“I do” want to save money on car insurance.

Does a walk down the aisle make you a better driver? According to the National Institute of Health, never-married drivers are far more likely to get in an accident than married folks. Yes, two heads are better than one.

How do you put those two minds together to avoid overpaying for car insurance? You may have combined kitchenware, furniture, and bank accounts, and now you can do the same with car insurance.

And with all the dollars you’ll save after reading this guide, maybe one of your wedding colors should have been green. Married couples and newlyweds should choose Insurify to compare the best rates, deals, and customized coverage.

Best Car Insurance Companies for Married Couples

Technically, you might not even need to completely change your marital status to take advantage of discounts. Same-sex marriage was legalized nationally in 2015, but some states still offer domestic partnerships, whether you’re a same-sex couple or not. In this article, we’ll use “partner” or “spouse” interchangeably to refer to people who can take advantage of these deals.

In California, Colorado, D.C., Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, Nevada, New Jersey, Vermont, Washington, and Wisconsin, car insurance providers may offer married rates to domestic partners and others in LGBTQ+ civil unions.

Here are providers who offer discounts for marriage or combining policies:

  • State Farm. The insurer is the nation’s largest auto insurance company and gives married couples a break with the multi-car and multi-policy discounts.
  • GEICO. Couples can save as much as 25 percent with the multi-car discount. And a multi-policy discount for your home, life, or umbrella policy increases the savings.
  • Progressive. Does your spouse have a better driving record than you? The company factors that in and gives the multi-car and multi-policy discounts too.
  • Allstate/Esurance. The multi-car and multi-policy discount from either brand will give newlyweds and other married couples savings.
  • Liberty Mutual. On top of the savings you’ll get with multi-car or multi-policy discounts, you may also get a deal through alumni programs. Former college sweethearts can get a sweet deal.
  • USAA. If you or your partner have served in the military, you qualify for some of the most aggressive rates in the country through USAA. You could also be eligible if you or your spouse’s parents are veterans.

Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes for Married Couples

It’s not just the closet—you also get to share bills. Whenever you have a life event such as marriage, buying a new home, or moving, it’s a smart idea to get new quotes. If one of you has a bad driving record, poor credit, or an expensive car, try quoting for both combined and separate policies. (More details on those situations in the tips section.)

Check out these rates:

Liberty Mutual$64/mo
Bristol West$69/mo
SafeAuto $83/mo

Best Auto Insurance Discounts for Married Couples

Do you and/or your spouse qualify for these deals? 

The “Big Three”

  • Marriage Discount. The insurance providers don’t explicitly tell you about this discount. It’s hidden as a rating factor. A driver with the same credit and driving record will pay less once he or she marries.
  • Multi-Car Discount. When you put those two vehicles on one policy, you get to take advantage of this discount, which could be as high as 25 percent.
  • Multi-Policy Discount. You can save bucks by bundling your car with a renters, condo, or homeowners insurance policy. Since you’ll be living the rest of your days together, think about protecting each other with life insurance policies. An umbrella policy goes over both your car and homeowners policy to protect you if something catastrophic happens.

Payment Discounts

  • Pay in Full. Your wedding gift or tax return can go a long way when you take care of the policy upfront.
  • Automatic Payments. Now that you share a bank account, set up electronic funds transfer or gain points for your next vacation together with automatic credit card payments.
  • Buy in Advance. Need the car insurance policy to start after the honeymoon or when your current one ends? Buying seven or more days in advance could give you a discount.

Here are other car insurance discounts that could help you and your budget:

Anti-Theft Device Discount36%
Defensive Driver Discount20%
Family Discount25%
Good Driver Discount40%
Low Mileage Discount20%
Multiple Vehicle Discount38%
Home Owner Discount15%
Professional organization discount15%

Car Insurance Tips for Married Couples

Married people should keep these in mind. Remember, any life change, especially marriage, should make you re-evaluate your personal insurance plan! 

When You Should Combine Policies:

  • In most cases, it makes sense to combine policies for convenience and savings. 
  • Even when one spouse has less than perfect credit or driving history, making the “good” spouse, the primary driver, and applying a multi-car discount could still make it cheaper than two separate policies.

When You Should Consider Separate Policies:

You should try quoting separate policies and combine for the best deal when one partner has:

  • Poor Credit. Credit is a major factor in your rating in every state except California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, where credit rating is prohibited. Quote both combined and separate to see which way saves the most. Sometimes listing a spouse with poor credit as a driver and not a named insured can help the rate on a joint policy.
  • Bad Driving History. If your partner has a DUI, speeding tickets, or other moving violations, you may want to find a carrier who specializes in covering people with less than perfect records. The driver with the clean record will probably get a better deal with a standard carrier.
  • Luxury, Sports, or Collector’s Car. It may be cheaper to put the expensive vehicle on a separate policy, especially if only one spouse drives it.
  • A spouse’s driving history can still affect your insurance premiums even on separate policies because all household drivers must be listed (unless you exclude your partner).

When You Should Exclude Your Partner:

  • Many states allow you to exclude your partner, which means they will not be factored in your rate. 
  • You may do this if a poor credit score, a bad driving record, or an expensive car make a joint policy unaffordable. Never let your excluded spouse drive in an uncovered vehicle because if there’s an accident, the insurance company will leave you both fully responsible for paying damages or injuries.

Married Driver Car Insurance FAQs

Is car insurance cheaper if you are married?

Yes, insurance providers see married couples as less risky and therefore give them better auto insurance rates. A study in the National Institute of Health found that never-married or single drivers were significantly more likely to be in a car accident than their married counterparts. Maybe you should replace “Just Married” with “Just Saved Moolah.”

Is my spouse covered if he or she gets in an accident?

Yes, your spouse will be covered with the same level of coverage you enjoy. If your spouse is responsible for the accident, you must pay your deductible before the insurance picks up the rest. The only exception is if you excluded your spouse. You would exclude your partner if poor credit, a bad driving record, or an expensive car made a joint policy unaffordable.

How do we get the best rate as a married couple?

The best way to find the cheapest car insurance for married couples and newlyweds is to compare quotes from the auto insurance companies available in your area. Find a car insurance quote comparison tool like Insurify to compare up to 10+ real quotes for your combined driver profile and unlock savings and car insurance discounts. Rates can vary based on each of your driving history and personal profile, but you should be able to find a competitive price. Insurify provides the cheapest car insurance quotes and companies in your area in just a few minutes.

Conclusion: The best way to save on car insurance

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Green?

The first thing you should do after your wedding is to compare car insurance quotes (just kidding)! With all the cash, is it too early to start saving for the second honeymoon? 

Newlyweds and other married couples can use Insurify to compare the best deals, car insurance coverage options, and companies personalized for your price point. Get instant free quotes today on America’s top-rated auto insurance comparison site.

Score savings on car insurance with Insurify

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