You and your brother decide you want to move in together. And because the two of you drive two separate cars, you plan on buying a multi-car insurance policy. You’ve heard this can lead to lower car insurance rates, so why not give it a shot?

Before springing for that multi-car policy, you’ll want to do some comparison shopping. That means comparing multiple car insurance quotes from different insurance companies and seeing which ones gives you the best rate. After all, multi-car discounts vary from provider to provider. Plus, certain drivers are more expensive to insure, so sharing coverage could increase your auto insurance rates in some cases. 

Before you settle on coverage, use Insurify to compare multiple online car insurance quotes at once. With Insurify, you can compare free auto insurance quotes from over ten companies at once, giving you an easy way to see which provider offers the cheapest car insurance that meets your needs.

Multi-Car Insurance Quotes

You’ve decided you want to use Insurify to compare multiple quotes from a variety of auto insurance companies. But how do you go about doing this?

It’s pretty simple. Just head to Insurify and begin entering in your information. You’ll need to give information about your car’s make and model, your driving record, and how you use your vehicle. For instance, do you use your car to commute to work? If so, how long is your commute?

While entering your information, you’ll have an option to “Add A Car.” This tells Insurify that multiple cars will be on your auto insurance policy, meaning you qualify for multi-car discounts. These discounts will be factored into the free car insurance quotes that are generated for you. These online quotes will give you a clear picture of the car insurance landscape and tell you which car insurance companies offer the best insurance premiums for you.

Why is it better to bundle all cars on one policy? 

The benefit of bundling multiple cars on one policy is simple: savings! When you have multiple vehicles on one insurance policy, you qualify for a multi-car discount. Car insurance companies love having multiple drivers on one policy, so naturally, multi-car discounts are among their most generous offerings. Some multi-car discounts are as high as 25 percent—which is a pretty significant chunk of change that you’ll be saving.

But discounts aren’t the only way bundling cars on one policy helps you save. You can also save by having one single deductible. Say, for instance, your car and your brother’s car both sustain damage in the same extreme weather event. You have to file a claim for both cars since the damage is so significant. The bright side? You’ll only have to pay one deductible because both vehicles are on the same policy, which could cut costs in half potentially.

Another way people save through multi-car bundling is with a concept known as insurance stacking. What this means is you, and the person you share your car insurance policy with, can combine your coverage benefits and put it toward a single claim. So if you have to file a claim that exceeds your coverage limits, your brother’s car insurance coverage can kick in and handle the rest of the claim. This can be massively helpful if you have to file a large car insurance claim.

Which companies offer discounts for insuring multiple vehicles?

Plenty of car insurance companies offer discounts for insuring multiple vehicles. Here are some of the companies that offer multi-car discounts:

  • GEICO will knock up to 25 percent off your insurance premiums when you insure multiple cars under one policy.
  • State Farm will help drivers save 20 percent when they take advantage of multi-car discounts.
  • Progressive gives drivers a 10 percent discount when they insure multiple cars on one policy.
  • Nationwide offers a multi-car policy, but they don’t specify how much. If it’s in line with their multi-policy discounts, it’s likely in the range of 10 percent to 20 percent.
  • USAA and Allstate also advertise multi-car discounts, but again they don’t specify just how much you’re poised to save.

A wide variety of car insurance companies offer multi-car policy discounts—whether it’s a well-known national provider or a smaller local company. Because so many car insurance companies offer this discount, it becomes a matter of figuring out which one offers the biggest discount. Comparing free online quotes with Insurify is the best way to figure out which car insurance discounts will help you save big time. 

Can coverage vary from car to car?

Don’t worry: you don’t have to get the exact same coverage on both cars if you’re sharing a policy. If you and your brother do decide to get the same policy, you’ll have to share the same liability insurance breakdown. Liability limits tend to be pretty uniform anyway, following a structure of 100/300/50—which means $100,000 for bodily injury liability coverage, $300,000 for the total injuries from an accident, and $50,000 for property damage liability

After that, you can customize your car insurance coverage on a car-by-car basis. So your collision coverage and comprehensive coverage could vary. For instance, if your brother has an older car while you have a brand-new SUV, you might want to spend more on collision coverage for your new vehicle. Your brother, meanwhile, might want less coverage in order to save on insurance premiums.

Who qualifies for multi-car insurance?

Keep in mind that to qualify for multi-car insurance, all cars on the policy must be kept at the same address. So you can’t share a policy with your relative who lives five miles away. The specific requirements tend to vary. Some car insurance companies only let family members or members of the same household share a multi-car policy while other companies are okay with any roommates sharing a policy. And most companies limit the number of cars you can have on a policy to four or five.

Conclusion: The best way to get cheap car insurance online

You and your brother have decided you want to put both of your cars on one car insurance policy. But before you choose which company to work with, you want to do some comprehensive auto insurance comparison, get quotes from a wide array of companies, and factor in plenty of different coverage options. For instance, in addition to bundling your cars, you may also want to bundle your car insurance coverage with your renters insurance policy. Which company can help you do that?

Don’t slog through hundreds of company sites, manually comparing quotes and factoring in discounts on a piece of scrap paper. With Insurify, you can compare multiple car insurance quotes at once from over ten companies. Gone are the days of jumping from site to site, looking desperately for the best price. When you use Insurify, all of the quotes you need are in one place—helping you save time and money.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Multiple Car Insurance

How can I get multiple car insurance quotes at once online?

You want a car insurance policy that’s affordable and takes advantage of any available discounts. So naturally, you’re going to do your research before settling on a policy. The solution is comparing multiple car insurance policies at once. Insurify makes car insurance comparison easy, enabling you to compare online quotes from over ten insurance providers at once. All you need to do is enter your driver information and the information of anyone you’re sharing a policy with. Then Insurify will generate plenty of free quotes side by side, making it easy to compare and find the best rate for your budget.

Do you always save when you have a multi-car policy?

Before you and your brother decide to share a car insurance policy, you’ll want to keep in mind that coverage can vary on a person-by-person basis. When generating your insurance rates, a company will factor in your driving history, credit score, personal information and vehicle information. Sometimes a company will decide that a person has a high chance of filing a claim, making them more expensive to insure. Consider these variables before agreeing to share a policy with someone.

Which car insurance company offers the best multi-car discount?

When it comes to multi-car discounts, you have a long list of choices. As we’ve mentioned, just about every car insurance company offers such a discount. Some industry heavyweights like GEICO offer major multi-car discounts, while smaller local providers will likely offer dramatic savings too. The best way to figure out which companies offer sizable discounts is to do your research. Quote comparison from a variety of companies is an effective way to compare insurance costs and find the policy that meets your needs and financial circumstances. A comparison tool like Insurify helps you do that by letting you see how multiple online quotes stack up. Then you’ll be ready to hit the road—safely and affordably.

Updated May 1, 2020

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