As we work together to slow the spread of COVID-19, state insurance commissions and insurance providers are constantly changing regulations and practices surrounding monthly payments, claim payouts, and more. To stay up to date with the latest on auto insurance reimbursements in your area, be sure to check with your state’s insurance commission and your current auto insurance provider.

If your driving habits have changed due to COVID-19, find a new, cheaper, ready-to-buy auto insurance policy on Insurify by comparing dozens of quotes at once.

American National has been a trusted insurance provider since 1905 — and its auto insurance stands out as an affordable, service-oriented option for drivers in all 50 states.

Who Benefits Most and Least from American National Insurance?

Best For…

  • People looking to bundle home and auto
  • People who rent cars often
  • Drivers who value an insurer with financial stability

Not the Best For… 

  • Rideshare drivers looking for coverage
  • Drivers looking for an accident forgiveness program

American National: This provider does it all. But does its auto insurance stand out?

American National has stood the test of time. Since its founding all the way back in 1905, the company has remained committed to affordability, quality service, and a wide range of coverage options. 

One thing that sets American National apart is its breadth of services. Sure, you might be looking for auto insurance specifically. But American National’s popular home insurance and life insurance programs make bundling policies a great idea. And American National offers plenty of popular add-ons for car insurance, such as classic car insurance and rental car insurance.

American National is also affordable. Its quotes come in lower than many competitors. That’s before taking into account some of its great discounts or popular CashBack program. 

While American National has been around for well over a century, it still values modern tools. The American National Mobile App is helping users file claims and get in touch with agents easily. 

American National Insurance Company brings a lot to the table, but it might not have everything you want. For instance, it still doesn’t have rideshare insurance. And its lack of an accident forgiveness program might be a dealbreaker for some.

Still, with agents across the United States, connecting with an American National agent is easy. Read on to see if this industry mainstay is the right option for you.

American National Car Insurance Quotes and Discounts

There are so many insurance providers out there—and all of them provide different quotes and discounts. No wonder shopping for car insurance can make your head spin! That’s why comparing quotes with an easy-to-use tool like Insurify is the right strategy. 

Auto Insurance Quotes Comparison: American National vs. Competitors

Where does American National fall compared to other insurance providers? Below you’ll see car insurance quotes from American National, Progressive, and GEICO for drivers across different scenarios. 

For instance, here were the average insurance prices for drivers under the age of 40 in South Carolina:

Insurance companyQuote
American National$29/month

As you can see, American National offers the lowest quote of the three. Keep in mind that these quotes are calculated before factoring in discounts, which could affect how these providers stack up. Still, it’s clear that American National Insurance Company is a great option for younger drivers.

Here were the average prices for drivers with a speeding ticket on their record: 

Insurance companyQuote
American National$39/month

Once again, American National has the lowest quote, tied with GEICO. Progressive’s quote, meanwhile, is significantly higher. So if you may not have a spotless driving record, American National appears to be an affordable option.

Accidents happen. If you have an at-fault accident on your driving record, here are the quotes you might be looking at from these three providers:

Insurance companyQuote
American National$39/month

Again, American National and GEICO tied for the cheapest option, offering average prices that are half that of Progressive. Once again, you should keep in mind that these are the prices before discounts, which could affect how these auto insurance companies compare.

Insurance prices change pretty frequently. Between discounts and the basic ups and downs of the market, you can’t always predict the prices you’ll have to pay. That’s why you can make sure you’re getting the right price by comparing auto insurance quotes online.

Drivers Can SAVE with these Discounts from American National

Every driver loves a good insurance discount. And when you drive with American National Insurance Company, you have plenty of opportunities for savings that will keep you on the road safely and affordably. 

One of American National’s most popular discounts is its Accident-Free Discount. This means if you go a specified period without filing an accident claim, you’ll knock up to 30 percent off of your rate. 

Additionally, American National’s Good Student Discount cuts rates by up to 15 percent if a driver attending school remains in good academic standing. 

Finally, American National’s Multiple Policy Discount can help you save if you pair auto insurance with one of American National’s other coverage options. These options include homeowners insurance, life insurance, health insurance, casualty insurance, and more. American National also offers additional discounts for those who switch over from another insurance company to American National, those who are members of the motor club, and those with passive restraint features in their car.

Whether you’re staying safe on the roads or getting all A’s in the classroom, American National gives its customers plenty of opportunities to save big on auto insurance.

States Where American National Car Insurance is Offered

American National is a nationwide network of coverage that offers car insurance in all 50 states and Puerto Rico.

Car insurance discounts might be different on a state-by-state basis. Click here to find the cheapest car insurance quotes in your state.

American National Auto Insurance Coverages

  • Liability coverage: If you cause an accident, you need a way to pay for the other driver’s damages. Liability coverage helps you do just that. It’s one of the most important components of a car insurance policy, which is why it’s mandatory in just about every state.
  • Collision coverage: Say you hit another car or a tree. How are you going to pay for repairs? Collision coverage can help. Collision coverage typically has a deductible, which is the amount of money you pay before your provider helps pay off your claim. Learn more about choosing the right deductible.
  • Comprehensive coverage: Maybe your car has been damaged, but not due to a collision. This could be the result of theft, extreme weather, fire, or other possibilities.
  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP): When you get in an accident, medical expenses or even funeral expenses are a possibility. Personal injury protection helps pay for those expenses if needed.
  • Rental coverage: American National is unique in terms of the priority it places on rental car insurance. Any customer who buys collision or comprehensive insurance automatically gains rental coverage. As you can imagine, driving a car that isn’t yours presents some issues in terms of insurance. But with rental car insurance, you don’t have to worry—you’ll be covered for any damage you might cause to other cars or property while driving a rental car. Keep in mind, rental car insurance doesn’t include collision insurance or personal injury protection. 
  • Medical Payments coverage: Similar to personal injury protection, Medical Payments coverage helps you pay for medical expenses if you or your passengers are injured in an accident.
  • Towing and labor: If your car is disabled for any reason, perhaps due to an accident, any towing and labor costs are covered

Read more about these common components of your car insurance coverage here. 

Other Special Auto Coverages Offered by American National Insurance

American National wants customers to be able to personalize their coverage to their specific needs. That’s why it also offers a broad array of insurance products that give drivers a little something extra. Here are a few special coverage options you might want to learn more about:

  • Roadside Assistance: Anything can happen on the roads. That’s why American National offers 24-hour roadside assistance if you’re dealing with a flat tire, a faulty engine, or any other car issue.
  • Rental Reimbursement: If your car is in the shop getting repaired, you’ll probably need to find a rental car to get you around in the meantime. American National will pay up to $25 per day for rental car expenses for up to 30 days. 
  • Accidental Death, Dismemberment, Disability: American National covers some of the expenses related to severe injuries, like the loss of a limb.
  • Work Loss Coverage: Those insured with American National can collect up to 85 percent of earnings they might have lost due to car accident-related injuries.
  • Added Coverage Endorsement (ACE): This add-on to your policy ensures you get high-quality original equipment manufacturer (OEM) replacement parts when your car needs repairs.
  • Umbrella policy: Sometimes, the liability coverage you need exceeds your policy’s limits. That’s where an umbrella policy can come in handy.
  • Gap Insurance: American National will cover the difference between the outstanding loan balance on a car and the actual cash value of the vehicle if your vehicle is a total loss after an accident.
  • Antique or Collector Car Insurance: Classic cars require a bit of extra attention. That’s why American National offers coverage options that help you retain the value of your classic or antique car.


Other Insurance Products Offered by American National Insurance

  • Homeowners Insurance: When you own a home, plenty of risk is involved. That’s why American National offers a comprehensive array of home insurance products to keep your home protected. With American National’s homeowners insurance, the building, anything inside it, and any other structures on your property are covered. And remember, pairing home insurance with your car insurance policy can lead to discounts when you’re covered by American National. 
  • Renters Insurance: If you’re renting a property, the walls and roof aren’t your problems. Instead, you’re focused on anything you own inside this apartment or condo. That’s where renters insurance comes in. American National’s renters insurance is all about protecting your personal property in a customizable way so that your specific needs can be met. 
  • Life Insurance: From Whole Life to Term Life to Universal Life, American National gives you the flexible options you need to keep your loved ones protected. And remember, bundling auto insurance, life insurance, and home insurance can lead to significant discounts.
  • Health Insurance: Costs add up quickly when it comes to healthcare. That’s why American National’s health insurance coverage is all about helping you in the event of unexpected out-of-pocket expenses. 
  • Business Insurance: If you’re a business owner, you’ll want to keep everything associated with your business covered. This includes property, permanent equipment, computer systems, and more. Financial responsibility is central to any well-run business. That’s why American National’s business insurance can help you make sure your business is financially stable in any event.
  • Recreational Vehicles Insurance: Your car isn’t the only way you get around. Whether it’s a motorcycle, RV, off-road vehicle, or boat, American National’s Recreational Vehicles insurance keeps you protected on your next joy ride.
  • Farm and Ranch Insurance: A farm can be both your place of residence and the source of your income. That’s why it requires robust coverage. Consider American National’s Farm and Ranch Insurance if you’re looking for a way to keep your farm protected.
  • Credit Insurance: American National offers Credit Life and Credit Disability Insurance to help guarantee you and your loved ones aren’t facing mountains of debt in the event of an illness, injury, or loss of life. 
  • Annuities: If you’re looking for a way to supplement your retirement income, American National’s annuities help you develop a reliable income stream late into life.

How Can I Buy Auto Insurance from American National?

Looking to buy an auto insurance policy from American National? Well, getting started is easy. American National lets you buy a policy online, over the phone, or by meeting an agent near you in person.

Before you actually reach out to an agent, you might want to first get a quote. But sometimes it’s hard to know how this quote stacks up against other providers. You may know your coverage needs, but not how to find the most affordable option.

That’s where Insurify can help. Compare quotes quickly and easily across a wide range of insurance companies—for free.

How Can I Pay for My American National Car Insurance Policy?

When it comes to paying for your American National car insurance policy, you have options:

  • Online payment
  • Mail payment
  • Debit/credit payment
  • Automatic online payment

You can also make payments on the AN Mobile App—and receive notifications when your bill is due.

How Often Will American National Increase My Premiums?

As a driver, you do everything in your power to keep your premiums low. But sometimes those premiums will tick upward due to an accident or change in your policy, or because you’ve been on the same policy for a while. Here’s what to know about premium increases with American National.

  • Will my rate go up after the first accident? With most car insurance providers, your rates will increase after an at-fault accident. But how significantly will these rates increase? It can vary on a case by case basis, but according to customer reviews of American National, it appears your premiums won’t increase too dramatically after an accident.
  • Will my rate go up if I was not at fault? In most cases, your provider won’t penalize you for merely being unlucky and getting into an accident that isn’t your fault. In fact, increasing rates after a not-at-fault accident is illegal in some states. If you’re driving in a no-fault state, your provider will cover repairs up to a certain amount. 
  • Does the company raise rates for staying on the policy? Some reviews of American National complain about the rates going up on a year-to-year basis. And because it doesn’t offer a loyalty discount that rewards you for staying on the policy, rising rates are definitely a possibility. That said, if you enroll in the Cash Back policy by insuring your home and vehicle with American National, you can get cash back if you remain claim-free for three years. Then you can continue to get cash back every subsequent claim-free year.
  • Does the company have an accident forgiveness program? American National doesn’t currently offer an accident forgiveness program.

Premiums tend to go up and down on a pretty regular basis. That’s why it’s a good idea to shop for car insurance every six months. That way, you can always stay informed about new insurance companies with competitive rates or discounts that you might qualify for.

How Does American National’s Claims Process Work? 

One thing you’ll always want to research before buying a policy is the kind of claims process a company offers. For instance, is the process easy? Can you file claims on your phone? What do other customers have to say about the claims process? Here is a rundown of how the American National claims process works:

  • Starting your claim: To file your claim with American National’s 24-hour claims service, you have a few options. You can file your claim on its website, over the phone at 1 (800) 333-2860, or by email if you reach out to You can also use the AN Mobile App. 
  • Tracking your claim: Once you’ve filed a claim, you’re probably anxious to get your payment. You can track your claim by logging into your account on the American National website, by calling an American National agent, or by checking out the AN Mobile App. Ideally, you’ll get your payment back from American National in a matter of weeks. 
  • Does the company work with pre-approved vendors? Do these vendors use genuine auto body parts?: American National does work with some pre-approved vendors. For instance, American National has a few auto-glass companies that it trusts to repair and replace your windshield. To find a list of American National’s pre-approved vendors, reach out to an agent; they’ll be able to give you a Car Care service recommendation. And if you want only the most high-quality parts used for repairs, enroll in the added coverage endorsement.
  • What do reviewers have to say about the claims process? Very few customer reviews describe the American National claims process as a hassle. And given that the company offers 24-hour service and the ability to file claims in a variety of ways, it’s safe to say the American National claims process is efficient and easy to navigate.

How Can I Cancel My American National Car Insurance Policy?

Maybe you’ve decided you want to move on from American National and purchase a car insurance policy from another provider. If that’s the case, you’ll want to reach out to an agent either on the phone, over email, or in person. To cancel, simply fill out the Cancellation Request Form and send it to the Refund Department, which can be reached at 1 (877) 334-1899. Luckily, you won’t have to pay cancellation fees to American National if you’re ending your policy. 

When you cancel your policy, you never want a lapse in coverage. In fact, being uninsured is illegal in many states—so you’ll want to immediately start browsing for policies and comparing quotes on Insurify. When you buy your new policy, make sure you set the start date for the day your previous policy lapses. That way, you never miss a day of coverage. 

How Much Does Uber/Lyft Coverage Cost with American National?

At this time, American National does not offer rideshare coverage. So if you drive for Uber or Lyft, American National might not be the provider for you.

To find out more about rideshare coverage and learn about companies that offer this for Uber and Lyft drivers, click here.

Insurance Companies Similar to American National

American National offers a broad array of insurance products at an affordable price. But maybe it’s missing some of the features you’re looking for in a car insurance provider. If that’s the case, there are plenty of insurance companies similar to American National that might interest you.

For instance, Progressive is another company that offers insurance in all fifty states and offers similar benefits for bundling home and auto. And while Progressive does have slightly higher rates than American National, it offers useful features like accident forgiveness. 

If you’re looking for a provider that also offers powerful rental car insurance coverage like American National, then a provider like Allstate is a good option. Allstate also offers student discounts, though its rates, in general, are higher than American National’s. As a bonus, Progressive and Allstate both offer rideshare insurance.

American National Customer Satisfaction and Policyholder Reviews

Overall, customers have good things to say about American National. For instance, this reviewer was surprised by just how much he saved thanks to American National’s generous bundling discounts:

This reviewer appreciated the affordable classic car insurance that American National offers:

Other reviewers cited good experiences with their agents and highlighted certain favorable features like the CashBack program:

 But not every review was positive. A few customers complained that their rates increased over the years:

This reviewer was frustrated with the customer service experience, complaining that their agent was unresponsive when he attempted to cancel their policy: 

American National isn’t accredited with the Better Business Bureau, so it currently does not have a customer satisfaction rating from that organization. But American National does have a financial strength rating of A from A.M. Best, which indicates excellent financial strength. 

American National Mobile App Review

The AN Mobile App is available for iOS and Android, giving American National policyholders an easy way to interact with their insurance company. 

With the AN Mobile App, users can view policy information, make payments, report auto and/or home insurance claims, view their claim history, request roadside assistance, view their CashBack balance, and view their auto ID cards. And when filing a claim, users can upload photos relevant to their claim via the app.

American National wants the mobile experience to be as seamless as possible. That’s why it encourages users to submit feedback on the app so that it can continuously improve. Overall, users have positive feelings about the AN Mobile App, citing its ease of use and its assistance during the claims process. Meanwhile, some reviewers mentioned that they had issues logging into their account on the app. 

Read more reviews about the iOS version and Android version of the AN Mobile App.

App storeRatings (Out of 5)User reviews
Mobile App (iOS) 2.735
Mobile App (Android) 352

Frequently Asked Questions: American National Car Insurance

How do I get in touch with an American National Car Insurance agent?

There are many ways to get in touch with an American National insurance agent. American National operates in all 50 states, so you can find an agent near you through American National’s official website. Or you can call American National at 1 (800) 899-6519 or email an agent at

Are customers satisfied with American National Car Insurance?

After looking at American National’s reviews and ratings, it’s clear that many customers are satisfied with their experience. Customers highlight the CashBack feature and the multi-policy discounts as particularly useful. Still, some customers describe subpar customer service experiences with American National insurance agents.

How do American National’s quotes compare to other companies?

Overall, American National offers low rates compared to other companies. And American National has the added benefit of giving discounts if you bundle auto with its life insurance or home insurance policies. Still, comparing auto insurance quotes regularly with Insurify can help you see how American National compares. That way, you’re always getting the right coverage at the right price.

Is American National the cheapest car insurance in your area?

American National is the rare provider that combines low rates with powerful discounts. But is it the cheapest option for drivers in the market for auto insurance?

You always want to make sure you’re getting the right coverage at the right price. That’s why comparing quotes is the best way to guarantee you’re getting the coverage you need at a rate that fits your budget.

Using Insurify makes this easy. 

Insurify is all about helping users compare cheap auto insurance quotes side by side. No jumping between different sites and trying to keep track of different rates. With Insurify, all the information you need is right in front of you, so that you can get a clear view of the car insurance landscape. 

American National Auto Insurance Overview

American National Insurance Company was founded in 1905 by Galveston businessman William Lewis Moody, Jr. Thanks to its commitment to financial strength and integrity, American National has expanded to all 50 states and Puerto Rico. Over this time, it’s become a trusted provider of auto insurance, homeowners insurance, life insurance, health insurance, business insurance, pension products, and more. 

Headquartered in Galveston, Texas, American National’s operations spread across the country and are made up of a group of companies. For instance, the New York arm of the company is the American National Life Insurance Company of New York and is run out of Glenmont, New York. American National’s property & casualty insurance operates through the American National Property And Casualty Company, based in Springfield, Missouri. 

American National’s current chairman of the board is Ross Rankin Moody, and its President and CEO is James Pozzi.

American National Contact Information

Bill Pay number1 (800) 899-6519
Claims Service number1 (800) 333-2860
Roadside assistance number1 (866) 327-9869
Customer service email
Claims service email
Company headquartersOne Moody Plaza, Galveston, TX 77550

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