How to Find Cheap DUI Car Insurance in Kentucky

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DUI Car Insurance in Kentucky

Though no one wants a DUI, you definitely don't want to get one in Kentucky. For starters, it's more expensive to get insurance after a DUI here than in 90 percent of the country—including all seven states that it borders.

While it doesn't seem fair that insurance rates rise after a DUI (after all, you've paid your penalties, right?), it's only practical. Your initial insurance policy was written based on the risk you carried without a DUI. Now that your risk has changed, insurance companies forecast that you'll likely cost them more in the future. Therefore, they raise your rates. Don't worry. It won't be forever. If you can keep a clean driving record for the next three to five years, the insurance company will recalculate your rates.

Avg. Monthly Cost - No Violation
Avg. Monthly Cost - After DUI
$309 Monthly Impact of DUI on Rates
121.65% Percent Bad DUI Impact Rates

Insurify's comparison tool will help you make sure you're getting the best possible quote even after a DUI. You can have peace of mind that you're reviewing all of your available insurance options and can confidently choose the one that is best for your situation.

How Much Does a DUI Impact Car Insurance Rates in Kentucky?

Rates go up after risky driving. There's no arguing that. The reason for it is because insurance companies know that the higher your risk, the more likely you are to cost them money in claims. So what do they do? They charge you up front.

In Kentucky, insurance companies raise your rates an average of $308.68. That's 121 percent more than average rates originally. What does that mean in terms of monthly insurance premiums? Drivers with a DUI in Kentucky should expect to shell out $562.68 for insurance on average.

No Violation - Avg. Monthly RateAfter DUI - Avg. Monthly RateAverage Percent Increase After DUI

What Are the Best Car Insurance Companies After a DUI in Kentucky?

You might consider switching carriers (or at least comparing rates) after your DUI. Your current carrier is for sure going to raise rates on you. It's up to you to decide if the price they are asking is fair. In Kentucky, the cheapest insurance you'll encounter comes from Liberty Mutual, Travelers, and Bristol West.

CarrierAvg. Monthly Cost
Liberty Mutual$153
Bristol West$217
Dairyland Insurance$232
Safeco Insurance$243
The General$309
American Family Insurance$315
Metropolitan Property and Casualty Insurance Company$354

What Are the Average Car Insurance Prices After a DUI in Kentucky?

Though your cost may be different, in Kentucky, the average cost for those with a DUI in their past is $562. Keep this in mind when you're shopping rates so you'll know when you hit on something acceptable. Rates, of course, will vary from person to person because no two people have the same driving record, driving habits, or personal details.

Because Kentucky is the eighth most expensive state for insurance after a DUI, you're going to feel it when you see your post-DUI premium. Drivers will want to shop rates using a method that crunches numbers from multiple carriers at once—and one that can consider their unique situation.

California After DUI Avg. Monthly RateMost Expensive State for DUI (1-50)

How Long Is the Lookback Period for a DUI in Kentucky?

A DUI is one driving mistake that will be with you for a long time. Though you may have paid all the state's criminal and administrative penalties, your DUI will be considered as your first offense for a 10-year lookback period. This lookback period means that any DUIs you get within 10 years will be counted together for the purposes of considering punishment.

The lookback period changed in 2016 from five years to 10 so the state could better address repeat offenders. Insurance companies use their own lookback periods when it comes to charging increased rates for insurance after a DUI. On average, this period is three to five years.

Kentucky DUI Penalties

The consequences of a DUI in Kentucky can include fines, license suspension, and jail time. The severity of the penalties depends on the number of DUIs you have on your record. First-time offenders may face up to $500 in fines, 30 days in jail, 90 days in an alcohol or substance abuse program, and a six-month license suspension.

As of July 2020, all drivers have access to the Kentucky Ignition Interlock Program. This program allows you to install and use an ignition interlock device on your car while shaving off several months of license suspension.