Road trips are a lot more fun with two. If your significant other drives your car, you might be wondering if you should add them to your car insurance policy. The answer depends on where you each live and how often your significant other drives your car. 

Adding your girlfriend or boyfriend to your auto insurance policy is likely to change your premiums, but you might not necessarily see an increase. Sometimes, you might even save money. The best way to check your new rate is to use Insurify to find quotes for multi-driver policies from several insurance companies.

With Insurify, you can check your rate at multiple auto insurance providers at once. So if adding your significant other to your current policy results in a price hike, you’ll be able to identify better deals elsewhere. It’s the easiest way to compare car insurance rates and ensure you get the best price. 

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How much does it cost to add a significant other to my car insurance?

Insurify’s proprietary data shows the average cost of all multi-driver policies is $252 per month and includes the costs for both drivers. The average cost of car insurance in the U.S. is $234 per month. While policies with multiple drivers are more expensive on average, the data also includes policies with multiple cars. 

The impact on your individual premium will vary, however. For example, adding a high-risk younger driver with a bad driving record or a low credit score might significantly raise your rates. On the other hand, if the named insured has accidents on their record and the additional driver does not, the insurance premiums for the policy might actually decrease. The best way to check is to get a free quote from Insurify.  

Can I add my significant other to my car insurance if we’re not married?

Unmarried couples don’t need separate policies if they live together. In most cases, auto insurance coverage will be cheaper if you combine policies with your significant other, even if you need a multi-vehicle policy. 

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In fact, most insurance companies will require everyone living at your address to be listed on your car insurance policy or be excluded. So unless your significant other drives their own vehicle and doesn’t need access to your car, you should list them as an additional driver on your policy. Otherwise, they won’t be covered. 

Can I add my boyfriend or girlfriend to my car insurance if we don’t live together? 

In most cases, insurance companies won’t allow you to add a driver who doesn’t live with you to the policy. However, some insurance companies will make an exception for married couples or partners who live apart. You’ll need to ask your insurance agent. However, be aware that your car insurance policy will cover anyone you allow to occasionally drive your vehicle. So you may not need to add your significant other to your policy. 

Adding a Friend or Roommate to Your Car Insurance Policy

Most insurance companies require all household members to either be listed on the policy or be excluded. If you exclude a family member or roommate who lives with you, they won’t be covered if they drive your car. 

If you’re looking to add a friend who doesn’t live with you to your car insurance policy, you’ll likely run into issues. Most companies won’t allow it. However, your friend will still be covered under your policy if they borrow your car. 

What are the pros and cons of adding a significant other to my car insurance?

Pros Cons
  • You might receive an insurance discount: Many insurance companies offer a multi-car discount.
  • Your auto insurance rates might decrease: If you’re adding a safe driver to your policy, you might see your car insurance rates go down.
  • You’ll get the right coverage: If you want your significant other who lives with you to be able to drive your car, you’ll be required to add them to your policy.
  • Your premiums could increase: Adding an additional driver can increase your premiums, especially if they have a lot of accidents or moving violations in their driving history.
  • You may have difficulty removing the additional driver later: If you and your significant other part ways, your insurance company will need to get their permission before they can be removed from the policy. 

Are there discounts for adding my girlfriend or boyfriend to my car insurance policy?

Many insurance companies offer a multi-vehicle discount, so if you add an additional driver with another vehicle, you’ll likely pay less than you would for two separate policies. You should also ask about bundling your car insurance with your renters, home, or life insurance since multi-policy discounts can be lucrative. 

Family Discounts

While most insurance companies don’t offer family discounts, you’ll typically save money by adding a family member to your policy compared to purchasing a separate policy. Some insurance companies also provide a discount for adding a teen driver. 

Best Car Insurance Companies for Adding a Significant Other

Some insurance companies offer cheaper rates than others. According to Insurify’s proprietary data, below are the cheapest car insurance providers for multi-driver policies. We’ve selected our favorites based on financial strength, customer satisfaction, coverage, discounts, and available online tools. 

Insurer Average Monthly Cost of Multi-Driver Policies
Clearcover $147
TSC Direct $164
Mile Auto $170
Progressive $173
Plymouth Rock $176
Elephant  $178
MetLife $180
Amigo USA $184


1. Clearcover

Clearcover offers cheap car insurance to multiple drivers with discounts baked in, but coverage is currently only available in 13 states. You can get an auto insurance quote, manage your policy, and file an AI-powered claim online. The company’s app is very well-reviewed on both Google Play and the App Store. Clearcover offers all the traditional coverages in addition to some attractive riders you can add to your policy, so you won’t need to skimp on coverage to get a great price. 

While Clearcover isn’t rated by J.D. Power, the company had no complaints with the NAIC in 2020. This is a strong indicator of customer satisfaction. What’s more, Clearcover policies are underwritten by subsidiaries of Fortegra, which have an A- (Excellent) financial strength rating from A.M. Best. 

2. Progressive

Progressive is an insurance provider that has been around since 1937 and writes policies in all 50 states. In addition to auto insurance, Progressive provides property insurance. If you bundle your auto insurance with your condo, home, or renters insurance, you’ll receive a discount. The company also offers multi-car discounts, safe driving discounts, payment discounts, and more. 

You can get a car insurance quote and file an insurance claim online or through the mobile app. 

Progressive has an A+ (Superior) financial strength rating from A.M. Best. The company was ranked below-average in J.D. Power’s 2020 U.S. Auto Claims Satisfaction Study but had a lower-than-expected number of complaints with the NAIC for a company of its size in 2020. 

3. Elephant

Elephant Insurance, a subsidiary of Admiral Group, was founded in 2009 and provides property and auto insurance in eight states. Elephant aims to provide a digital experience through online quotes and claims filing. It also offers several discounts to help you save, including a multi-car discount and a work-from-home discount. 

However, it’s important to note that Elephant isn’t rated by A.M. Best or J.D. Power, and the company had 14 complaints with the NAIC in 2020, which was more than expected for a company of its size. Still, Elephant may offer some of the best rates if the company does business in your state of residence. 

Steps to Buy Multi-Driver Insurance and Tips to Save with Insurify

  • Consult your insurance agent: Provide your insurance company with the name, Social Security number, and driver’s license number for the additional driver you want to add to your policy in order to get a pricing estimate.
  • Get car insurance quotes: Any time your circumstances change, including adding a driver to your policy, you should get quotes from Insurify to make sure you’re still getting the best deal. Another insurance company could offer you a lower premium for multiple drivers than your current provider. In fact, Insurify users save an average of $585 annually by switching car insurance companies
  • Research the cheapest insurance providers: Evaluate each company’s financial strength, customer satisfaction, coverage options, discounts, customer service hours, and online tools to make sure the insurer will work for you. Or check out Insurify’s Composite Score for each provider you’re considering. 
  • Apply for a new policy or keep your current insurer: When you’ve decided on the cheapest insurance provider that still meets your needs, go ahead and apply for a new policy. You’ll need to do this before you cancel your existing policy to avoid a lapse in coverage, which can raise your rates. If you decide to keep your current insurer, you may need to pay an additional premium to keep the coverage going, or you may receive a refund. 
  • Cancel your old insurance policy: If you decide to go with another company, you’ll need to call your insurance agent and cancel your current policy. Be sure to follow up on your refund if you paid in full. 

Adding Your Significant Other To Your Car Insurance: Quick Questions

How many drivers can I cover on one insurance policy?

You can usually add up to four drivers on the same one-vehicle policy, but this varies by insurer. Insurance companies will let you insure up to four cars on the same policy as well, and GEICO will even let you insure up to nine cars.

Can I insure more than one driver for the same car?

Yes. You can add a family member, friend, roommate, or significant other to your car insurance policy as long as they live with you. In fact, your insurance company will require that all residents of the household are either listed or excluded on the policy. Some companies may also allow you to add a driver who doesn’t live with you in certain cases.

How can I find the cheapest premiums for insuring multiple drivers?

The easiest way to find the cheapest premiums for two drivers on the same policy is to use Insurify to compare customized car insurance quotes. You’ll be able to enter information about each driver and vehicle to see the estimated total cost of a policy at different insurance companies. You can also use Insurify to check if it would be cheaper to get two separate policies.

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Updated July 8, 2021

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