As we work together to slow the spread of COVID-19, state insurance commissions and insurance providers are constantly changing regulations and practices surrounding monthly payments, claim payouts, and more. To stay up to date with the latest on auto insurance reimbursements in your area, be sure to check with your state’s insurance commission and your current auto insurance provider.

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Idaho Auto Insurance and COVID-19

Update 5/19/20

Idaho has encouraged all personal auto insurers to temporarily extend coverage on a personal auto policy to include coverage when the policyholder is engaged in delivering food, medicine, or other essential goods.

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How to save on car insurance faster than you can say “Aaron Paul.”

Idaho is known for its fantastic baking potatoes nationwide, but there’s a whole lot more than potatoes going on in the Gem State. Startlingly beautiful mountainscapes and river valleys, hot springs galore, and an increasingly cool metropolitan area are attracting new residents from around the country. Whether you’re new to the state or called it home your whole life, you could probably still use a break on your car insurance premium. Read on to discover how every Idahoan can get the best car insurance at the cheapest rate.

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Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes in Idaho

Here are the cheapest insurance companies in Idaho for the following user profile: a single, 30-year-old male with a clean driving record who drives a 2012 Honda Accord and pays a $1,000 deductible for the state’s minimum liability insurance. We averaged rates for the twenty most populous cities in Idaho.

Insurance CompanyQuotes
State Farm$42/month

Best Car Insurance Quotes in Idaho

The Insurify Composite Score is calculated by analyzing multiple factors that indicate the quality, reliability, and health of an insurance company. Inputs to the score include financial strength ratings from A.M. Best, Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s, and Fitch; J.D. Power ratings; Consumer Reports customer satisfaction surveys; mobile app reviews; and user-generated company reviews. The following are the top-rated companies that offer car insurance in Idaho. For the complete list, see Insurify’s best car insurance companies.

Insurance CompanyScoreQuotes
American Family88$158/month
State Farm83$42/month
Liberty Mutual 80$150/month

Most Popular Car Insurance Companies in Idaho

We use market share to decide which is the most popular insurance company in Idaho: the more market share, the more popular the company. We used information gathered by the Insurance Information Institute (III) to understand the division of market share in Idaho. You can also learn more about each company by reading its company review page. 

According to the III, these are the most popular car insurance companies in Idaho by market share:

  1. State Farm
  2. GEICO
  3. Farm Bureau Mutual
  4. Liberty Mutual
  5. Progressive

Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes in Idaho by City

Where you live has one of the biggest impacts on the cost of your insurance. That’s because insurance companies use statistical information based on your location to determine your risk of making a claim. Here are some of the most important statistics an insurance company will use to determine what you pay:

  • Claim rates
  • Crime rates
  • Traffic patterns
  • Weather patterns

Planning to relocate? You can use the Insurify to accurately estimate your cost of insurance before you move. Simply adjust your findings based on your ZIP codes to find out if your potential residences come with more or less expensive premiums.

Here are the best rates we could find for drivers in the five most populous cities in Idaho:

CityInsurance CompanyQuotes
Boise State Farm$64/month
NampaState Farm$70/month
MeridianState Farm$66/month
Idaho FallsAllstate$49/month

Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes in Idaho by Profile

Here are the cheapest insurance companies in Idaho based on averaged sample rates for four driver profiles that included varied gender, age, driving history, credit, marital status, prior insurance, higher education, employment, and military service

Cheap Car Insurance for Idaho Drivers with a DUI

There’s no easy way to say this: a DUI is one of the most expensive driving-related convictions around. Not only does it cost you in court:

  • $1,000 maximum fine
  • $175 maximum court fees
  • License suspension for 90 to 180 days
  • $15 to $285 license reinstatement fee 
  • Ignition interlock device
  • SR-22 requirements for three years

But a DUI will also cost you in insurance premiums, at least a few thousand dollars by the end of it. Finding ways to save on the cost of car insurance after a DUI is possible, though some creativity may be required depending on your budget. Here are some ideas:

  • Use any discount you’re still eligible to receive
  • Remove comprehensive or collision coverage if possible
  • Downsize to a car that’s less expensive to insure

Below are the lowest rates we could find for Idaho drivers with a DUI:

Insurance CompanyQuotes
State Farm$27/month
American National$28/month

Cheap Car Insurance for Idaho Drivers with Speeding Tickets

Speeding tickets have a way of sneaking up on you. The first one seems like no big deal, just a painful but quick $90 check sent via the iCourt Portal. However, even one speeding ticket can prohibit you from discounts like “good driver,” raising your premiums 20 to 30 percent.

The best thing to do is to slow down and keep a clean record. In Idaho, that speeding ticket will fall away in a year’s time, meaning the two points on your license will also fall off. That’s a great time to do some comparison shopping to see if you can find a better rate. 

The cheapest car insurance we could find for Idaho drivers with speeding tickets are:

Insurance CompanyQuotes
American National$21/month

Cheap Car Insurance for Idaho Drivers with an At-Fault Accident

An at-fault accident is one of the most common ways drivers see their car insurance premiums skyrocket. While it’s painful to pay a premium price, there are several strategies for lowering your rate:

  • Exhaust every discount available to you like paperless, pay-in-full, and automatic payment
  • Look for employer-related or other affiliate-based discounts 
  • Remove collision or comprehensive coverage if appropriate
  • Comparison shop as often as possible

That last step is crucial. You see, because insurance companies are all different, they have different ways of calculating risk and often different look-back periods for claim histories. For example, Company A looks back five years for claims, while Company B only looks back three years. In three years, Company B will offer significantly cheaper insurance.

Luckily, you can save your profile with the Insurify rate comparison tool and never miss a price change. Just set an alert and receive an email any time a lower rate is available to you.

The best prices we could find for Idaho drivers with an at-fault accident are:

Insurance CompanyQuote
American National$23/month

Cheap Car Insurance for Young Idaho Drivers Under 40

Youth may be wasted on the young, but car insurance premiums sure aren’t. It may be a bit of a shock, but if you’re a young driver you will pay more for car insurance simply because of your age.

Now, this high price is based on the higher statistical likelihood that you’ll make a claim. Everyone who drove before you also had to pay higher premiums at the start. Don’t despair, get smart. Look for discounts and other creative ways to save like:

  • Completing a defensive driving course approved by your insurance company
  • Look for good student discounts if you’re in school
  • Share your car and car insurance with a trusted friend, roommate, or sibling

Here are the best rates we could find for young Idaho drivers:

Insurance CompanyQuotes
American National$17/month

Idaho State Insurance Laws

State Minimum Car Insurance Coverage in Idaho

Every state is unique when it comes to car insurance requirements. The requirements in Idaho are only slightly higher than the national average. Minimum coverage in Idaho includes:

  • $25,000 bodily injury liability per person
  • $50,000 bodily injury liability per accident
  • $15,000 property damage liability per accident

Optional coverage includes $25,000/$50,000 uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage. However, to waive that coverage Idaho drivers must do so in writing (according to Idaho Insurance Code §41-2502).

Do remember that these are the minimum requirements and you may require more than minimum. Consider the average cost of the cars you share the road with and how often you have passengers in your vehicle. If it seems likely you’d hit those minimums in the event of an accident, be sure to raise your limits to protect yourself. 

Is Idaho a No-Fault State?

No, Idaho is not a no-fault state. Idaho is what’s known as a tort state. All that means is drivers can sue each other for damages like “pain and suffering” after fault is established for a car accident.

However, the Modified Comparative Negligence Rule is used in Idaho. This means drivers are found to be liable in relation to the percentage of fault they have in an accident.

Stay with us, here: car accidents are almost never just one driver’s fault, so in Idaho, the awards for damages are given with regards to how at-fault each driver is. For example, if a driver is found to be 75 percent at fault, that driver only pays 75 percent of the cost of damages. 

If an equal amount of fault is determined, neither driver will be able to sue for damages. 

Do I Need Uninsured Motorist Coverage in Idaho?

While optional, we recommend everyone carry uninsured motorist protection. The only exception is when another form of insurance will cover you if you’re involved in an accident with an uninsured driver. Unfortunately, even with one of the lower rates of uninsured drivers in the country, 8.2 percent of Idaho drivers are on the road unprotected. 

That means you are also unprotected. While you can certainly sue for damages in the event someone else hits you, it can take years to receive those funds trickling in on a payment plan.

Worse, that driver may not have the ability to pay you, and if the court agrees that they can’t, you may not see a dime. The better plan is to purchase insurance to protect you and your assets. You’ll receive reimbursements much faster and avoid a ton of headaches. 

Do I Need Underinsured Motorist Coverage in Idaho?

For all the reasons above, you will likely need underinsured motorist coverage. You can decide how much you need based on your vehicle and how you use it. If you have an expensive car or if you often drive with passengers, you will likely benefit from carrying added protection. 

Look at it this way: if you’re hit by someone carrying minimum insurance, that person only has $15,000 to cover the cost of your vehicle—and any other property, vehicle or otherwise, damaged in the accident. 

Once that minimum runs out, you’ll need to go through the courts to be made whole with the chance that you’re never reimbursed. Or you could just carry underinsured motorist protection.

Can I Use Digital Proof of Insurance in Idaho

Yes, you can use an electronic device like a cell phone or tablet to provide proof of insurance. Just remember that if you fail to show proof when, for example, your phone runs out of battery, you may still be subject to fees and penalties. 

That’s why we always recommend carrying a hard copy.

What’s the Penalty for Driving Without Insurance in Idaho

For a first offense, a $75 fine and required SR-22 maintenance for one year aren’t so bad compared to the national average. However, that gap in auto insurance coverage will raise your rates, costing you much more over time because it indicates you as a higher risk driver.

Additionally, subsequent offenses for driving without insurance can cost as much as $1,000 in fines and required SR-22 maintenance for three years.

What are the Child Passenger Laws in Idaho?

Children under the age of seven are required by law to use a child restraint appropriate to their height and weight. Rear-facing car seats are recommended for children under two years of age or children under 40 pounds when appropriate. For children over 40 pounds, a forward-facing car seat or a booster seat is recommended. 

Children over the age of six should use a booster seat until the seat belt fits properly. The Idaho Department of Transportation also recommends that all children age 12 and younger sit in the back seat.

Violating the child passenger laws is a primary offense in Idaho and comes with a fine of $66.50 to $84 depending on circumstances. 

What’s the Penalty for Not Wearing a Seatbelt in Idaho?

Everyone riding in a vehicle is required to wear a seat belt or other safety restraint according to Idaho law. However, seat belt laws are treated as secondary offenses for passengers 18 and older, meaning a driver must be pulled over for something else before receiving a seat belt citation. 

Anyone 18 and older who fails to wear a seatbelt will receive a $10 citation. 

What are the Cell Phone Laws in Idaho?

Cell phone laws in Idaho are really confusing. That’s because only a few municipalities, seven to be exact, have banned the use of handheld devices while operating a vehicle. On the other hand, texting while driving is prohibited statewide and comes with an $85 fine. 

With cell phone and texting bans on the rise across the country, Idaho drivers can expect new limitations on cellphone use in the near future. Until then, drivers can still face huge fines (up to $10,000 and 10 years in prison) for causing an accident while using a cellphone. 

We recommend driving distraction-free. Prepare your directions before you drive and only use hands-free devices if absolutely necessary. 

Which Companies Offer SR-22 Insurance in Idaho?

If you’ve been required to maintain an SR-22, you’ll need to use an insurance provider willing to file the documentation on your behalf. Here is a list of companies that will help you meet your requirements: Dairyland, Esurance, Farmers, GEICO, The General, National General, Progressive, Safeco, Victoria, Stillwater, and Bristol West.

Idaho DMV Information

You’ll have 30 days to transfer your out-of-state license to an Idaho license when you move. You can turn in your old license and an application for your new license at your local Department of Motor Vehicles. You will also need to provide proof of residency with a utility bill or lease agreement.

To transfer your vehicle’s title and registration, provide the VIN, current title and registration, and your new Idaho driver’s license. You may also need to have your vehicle inspected if the county you move to requires it. 

Once you are fully registered, there are many things you do with the Idaho DMV online services, including:

  • Renew or replace your driver’s license
  • Check your driving status
  • Obtain your driving record
  • Change of address
  • Pay fees
  • Renew license plates

Idaho Auto Insurance FAQs 

Which companies offer the cheapest car insurance in Idaho?

The truth is, the cheapest car insurance company for you will likely be different than the ones cheapest for other drivers. That’s because each car insurance company has its own way of calculating risk, putting different emphasis on the factors that influence your rate. These factors include location, driving history, credit score, age, gender, and marital status. The best way to find cheap car insurance in Idaho is to do some comparison shopping. By doing so, you will get a broad view of the cost of insurance specific to your driving profile. The old way to do this was to contact each insurance company one-by-one, giving out your personal information, and generating separate quotes.  Nowadays, you can do this in just a few minutes using Insurify. Enter your information one time and get six or more real quotes without handing your personal information out to every company.  You’ll also be able to adjust your coverage options to see the full range of costs available to you. Once you decide which company you want, you just click a button and you’ll be able to purchase your car insurance policy within a few minutes.

Which company offers the best car insurance in Idaho?

This will largely depend on the kind of car insurance company you want to do business with. What’s most important to you in car insurance? Do you need a company with excellent customer service or do you prize easy-to-use technology? Do you prefer a company with in-person agents or one with a 24/7 customer service line? Maybe it really comes down to price? Knowing the answers to these questions and making a list of your priorities will help you narrow down your choices and, more importantly, choose between companies offering a similar price. 

How do I lower my car insurance rate in Idaho?

If you’re having trouble finding cheap car insurance, there are several things you can do to get a better rate. Here are some ideas: Go through all the discounts the company offers and use all the discounts you’re can Sign up for a telematics program Remove coverage you don’t need, like comprehensive if your car is older Find a way to go low mileage Enroll in an inexpensive defensive driving course approved by your insurance company Ask your agent for ideas to lower your rate Don’t forget that discount programs come and go quickly, so you may be eligible for a discount that wasn’t available when you first signed up. It’s also a great idea to run your numbers at least a month before your policy renews just to see if a lower rate is available. Keep in mind that you can almost always change your insurance company without paying a penalty, even in the middle of your policy term. 


Saving big on car insurance in Idaho isn’t small potatoes.

The key to getting cheap car insurance in Idaho always comes down to:

  • Knowing how much insurance you need
  • Knowing the kinds of discounts you’re eligible for 
  • Comparison shopping regularly

With Insurify, you can always be sure you’re getting the best deal around. Uncover six or more cheap quotes in just two minutes and you’ll be well on your way to purchasing the affordable coverage you need.

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Updated July 30, 2020

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