How to Find Cheap DUI Car Insurance in Florida

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DUI Car Insurance in Florida

Getting a DUI in Florida doesn't mean that your time behind the wheel is done forever, but it could mean a likely increase in auto insurance rates. The size of the penalty you receive will be one of the determining factors in how expensive your coverage will be. Once you are convicted of a DUI violation, it is important to shop around to find the best insurance rates.

Finding affordable coverage for your vehicle isn't easy if you have a DUI conviction. Many insurance companies see drivers with these types of violations as riskier to insure. In fact, out of all single driving violations—including reckless driving, racing, and at-fault accidents—DUIs often result in the largest rate increases.

Avg. Monthly Cost - No Violation
Avg. Monthly Cost - After DUI
$263 Monthly Impact of DUI on Rates
84.84% Percent Bad DUI Impact Rates

Insurify's comparison tool will help you make sure you're getting the best possible quote even after a DUI. You can have peace of mind that you're reviewing all of your available insurance options and can confidently choose the one that is best for your situation.

How Much Does a DUI Impact Car Insurance Rates in Florida?

As mentioned before, a DUI can significantly impact car insurance rates if you live in Florida. Normally, the monthly premium that a driver pays for coverage would average about $310. However, if you add in a DUI violation, that rate can skyrocket to $572.98, an 84.83 percent increase. Many insurers will see the incident as a red flag and mark you as high-risk.

The additional monthly $262.98 after the DUI won't last forever. If you can maintain a clean driving record over time, many insurance companies will recalculate your monthly premium rates.

No Violation - Avg. Monthly RateAfter DUI - Avg. Monthly RateAverage Percent Increase After DUI

What Are the Best Car Insurance Companies After a DUI in Florida?

One of the best approaches to finding affordable auto insurance is to shop around for quotes. Several insurance providers offer competitive coverage for drivers with a DUI, including The General, American Family Insurance, and many others. Direct Auto is one of the cheapest options, with a monthly premium of around $218.92. Liberty Mutual also has comparably low rates of around $238.24.

CarrierAvg. Monthly Cost
Direct Auto$219
Liberty Mutual$238
Bristol West$270
Safeco Insurance$279
The General$304
Infinity Insurance$314
Dairyland Insurance$329
American Family Insurance$367

What Are the Average Car Insurance Prices After a DUI in Florida?

Florida currently ranks as the seventh most expensive state to buy auto insurance with a DUI. On average, a driver who has a DUI violation will pay roughly $572.98 a month for coverage. This is nearly an 85 percent increase in the normal rates that a Florida resident would expect to pay for vehicle insurance.

Compared to the most expensive state on the list, Michigan, Florida drivers with a DUI pay less than half of what Michigan drivers do. Conversely, motorists in Florida pay $330 more than the lowest-ranked state, Alaska.

California After DUI Avg. Monthly RateMost Expensive State for DUI (1-50)

How Long Is the Lookback Period for a DUI in Florida?

DUI violations are considered priorable offenses, meaning that each additional DUI you are convicted of carries enhanced penalties. However, there is a limit to how long DUIs count against you for sentencing and penalty purposes. The period of time during which the state of Florida will count a previous DUI for enhanced penalties is referred to as the lookback period.

Florida has a lenient lookback period that is half that of other states. For drivers who receive their first DUI, the offense will only count on their record for five years. Once the five years are up, if there is a second DUI, it will be treated as the first. If you were to be found guilty of a second DUI before the five years are up, then you would face enhanced penalties.

Florida DUI Penalties

The penalties for a DUI in Florida are among some of the strictest in the country. The severity of the penalties often coincides with the number of past convictions and the length of time between DUIs. For first-time offenses, the resulting penalties could include up to $1,000 in fines or a maximum of six months in jail. The state will also revoke your driver's license for no less than six months.

If there is more than one instance of a DUI, then the consequences can intensify quite quickly. With a second DUI violation, fines reach $2,000, and the driver's license is revoked for a maximum of five years. Should a driver reach their fourth DUI, there is a good chance that the state will permanently revoke the license.