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American National Car Insurance Review (With Quotes, 2022)

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Insurify partners with top insurance companies and is a licensed agent in all 50 states. However, the insurance experts writing our content operate independently of our partners. Check out reviews from over 3,000 satisfied customers, how we make money, our data methodology, and our editorial standards.

Why you can trust Insurify

Insurify partners with top insurance companies and is a licensed agent in all 50 states. However, the insurance experts writing our content operate independently of our partners. Check out reviews from over 3,000 satisfied customers, how we make money, our data methodology, and our editorial standards.
Katie Powers

By: Katie Powers

Edited by Jackie Cohen

Updated August 31, 2022

Established in 1905, American National has long been a reliable provider for drivers throughout the country. On average, American National customers pay $117 per month. Since it’s available in all 50 states, it just might be the insurance provider you’re looking for. Keep reading to learn how American National auto insurance coverage compares to that of other insurance providers.

Insurify’s quote-comparison tool allows users to easily compare quotes from the comfort of home with a phone, tablet, or computer. Committing to a car insurance provider that matches your specific car insurance needs can feel overwhelming. Insurify gets that, which is why we’re providing you with the information to decide if American National offers the coverage you need.

American National in a Nutshell

  • The average cost of car insurance with American National is $117 per month.

  • American National is good for policyholders who value affordable rates with opportunities through the CashBack program, bundling home and auto insurance policies, and rental car protection policies.

  • American National isn't the best option for ridesharing coverage for rideshare drivers and accident forgiveness programs.

American National Industry Rankings and Scorecard

Financial strength is an important consideration when choosing a car insurance company. If you were to file a claim with your insurance company, policyholders want to make sure the company has the financial strength to actually see a claim through. Alongside average quotes, these ratings will aid people in the process of choosing an insurance provider.

Industry RankingAmerican National Rating
A.M. Best Financial StrengthA
NAIC Complaint RatingLess than average

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American National Car Insurance Quotes by Driver History

Car insurance coverage calculations depend on the provider, insurance policies, driving records, and more. Drivers with clean records free of driving violations fare better in earning cheaper insurance products. Those with any recorded DUIs, speeding tickets, or at-fault accidents will inevitably pay more for coverage. Find American National’s monthly quotes in the chart below.

Driver ProfileAmerican National Average Monthly PremiumNational Average
Clean Record$126$77
At-Fault Accident$154$113
Speeding Ticket$133$104
Disclaimer: actual quotes may vary based on the policyholder's unique driver profile.

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American National Car Insurance Quotes by State

Regardless of the insurance type—home, auto, or renters insurance—rates rise and fall based on the state and city a driver lives in, whether it’s near American National’s Moody Plaza headquarters in Galveston, TN, or Springfield, MO. Population density, climate, crime rates, and more factor into deductibles. The chart below shows the insurer’s average rates in every state.

StateAmerican National Average Monthly Premium
New Hampshire$83
New Jersey$115
New Mexico$105
New York$171
North Carolina$116
North Dakota$113
Rhode Island$231
South Carolina$145
South Dakota$81
Washington, D.C.$152
West Virginia$107
Disclaimer: actual quotes may vary based on the policyholder's unique driver profile.

American National Car Insurance Pros and Cons

American National offers quality service for drivers looking to bundle insurance policies, pay affordable rates, and access rental car protection policies. Every customer wants specific factors from their insurance provider, so comparing the pros and cons of various companies allows you to find the right coverage. Choose choose based on your needs, values, and wallet.


  • Ample bundling opportunities

  • Affordable rates through CashBack program

  • Rental car protection offerings


  • No rideshare coverage offerings

  • No accident forgiveness program

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American National Car Insurance Discounts

Drivers understandably love discounted insurance policies. Who can blame them? The good news is American National offers a number of driver-based, policy-based, and bundling discounts that decrease the overall costs of insurance coverage. We’ve laid out the discount offerings for you, so keep reading to see what discounts you qualify for with American National.

Driver-Based Discounts

The accident-free discount allows drivers to earn up to 30 percent off insurance rates after remaining claim-free for a designated amount of time. Drivers can save even more for safe driving if they have various safety and restraint features in their car. Additionally, the good student discount for students with academic success can reduce rates by up to 15 percent.

Policy-Based Discounts

Unsatisfied with your current car insurance provider? Drivers looking to switch their auto insurance company can save on their rates when choosing American National as their new provider. Additional policy-based discounts come into play for various other factors, and comprehensive and collision coverage includes car rental for no additional cost for customers.

Bundling Discounts

Policyholders with auto, life, and home insurance all provided by American National Group save big time on the cost of home and auto premiums. For people with the provider’s auto and home policies, reaching three years without any claims results in a check for a portion of your original premiums. American National values customer loyalty, especially for those who bundle.

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American National Car Insurance Coverage Options

American National coverage options include liability insurance, collision and comprehensive coverage, personal injury protection, rental coverage, medical payments coverage, and towing and labor coverage. Specialized offerings include rental reimbursement, roadside assistance, casualty insurance, work loss coverage, gap insurance, and classic or collector car insurance.

Factors like driving and accident history, personal profile, location, policy types, and more need to be considered when comparing auto insurance quotes. No one perfect insurance plan exists for all drivers. Insurify’s helpful comparison tool, thorough information, and provided monthly quotes make the hard decisions associated with choosing an insurance provider a lot easier.

Roadside Assistance

Nobody heading out on the road plans on getting stranded due to car troubles. And when that happens, drivers want nothing more than to continue driving or head home. American National provides assistance with tire, engine, battery, and other car issues through their 24-hour roadside assistance coverage. Local agents will help get you on your way.

Rental Reimbursement

If your car is in the shop after an accident, routine repair, or another issue, chances are you will probably want to find a rental car to continue the requirements of everyday life. American National understands that, so they offer a little bit of help to keep you going. For a total of 30 days, the car insurance provider will pay up to $25 per day for the costs of rental car expenses.

Work Loss Coverage

The aftermath of car accidents prompts a number of tedious and unfortunate issues. Cars may be totaled or in need of various repairs, but nothing matches the fear and discomfort associated with sustained injuries—no matter how severe. If those injuries keep policyholders out of work, they can receive as much as 85 percent of their lost earnings from their time away from work.

Gap Insurance

Since the value of a car decreases after purchase or rental date, issues can arise in the event of a car accident that leaves a driver’s car totaled beyond repair. American National will take care of the financial difference between any remaining car loan balance and the vehicle’s cash value after the accident. This way, drivers will have one less issue or stressor to worry about.

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American National Car Insurance Reputation

Is American National car insurance good?

American National car insurance ranks generally well for claims and customer satisfaction, financial strength, and affordability. It offers coverage in all fifty states and Puerto Rico.

General insurance offerings from American National include liability, personal injury protection, rental, medical payments, towing and labor, and collision and comprehensive coverage. Specialized coverage includes roadside assistance, rental reimbursement, accidental death and dismemberment, disability, work loss, umbrella policy, classic car, gap insurance, and more.

Recreational vehicle insurance provides coverage for motorcycles, boats, RVs, and more. Beyond vehicle insurance, American National offers policies for life, homeowners, renters, farms and ranches, business, credit, and health insurance. Annuities are also offered to help provide and develop additional retirement income for later in life. The insurance products are abundant.

American National Customer Service

The many subsidiaries of the insurance provider—including the American National Property and Casualty Company (ANPAC) and American National General Insurance—generally seem to appreciate the customer service of their insurance agents, especially with bundling discounts and affordable rates. Some other customers have complained about rates increasing over time.

American National Claims Filing Process

American National’s claim-filing process first involves beginning the claim online, over the phone at 1 (800) 333-2860, online, or through the AN Mobile app. The claim status can then be tracked online or through the AN Mobile app. Payments typically arrive from American National within a few weeks. Overall, the process remains fairly simple.

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American National: Is it right for you?

Committing to an insurance provider and various types of insurance coverage feels like a big responsibility, which makes some of these decisions difficult. Whether American National is the right fit for you depends on a number of factors. Using a quote-comparison tool like Insurify allows you to compare quotes from different providers and remove the guesswork.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The answer to whether a driver should purchase insurance from American National depends on each individual’s insurance needs. If bundling insurance products appeals to you, American National is a great option to receive substantial discounts. Drivers interested in ridesharing coverage or an accident forgiveness program may want to look elsewhere.

  • As with every insurance provider, monthly insurance costs for American National vary depending on the driver. Calculations factor in types of coverage, driver profile, driving history, location, age, and more. For example, drivers with recorded violations pay more than those who have totally clean records. On average, American National car insurance costs $117 per month.

  • American National offers their policyholders a number of driver-based, policy-based, and bundling discounts. Customers greatly appreciate the benefits they receive from loyalty and bundling programs when insured for home, auto, and life insurance. Other discounts typically center around safe driving practices, up-to-date safety equipment, and good student discounts.

  • No matter where you look, each insurance company wants you to think they provide the absolute cheapest car insurance rates available. Because costs fluctuate over time, comparing quotes with a comparison tool like Insurify allows users to consider all the information needed to make an educated decision about their individualized insurance needs. Happy shopping!

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  • Data scientists at Insurify analyzed over 40 million auto insurance rates across the United States to compile the car insurance quotes, statistics, and data visualizations displayed on this page. The car insurance data includes coverage analysis and details on drivers' vehicles, driving records, and demographic information. With these insights, Insurify is able to offer drivers insight into how their car insurance premiums are priced by companies.

Katie Powers
Katie Powers

Insurance Writer

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