How to Save Time & Get Car Insurance as Low as $15/Month

Ever encountered this problem? You Google “car insurance” and six providers pop up. Each one claims that they offer the lowest rate you’ll find.

One of them, or the 200 other companies in your search result, certainly does.

But how can you know for sure which insurance provider will offer you the best rate?

I’ll give you a hint: it’s not by asking if a gecko is more trustworthy than a five-star general. It’s not by asking your best friend or visiting your local psychic.

It’s through the time-tested fact-checking process we call comparison shopping.

And while you could spend all day getting quotes from every company that offers insurance in your state, you could also just spend two minutes on Insurify.

Our free online search allows you to compare quotes in less time than it takes to brew coffee.

How Does Comparison Shopping on Insurify Work?

Whether you are looking for a new policy or seeing if there’s a better deal out there, Insurify is your new favorite money-saving tool.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Complete our online form with information about you, your vehicle(s), and your current insurance provider, if you have one.
  2. Click “Get Quote”
  3. Insurify will compile personalized quotes before your eyes.
  4. Review and select the insurance company you like.
  5. Sign up online or over the phone.

Rates could be as low as $15 a month! Which is $65 cheaper than the national average! Now that’s two minutes well spent.

So, instead of settling or spending hours researching the best rate for you, try hopping on Insurify and comparing quotes today.

Updated June 7, 2019

J.J. Starr is a financial copywriter and enjoys helping readers find the information they need. In addition to her background in banking and financial advising, she is also a poet with an MFA from New York University. She lives in Amherst, Massachusetts. You can learn more at