Let’s be honest: a lot of factors can work against you when it comes to securing a cheap car insurance policy.

Your location, your driving record, and even your age can pose risks to insurance providers, meaning you’re going to see rate hikes. But affordable rates aren’t impossible to find if you know where to look.

Insurify has compiled the stats on the best and most affordable car insurance rates in the nation, broken down by location, company, driving factors, and even demographic variables.

Your wallet is about to get a whole lot happier after finding the best deal with Insurify’s car insurance comparison.

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Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes by State

According to Insurify’s official research, here are the cheapest car insurance providers for each U.S. state, including the average monthly premium amount offered by those providers.

State Cheapest Insurance Provider Average Monthly Premium
Alabama National General $115
Alaska American Family $153
Arizona Hallmark $114
Arkansas Liberty Mutual $176
California Metromile $167
Colorado Sun Coast General $202
Connecticut Homesite $181
Delaware Travelers $255
Florida Dairyland $276
Georgia Everest National $201
Hawaii Farmers $109
Idaho Liberty Mutual $103
Illinois USH&C $132
Indiana Dairyland $103
Iowa Liberty Mutual $113
Kansas Liberty Mutual $164
Kentucky Bristol West $210
Louisiana Clearcover $290
Maine Liberty Mutual $103
Maryland MetLife $186
Massachusetts Travelers $123
Michigan Arrowhead $461
Minnesota American Family $148
Mississippi Dairyland $184
Missouri Safeco $210
Montana Hallmark $122
Nebraska MetLife $157
Nevada Liberty Mutual $233
New Hampshire Liberty Mutual $121
New Jersey Travelers $203
New Mexico Hallmark $113
New York Travelers $230
North Carolina Homesite $101
North Dakota American Family $155
Ohio Liberty Mutual $128
Oklahoma Hallmark $138
Oregon Bristol West $152
Pennsylvania Good2Go Auto $132
Rhode Island Hallmark $299
South Carolina Liberty Mutual $234
South Dakota American Family $141
Tennessee Hallmark $133
Texas Alinsco $177
Utah Bristol West $150
Vermont Travelers $122
Virginia National General $137
Washington National General $175
Washington, D.C. Travelers $214
West Virginia Liberty Mutual $155
Wisconsin MetLife $117
Wyoming MetLife $120

Average Car Insurance Quotes by State

The average American driver isn’t always going to be able to secure the cheapest car insurance rate. After all, not all drivers have a sterling record or are willing to pay only for state minimum liability insurance.

As of 2020, Hawaii is the state with the lowest average car insurance rates, with $107 being the typical monthly car insurance premium. 

Michigan is the real standout here—Michigan drivers can expect an average car insurance quote around $479 a month.

But that doesn’t mean affordable auto insurance coverage can’t be found wherever you live. Remember, Insurify can secure you a cheap quote, no matter your background, driver profile, or insurance needs. You can even find cheap car insurance with no deposit necessary—just look for the words “No Down Payment” on your Insurify quote list!

State Average Monthly Premium
Alabama $168
Alaska $144
Arizona $179
Arkansas $176
California $195
Colorado $210
Connecticut $224
Delaware $290
District of Columbia $270
Florida $291
Georgia $286
Hawaii $107
Idaho $121
Illinois $157
Indiana $137
Iowa $134
Kansas $165
Kentucky $245
Louisiana $293
Maine $117
Maryland $270
Massachusetts $171
Michigan $479
Minnesota $147
Mississippi $189
Missouri $228
Montana $144
Nebraska $177
Nevada $275
New Hampshire $142
New Jersey $259
New Mexico $147
New York $308
North Carolina $119
North Dakota $143
Ohio $148
Oklahoma $170
Oregon $179
Pennsylvania $175
Rhode Island $315
South Carolina $268
South Dakota $130
Tennessee $163
Texas $231
Utah $159
Vermont $130
Virginia $182
Washington $217
West Virginia $181
Wisconsin $138
Wyoming $115

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Cheap Car Insurance Quotes: Liability versus Full Coverage

Each insurance policy has different coverage limits. Simply put, how much coverage you select will impact your overall car insurance costs. A basic, bare-bones state minimum plan will typically cost less than a comprehensive “umbrella” policy with added insurance products like personal injury protection. However, cheap quotes are still out there, even if you’re opting for “full coverage.”

State Minimum Coverage Only

Insurance ProviderAverage Monthly Premium
Aggressive Insurance$129
Sun Coast General$130
Bristol West$133
Motion Auto$141
Commonwealth Casualty$156
Liberty Mutual$166
Direct Auto$168
Texas Ranger$191
Mile Auto$193
American Family$193
The General$231
Freedom National$239

Full Coverage

The following quotes correspond to this coverage level: $50,000 bodily injury liability per person; $100,000 overall bodily injury liability; $50,000 property damage liability; comprehensive and collision coverage at a $1,000 deductible each. A car insurance provider would designate this policy type as “full coverage.”

Insurance ProviderAverage Monthly Premium
Sun Coast General$252
21st Century Insurance$290
Mile Auto$296
Commonwealth Casualty$298
Aggressive Insurance$299
Liberty Mutual$304
American Family$318
Freedom National$364
Bristol West$378
Direct Auto$416
Apparent Insurance$450

Cheap Car Insurance Quotes for Teens

Teens are typically seen as higher-risk drivers. That’s why even the cheapest car insurance rates for teens, even for liability-only policies, will be higher than those an adult driver will encounter.

StateCheapest Monthly PremiumInsurance Provider
Alabama$316Bristol West
Arkansas$318Jupiter Auto
Arizona$309Bristol West
Colorado$349Sun Coast General
Connecticut$504American Family
Washington DC$613Liberty Mutual
Delaware$580Liberty Mutual
Florida$520Bristol West
Hawaii$107Farmers Insurance
Iowa$113Liberty Mutual
Idaho$257The General
Kansas$327American Family Insurance
Kentucky$390Bristol West
Louisiana$604The General
Massachusetts$378The General
Maryland$488American Family 
Maine$264The General
Minnesota$283American Family
Mississippi$333Bristol West
Montana$273The General
North Carolina$190American Family
North Dakota$318The General
Nebraska$308American Family
New Hampshire$317The General
New Jersey$423Travelers
New Mexico$307GAINSCO
Nevada$542Dairyland Insurance
New York$590Plymouth Rock
Oregon$376Mile Auto
Pennsylvania$287Bristol West
Rhode Island$719Liberty Mutual
South Carolina$498Bristol West
South Dakota$286Dairyland Insurance
Tennessee$236Bristol West
Utah$319Freedom National
Washington$398Bristol West
Wisconsin$253First Chicago Insurance
West Virginia$399Liberty Mutual
Wyoming$223.93Dairyland Insurance

Cheap SR-22 Car Insurance

An SR-22 certification, a.k.a. Certificate of Financial Responsibility, is proof that you carry enough car insurance coverage to meet your state’s minimum requirements. Drivers are required to get an SR-22 bond after having had their driver’s license suspended or revoked.

Drivers often struggle to find car insurance quotes when they need to file for an SR-22—not all Insurance providers will file on a policyholder’s behalf. Still, because most drivers who require an SR-22 are not opting into high coverage car insurance, they’re able to secure relatively cheap policies.

 No SR-22 SR-22 
StateCheapest Monthly PremiumInsurance ProviderCheapest Monthly PremiumInsurance Provider
Alaska$160American Family--------
Alabama$125National General$165Arrowhead
Arkansas$153Liberty Mutual$200Dairyland
Arizona$112Hallmark Insurance$175Bristol West
California$167Farmers Insurance$15821st Century
Colorado$212Sun Coast General$177Sun Coast General
Washington DC$218Travelers----
Georgia$206Everest National$236Direct Auto
Hawaii$116Farmers Insurance$127Farmers Insurance
Iowa$122Liberty Mutual152Dairyland
Idaho$110Liberty Mutual$127Dairyland
Kansas$168Liberty Mutual$169Dairyland
Kentucky$215Bristol West$216Bristol West
Louisiana$253The General$293Clearcover
Minnesota$156American Family----
Missouri$215Safeco$202Assurance America
Mississippi$189Dairyland Insurance----
Montana$135Hallmark$150The General
North Carolina$105Homesite$115National General
North Dakota$149Safeco$155The General
Nebraska$163MetLife$197The General
New Hampshire$129Liberty Mutual$159The General
New Jersey$221Travelers$327Mercury
New Mexico$119Hallmark Insurance----
Nevada$263Liberty Mutual$276Kemper
New York$234Travelers$556Liberty Mutual
Oklahoma$140Hallmark$151Bristol West
Oregon$158Bristol West$170Mile Auto
Rhode Island$297Homesite----
South Carolina$247Liberty Mutual$266AssuranceAmerica
South Dakota$143Safeco$145Dairyland
Utah$154Bristol West$183Dairyland
Virginia$141National General$143.19National General
Washington$183National General$164National General
West Virginia$166Liberty Mutual$181Dairyland

Cheap Car Insurance by Credit Score

Unfortunately, in many states, it’s fair game to discriminate against drivers based on credit score. 

StateCheapest PremiumProvider
Alaska$141American Family
Arkansas$188American Family
Arizona$198Commonwealth Casualty
California$116Aspire General
Colorado$177Sun Coast General
Connecticut$187American Family
Washington DC$156Travelers
Delaware$208American Family
Hawaii$110Farmers Insurance
Illinois$124First Chicago
Indiana$138First Chicago
Kansas$144American Family Insurance
Louisiana$281The General
Maine$121The General
Michigan$339Liberty Mutual
Minnesota$123American Family
Missouri$232Assurance America
Mississippi$198Dairyland Insurance
Montana$169The General
North Carolina$109American Family
North Dakota$156The General
Nebraska$205The General
New Hampshire$141The General
New Jersey$184Travelers
New Mexico$150Dairyland Insurance
Nevada$272Dairyland Insurance
New York$188Liberty Mutual
Rhode Island$244American Family
South Carolina$260GAINSCO
South Dakota$109American Family
Wisconsin$121First Chicago Insurance
West Virginia$224The General
Wyoming$146Dairyland Insurance

Cheapest Quotes for Drivers with Excellent Credit Scores

The following auto insurance companies offer the best deals for drivers with excellent or sterling credit. Just look at how low the quotes can go:

Insurance Provider Average Monthly Premium
Farmers  $112
Aspire General $116
First Chicago $125
USH&C $154
MetLife $167

Cheap High-Risk Car Insurance

How do your driving habits impact your car insurance rates?

Better driving will typically lead to cheaper car insurance rates. This is the rule of thumb through which insurance companies assess drivers’ risk profiles. Your driving history is the most accurate indication of whether or not you’re likely to file a claim…and insurance providers don’t want to shell out big bucks if they can help it.

How can you manage to find a cheap auto insurance policy even if your driving record isn’t spotless? It’s possible—bad drivers need car insurance, too!

Cheapest Car Insurance for Drivers with a Speeding Ticket

It’s true; insurance providers are more likely to cover drivers with clean driving records. While we’d all like to have a spotless reputation on the road, our expectations don’t always match reality.

So you got pulled over for going 55 in a 35. Okay, it happens. Virtually all insurance companies will cover drivers who have a few speeding violations in the near past. Remember, a speeding ticket from over seven years ago will be virtually scrubbed from your insurance record, and your rates will gradually go down as you continue careful and safe driving in the years to come.

Still, here are the cheapest car insurance quotes you could secure with a speeding ticket to your name:

StateCheapest Monthly PremiumInsurance Provider
Alabama$146National General
Arkansas$187Direct Auto
Colorado$173Bristol West
Connecticut$291Plymouth Rock
Washington DC$273American Family
Delaware$273American Family
Florida$235Bristol West
Georgia$175Freedom National
Hawaii$124Farmers Insurance
Iowa$110American Family
Illinois$110Mile Auto
Kansas$154American Family Insurance
Louisiana$321The General
Maine$165The General
Minnesota$145American Family
Mississippi$182Direct Auto
Montana$182The General
North Carolina$99National General
North Dakota$236The General
Nebraska$163American Family
New Hampshire$218The General
New Jersey$191Plymouth Rock
New Mexico$144GAINSCO
New York$229Plymouth Rock
Oregon$123Mile Auto
Rhode Islandn/an/a
South Carolina$189Travelers
South Dakota$171Dairyland
Utah$118Sun Coast General
Washington$177Safeco Insurance
West Virginia$201American Family
Wyoming$160Dairyland Insurance

Cheapest Car Insurance for Drivers with an At-Fault Accident

Drivers with an at-fault accident from the past seven years on their record will likely see a spike in their insurance premiums. However, the severity of that price increase will diminish over time until the incident is virtually expunged from your insurance record. Even if you’ve made a claim for an accident that wasn’t your fault, certain insurance companies might weigh your risk a little bit heavier next time they’re calculating your auto insurance rates.

StateCheapest Monthly PremiumInsurance Provider
Connecticut$183Plymouth Rock
Washington DC$372American Family
Delaware$252American Family
Florida$257Bristol West
Georgia$191Freedom National
Hawaii$123Farmers Insurance
Iowa$130American Family
Kansas$171American Family Insurance
Louisiana$367The General
Maine$147The General
Minnesota$151American Family
Mississippi$187Direct Auto
Montana$180The General
North Carolina$100National General
North Dakota$184The General
Nebraska$177American Family
New Hampshire$228The General
New Jersey$171Plymouth Rock
New Mexico$170GAINSCO
New York$196Travelers
Oregon$124Mile Auto
Rhode Island$463American Family
South Carolina$164Travelers
South Dakota$161Dairyland
Utah$134Sun Coast General
West Virginia$230American Family
Wyoming$151Dairyland Insurance

Cheapest Car Insurance for Drivers with a DUI

As you can imagine, car insurance companies won’t always look kindly on drivers with a DUI in their record.

But just because your DUI has led to a license suspension doesn’t mean these companies won’t file an SR-22 on your behalf or cover you after you no longer need to provide proof of insurance.

StateCheapest PremiumProvider
Arkansas$153Direct Auto
Arizona$117Sun Coast General
Colorado$129Sun Coast General
Connecticut$190Plymouth Rock
Washington, D.C.n/an/a
Florida$182Direct Auto
Georgia$148Freedom National
Illinois$137Bristol West
Kansas$171The General
Kentucky$189Bristol West
Louisiana$221The General
Maine$136The General
Montana$159The General
North Carolina$104National General
North Dakota$173The General
New Hampshiren/an/a
New Jersey$189Plymouth Rock
New Mexico$126GAINSCO
New York$213Plymouth Rock
Pennsylvania$130American Family
Rhode Islandn/an/a
South Carolina$221AssuranceAmerica
South Dakotan/an/a
Texas$161Bristol West
Virginia$123National General
Washington$132National General
West Virginia$185Dairyland

If your license has been suspended or revoked as a result of a DUI conviction, insurance companies may be able to file an SR-22 or FR-44 on your behalf, demonstrating your proof of insurance.

Cheap Car Insurance for Young vs. Old Drivers and Married vs. Single Drivers

It’s sad but true: there are, indeed, factors beyond your control that will affect how much you shell out in car insurance costs. 

The insurance industry applies complex algorithms to set each drivers’ rates. That means that the demographic features of your driver profile, from your gender to your age to your marital status, can have a slight or profound effect on your car insurance price tag. Hey, at least they don’t discriminate by hair color.

Cheap Car Insurance for Young vs. Old Drivers

While “older driver” doesn’t always mean “safe driver,” teen drivers and young adults are statistically more likely to engage in risky driving behaviors. As a result, insurance companies will likely weigh a more inexperienced driver’s age against them when determining their risk profile.

Here are the cheapest car insurance quotes available to drivers over the age of 40 versus over the age of 40:

 Over 40 Under 40 
StateCheapest Monthly PremiumInsurance ProviderCheapest Monthly PremiumInsurance Provider
Alaska$128American Family$183American Family 
Alabama$95National General$123National General
Arkansas$126Hallmark$185Jupiter Auto
Arizona$111Hallmark Insurance$201Mercury
California$113Freedom National$221Freedom National
Colorado$175Bristol West$230Sun Coast General
Connecticut$200Liberty Mutual$305Liberty Mutual
Washington DC$173Liberty Mutual$215Travelers
Delaware$224Travelers$324American Family
Hawaii$110American Family$118Farmers Insurance
Iowa$104Liberty Mutual$143Liberty Mutual
Idaho$88Liberty Mutual$135Liberty Mutual
Kentucky$174Bristol West$231Bristol West
Louisiana$234The General$349The General
Maine$92Liberty Mutual$129Travelers
Michigan$389Liberty Mutual$461Arrowhead
Minnesota$130Liberty Mutual$162Travelers
Missouri$178Liberty Mutual$258Safeco
Mississippi$148Dairyland Insurance$227Direct Auto
Montana$122The General$174Travelers
North Carolina$108Dairyland$137Dairyland
North Dakota----$173The General
Nebraska$138Liberty Mutual$189Travelers
New Hampshire$107Liberty Mutual$169Liberty Mutual
New Jersey$186Travelers$247Travelers
New Mexico$107Hallmark Insurance$136Hallmark Insurance
New York$211Travelers$255TSC Direct
Ohio$118Liberty Mutual$150Liberty Mutual
Oregon$143Bristol West$195Liberty Mutual
Pennsylvania$142Bristol West$163Dairyland
Rhode Island$277American Family$375American Family
South Carolina$214AssuranceAmerica$282Liberty Mutual
South Dakota$112Dairyland$174American Family
Texas$133Commonwealth Casualty$208Aggressive Insurance
Utah$121Freedom National$183Sun Coast General
Virginia$111National General$140National General
Washington$181National General$201National General
Wisconsin$101First Chicago$139Liberty Mutual
West Virginia$147Safeco$203Liberty Mutual

How to get the cheapest car insurance quotes near you

Car insurance can be a nightmare. Whether you’re overpaying on your current policy or downright confused by the complex terminology, we’re here to help.

You’ve seen that it’s possible to secure cheap car insurance quotes, even without the most stellar driving record. Now, here are some parting tips on how to make sure you’re getting the hands-down cheapest rate possible:

  • Consider whether you really need “full coverage” for your auto policy. While liability coverage is mandatory almost everywhere in the United States and comes as the standard coverage of any auto insurance plan, additional coverage options come with their own price tags. Collision coverage and comprehensive coverage, though the standards of a so-called full coverage car insurance policy, require deductibles and will raise your rates beyond what you’d get for a state minimum policy. Similarly, uninsured motorist coverage is a recommended coverage option for the typical American driver, but not if you’re a low-mileage driver looking to secure the cheapest quotes possible.
  • Secure all the car insurance discounts for which you’re eligible. Good driver discounts, good student discounts, multi-policy discounts, multi-vehicle discounts, defensive driving course discounts… Dozens of identity factors, affiliations, driving behaviors, and positive choices can qualify you for lower car insurance rates. (And if you are a former or active military member, you should explore buying insurance through USAA.) The more committed you are to staying safe on the road, keeping up an admirable driving record, and giving back to your community, the more likely it is that an insurance company will reward you with substantial rate decreases. Make sure you’ve exhaustively reviewed a company’s discounts before you buy a car insurance policy. Don’t leave money on the table!
  • Purchase anti-theft devices for your car. Shelling out a few bucks for a more advanced car alarm system or more secure auto parts may lead to long-term savings. Companies don’t want to insure vehicles that are not adequately secured, much less those that appear to invite a carjacking. Owning or leasing a car that has up-to-date, built-in safety features might score you some discounts as well.
  • Keep a good credit score, if you can. Though a handful of states are outlawing this practice, the fact remains that insurance companies can factor your credit health into your auto insurance rates. Whether or not your credit history is a significant signal of your risk level is up for debate. But for now, poor credit can mean higher rates.
  • Don’t forget about customer service, claims satisfaction, and other intangibles. The best car insurance companies in America receive high marks from policyholders, not merely because they secure them the cheapest rates. In fact, many of them are not industry-leading in terms of affordability (see above)! They’re the best because they are financially healthy, have excellent customer reviews, and will service your claims in a timely fashion. Sure, Company A might demand a $5 higher rate per month when compared to Company B. But which provider has a better industry and public reputation? Which one has a mobile app that works for you? Which one won’t raise your rates for merely staying loyal, or for getting in your first at-fault accident? If the price is still relatively right, consider going with the company that will turn your car insurance nightmares into sweet dreams.

Finally, there’s one way that you can find the best rates around, lower your insurance costs, and spare yourself a lot of angry phone calls: Insurify. Insurify acts like an online insurance agent, connecting drivers and homeowners with insurers that can offer them lower premiums and the cheapest online quote.

Insurify offers free car insurance quotes to drivers of all stripes. Compare low-cost home insurance, life insurance, and auto insurance quotes from top-ranked national and regional companies, unlock discounts for which you’re eligible, and buy a policy today. There’s more than just GEICO, Progressive, and State Farm out there—despite what your TV might tell you. No games, no hassle, and real quotes from real providers like Liberty Mutual, Nationwide, Travelers, and more.

Cheap Car Insurance FAQ

How do I get cheap car insurance online?

Comparing car insurance quotes is the best way for you to get an idea of how low you can go. Getting quotes from one company at a time is time-consuming and limiting. Remember, every carrier quotes differently, so if you're looking for the cheapest rate for you, consider shopping on a car insurance quotes comparison platform like Insurify.

Where can I get cheap car insurance?

Insurance agents, brokers, and phone operators are standing by to offer you car insurance. But this is the 21st century, and many drivers are choosing to take things digital, and take their insurance decisions into their own hands. Skip the trips and scam calls and collect cheap car insurance quotes online with Insurify. Choose between state minimum, full coverage, and premium coverage levels, and see how much you can save. The average shopper saves $489 a year on Insurify!

How does Insurify work?

Insurify lets you compare cheap car insurance quotes online, no matter your driving record, location, or age. Take 2 minutes to enter your information, and Insurify will generate up to 10+ real, ready-to-buy car insurance quotes from top national and regional insurance companies. You can even unlock discounts and adjust coverage levels as needed. Buy online or over the phone. The best part? It's 100% free. No spam, no gimmicks.


The data scientists at Insurify compiled quoting data from Insurify’s proprietary database of over 2 million real car insurance quotes, pricing data spanning from 2013 to 2020.

All quotes correspond to state minimum car insurance coverage (bodily injury liability and property damage liability insurance coverage) in their respective states, unless where noted.

Updated July 18, 2021

Nick Dehn is a content specialist for Insurify. A seasoned writer, Nick has produced feature pieces, opinion editorials, and press releases for start-ups, small businesses, and local news publications. He now develops content full-time for Insurify, researching and writing data-driven studies and producing insights on the insurance industry. Media appearances on behalf of Insurify include NBC, CBS, and NPR affiliates across the country. Nick is an alumnus of Williams College, where he graduated cum laude with a degree in English and Sociology.