As we work together to slow the spread of COVID-19, state insurance commissions and insurance providers are constantly changing regulations and practices surrounding monthly payments, claim payouts, and more. To stay up to date with the latest on auto insurance reimbursements in your area, be sure to check with your state’s insurance commission and your current auto insurance provider.

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COVID-19 Update [May 8, 1:45 PM]
Alfa is offering to temporarily suspend policy cancellations due to non-payment and is waiving late fees for policyholders facing financial strain due to COVID-19.

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A regional mutual insurer covering all of the basics and then some.

Who Benefits Most and Least from Alfa Insurance?

Best For…

  • Policyowners who like to be treated like family
  • Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi drivers
  • Alabama Farmers Federation (AFF) members

Not the Best For… 

  • Alabamians who don’t want to pay the required AFF joining fee
  • Anyone who is agent averse 
  • Shoppers outside of Alfa Insurance’s 3-state coverage area

Alfa: A hometown feel and a heart of gold

Alfa is a regional mutual insurance provider that offers auto insurance, home insurance, property insurance, and life insurance to residents of Alabama, Mississippi, and Georgia. As small as that may sound, Alfa provides service in big ways and is known for its friendliness, warm customer service, and speed in executing claims in times of trouble. It is a benevolent company very active in its communities—providing scholarships and doing good work to help those in need through its Alfa Cares Initiative. 

Although its vision is invested in product, geographic expansion, and technology, its real force seems to come from the personal relationships it has with its policyholders. Though Alfa appears to be a “people first” kind of company, it’s done well to “mobilize” its offerings…at least in the iOS space. 

Alfa Car Insurance Ratings

J.D. Power Ratings by Region (out of 1,000)

RegionRatingsState Average
Southeast829About average

Alfa Car Insurance Quotes and Discounts

Even if you’ve never had a reason not to be happy with your insurance company, you don’t really know that every cent you spend is really worth it. Dig just a little into different insurance companies, and things can get pretty confusing—but sifting through those pluses and minuses is perhaps the most financially responsible thing you can do for yourself today.

Auto Insurance Quotes Comparison: Alfa vs. Competitors

To see how Alfa stacked up to its competitors, Insurify’s data team compared its car insurance quotes to other companies like GEICO and Progressive. Below are the average rates for drivers under 40 in Georgia:

Insurance companyQuote

We also compiled the average rates for Georgia drivers with a speeding ticket on record:

Insurance companyQuote

Finally, these are the average rates from Alfa, GEICO, and Progressive for Georgia drivers with an at-fault accident on record: 

Insurance companyQuote

Alfa offers a higher rate than Progressive and GEICO for drivers under 40 in Georgia. But for drivers with speeding tickets, Alfa offers much lower rates than GEICO and is on par with Progressive. And for drivers with an at-fault accident on record, Alfa offers lower rates than both Progressive and GEICO.

Of course, this information is based on state averages, and you’d have to get a personalized quote to know which company offers you the lowest rate.

Drivers Can SAVE with these Discounts from Alfa

Alfa considers road safety as pretty important and rewards you with up to 25 percent just for having airbags…which isn’t hard to do these days. It also rewards drivers just for being a homeowner, which, for many auto insurance providers, can be an indicator of financial security and stability. 

Alfa gives out discounts to people with multiple cars, multiple Alfa policies, homeowners, teachers, good students, drivers with anti-theft devices, airbags, and those who have taken a defensive driving course.

States Where Alfa Car Insurance is Offered

Alfa Mutual Insurance writes auto business in the great states of Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi

Alfa Auto Insurance Coverages

Once you have your bases covered with the mandatory auto coverage required by your state, you can explore the additional optional coverages that Alfa offers. 

  • Liability insurance
  • Comprehensive and collision coverage: With Alfa, this includes up to $200 for loss of clothing and luggage as a result of a covered loss
  • Personal Injury Protection
  • Rental car coverage
  • Roadside assistance: With Alfa, this includes coverage of up to $100—and you can call a service provider of your choice, even when traveling out of state.
  • Medical Payments coverage: To help pay for you or your passenger’s medical (even funeral) expenses should you be injured in an accident regardless of who is at fault. Medical Payments coverage is attached to the person, not the vehicle, so this benefit follows you wherever you may go.
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage

Read more about these common components of your car insurance coverage here. 

Other Special Auto Coverages Offered by Alfa Insurance

  • Loss of wages: Covers up to $50 per day when you are required to attend a trial or hearing at Alfa’s request
  • Loss of income: If you can’t work due to an injury, Alfa pays 85 percent of your monthly income (up to $750/month) up to one year for anyone in the car.
  • Loss of use and travel expense rental coverage: Kicks in after a comprehensive or collision-related loss (can be purchased in increments from $30-$100/day)
  • Discounts on car seats for Alabama Farmers Federation members

Read more about commonly added special auto insurance coverages here. 

Other Insurance Products Offered by Alfa Insurance

  • Home insurance (homeowners, manufactured home insurance, and renters insurance)
  • Life insurance (term life, permanent life, flexible universal life, and annuities) 
  • Business insurance (small and medium-sized business owners policy, property coverage, liability coverage, automobile coverage, commercial umbrella coverage, and workers comp)
  • Farm insurance
  • Church insurance
  • Flood insurance
  • Personal umbrella insurance
  • Watercraft insurance
  • Dental insurance

How Can I Buy Auto Insurance from Alfa?

You can purchase Alfa auto insurance over the phone or in-person by calling your local Alfa insurance agent. You can easily find and agent closest to you using the website and searching by county and ZIP code. 

Alfa also provides a brief bio of each agent so that you can learn more about them personally. 

All niceties aside, wouldn’t it be easier to build your dream policy in minutes first and then talk to the right company and agent? Enter Insurify. That’s what we’re here for!

How Can I Pay for My Alfa Car Insurance Policy?

Alfa won’t leave you hanging when it comes time to pay for your insurance policy and has plenty of convenient options to suit your lifestyle:

Pay online: Just log in to your MyAlfa account and select “Make a Payment” from the Quick Links dropdown. You’ll need your policy number or bill account number and your billing ZIP code to process your payment.

Pay by electronic funds transfer (EFT): Using the Alfa payment center online, you can set up an EFT payment to be drafted from your bank account at a scheduled due date of your choosing.

Pay by phone: You can pay from your Smartphone with the Alfa2Go app or call 1 (800) 964-2532. The line is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Pay by mail: You can send your payment via snail mail to:

Alfa Insurance Companies
PO Box 11000
Montgomery, AL 36191-0001

How Often Will Alfa Increase My Premiums?

There’s no mention on Alfa’s website as to how often it might increase your premiums. Still, in general, insurance providers review your account at renewal and may increase your premium depending on how much risk they assess. 

Your risk increases when you make a claim or receive points on your driver’s license for violations or accidents. Accident Forgiveness isn’t explicitly mentioned as a benefit, so don’t count on it with Alfa! 

How Does Alfa’s Claims Process Work? 

In the unfortunate event that you have to submit a claim to Alfa, you can contact any Alfa office, submit the claim online, or call 1 (800) 964-2532, prompt 2 (for glass claims only, push prompt 3).

Once your claim has been received, it is assigned to a local adjuster who will then contact you to discuss your benefits and to collect any additional information needed to assess the damage.

The adjuster then writes the estimate and provides you with a list of repair shops through Alfa’s direct repair program (DPR). You are also invited to go out of network for repairs, but according to the Alfa website, using an already approved vendor can guarantee the fastest repair times, best quality, and the best customer service experience. 

How Can I Cancel My Alfa Car Insurance Policy?

Contrary to other providers, Alfa is upfront about how to actually cancel your policy if you must. You can call customer service at 1 (800) 964-2532 and select prompt 3 for customer service, or you can log into your My Alfa account and select “Request a change” from the dropdown menu. 

Don’t be too hasty in your decision to cancel, however, as you never want to find yourself with a lapse in coverage when you are between insurance companies. Be sure your new policy is firmly in place before canceling. Getting that new policy can seem like a hassle when you think about all the time you may have spent before speaking to agents and comparing coverage. But with Insurify, you can compare hundreds of companies in seconds to build the best policy in no time.

How Much Does Uber/Lyft Coverage Cost with Alfa?

Alfa insurance does not provide rideshare coverage. 

Click here to see which insurance companies offer car insurance for Uber and Lyft drivers.

Insurance Companies Similar to Alfa

If you are looking for a “hometown” insurer that provides both home and auto, PeachState Insurance is a Georgia-only provider with 13 locations across the state.

If it’s Alfa’s commitment to community involvement that inspires you, State Farm is known for its many outreach programs and community benevolence.

According to Insurify’s internal database of over 2 million car insurance applications and our analysis of external sources, drivers who carried Alfa car insurance and decided to switch providers most often switched to the following car insurance companies:

  1. Freedom National
  2. Bristol West
  3. The General
  4. Direct Auto
  5. State Auto

Alfa Customer Satisfaction and Policyholder Reviews

Most of Alfa’s online customer service reviews are positive. Most users compliment the “hometown service” and fast claims process. Though the negatives are few and far between, some customers have found better prices elsewhere, while others aren’t impressed with the $30 Alabama Farmers Federation member fee. 

In the end, everyone is entitled to their opinion, and it always pays to shop around whether you’re satisfied or not!

Alfa Mobile App Review

One of Alfa’s core missions is to use technology to increase productivity, and it’s proving to be successful with its Alfa2Go app. With a 4.7/5 score out of 2,000 reviews on the App Store, and a 3.7/5 out of 256 reviews on Google Play, the app allows you to pay your bills online, manage your account, save ID cards, and more.

The majority of complaints on Google Play have to do with the number of updates and update functionality issues, which may signal that there’s more work to do on the Android side of things. 

Alfa scores points for making it easier to make your complaints matter by providing web support, an email address, and a phone number for feedback on the app.

Call: 1 (800) 964-2532

Frequently Asked Questions: Alfa Car Insurance

Is Alfa Insurance auto coverage available throughout the United States?

No, Alfa Insurance only services Alabama, Mississippi, and Georgia.

Do you have to be a member of the Alabama Farmers Federation to qualify for Alfa Insurance?

Membership in the Alabama Farmers Federation is only required for residents of Alabama and comes with discounts on car seats and other member benefits.

What other insurers offer similar coverage and benefits in these states?

It’s nearly impossible to compare like for like coverage and benefits using just pen and paper. With Insurify, you can easily compare real auto insurance quotes in minutes and save up to 70 percent on your current policy.

Is Alfa the cheapest car insurance in your area?

Alfa can be a cheaper way to go if you own a home, have a safety-equipped vehicle, or take any of their student and defensive driving courses. However, coverage can vary drastically from one insurer to another.

The only way of truly knowing whether you are getting an ok deal versus a great one is by systematically comparing as many cheap car insurance quotes as possible. Nope, no superpowers required—you can do it right now in mere minutes by plugging your information into Insurify just once! 

Alfa Auto Insurance Overview

Alfa Auto Insurance came into existence in 1946 and was formed from the Alabama Farmers Federation (a group still in existence today that originally provided fire insurance to farmers).

Besides providing life, property, and auto insurance to folks in Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi, it clearly does a lot of work for their local communities, including supporting local charities, kickstarting education initiatives, and providing educational scholarships to students in these regions. All in all, Alfa is known for being community-minded and for treating members like family. 

Alfa Contact Information

It’s easy enough to use Alfa’s website to find an agent near you, but you can also contact the corporate site directly for more information. The email form provided below is, in fact, encrypted to protect your personal information.

Customer service 1 (800) 964-2532
24-hour bill payment1 (800) 964-2532
Claims1 (800) 964-2532, prompt 2 (for glass claims only, prompt 3)
EmailOnline form
Corporate addressAlfa Insurance
2108 East South Boulevard
Montgomery, AL 36116
P.O. Box 11000
Montgomery, AL 36191-0001

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Updated May 8, 2020

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