Best Cities for Singles Awards

The season of romance is upon us once again, but many Americans have no one with whom to share it.
woman in old fashioned car with luggage
Car Insurance

Low Income Car Insurance: Cheapest Quotes for 2019

The cost of living in the U.S. is constantly rising.
Car Insurance

10 Best & Worst Sites to Compare Car Insurance Quotes

Up to 55% in instant savings are at your fingertips when you compare car insurance quotes every six months. Let Insurify, Compare, and NerdWallet unlock discounted rates to fit your driver profile.

Give it a Brake: The 10 Speediest States in America

By many measures, speediness is the American way.

Driving Drunk: States with the Most DUIs

Intoxicated drivers get behind the wheel every day in the United States. But which states see the highest rates of DUI?
Car Insurance

Stolen Car? Here’s What to Do after an Auto Theft

You walk out to the parking lot and you can’t find your car.
Life Insurance

How to Qualify for Life Insurance Discounts

Adding discounts to your life insurance policy can save you a bundle, but most carriers won’t work very hard to match you up with discounts.
Car Insurance

Parked Car Insurance: Have You Hit or Been Hit?

What do you do if you hit a parked car, or someone else hit yours?

Super Bowl Smackdown 2019: Who’s Watching? Who’s Driving?!

These results are giving a whole new meaning to “drive.”
Car Insurance

How to Get the Best Auto Insurance Settlement When You’ve Totaled Your Car

No matter how safe of a driver you may be, you could end up in an accident that leaves your car in severe damage.

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