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Cheap Auto Insurance Quotes in Huron, SD (June 2022)

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Insurify partners with top insurance companies and is a licensed agent in all 50 states. However, the insurance experts writing our content operate independently of our partners. Check out reviews from over 3,000 satisfied customers, how we make money, our data methodology, and our editorial standards.
Olivia Oksenhorn

By: Olivia Oksenhorn

Edited by Tanveen Vohra | Reviewed by licensed insurance agent, Amber Benka

Last Updated February 4, 2022

Why you can trust Insurify

Insurify partners with top insurance companies and is a licensed agent in all 50 states. However, the insurance experts writing our content operate independently of our partners. Check out reviews from over 3,000 satisfied customers, how we make money, our data methodology, and our editorial standards.

Car Insurance in Huron, SD

State law requires all South Dakota drivers to carry the minimum car insurance coverage. To comply with the minimum coverage insurance laws, you need to carry liability coverage (both bodily injury and property damage) as well as underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage. Plus, if you’re financing your vehicle, your lender may require you to purchase full coverage.

Getting cheap car insurance coverage in Huron, South Dakota, doesn’t have to be complicated or take hours of your time. Use Insurify, an AI-powered tool, to directly connect with the top insurance providers in your area and find the best coverage options at the best price in under five minutes. Getting cheap car insurance quotes with Insurify is easy, fast, and free!

Your auto insurance rates depend on where you live in South Dakota and the average costs can vary from city to city. On average, residents of Sioux Falls and Aberdeen pay a bit more than residents of Rapid City and Huron per month. You can find a chart showing the average car insurance rates for major cities in South Dakota below.

Quick Facts

  • The average cost of car insurance in Huron is $135 per month, or $1620 annually.
  • Car insurance in Huron is $13 less than the average cost of car insurance in South Dakota.
  • The cheapest car insurance provider in Huron on average is Midvale Home & Auto, but you should always compare quotes to find your best personal rate.

Quotes by Top Companies

State Farm
The General
American Family

Cheapest Car Insurance in Huron, SD

Different companies and insurance agents weigh factors like your age and credit score differently to determine your car insurance rate. That’s why it’s important to shop around and get at least five car insurance quotes from different auto insurance companies to find the cheapest auto insurance for you.

As a resident of Huron, South Dakota, you have plenty of options to choose from. But instead of manually requesting a quote from each of the auto insurance providers below, you can use Insurify to get real, cheap quotes from them and compare them side by side in one place.

Insurance Provider in HuronQuotes
Progressive$32 /mo
Allstate$43 /mo
State Farm$46 /mo
The General$148 /mo
American Family$154 /mo

Compare Car Insurance Quotes Instantly

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Best Car Insurance in Huron, SD

It is possible to get cheap SD car insurance with great coverage—you don’t need to sacrifice being safe on the road to get a good deal. You can use the table below to see car insurance companies in Huron, South Dakota, with some of the lowest insurance premiums, organized by their Insurify Composite Score from highest to lowest.

However, remember that these auto insurance rates are just estimates based on research. To get real and personalized quotes from these insurance providers in under five minutes, use Insurify.

Best CompaniesScoreQuotes
Nationwide89$131 /mo
Safeco86$151 /mo

Average Car Insurance Cost

South Dakota Cities
Sioux Falls$103/mo
Rapid City$84/mo
South Dakota$90/mo
Rapid City
Average for SD
Sioux Falls
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Minimum Car Insurance Requirements in South Dakota

All motor vehicles operated or parked on South Dakota roadways are required to be insured. Proof of insurance must be carried in your car at all times and must be available when:

  • Requested by law enforcement
  • Renewing vehicle registration
  • The vehicle is involved in a car accident


The minimum liability insurance requirements for private passenger vehicles in South Dakota are:

  • $25,000 per person for bodily injury
  • $50,000 per accident for bodily injury

As a major part of your liability insurance, bodily injury coverage covers medical bills for people other than the policyholder who are injured during an accident. South Dakota is an at-fault state, meaning the driver who is responsible for the collision is also responsible for paying for any resulting expenses, either through their car insurance provider or out of pocket.

  • $25,000 per accident for property damage

If it’s determined that an insured driver is at fault for an accident, this coverage pays for repairs to the property of the other involved parties. Additionally, property damage coverage can cover legal costs if the insured driver is involved in a lawsuit following the accident.

  • $25,000 per person for uninsured/underinsured motorist bodily injury
  • $50,000 per accident for uninsured/underinsured motorist bodiliy injury
  • $25,000 per accident for uninsured/underinsured motorist property damage

Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage pays for costs caused by a driver with little or no insurance after a car accident. In South Dakota, drivers are required to purchase this coverage for bodily injuries.

Huron Car Insurance Rates by Driver Age

Your age is one of the most important factors that determine the cost of your insurance policy. Statistically, teen and young drivers under 25 have the highest rates. However, your auto insurance coverage will gradually get cheaper and cheaper as you age and gain more driving experience. Drivers in their 60s usually have access to the lowest car insurance rates.

You can find the average car insurance rates by driver age in the table below.

Driver's AgeAvg. Monthly Cost

Huron Car Insurance Rates by Driving and Accident History

Your driving history and whether you have any at-fault accidents or DUIs on your record also play an important role in how cheap your car insurance can get. Drivers with a clean driving record generally have the most affordable car insurance rates, while those with speeding tickets, at-fault accidents, and failures to stop on their record have the highest auto insurance costs.

Driving HistoryAvg. Monthly Cost
No Violation$130
Speeding Ticket$182
At-Fault Accident$190

Huron Car Insurance Rates by Credit Tier

Whether you are shopping for the minimum required liability insurance or full coverage, auto insurance agencies will take your credit score into consideration when calculating your rates. Huron drivers with excellent and good credit scores have the cheapest car insurance rates, while those with poor credit history pay more on average.

You can compare average monthly costs for drivers with excellent, good, average, and poor credit scores below.

Credit TierAvg. Monthly Cost

Find local Huron agents

  • American Trust Insurance, LLC 

    1820 Dakota Ave S,
    Huron, SD 57350
  • Heartland Financial Services Inc 

    2111 Dakota Ave S,
    Huron, SD 57350
  • American Bank & Trust 

    1829 E Dakota Ave S.,
    Huron, SD 57350
  • Art Sieler & Associates 

    1945 Indiana Ave SE,
    Huron, SD 57350-4213
  • Waldner Ins Agcy 

    40500 S Shore Rd,
    Huron, SD 57350-8114
  • Farmers Union Insurance Agency 

    1835 Arizona Ave SW,
    Huron, SD 57350
  • Dakotaland Community Insurance, LLC 

    1371 Dakota Avenue South,
    Huron, SD 57350
  • 1st Stop Insurance 

    1507 Dakota Ave S,
    Huron, SD 57350-3844
  • HUB International Mountain States 

    76 3rd St SW,
    Huron, SD 57350-2401
  • Home Run Insurance Agency Inc 

    1340 Dakota Ave N,
    Huron, SD 57350-4545
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Huron DMV Information

The DMV is a state-level government agency that provides services related to cars and other vehicles, such as purchasing new license plates and vehicle registration renewal. “DMV” stands for department of motor vehicles. You can simply walk in, but if you want to avoid long lines, it’s recommended that you make an appointment.

There are multiple DMVs in Huron, South Dakota, so you can simply search for the one closest to you. There is no requirement to go to a specific DMV. South Dakota Department of Motor Vehicles also offers several services online, such as finding out the estimated renewal cost of your vehicle. Keep in mind that to renew your driver’s license, you need to visit the South Dakota Department of Public Safety, not the DMV.

Public Transportation in Huron

Huron, South Dakota, is primarily a driving city. It could be difficult to get around Huron without your car. However, there is some public transportation available, primarily buses.

If high car insurance costs are preventing you from investing in a vehicle, there are several things you can do to lower your car insurance premiums. You can bundle your car insurance policy with another insurance policy—such as your homeowners or life insurance—or increase your deductible. However, the best way to find cheap car insurance in Huron is to use Insurify.

How to Get the Cheapest Car Insurance in Huron

Whether you’re looking for a car insurance policy for your family or just for yourself, the best way to find the cheapest auto insurance quote in Huron is to shop around. You need to request at least four car insurance quotes from different car insurance companies and then compare them to see which provider is offering you the best rates and coverage.

However, manually requesting quotes from different auto insurance providers and then comparing them on your own can get time-consuming—not to mention confusing! You have to spend hours on the phone or online with different insurance agents, answering the same basic questions about your age, credit score, and driving history over and over again.

Comparing car insurance quotes with Insurify saves you time, money, and stress. Plus, it helps you find the cheapest car insurance coverage available on the market in Huron in under five minutes! Simply spend a few minutes telling Insurify about yourself, your vehicle, and your coverage preferences, and instantly get 10+ real and personalized quotes side by side.

FAQs - Huron, SD Car Insurance

  • Shopping around and getting at least four auto insurance quotes from different insurance companies in your area is the best way to get the cheapest rate. However, doing this on your own can cost you time and money. Use Insurify to find the cheapest car insurance rates in Huron, South Dakota. On average, Insurify users save $489 per year!

  • Different car insurance companies weigh personal and statistical factors, such as your age and vehicle model, differently to determine your unique car insurance rate, so it is difficult to predict how much car insurance will cost for you. However, you can use Insurify to get real and cheap car insurance quotes from the top auto insurance companies in Huron, such as Nationwide and State Farm.

  • Certain factors, such as having a poor credit score, being a teen or young driver under 25, and having violations on your driving record, can drive your car insurance costs up. Some vehicle models can also cost more to insure. However, even if you have factors that are negatively impacting your car insurance costs, you can use Insurify to find the cheapest deal for you.

Compare Car Insurance Quotes Instantly

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  • No signup required


The car insurance quotes displayed are based on an analysis of Insurify’s database of over 40 million quotes from 500 ZIP codes nationwide. To obtain representative rates, Insurify’s data science team performs frequent comprehensive analyses of the factors car insurance providers weigh to calculate rates including driver demographics, driving record, credit score, desired coverage level, and more.

Insurify’s analysis also incorporates the Insurify Composite Score (ICS) assigned to each insurance provider. The ICS is a proprietary rating that weighs multiple factors reflecting the quality, reliability, and health of an insurance company. Ratings used to calculate the ICS include Financial Strength Ratings from A.M. Best, Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s, and Fitch; J.D. Power ratings; Consumer Reports customer satisfaction surveys and customer complaints; mobile app reviews; and user-generated company reviews. 

With the above insights and ranking methods, Insurify is able to offer car insurance shoppers insight into how various insurance providers compare to one another in terms of both cost and quality. Note, actual quotes will vary based on unique attributes including the policyholder’s driver history and their garaging address.

Insurify Insights

How Huron Drivers Measure Up

While most drivers know that car insurance quotes are determined in part by your personal driving history, many may be unaware that rates are also impacted by the average risk of the drivers around you as well. Check out Insurify's latest analysis of driving records in Huron, South Dakota below:


Drawing from an internal database of over 4 million car insurance applications, the research team at Insurify analyzes patterns in car ownership and driver behavior - including how Huron drivers measure up to their fellow motorists across South Dakota in areas including speeding, DUIs, and more.
Insurify Insights publishes data-driven articles, trend analyses, and national rankings each week on all factors related to cars and those who drive them.


Nissan Murano

Most Popular Car in Huron


City with the Most Speeding Tickets Rank in South Dakota


City with the Most Moving Violations Rank in South Dakota


City with the Most DUIs Rank in South Dakota


City with the Most Suspended Licenses in South Dakota

  • Some car models are just more popular than others and trends can vary from place to place. The most popular vehicle in Huron is the Nissan Murano.

  • While driving while intoxicated is never acceptable, it’s a more common offense than many assume. Huron drivers rank in the number of DUI’s per driver across all cities in South Dakota.

    • Rank within state: N/A
    • Percent of drivers in Huron with a DUI: N/A
  • Exceeding the speed limit can endanger others and leave a permanent stain on your driving record. When compared to other cities in South Dakota, Huron drivers rank in the number of speeding infractions per driver.

    • Rank within state: N/A
    • Percent of drivers in Huron with a speeding ticket: N/A
Insurify Insights

Insurify's team of data scientists and content specialists presents Insurify Insights, a series of automotive, home, and health studies focusing on the topics that impact us all. through expert analysis of over 4 million car insurance applications and an array of top data sources, the Insurify Insights team produces new data-driven articles, trend analyses, regional superlatives, and national rankings every week. See Insurify Insights as featured in Forbes, Fox News, USA Today, NPR, and more.

Olivia Oksenhorn
Olivia Oksenhorn

Content Specialist at Insurify

Olivia Oksenhorn is a content specialist at Insurify. With a special focus in auto insurance and personal finance, Olivia works to help policyholders make informed decisions about their insurance. She received a bachelor's degree from the University of Colorado. Before starting at Insurify, she worked as a writer and in newsrooms and nonprofits across Colorado, including Aspen Public Radio and the Aspen Sojourner. You can connect with Olivia on LinkedIn.

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