In those years before you turn 18, life is full of possibility. College, the workforce, and all sorts of new relationships and experiences await you. But you’re also probably starting to think about your finances, like signing up for your first credit card or making a monthly budget. And if you have a car, you might have some other financial decisions to make.

For minors, which is defined as those under the age of 18, the world of car insurance can probably be a bit overwhelming. To make things a bit more complicated, car insurance laws pertaining to minors vary from state to state. Most states still define parents as responsible for their children’s driving while under the age of 18. Because of this, it’s wise for teen drivers to simply join a parent or guardian’s policy and unlock a multi-car discount.

Of course, there are plenty of other ways to save on car insurance, even as a minor. No matter your age, Insurify can help you research different car insurance companies and compare quotes in a snap. You can easily find the best policy for someone under the age of 18—taking into account the many discounts that are available to you. 

Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes for Minors

Once you get your license at the age of 16, you’ll probably join your parents’ policy, assuming you live at the same primary address. After all, you might not have a consistent income to pay monthly auto insurance rates yet. And as a young driver, your car insurance rates may be a little higher anyway, so it’s best to be added to an existing policy and earn discounts.

But if you do decide you want your own car insurance policy, you’ll want to spring for a company that offers affordable rates for minors. Below are a few car insurance companies that consistently offer reasonable car insurance premiums for new drivers:

Company NameQuote/mo
Bristol West$84/mo

Best Car Insurance Companies for Minors

Whether opening up their own policy or, more likely, joining a parent’s existing policy, minors should seek out insurance companies that value young drivers. Ideally, these companies offer discounts rewarding students, good grades, and safe driving. Not only will these companies make it easy for minors to save, but they’ll also incentivize important habits on the road. Here are a few car insurance companies that serve minors well:

  • Progressive: It’s an industry mainstay for a reason. Progressive has reliably good service, affordable prices, and lots of discounts. Its Multi-Car and Teen Driver discounts also make adding a minor to your policy easy. 
  • Mercury: According to Insurify’s data, Mercury has some of the lowest prices for minors on the market, even as low as $59/month. If you’re looking for value, Mercury might be a good option.
  • State Farm: As the largest auto insurance provider in the US, State Farm is clearly doing something right. When it comes to young drivers, State Farm has plenty of discounts. Their Driver Training discount and Good Student discount can knock a large chunk of change off your monthly premiums. And as teens head to college, they can qualify for State Farm’s Student Away At School discount.
  • Allstate: Allstate doesn’t just help families save when insuring a minor—they also go out of their way to teach young drivers safe driving habits. Their teenSMART training program gives teens immediate, interactive driving feedback to reduce their collision risk. And their telematics program, Drivewise, rewards drivers for safe driving habits.

In general, minors should be on an auto insurance policy belonging to a parent or legal guardian. For that reason, it’s a good idea to look for insurance coverage that will bump down your rates if you insure multiple cars on one plan. Fortunately, auto insurance companies like when you do a lot of your business with one company, so most providers will lower your insurance premiums if you have multiple cars on the same policy.

Car Insurance Discounts for Minors

Whether it’s good grades or safe driving habits, there are plenty of reasons car insurance companies want to reward teens. These savings can have a large impact on your monthly premium, as well as improve the quality of teen driving. Here are a few of the car insurance discounts that minors will want to keep an eye out for:

Discount TypeDiscount Percentage
Student Away at School Discount47%
Driving Training Discount30%
Good Student Discount25%
Family Discount25%

Never miss the chance to take advantage of a car insurance discount. To stay informed, sign up for discount alerts from Insurify. That way you’ll always know when you qualify for discounts and can get started saving right away.

Tips and Tricks for Drivers Under 18

As a 16-year-old with a brand-new driver’s license, you’re probably ready for some independence. But just because you might have your own car now doesn’t mean you need your own car insurance policy. The easiest way to save on car insurance as a minor is to join your parent or guardian’s existing policy and use any available multi-car or multi-driver discounts

But that isn’t the only way to save. Here are a few other easy ways to lower your car insurance premiums as a minor:

  • Keep a clean driving record. New drivers are often tempted to give a ride to a friend who might not have their license yet. But in most states, minors are only allowed to drive immediate family members for the first six months of having a driver’s license. Minors should avoid breaking these rules in order to keep a clean driving record.
  • For parents and/or adult primary policyholders: Notify your insurance provider if a teen in your family gets their learner’s permit. When a teen in your family gets their learner’s permit, you might start driving with them. If so, let your car insurance company know. Because as you drive with this teen and teach them the rules of the road, they may be covered by your policy because they’re using your car with your permission.
  • Know your status. In general, the person who has originally signed up for the car insurance policy and pays the monthly premiums is the “named driver” or “primary policyholder” on the policy. This person can then add a relative to their policy as a “secondary policyholder.” This secondary policyholder is a covered driver on the policy—but keep in mind they aren’t the one whose name is on the policy and they aren’t responsible for paying monthly premiums. In general, reach out to your provider to be clear on the responsibilities of each driver on the policy.
  • Try to get an educated guess on your mileage. If you’ll be driving to school and a part-time job, you might be on the road quite a bit and need to raise your coverage limits. And if you do have a part-time job, try to organize your hours in a way that minimizes mileage. 
  • If you live close to classmates, consider carpooling. That way you don’t have to drive every day. This will lower your mileage and potentially result in lower premiums.
  • Carefully consider your first car. You should look for a car that has updated safety features, like full-front airbags and restraint devices. Having these safe driving features can help you qualify for discounts. And keep in mind that reliable cars like a family sedan tend to be cheaper to insure. Meanwhile, you might end up paying high premiums if you splurge on a fancy convertible.

FAQ: Car Insurance for Minors

Are minors eligible for car insurance?

Minors are certainly eligible for car insurance. Because car insurance is a legal contract, a minor will need the signature of a parent or guardian when they sign up for car insurance. In general, minors are advised to join a parent or guardian’s existing insurance policy.

Where can I compare car insurance quotes online?

Insurify makes it easy to compare free auto insurance quotes from 10+ car insurance companies at once. Instead of navigating from site to site looking for quotes, Insurify puts all of your options side by side so that you can find cheap car insurance in no time.

How much does car insurance cost for minors?

Car insurance for minors generally varies on a state-by-state basis. Because minors are less experienced on the road, car insurance companies typically assume they are more likely to file a claim. For that reason, they often face steeper car insurance policies. Luckily, plenty of discounts are available to young drivers, especially if they drive safely.

Conclusion: The best and cheapest way to save on car insurance 

For minors, the open road awaits. From road trips to tailgates, plenty of memories will be made in those first few years as a driver. And like any other driver, a minor deserves quality car insurance at an affordable price.

To ensure you’re getting the best deal on car insurance for minors, be sure to check out Insurify for all of your coverage needs. Insurify makes it easy to compare car insurance quotes from a wide array of companies, helping you zero in on the right car insurance policy at the right price.

Updated April 29, 2021

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