky behavior behind the wheel. They are also less likely to file claims or have a policy lapse. Because of this, rates are generally lower for drivers with good credit.


A new discount that has become popular over the past decade is the use of telematics. Most major insurance companies have the option to install a device that will track how safe a driver you are, and how much you drive. If the data shows that you are safe behind the wheel, it could lead to lower rates the next time you go to renew your policy. 

Safety Upgrades

While it isn’t technically a discount, there is a correlation between insurance rates and the safety of the vehicle you are driving. For instance, a sports car will have a much higher insurance rate than a sedan. The main reason for this is that sedans have built-in safety features that make them less likely to be damaged in an accident.

For drivers who currently have a vehicle that isn’t considered a “safe car,” there are ways to still take advantage of the discounts that come with driving a safer vehicle. One way to do this is to install safety features, such as anti-theft systems that will deter people from breaking into your car. Another way is to ensure you have features such as anti-lock brakes and airbags.

How Nurses Can Save up to 30% on Car Insurance 

Nurses give their all each time they step into a patient’s room, so it’s only fair that we do everything we can to thank them for their hard work. In addition to the discounts listed above, there are other ways that nurses can receive lower rates on their auto insurance. Some regional insurance companies offer nurse appreciation discounts as well.

In order to discover the best policy for you, it is important that you shop around and review multiple quotes. Insurify makes the process much easier by simplifying the steps you need to take to receive a quote. What normally takes 30 minutes to do can be completed within a matter of minutes.

Our platform is simple to use, and by answering a few questions, you will be able to review all available quotes from a list of reputable carriers in one single place. In most cases, nurses will save up to 30 percent by using the Insurify comparison tool.

Score savings on car insurance with Insurify

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Updated July 16, 2021

Doug Shaffer is an insurance writer for Insurify. He has had the opportunity to write for several large, national insurance carriers in the past and brings with him over six years of experience working with both business and consumer products. Even though he enjoys writing for most product lines, he loves auto insurance the most. During the moments he manages to break away from the keyboard, he can be found spending time with his family.