Safeway Auto Insurance is one of the largest, family-owned insurance companies in the United States. Policies offer basic coverage at affordable rates for high-risk drivers.

Who Benefits Most and Least from Safeway Insurance?

Best For…

  • Drivers who prefer working with an independent agent to manage their auto insurance policy
  • Non-standard, SR-22, and international drivers who may struggle to get affordable coverage elsewhere
  • Customers who value having a variety of payment options, including over the phone, online, or by mail

Not the Best For… 

  • Customers who want 24/7 phone service for reporting a claim 
  • Anyone looking for a comprehensive company website as a resource
  • Those who would like a centralized contact system for policy management and billing inquiries

Safeway: Keeping insurance in the family for more than 50 years

Safeway was founded in 1959 by William J. Parillo. To this day, he is the President and Chairman of the company. Specializing in non-standard auto policies, Safeway provides affordable options for basic coverage. For drivers having trouble to secure coverage in one of the twelve states where Safeway is available, connecting with a local agent can help. Although Safeway has a decent customer service record, there are few options for discounts, and the company has a poor online presence: the company website is outdated and can be hard to navigate, and the online portal only lets you make payments and view your policy details. 

Safeway Car Insurance Quotes and Discounts

Comparing car insurance quotes between companies ensures you get the best rate, every time. As your situation changes over time, so too will your car insurance options. From blemishes on your driving record to picking up work as a Lyft driver, your needs and circumstances will affect the policies and rates available to you.

Don’t miss out on a good rate and great coverage by relying on old quotes—be sure to compare car insurance with Insurify every time you shop. 

Auto Insurance Quotes Comparison: Safeway vs. Competitors

To see how Safeway’s rates stacked up to its competition, Insurify’s data team compared average insurance quotes in Arizona from Safeway, GEICO, and Progressive. Below are the average rates for drivers under 40 in Arizona:

Insurance companyQuote

These are the average quotes from Safeway, Progressive, and GEICO for Arizona drivers with a speeding ticket on their record:

Insurance companyQuote

Finally, these are the average quotes for Arizona drivers with an accident on record, from Safeway, GEICO, and Progressive:

Insurance companyQuote

You never know which insurance company could give you the best deal for the best price! This is why you should always compare quotes online by using comparison websites like Insurify.

Drivers Can SAVE with these Discounts from Safeway

The Safeway Insurance Company website doesn’t specify any available discounts, but review sites mention the possibility of a discount for having prior coverage. If landing a discount is a priority for you, perhaps look elsewhere. 

However, as a company that advertises affordable rates with very basic policy options, it’s possible you could still get a good deal with Safeway. Of course, the only way to know for sure is to compare quotes with other companies. 

States Where Safeway Car Insurance is Offered

Safeway policies are offered in twelve states: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Tennessee, and Texas.

There doesn’t appear to be much difference in policy offerings from state to state, especially where Safeway’s options are bare bones. However, it’s best to discuss the specifics with an agent before making a decision.

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Safeway Auto Insurance Coverages

Safeway is known to be a non-standard insurer with basic policy offerings. While the company website doesn’t lay out coverage options explicitly, there is mention of what scenarios may be covered. These correspond to the following coverages: 

  • Liability coverage is required in most states. This type of policy covers the other driver’s expenses in an accident when you are at fault. Both property damage to another vehicle, and bodily injury to the other driver, are covered with a liability policy.
  • Comprehensive and collision coverages offer you peace of mind when it comes to covering the costs of your own vehicle. While both help pay for property damage to your car, there is a slight difference between them. Comprehensive covers damage not caused by a vehicle accident—like a falling tree, flood damage, or even theft. Collision covers damage incurred in an accident with another vehicle.
  • Medical Payments policies help cover expenses ranging from hospital bills to funeral costs after an accident. In case of severe bodily injury or death, this coverage helps ease the financial burden of getting hurt.
  • Uninsured Motorist coverage protects you when an at-fault driver does not hold an insurance policy. This would help cover costs normally paid out of a liability policy: property damage and bodily injury.

Other Special Auto Coverages Offered by Safeway Insurance

It’s not clear whether other coverage is available through Safeway. Some reviews mention rental reimbursement. However, these details are best worked out with your agent. 

Safeway operates mainly through independent agents and regional offices. However, there are limited opportunities to manage your policy through the company website, mysafeway.com

The online portal gives you the option to view your policy details, view and print your I.D. card, and even submit a claim. Some customers have noted that the online capabilities are lackluster, so this is more of a minor perk than key functionality for policyholders.

Read more about commonly added special auto insurance coverages here. 

Other Insurance Products Offered by Safeway Insurance

Safeway currently only offers auto insurance policies. In the past, a sister subsidiary called Safeway Property Insurance offered homeowners and renters policies; however, this was sold by the parent company a few years ago. Since then, Safeway has stopped writing auto insurance policies in Florida, where the property group was based. 

How Can I Buy Auto Insurance from Safeway?

When you’re ready to buy a Safeway Auto insurance policy, you’ll need to find a local agent to work with. There are more than 3,000 agents across the states serviced by Safeway.

If you’re not sure where to find an agent, the Safeway website can help you locate an office. Simply visit the main site, and select “Find an Agency.” You’ll be able to search by agency name, or your own street address. Once entered, the details of your nearest office will appear.

Connecting with a local agent is the only way to buy a policy from Safeway. There is not currently a centralized or online process to get covered. 

How Can I Pay for My Safeway Car Insurance Policy?

Safeway customers have multiple options to make payments on their policies. 

If you prefer to pay online, the portal at mysafeway.com allows you to make secure payments. Most major credit cards are accepted. You can also pay by credit card by calling the Payments and Billing phone number for your state. 

Mailing a check is also an option for those who prefer this method. Just make sure your check makes it to the right location: each state has a unique mailing address for check payments. 

If you’re not sure where to mail your check, or what payment number to call, the Safeway website has a directory of each regional office, and the associated payments mailing address and phone number

To access the directory, visit the main Safeway site, and select “Safeway Locations.” From there, you’ll be able to access the Payment and Billing link for the address and phone details needed to pay your bill.

How Often Will Safeway Increase My Premiums?

The Safeway website doesn’t specifically mention what could raise your premiums; however, there are common causes across most companies.

Getting into an accident, missing a payment, or even moving to a new neighborhood are all standard reasons for an increased premium rate. If you’re concerned about your premiums going up, talk with your independent agent about how a change in circumstances could affect your rates. 

How Does Safeway’s Claims Process Work? 

Safeway’s claims process is managed centrally through the Illinois headquarters office. 

To report a claim, you should call the main claims phone number: 1 (888) 203-5129. The Claims line is staffed from 7:30 AM to 10:00 PM, Monday through Friday Central Time, and from 8:00 AM to 7:30 PM Central Time. 

Before calling, make sure you gather your policy number, all relevant information about your accident, the names of any involved parties, and the police report (if you have one). After initial intake, an advisor will assign you a claims representative who will be your point of contact for the rest of the process. Keep this representative’s phone number, as well as your claim report number, handy for future reference. 

The bare-bones company website doesn’t specify whether policyholders are limited to particular body shops for repairs. When setting up your policy, be sure to discuss these details with your agent—you don’t want a surprise after you’ve already been sent a repair bill following an accident.

Processing times can vary depending on the complexity of your claim, and your specific policy coverage. 

How Can I Cancel My Safeway Car Insurance Policy?

Any changes to your Safeway car insurance policy are handled by your independent agent. Just make sure to ask about any possible fees or potential refunds ahead of time.

To protect yourself and save money in the future, make sure you line up another policy before you cancel your current one. A lapse in insurance coverage not only leaves you vulnerable but can disqualify you from potential discounts with future insurers. 

How Much Does Uber/Lyft Coverage Cost with Safeway?

Safeway does not currently offer any rideshare insurance for Uber or Lyft drivers. If you drive for one of these companies and need additional, tailored coverage, you may need to consider other options.

Insurance Companies Similar to Safeway

As a non-standard, regional car insurance provider, Safeway offers policies similar to companies like AIG, The General, and Infinity auto. Although all specialize in high-risk drivers, Safeway’s policy options are the most limited. Many non-standard insurance companies only write in select states, so be sure to compare quotes for your area.

For those looking for more robust policy offerings or rewards for good behavior through rate decreases or discounts, larger national brands like State Farm or Progressive could be good alternative options. 

Safeway Customer Satisfaction and Policyholder Reviews

Overall, Safeway’s customer service garnered mixed reviews. Many who hadn’t yet had to deal with a claim are satisfied by the service they receive and affordable rates.

Among the most common complaints, harsh communications and lack policy options stand out:

Safeway Mobile App Review

There is not currently a mobile app available for Safeway, but policyholders can at least view their policy details via the online portal, mysafeway.com.

Frequently Asked Questions: Safeway Car Insurance

Who owns Safeway Insurance Company?

Safeway Insurance Company was founded in 1959 by William J. Parillo. He is currently the President and Chairman of the company. It claims to be the largest family-owned insurance company in the United States.

What areas does Safeway Insurance cover?

Safeway offers policies in twelve states: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Tennessee, and Texas.

How can I set up an insurance policy with Safeway?

Safeway sells policies through more than three thousand independent agents. Although there is not an online quoting process directly offered through the company’s website, you can speak with an agent to get a quote. Before deciding to switch, you should compare quotes with other companies to make sure you get the best value for your car insurance needs.

Is Safeway the cheapest car insurance in your area?

While Safeway may offer cheap car insurance for some drivers, there’s no one-size-fits-all option for car insurance. To get the best value for your needs, you should compare quotes from other companies with Insurify. You could miss discounts and additional coverage options if you don’t.

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Safeway Auto Insurance Overview

Founded in 1959, Safeway Auto Insurance started off servicing non-standard drivers in the state of Illinois. With its headquarters still based in Westmont, IL, Safeway now writes insurance in 10 states. It is a subsidiary of the Safeway Insurance Group, and maintains an A (excellent) rating from AM Best. 

Safeway offers auto insurance policies through more than 3,000 independent agents. However, claims processing is handled in house via a regional office. To further complicate, questions about billing and payments are handled through yet another regional line. 

Safeway’s customer service representatives have earned mixed reviews online. Customers seem to be generally satisfied until they have a claim to process, or a rate increase.

Safeway Contact Information

Regional Contact Information DirectoryDirectory
Customer service email addressOnline form
Headquarters address790 Pasquinelli Drive, Westmont, IL 60559
Claims service phone number1 (888) 203-5129
Website URL www.safewayinsurance.com
Updated July 26, 2021

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