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As we work together to slow the spread of COVID-19, state insurance commissions and insurance providers are constantly changing regulations and practices surrounding monthly payments, claim payouts, and more. To stay up to date with the latest on auto insurance reimbursements in your area, be sure to check with your state’s insurance commission and your current auto insurance provider.

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“Christmas City USA” is a town that boasts both old and new. With a diverse cultural and arts scene and historical significance that goes back to the 1700s, the city gives residents a lot to be happy about.

Though there’s much to celebrate in Bethlehem, drivers there are just like anyone else—finding their way through traffic to jobs, appointments, shopping, and family fun. With a population of 76,000, accidents occur even on Bethlehem’s best days. Making sure you have a solid insurance plan in place can protect you and your family while driving in Bethlehem.

Car Insurance in Bethlehem, PA

The average cost of Pennsylvania car insurance will vary from city to city and between insurance companies. Insurify analyzed the latest insurance rates in Bethlehem, PA to find you the cheapest quotes in the area.

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Cheapest Car Insurance in Bethlehem, PA

Here are the cheapest carriers in Bethlehem for the following user profile: a single, 30 year old male with a clean driving record who drives a 2012 Honda Accord and pays a $1,000 deductible for the state’s minimum liability insurance.

Best Car Insurance in Bethlehem, PA

The Insurify Composite Score is calculated by analyzing multiple factors that indicate the quality, reliability, and health of an insurance company. Inputs to the score include financial strength ratings from A.M. Best, Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s, and Fitch; J.D. Power ratings, Consumer Reports customer satisfaction surveys, mobile app reviews, and user-generated carrier reviews. The following are the top rated carriers that offer car insurance in Bethlehem. For the complete list, see Insurify's best car insurance companies.

Average Car Insurance Cost

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Bethlehem, PA Driving Facts

Minimum Car Insurance Requirements in PA

All motor vehicles operated or parked on Pennsylvania roadways are required to be insured. Proof of insurance must be carried in your car at all times and must available when:

  • Requested by law enforcement
  • Renewing vehicle registration
  • The vehicle is involved in a car accident

The minimum liability insurance requirements for private passenger vehicles in Pennsylvania are as follows:

  • $15,000 per person/$30,000 per accident for Bodily Injury (BI)

Bodily injury liability coverage protects drivers if their car is involved in an accident that harms another individual. The minimum limits required by Pennsylvania state law are $15,000 for the death or injury of a single victim as a result of a car accident and $30,000 for the deaths or injuries of multiple victims. Insurance companies list this type of coverage as 15/30, referring to the dollar limitations of each minimum. In the case of an accident, liability coverage can aid perpetrators with costs involved in a legal proceeding as a result of a crash. Bodily injury coverage is part of the minimum coverage required by Pennsylvania law.

  • $5,000/accident for Property Damage (PD)

The state minimum amount of property damage liability coverage required in the state of Pennsylvania is $5,000. If an insured driver is determined to be at fault and held liable in a motor vehicle accident, this coverage pays for damage repair to another individual’s property. Property damage coverage will also pay for legal costs if an insured driver is involved in a lawsuit following an accident.

  • $5,000/accident for Medical Benefits (PIP)

The minimum requirements in Pennsylvania include $5,000 first-party benefits towards medical expenses per accident. Insurance companies offer higher limits of up to $100,000 per accident.

Pennsylvania is the only state in the country that requires “first-party benefits coverage.” These benefits act as coverage in an accident regardless of fault.


Bethlehem Car Insurance Rates by Driver Age

Hardworking teenagers should be able to squeak out a $276 car insurance payment and still have time for school, sports, and extracurriculars. In the Keystone State, premium prices go down as experience on the road increases. That’s why young adults in their 20s snag a $90 break compared to what teen drivers shell out. From there, everyone gets a deal that skates below the state average of $200 per month. Those in their 60s lock in the best rate, with a premium that’s less than half of what the youngest drivers pay.

Driver's AgeAvg. Monthly Cost
Driving HistoryAvg. Monthly Cost
No Violation$164
Speeding Ticket$181
At-Fault Accident$167
Failure to Stop for Red Light / Stop Sign$272

Bethlehem Car Insurance Rates by Driving and Accident History

Bethlehem residents expect safe driving to bring multiple benefits. They get the peace of mind that results from defensive driving, and insurance companies award the most cautious motorists with “good driver” and “accident-free” discounts. But all the price cuts can go away with a sleepy morning and a resulting speeding ticket. Even worse, a failure-to-stop violation pumps the price up by over $100 per month, or $1,200 per year. The good news is that after three years of careful driving, tickets and accidents stop affecting car insurance rates.

Bethlehem Car Insurance Rates by Credit Tier

Many Pennsylvanians have a tough time figuring out how their credit affects their driving. But state law allows insurance companies to look at credit when deciding rates. Usually, those with better credit pay less. Why would people with average credit pay less than those with good credit? Drivers with better credit can finance costlier cars and opt for more coverage to protect their assets. That said, moving from poor to excellent credit will save over $45 per month, or $540 per year.

Credit TieAvg. Monthly Cost

Bethlehem, PA DMV Information

Have something on your DMV to-do list? The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDot) suggests doing your DMV business through their online portal. Visiting in person is still allowed, but it means you’ll need to find a driver’s license center or online messenger service that can help you with your vehicle and licensing needs. Online messengers (OLMs) are private businesses contracted to provide driver licensing and vehicle registration services for customers on behalf of PennDOT. While there are five driver’s license centers within 25 miles of Bethlehem, in locations like Allentown, Easton, and Dublin, there are 25 OLMs within the same distance.

Public Transportation in Bethlehem, PA

Though there are thousands of registered vehicles in Bethlehem, visitors to the city or those without a ride can access public transportation here. LANta (Lehigh and Northampton Transportation Authority) is the name of the area public transportation system here. It offers a fixed-route network of 26 bus routes throughout Lehigh Valley, including Saturday service. LANtaVan is the name of the county’s door-to-door paratransit service. An app allows riders to store their bus pass on their phone for convenience. Special fares are available for seniors 65+ and those with disabilities. Would you rather get a ride when and where you want it? Traditional taxis operate in this town, as do on-demand rideshare services Blacklane, Uber, and Lyft.

Conclusion: How to get the best and cheapest car insurance in Bethlehem, PA

Bethlehem has a lot of charm year-round, but when it comes to the city at Christmastime, it can’t be beaten. Many vendors work months in advance to make sure that the city lives up to its hype. Wondering if the car insurance you just bought can meet your expectations? You don’t have to. Insurify can give you the best coverage and rates personalized to you in minutes.

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We’ve been able to determine the speediest cities in the nation, the most popular cars among age groups, and the occupations with the worst drivers, among other insightful reports. We’ve also launched annual awards campaigns to congratulate the communities across the country who have excelled in environmentally friendly initiatives, educational attainment, and other areas.

Here's how Bethlehem stacks up for the state of Pennsylvania:

Hyundai Elantra
Most Popular Car in
Bethlehem, PA
suspended licenses
Cities with Most
Suspended Licenses Rank

FAQs - Bethlehem, PA Car Insurance

What happens if I’m found guilty of drunk driving in Bethlehem?

Drunk driving anywhere in the United States can mean a slew of consequences not limited to charges, fines, and even jail time. But if you are convicted of drunk driving in Pennsylvania, it’s entirely possible for your car insurance provider to cancel your policy. How can this happen? In this state, if your blood alcohol content (BAC) is high enough, your license can be suspended. License suspension is a valid reason for your insurer to cancel your policy in Pennsylvania. If your provider cancels your insurance, your only choice may be to find another insurance provider that insures high-risk drivers.

What happens if I forget to pay for my car insurance?

If you don’t pay your auto insurance premium on time, your insurance company can cancel your coverage. If this happens and you are without insurance, you experience what is known as a lapse in coverage. Pennsylvania law requires car insurance companies to notify PennDOT if they cancel your insurance. After 31 days, if you haven’t taken care of getting new car insurance and communicating that to PennDOT, your vehicle registration privileges are suspended for three months, and you will be faced with fees to reinstate them.

I don’t live in Bethlehem, but my daughter goes to school there. Can I keep her on my policy?

If your daughter is a full-time student and uses your address as her primary address, you can keep her on your policy. Keeping children on your policy ensures that they are covered when they borrow the car while at home. If they take a car to college, it’s important to keep them on your policy as well—and it’s cheaper. You still want to inform your insurance provider if they take the car to school, as the “garaging” address can sometimes affect rates.