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The largest discounts from Progressive are: Good Credit Discount, Multiple Vehicle Discount, Good Driver Discount

Discount Type Discount %
Good Credit Discount up to 84%
Multiple Vehicle Discount up to 30%
Good Driver Discount up to 26%
Multiple Policy Discount up to 10%
Good Student Discount up to 10%
Student Away at School Discount up to 10%
Passive Restraint Discount up to 10%
Anti-Theft Device Discount up to 5%
Starting your auto quote online discount
Signing documents when you buy online discount
No lapse in coverage discount
Paid in full discount
Discount Finder
Prepay Discount
E-billing Discount
Defensive Driver Discount
Low Mileage Discount
Military Discount
Loyalty Discount
Provider Switch Discount Varies
Home Owner Discount Varies
Preferred payment discount Varies
Youth Driving Discount Varies

Payment Methods

  • Complete Tick Online Payment
  • Complete Tick Mobile App Payments
  • Complete Tick Phone Payment -IVR
  • Complete Tick Automatic Online Payments
  • Complete Tick Mail Payment
  • Complete Tick Credit Card Payment
  • Complete Tick PayPal
  • Complete Tick Electronic Check
  • Complete Tick Text Payment

Features and Services

Progressive has been offering its customers exceptional service for over 80 years. They provide customer service and roadside assistance 24 hours, 7 days a week with the appropriate coverage. Customers can access, manage, and make payments for their policies online. Progressive offers a trusted network of repair shops and Progressive Service Centers in order to guarantee a fast, thorough repair. Policyholders enjoy loyalty and PerkShare rewards that offer accident forgiveness and things like free car washes. Additional savings can be unlocked when you opt in to be monitored by a Plug-in Snapshot device.

  • Accident forgiveness Accident forgiveness
  • Loyalty rewards program Loyalty rewards program
  • Online account management Online account management
  • Mobile app Mobile app
  • Roadside assistance Roadside assistance
  • 24/7 service 24/7 service

Optional Coverage

  • Complete Tick Accident Forgiveness
  • Complete Tick Road Side Assistance
  • Complete Tick Rental Reimbursment
  • Complete Tick Glass Coverage
  • Complete Tick Gap Insurance
  • Complete Tick Pet Coverage
  • Complete Tick Emergency Lockout Coverage
  • Complete Tick Original Equiptment Manufacturer Coverage

Progressive provides Uber and Lyft driver insurance in the following states:

Progressive Insurance Products

Learn more about Progressive Life Insurance.

Progressive offers basic and full car insurance coverage options so you can build a policy within your budget. 

Basic insurance coverages include:

  • Bodily injury and property damage liability
  • Uninsured/underinsured bodily injury and property damage
  • Medical payments: Pays for your and your passengers’ medical care after an accident. This coverage also applies if you’re hit by a car while walking or riding a bike. 

Optional insurance coverage options: 

  • Collision
  • Comprehensive
  • Gap insurance: Also known as loan/lease payoff. If your car is deemed a total loss after an accident, Progressive will pay over 25 percent of the actual cash value towards the remaining amount you owe to your lender. 
  • Pet injury: Included with collision coverage. Pays vet bills if your cat or dog is injured in a car accident. 
  • Rental reimbursement: Included with collision and comprehensive coverage. Pays up to 30 days of a rental car if your car is being repaired after a covered claim. 
  • Custom parts and equipment value: Pays to repair or replace accessories, such as stereos and TV equipment, navigation systems, phones, custom grilles and spoilers, or custom paint, that are damaged in an accident. 
  • Roadside assistance: Pays for towing services and labor if your car breaks down due to mechanical or electrical issues like a dead battery, flat tire, lock-out, or empty gas tank. 

Progressive offers all-terrain vehicle (ATV) insurance whether you use your vehicle for ranching, hunting, trail riding, or more. 

ATV insurance is legally required in some states. Your home insurance policy limits might not be enough to cover you and your ATV if an accident occurs off your own property. 

ATV coverage with Progressive will protect you with:

  • Bodily Injury & Property Damage Liability
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist
  • Collision
  • Comprehensive

Progressive offers boat insurance without any travel restrictions or navigation plans, so you’re free to enjoy your boat anywhere. You’ll automatically have protection on all lakes and rivers in the U.S. and Canada, as well as ocean waters within 75 miles of the coast. 

Progressive insures a variety of boats, including bass boats, sailboats, pontoons, powerboats and other watercrafts, up to $350k in value and 50 feet long.

Basic boat insurance coverages:

  • Bodily injury & property damage liability
  • Uninsured/underinsured boater
  • Medical payments
  • Collision and comprehensive 

Coverages automatically included with your Progressive policy:

  • No depreciation on repairs: Included with collision and comprehensive. Pays to repair your boat to its original condition after an accident. 
  • Small accident forgiveness: Your premium rate won’t increase if your claim costs $500 or less. 
  • Large accident forgiveness: Your accident won’t appear on your next policy renewal if you’ve been with Progressive for four years or more and haven’t had an accident in the last three years. 
  • Fuel spill: Pays the cost of fuel clean up. 
  • Wreckage removal: Pays the cost of removing your boat from the water if it sinks and removal is legally required. 
  • Roadside assistance: Pays for towing services to the nearest repair shop if your trailer or tow vehicle breaks down. 
  • Water sports coverage: Pays for any at-fault injuries or damages to property that occur during tubing, knee boarding, wake boarding, wake surfing, or similar activities. It will not cover air activities such as parasailing and kite boarding.

Extra protection options for purchase:

  • Propulsion Plus® coverage for mechanical breakdowns: Pays to repair or replace common wear and tear or mechanical breakdowns. Covers the lower unit of an outboard motor, or upper & lower units of an inboard/outboard motor.
  • Sign & Glide® for towing on the water: Pays for towing, fuel delivery, soft ungroundings, and jump starts if your boat breaks down out on the water. 
  • Total loss replacement for a brand new boat: Only available for boats less than one model year old. If your boat is deemed a total loss within five model years, you can either buy a new boat or receive the amount you originally paid for your totaled boat. If your boat is over five model years at the time of the accident, you will receive the original value of your boat, regardless of depreciation. 

Progressive offers classic car insurance through a partnership with Hagerty, the world’s leading classic auto insurance provider. 

Progressive and Hagerty provide classic car owners with:

  • Guaranteed Value™ coverage: Pays the full amount of your car’s insured value after a covered loss, regardless of depreciation. 
  • Original replacement parts coverage: Covers the cost of stock original replacement parts (if available) after a covered accident. Hagerty specialists are on-hand to find particularly rare parts. 
  • Flexible usage: Your policy allows you to take your classic car to collector vehicle club functions, exhibitions, and tours. Even the occasional pleasure cruise is covered. 

Progressive offers a variety of basic and full insurance coverages for practically any kind of motorcycle, including cruisers, customized bikes, mopeds, scooters, dirt bikes, antique motorcycles, and sport/high performance motorcycles. 

Standard motorcycle coverages include:

  • Bodily injury & property damage liability
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist
  • Medical payments
  • Collision and comprehensive 

Extra coverages automatically included with your policy: 

  • Full replacement cost and no depreciation: Pays to repair or replace your motorcycle or motorcycle parts to their previous condition before your accident, regardless of depreciation. 
  • Accessories and custom parts/equipment: Pays to restore or re-customize your motorcycle. With collision and comprehensive, you’ll automatically receive $3,000 of coverage to pay for upgrades, customizations, equipment and your accessories, helmets, leathers and gloves. 
  • Small accident forgiveness: Your premium rate won’t increase due to a claim that costs $500 or less.
  • Large accident forgiveness: Your premium rate won’t increase after an accident if you’ve been accident-free for four or more years in a row. 
  • OEM parts: Guarantees to only repair your bike with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or custom parts. 

Additional coverages for purchase:

  • Total loss coverage for a brand new bike: Available for motorcycles less than one model year old. Pays the full manufacturer’s suggested price for a brand new bike if yours is totaled. 
  • Roadside assistance: Covers towing services to nearest repair shop if you break down within 100 feet of the road.
  • Carried contents and personal belongings: Covers items you carry on your motorcycle, such as phones, camping gear, hunting gear, etc., if they’re lost, stolen, or damaged. 
  • Disappearing deductible: Your deductible will decrease by 25 percent for every policy term that you don’t file a claim, until it reaches $0. 
  • Enhanced injury protection: Pays up to $250 a week for two years if you’re injured and can’t work. Also includes a $25,000 life insurance benefit. 

Progressive’s golf cart insurance policy offers noncommercial coverage for gas and electric vehicles. Whether you drive your golf cart on or off-road, a golf cart insurance policy will protect you more than your home insurance policy can.

Progressive offers:

  • Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability
  • Comprehensive
  • Collision
  • Accessory Coverage
  • Transport Trailer Coverage
  • Roadside Assistance

Progressive offers a snowmobile insurance policy separate from your car and motorcycle policy, so you can be sure you have enough coverage just for your snowmobile. 

Progressive’s snowmobile insurance is available in 31 states. You can insure up to five drivers and four snowmobiles on one policy. 

Coverage options include:

  • Bodily injury and property damage liability 
  • Collision and comprehensive
  • Uninsured/Underinsured motorist 
  • Roadside assistance

Progressive offers segway protection as an additional coverage to your car insurance policy. 

Segway insurance offers:

  • Collision and comprehensive
  • Medical payments
  • Uninsured/Underinsured motorist 

Progressive offers recreational and full-time use RV insurance policies to cover your camper, fifth wheel, utility trailers, and more. 

Standard coverages for both recreational and full-time use RV’s include:

  • Bodily injury and property damage liability
  • Collision and comprehensive
  • Medical payments
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist

Free coverages with collision and comprehensive include:

  • Emergency expense: Pays up to $750 for transportation and hotel expenses if your RV breaks down while on a trip.
  • Small accident forgiveness: Your premium rate won’t increase due to a claim that costs $500 or less.
  • Large accident forgiveness: If you’ve been a Progressive customer for four years or more and haven’t had an accident in three years, your accident won’t be counted against you when you renew your policy.
  • Free fire department service charges: Pays up to $1,000 of fire department charges. 
  • Trailer coverage for your motorhome: Covers up to $2,500 for physical damage to your utility trailer whether it’s on or off the road. 
  • Mexico physical damage: Pays for physical damage to your RV or trailer that occurs in Mexico.
  • Pet injury coverage: Pays up to $1,000 if your cat or dog is injured in a covered accident. 

Full-time RV use coverages include:

  • Full timer’s personal liability: Enhanced coverage included with collision and comprehensive. Covers injuries that happen in or around your RV. 
  • Storage shed contents: Pays up to $5,000 to replace belongings you keep stored in your RV or on your property.
  • Loss assessment: Covers up to $5,000 for charges, fines, or assessments from your RV/homeowners association.

Additional coverage options for recreational and full-time RV's include:

  • Full coverage for belongings & personal items: Pays to replace your personal items at their true value, regardless of depreciation. 
  • RV roadside assistance: Pays for towing services to the nearest repair shop if you break down within 100 feet of the road.
  • Disappearing deductible: Your deductible will decrease by 25 percent for every policy term that you don’t file a claim, until it reaches $0. 
  • Vacation liability: Covers up to $10,000 of injuries that happen in or around your RV when on a vacation site. 
  • Full replacement coverage: Covers a total loss of your RV. You can choose your own payout method including full total loss, market value, and agreed value.

Progressive insures a majority of personal watercrafts (PWC’s), including Jet Skis, WaveRunners, Sea-Doos and more. 

Coverage options include:

  • High limits: Covers up to $25,000 of medical payments. 
  • Replacement cost personal effects: Covers up to $5,000 to repair or replace your personal belongings, such as clothing, sunglasses, phones, etc. 
  • Total loss coverage: Available for PWC's less than one model year old. Covers the cost to replace your PWC if it’s totaled in a covered loss. If your watercraft is more than three model years old, you’ll receive the actual cash value for what it’s currently worth. 
  • Extensive navigation: Coverage anywhere in the U.S. or Canada.
  • Roadside assistance: Covers towing services to the nearest repair shop when your tow vehicle or trailer breaks down. 
  • Fuel spill protection: Covers the cost of at-fault oil or fuel spills. 
  • Wreckage removal: Pays to remove your PWC if it sinks in the water. 

Progressive offers three different kinds of home insurance policies, including:

  • Homeowners 1 (HO1): Covers your property against 11 basic perils.
  • Homeowners 2 (HO2): Covers your property against 18 perils (including the 11 perils from Homeowners 1).
  • Homeowners 3 (HO3): Covers your property against most known perils, including some not covered by Homeowners 2.

Standard home insurance policies offer coverages like:

  • Dwelling: Covers damage to the physical structure of your house and any detached structures, such as fences, garages, sheds, etc.
  • Personal property: Covers the contents of your home, including furniture, clothing, and appliances, from theft, fire, etc..
  • Liability: Protects you against lawsuits if you’re found responsible for injuries or damages to another person. 
  • Medical payments: Pays medical bills for others hurt while on your property.
  • Loss of use: Pays for living expenses if your house is deemed uninhabitable after a covered loss. 

Optional home insurance coverages include:

  • Guaranteed replacement cost: Completely covers the replacement or rebuilding costs of your home by keeping up with inflation. 
  • Inflation guard endorsement: Adjusts your insurance limits during your policy term to keep up with inflation. Your limit will always be at 80 percent or more of your home’s replacement cost. 
  • Scheduled personal property endorsement: Also known as a personal article floater. Covers valuable possessions such as jewelry, antiques, furs, computers, and more. 
  • Increased limits on money and securities: Increased coverage limits for money, bank notes, securities, deeds, and more.
  • Secondary residence premises endorsement: Provides coverage for a secondary residence, like a summer home. 
  • Watercraft endorsement: Extends personal liability and medical payments coverages to small sailboats and outboard motor boats.
  • Theft coverage protection endorsement: Covers items stolen from your motor vehicle, trailer, or watercraft.
  • Credit card forgery and depositors forgery coverage endorsement: Covers you if your credit card is lost, stolen, or used without permission, or if someone forges a check under your name. 

Progressive offers condo insurance, also known as an HO6 policy, to cover:

  • Your personal belongings: Pays to replace damaged or stolen items like furniture, clothing, electronics, etc.
  • Your unit customizations: Pays to restore upgrades or renovations you’ve made to your unit, including hardwood floors, granite countertops, and more.
  • Lawsuits and legal fees: Your condo insurance liability will protect you from lawsuits concerning injuries or damages that occurred in your unit. 

Progressive offers flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Most of your home is covered by your flood insurance, including the foundation, running systems, appliances, carpeting, and personal belongings. 

Through a partnership with Slice, Progressive provides a special insurance policy for homeowners who rent their home or rooms in their home with a service provider, such as Airbnb. 

This policy will give you extra home insurance protection, but only when you need it! You can switch your policy between active and inactive depending on when you’ll have guests. That way, you only pay for those specific days. 

With this pay-per-use policy, you’ll get standard and specialty homeowners insurance coverages, including:

  • Bodily injury and property damage liability
  • Personal property
  • Medical payments
  • Loss of income: Replaces the income you lose when your home is being repaired can’t after a covered loss. 
  • Excess use of utilities: Covers up to $1,000 if a guest uses too much water, electricity, internet, etc., and causes your bill to increase. 
  • Infestation: Covers up to $5,000 for fumigation and to replace damaged property if a guest brings in pests, such as bed bugs. 
  • Liquor liability coverage: Covers up to $500,000 in liability if your guest overserves or serves alcohol to a minor on your property. 
  • Identity theft: Pays up to $10,000 to redeem your credit rating after a theft. 

Progressive offers standard renters insurance coverages, including:

  • Personal belongings: Pays to repair or replace damaged and stolen items such as clothing, furniture, appliances, electronics, etc., regardless of depreciation. 
  • Medical payments: Covers medical expenses for someone injured in your apartment. 
  • Liability: Covers the cost of lawsuits and legal fees if someone sues you for injuries or damages occurring on your property. 
  • Additional expenses: Pays for hotel stays and meals while your place is being repaired.

Progressive offers specialized policies to protect you factory built mobile home. Mobile home insurance is similar to homeowners insurance, and includes coverages such as:

  • Personal bodily injury and property damage 
  • Mobile home and other structures: Pays to repair or completely rebuild your mobile home and attached/detached structures on your property, like porches, carports, garages, etc.
  • Replacement cost: Pays to replace your personal belongings, like clothing, furniture, electronics, etc., for what they were worth at the time of purchase, regardless of depreciation. 

Progressive offers a line of small business insurance for trades like stores, garages, restaurants, manufacturers, janitors, beauty salons, HVAC services, consultants, and more. 

Progressive offers a Business Owners Policy (BOP), as well as optional coverages that you can add to your policy. Standard and optional BOP coverages include:

  • General liability: Protects your business against things like accidents, injuries, property damage, and lawsuits.
  • Commercial auto: Covers the vehicles you and your employees use for work, including vans, trucks, dump trucks, landscaping vehicles, tow trucks, box trucks, food trucks, trailers, snow plows, and more. 
  • Property: Covers your commercial buildings and property, which aren’t covered by your liability insurance.
  • Business income interruption: In the event your business can’t operate after a claim, this coverage pays for lost income, employee salaries, and rent expenses.
  • Professional liability: Covers you against lawsuits and legal fees in relation to your professional advice and services. 
  • Workers’ compensation: Covers medical bills and lost income for employees injured on the job. 

Progressive also offers contractors insurance for general contractors, contractors, and subcontractors who are required to carry special insurance by various laws and businesses they work for. 

Progressive offers commercial auto insurance for small businesses. Commercial auto insurance can cover business autos, like cars, light trucks, SUVs, and vans, or heavy utility trucks and trailers.

Progressive also allows you to adjust your policy with seasonal changes, so that you never have to pay for coverages you don’t need.

A commercial auto policy typically includes:

  • Liability, including bodily injury and property damage
  • Medical payments
  • Personal injury protection (PIP)
  • Pet injury: Included with collision coverage. Pays for vet bills if your cat or dog is injured in a car accident. 
  • Uninsured motorist
  • Collision
  • Comprehensive
  • Individual named insured endorsement: Extends your commercial liability and physical damage coverage to non-owned vehicles that you might rent, lease, borrow, or test drive. 
  • Fire and theft with combined additional coverage (CAC): A limited form of comprehensive coverage for heavy trucks. Covers your truck if it’s damaged by non-collision incidents, such as fire, theft, windstorm, earthquake, etc. 
  • Motor truck cargo: Covers items damaged due to fire and collision while being transported by a for-hire trucker. 
  • Motor truck general liability: Pays for injuries and damages pertaining to your business, but unrelated to operating a truck. For example, a customer slipping and falling on your property.
  • Non-trucking liability: Extends your liability coverage when you use your work truck for personal errands, like grocery shopping.
  • Rental reimbursement with downtime: Pays for a rental vehicle or helps you make car payments while your work vehicle is being repaired after a claim. 
  • Trailer interchange: Provides collision and comprehensive coverages for non-owned trailers (trailers operating under a trailer interchange agreement).
  • Any auto: Extends liability coverage to cars you may hire or purchase during your policy term. 
  • Hired auto: Extends liability coverage to cars you may rent, hire, lease, or borrow to use for business purposes. 
  • Non-owned coverage: Extends liability coverage to your employees who may use their personal vehicle for business purposes. 
  • Drive other car: Extends your commercial auto coverages to the executive of a Partnership or Corporation or their spouse when they rent or borrow a vehicle.
  • Single deductible endorsement: For an accident with multiple deductibles, you only have to pay the highest one and the rest will be waived. 
  • Garagekeepers legal liability insurance: Covers vehicles owned by towing services or service stations. 
  • On-hook towing insurance: Pays to repair or replace a vehicle you don’t own that’s damaged or vandalism while you are towing it. 

Progressive offers an electronic device insurance plan that goes beyond your phone’s standard warranty to repair or replace your device when it's damaged. 

Damages covered include accidental drops, spills, submersions, power surges, theft, etc. 

Progressive has partnered with eHealth, a healthcare provider, to offer its customers with medical, dental and vision care. 

Progressive has partnered with Efinancial to provide its customers with term, permanent, and final expense life insurance policies. 

Term life insurance plans are available for people aged 18-80, and last for set terms of 10, 15, 20, or 30 years. They can pay out over $100,000 of benefits to cover lost income, mortgage payments, college tuition, other debts, and funeral expenses. 

Permanent life insurance plans are available for people aged 18-85, and last an entire lifetime. They build cash value overtime, and can pay out between $50,000 and $1,000,000 of death benefits. 

There are two permanent life insurance plans referred to as whole life and universal life. With whole life, your premiums and payout remain fixed, while universal life allows you to change your payments and benefit amount freely. 

Final Expense life insurance provides a benefit payout to cover funeral costs, medical bills, credit card debt, and more. You can also choose advance payment to cover terminal illness care. 

Progressive has partnered with Experian to provide its customers with identity theft protection services. Your identity and credit are monitored daily, and you’ll be alerted of suspicious activity.

Progressive has partnered with Pets Best to provide you with coverage for your cat or dog’s veterinary bills. This policy offers reimbursement for annual exams, teeth cleaning, vaccinations, illnesses, prescribed medications, hospitalization, accidents, surgeries, hereditary and congenital conditions, and more. 

Progressive has partnered with InsureMyTrip to provide you with coverage for travel concerns such as lost luggage, emergency medical care, trip cancellation, and more. 

A Progressive personal umbrella policy provides up to $5 million in liability protection that extends beyond your home and auto insurance policy limits. 

An umbrella policy includes:

  • Personal injury coverage: Protects against claims of libel, slander, defamation of character, and more.
  • Worldwide coverage: Covers incidents that take place abroad. 
  • Vacation rental liability: Covers rentals like boats, jet skis, scooters, etc.
  • Defense coverage: Pays for attorney fees and other legal costs. 

Progressive has partnered with The Event Helper, Inc. to provide you with wedding and event insurance. This policy will protect you, your guests, and your venue from accidents, injuries, unexpected damages, and various wedding cancellation costs.

Wedding and event coverages include:

  • Event cancellation: Covers your deposits, cake, flowers, rental cars, and more if you must cancel or postpone your event.
  • Special coverage: Protects your wedding rings, dress, tuxedos, gifts, photographs, and more from damage.
  • Wedding liability insurance: Covers injuries to guests or damages to the venue.

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Company History

Known for Flow, and her price gun, Progressive offers extreme customization as well as a plethora of insurance discounts. Progressive was founded in 1937 with the first ever drive-in claims office, and the first to offer reduced rates for low-risk drivers. Their headquarters are in Mayfield, Ohio, but have over regional offices across the United States, as well as a heavy presence online. Progressive holds a JD Power and Associates rating of 3 out of 5 for overall customer satisfaction.

Progressive Reviews

5 Stars
42% Complete
4 Stars
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3 Stars
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2 Stars
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1 Star
16% Complete
Most Positive Review
Great discounts, Decent customer service
By Insurify User
September 17, 2015

I did quite a bit of shopping around when I was in the market for insurance, and Progressive offered the best price out of the major brands (Liberty Mutual, Geico, Allstate, etc). The Liberty Mutual quote was actually so outrageous that I laughed out loud before promptly hanging up on the representative. After signing on with Progressive I called to make sure that I was taking advantage of every discount possible, and also signed up for the snapshot program, which ended up saving me an additional 20% (which was huge). If you don't drive crazy mileage, generally avoid driving at dangerous times (i.e. rush hour), and minimize "hard stops", you're likely to save a significant amount of cash through the Snapshot discount. From a customer service standpoint I've been relatively happy with Progressive, although they did go ghost on me in the middle of a liability investigation after my car was damaged during a tow. No major claims since I've been with them, but minor repairs and some glass work have gone smoothly. Overall I'd recommend Progressive to price-conscious drivers looking for standard coverage and discount options (Snapshot is legit).

Most Critical Review
October 23, 2017

They are not pro customer. I felt very cheated and we had a terrible agent. The quotes were not accurate and when we added and then removed a vehicle our policy didn't go back to what it originally was. They charged us more for the same policy. Terrible. I will not recommend to anyone.