Average Cost of Car Insurance Rates in Tennessee (2021)

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How Much Does Car Insurance Cost In Tennessee?

On average, car insurance rates for drivers in Tennessee are $181 per month, and $2177 per year. The average rates make Tennessee the 33rd most expensive state in the country for car insurance rates and -23% less expensive then the national average.

Keep in mind that average auto insurance costs are determined by factors other than location. Based on your driving history, credit score, age and marital status you should be able to find insurance quotes and discounts so that your monthly payment is less than the averages cited here. Click the button below to get personalized insurance quotes from top providers like Progressive, Allstate and Nationwide.

0.1%2.3%15.9%50%84.1%97.7%99.9%Average cost: $18150%

Insurify's comparison tool will help you make sure you're getting the best possible quote based on your needs and location. You can have peace of mind you're not paying any more than the average price in your state, and customers save $48 per month on average.

Best Tennessee Auto Insurance Rates

Insurify analyzed car insurance rates in the twenty most populous cities in Tennessee and has selected the following providers and quotes as the best rates for drivers in Tennessee.

Cheapest Companies

Tennessee Car Insurance Rates by City

For drivers in Tennessee, it's important that you evaluate all of your potential insurance options to ensure you are finding the best rate. Based on internal Insurify data, here are the average cost of car insurance rates for drivers in the top 10 cities in Tennessee.
Johnson City$119

What Is the Average Cost of Car Insurance in Tennessee by Age?

In Tennessee, a working high schooler should be able to pay the car insurance bill between homework and extracurriculars and still have a little spending money, with teenage drivers paying an average of $310 per month. Young adults in their 20s watch the price drop by $100 as they augment their experience on the road.

Finally, those drivers in their 30s, 40s, and 50s see prices below the state average. As drivers retire, they see some of the lowest average rates in the Volunteer State. Then, the price pops back up as hair gets grayer, but the rates still beat those of the youngest drivers.


What Is the Average Cost of Car Insurance in Tennessee by Gender?

Men pay three percent more than women for car insurance in Tennessee, which amounts to an average difference of $6 per month.


Does Marital Status Influence the Average Cost of Car Insurance in Tennessee?

Is your romantic interest "the one"? Here’s an incentive for you to answer "yes." In Tennessee, married folks save $24 per month over their single counterparts.

Financial experts and economists say that marriage leads to higher average net worth and greater financial stability. At $288 a year of average savings in car insurance costs, there's probably some truth to those words.

Marital Status

What Are the Minimum Car Insurance Requirements in Tennessee?

Tennessee requires its residents to have liability insurance to pay for injuries and property damage caused to others. The law sets the standards at $30,000 in bodily injury liability per person and $60,000 per accident, and $15,000 in property damage liability per accident. To cover your vehicle itself, add comprehensive and collision coverage.


How Does Credit History Affect Tennessee Car Insurance Rates?

Tennessee, like most states, allows insurance companies to use credit as a rating factor.

Why do Tennesseeans with poor credit pay less than those with average or good credit? Drivers with better credit often finance more expensive vehicles or set higher coverage limits. You can still save an average of $20 a month when you raise your credit score above 800 and land in the excellent credit category.

Credit History

What Is the Average Cost of Car Insurance in Tennessee for High-Risk Drivers?

"Safety first" is not just a mantra that saves lives. It also saves money. Common sense tells us that the safest drivers will pay the least, and safe drivers qualify for "good driver" and "accident-free" discounts. But what if your record is less than perfect?

Drivers with a speeding ticket in Tennessee will pay $21 more per month on average—plus fines. Drivers with an at-fault accident on their insurance record should expect to see monthly rates increase by around $31. Accidents happen, but driving safely and keeping a clean record are the best ways to avoid rate hikes. Remember, violations and accidents will stay on your insurance history for years to come. Still, you can still take a defensive driver course to reduce your monthly payment.

Driving History
No Violation$171
At-Fault Accident$202

Tips for Researching Tennessee Car Insurance Rates

Tennesseans can expect prices and premiums to change based on location, company, and car. In 2020, reports showed that Murfreesboro and Franklin were among the 15 fastest-growing cities in the nation. But will the insurance rates rise along with the population?

And while you're hoping for the best, you can try Insurify's comparison tool. You can generate 10+ real quotes and unlock savings and discounts. In less than two minutes, find the coverage you deserve at a price you can afford.

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FAQs - Tennessee Car Insurance

Why is car insurance so expensive in Tennessee?

There are many different factors that go into the how expensive your car insurance is. That said, some of the reasons why you could be paying so much for your insurance include: living in a state with high minimum insurance requirements, being a young or new driver, committing past traffic offenses like at-fault accidents or DUIs, and having a low credit score.

Do car insurance rates vary by county in Tennessee?

Auto insurance costs will vary between locations and insurance carriers, depending on the county Tennessee. Insurify analyzed the latest data for the five most populous cities in Tennessee to find you the cheapest quotes in each of these metropolitan areas.

Which providers have the best auto insurance ratings in Tennessee?

The way to find the carrier with the best auto insurance ratings in Tennessee and save on your insurance premiums is to compare quotes from all companies in your area. Use a car insurance quotes comparison site like Insurify to compare up to 10+ real quotes for your specific driver profile and unlock savings and discounts. Rates can fluctuate greatly based on whether you're a safe driver or a high risk one, but you should never overpay. Insurify provides the cheapest car insurance quotes and companies in your area in just a few seconds.

How much do annual auto insurance rates increase in Tennessee?

During the past three years in the United States, national premium costs have risen an average of 4.5 percent annually. In states where quotes have risen, this figure has been 7.8 percent; and in those where rates have fallen, prices have decreased by approximately 6.0 percent. Individual rates by state will of course vary depending on the driver’s history and a multitude of factors.

Insurify Rate Comparison Methodology

The car insurance quotes, statistics, and data visualizations on this page are derived from Insurify’s proprietary database of over 4 million car insurance applications from ZIP codes across the United States. Insurify’s data science team performs a comprehensive analysis of the various factors car insurance providers take into account while setting rates to provide readers insight into how car insurance quotes are priced.