Cheap DUI Car Insurance in Wyoming:
Costs and Quotes (2021)

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What Are the Best Car Insurance Companies After a DUI in Wyoming?

There will still be insurance companies available to insure you and your vehicle, even with a DUI on your driving record. Dairyland Insurance ($128.46 per month) and American Family Insurance ($200.22) currently offer some of the lower car insurance rates following a DUI in Wyoming.

CarrierAvg. Monthly Cost

Dairyland Insurance


American Family Insurance


DUI Car Insurance in Wyoming

It is unwise to get behind the wheel while you're intoxicated. Doing so opens you up to legal troubles, financial losses, revoked driving privileges, and more. Drunk driving is dangerous, too; you could injure or kill yourself, or someone else. If your blood alcohol content (BAC) is .08 or higher, you're too drunk to drive in Wyoming. If you get pulled over with that BAC, you will be charged with driving under the influence (DUI). Find another way to get to where you need to go.

A DUI is expensive not only legally but financially. You'll have to pay fines and any legal fees that arise from court. You can also expect your car insurance rates to increase. Insurance companies assess risk when they offer someone coverage. A DUI on your driving record is a warning sign that you're a high-risk driver, and your premium will be priced accordingly. The DUI will also make any future traffic violations that much more expensive.

Avg. Monthly Cost - No Violation
Avg. Monthly Cost - After DUI
$106 Monthly Impact of DUI on Rates
78.52% Percent Bad DUI Impact Rates

Insurify's comparison tool will help you make sure you're getting the best possible quote even after a DUI. You can have peace of mind that you're reviewing all of your available insurance options and can confidently choose the one that is best for your situation.

How Much Does a DUI Impact Car Insurance Rates in Wyoming?

A DUI will touch many different aspects of your life, including your driving record, finances, job prospects, and your relationships. Your car insurance rates will be affected, too.

The key to a low car insurance payment is to have a clean driving record. Wyoming drivers without a DUI on their record pay $105 less per month in car insurance premiums than those who have been charged. One bad decision to get behind the wheel can raise your car insurance premiums almost 79 percent, to $240.81 per month. Such a dramatic price increase should be all the evidence necessary that driving while toxicated is not smart.

No Violation - Avg. Monthly RateAfter DUI - Avg. Monthly RateAverage Percent Increase After DUI

What Are the Average Car Insurance Prices After a DUI in Wyoming?

Varying circumstances will determine your car insurance rates after you get a DUI in Wyoming. Insurance premiums are not a one-size-fits-all situation. However, drivers in Wyoming with a DUI pay on average $240.81 a month to keep their vehicles on the road. This makes Wyoming one of the least expensive (49th) states for insurance rates after a DUI.

It is beneficial to take your time when you compare car insurance rates after a DUI is added to your driving record in Wyoming. Doing so not only lets you look at prices, but the other products these car insurance companies have to offer. You can also use this time to see what discounts you might be eligible for to help you save money on your premium.

California After DUI Avg. Monthly RateMost Expensive State for DUI (1-50)

How Long Is the Lookback Period for a DUI in Wyoming?

A lookback period is how long a DUI remains on a driver's record. The lookback period for a DUI in Wyoming is 10 years. This means if you received a second DUI within 10 years of the first, you'd be considered a repeat offender and would be subject to a harsher penalty than you received for the initial one. On the other hand, if you received a subsequent DUI after the 10-year lookback period expired, it would count as a first offense. While a DUI remains on your record for 10 years in Wyoming, car insurance companies typically look back three to five years for DUIs when setting premium prices.

Keeping your car insurance rates low is just one of the many reasons you should maintain a clean driving record after your DUI charge. Any further missteps will only increase your car insurance rates further. But there's another side to that coin : consistently making good driving decisions should lower your car insurance rates over time.

Wyoming DUI Penalties

Your age, license type, and other circumstances could impact the penalty you get for a DUI in Wyoming. Generally, first-time DUI offenders face up to six months of jail time, a maximum $750 fine, and a 90-day driver's license suspension and must have an ignition interlock device (IID) put in their vehicle for six months if their BAC is .15 or more.

First-time underage (under the age of 21) DUI violators in Wyoming receive a $750 fine and a 90-day suspended license. A second offense within a year results in a six-month suspension, a one-year IID restriction, a maximum $750 fine, and up to 30 days in jail.

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