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Sending your teenager out on the road can be a very anxiety-inducing time for many parents. The costs of a new teen driver on an insurance policy can add up fairly quickly, given their high-risk status as new, inexperienced drivers. Even parents of the most careful teenage drivers worry about their kids driving from one place to the next.

To better prepare young adults—and put their parents’ minds at ease—ADEPT Driver (Advanced Drivers Education Products and Training Inc.) provides the teenSMART driver safety training program. Eligible drivers have access to helpful study guides, driving exercises, and driving simulations. Insurance providers may even offer a discount for teenSMART drivers.

Teen drivers who join their parents’ car insurance policy don’t need to suffer from high costs. Drivers who compare insurance rates online find great rates for everyone they need to insure.

Quick Facts
  • The teenSMART program helps young drivers learn to be safe on the road.

  • Many insurance providers offer discounts for teenage drivers to eligible drivers.

  • Teenage drivers often earn insurance discounts for receiving good grades in school.

What is the teenSMART program?

The ADEPT teenSMART program aims to use training to greatly decrease car crashes and their resulting injuries. According to ADEPT, six primary factors result in car collisions involving teenage drivers. Training focuses on improving the following driving skills: active visual search, recognizing hazards, adjusting speed, managing space, analyzing risks, and lifestyle issues.

ADEPT states that graduates of the teenSMART program decrease their likelihood of having a car accident or facing a traffic violation. One year after completing the course, based on ADEPT data, teenSMART graduates have a 28% lower chance of getting into an accident and a 54% lower chance of earning a traffic citation than their peers who didn’t take the course.

Best Car Insurance Companies

Best Car Insurance Companies

How to Enroll and Participate in the teenSMART Program

To enroll in the teenSMART program, teen drivers must have a driver’s license or a learner’s permit; a PC, Chromebook, Mac computer, or iPad meeting ADEPT’s minimum requirements; and an internet connection. The program is only offered for single drivers between 16 and 20 years old. A parent or licensed driver over 26 will aid in the program’s parent-teen activities.

Once enrolled in the program, teenage drivers must complete eight hours of training. These eight hours are broken up into 16 separate 30-minute increments that teens can complete at their own pace. Once they have completed the hours of training, the driver must then pass a final certification test. Altogether, the program costs $120.

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Companies That Offer teenSMART Discounts

The insurance company you have a policy with may offer a teenSMART discount for new drivers since ADEPT has partnered with some providers. To be sure, check with your provider to learn about available young driver discounts—including the teenSMART program. Below are some companies with known partnerships with ADEPT’s teenSMART discount program:

Even if your insurance company doesn’t provide discounts for completion of the teenSMART driving program, other teen driver discounts related to teen driver safety and safe driving are likely available. Drivers can earn these discounts through driver education, driver safety programs, and other highlighted practices aiming to reduce teen driver crashes.

Other Car Insurance Discounts for Teens

What is the TeenSMART program?

TeenSMART programs are offered by many insurance companies that reward good students with special car insurance discounts.

In addition to safe driver discounts earned through driver training programs, teen drivers have more options to earn significant discounts on their insurance premiums. Generally speaking, teen drivers who demonstrate responsibility in school or on the road are more likely to save money on premiums, earning trust from their providers.

Discounts Available for Students

Students have ample opportunities to translate good grades into cheaper insurance premiums. High school and college students with at least a 3.0 GPA or B average typically earn good student discounts from their insurance providers. The “student away at school” discount decreases rates for students who left their car safe at home.

Safety Feature Discount

Many insurance companies dole out discounts to policyholders for implementing various safety features in their vehicles. Features that often apply here include anti-theft devices, antilock brakes, airbags, daytime running lights, electronic stability control, and more. These safety features allow drivers to save on costs.

Teenagers who cash in on all the car insurance discounts they might be eligible for tend to pay less in car insurance rates. Others might include:

Cheap Car Insurance

Cheap Car Insurance

Finding the Cheapest Car Insurance Policy for Teens

Whether or not teen drivers participate in ADEPT’s teenSMART driving program, they—and their parents who may be footing the bill—have many options when choosing the right insurance provider. Before committing to one provider or policy, shop around for various rates and coverages to truly consider all available options.

Rates from auto insurance companies vary over time, which means a provider that worked for you in the past may no longer work when it comes time for policy renewal. You can easily compare providers online to find up-to-date information for your auto insurance decisions.

Best and Worst Sites to Compare Car Insurance

Best and Worst Sites to Compare Car Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does the teenSMART program work?

    The ADEPT teen driving program, teenSMART, aims to decrease the risk of collisions through its program consisting of online training, real-world driving simulations, parent-teen activities, and more. The program works to increase teen drivers’ abilities of hazard detection, discourage distracted driving, and more. Many providers offer discounts to program graduates.

  • Why is insurance coverage for teen drivers so expensive?

    Insurance coverage for teens typically costs much more than coverage for older, more experienced drivers. The costly price tag stems from insurance providers viewing teen drivers as high-risk drivers due to increased car accidents, distracted driving, and a lack of driving experience. As teens spend more time behind the wheel, their insurance rates usually fall.

  • How can teenage drivers save on car insurance coverage?

    There are many options for teen drivers to save on insurance premiums. Completion of the teenSMART driver program (available at or other safe driving training typically earns drivers discounts. Other discounts available from insurers include the good student discount, student away at school discount, and safety features discount.

  • How can I find cheap auto insurance coverage?

    Even if you decide the teenSMART driving program isn’t right for you—or your child, for all the parents reading this—you can still find the right insurance coverage at an affordable price. Drivers shopping for insurance can compare and analyze rates to find the best coverage for them.

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