Cheap Auto Insurance Quotes in Sparks, NV (2021)

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While Sparks might seem like a part of Reno itself, this city is separate from the popular tourist attraction, with a population of just over 105,000. Sparks is made up of busy casino areas along with suburbs and more remote areas of Nevada, making it difficult to travel to certain destinations during rush hour. Several highways provide easy access to central Sparks yet are prone to traffic. With so many out of towners in the area unfamiliar with their surroundings, it’s important that you have robust car insurance coverage.

Car Insurance in Sparks, NV

The average cost of Nevada car insurance will vary from city to city and between insurance companies. Insurify analyzed the latest insurance rates in Sparks, NV to find you the cheapest quotes in the area.

Quotes by Top Carriers
Quotes ($/mo)
AllstateProgressiveNationwideLiberty MutualThe General
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Cheapest Car Insurance in Sparks, NV

Here are the cheapest carriers in Sparks for the following user profile: a single, 30 year old male with a clean driving record who drives a 2012 Honda Accord and pays a $1,000 deductible for the state’s minimum liability insurance.

Best Car Insurance in Sparks, NV

The Insurify Composite Score is calculated by analyzing multiple factors that indicate the quality, reliability, and health of an insurance company. Inputs to the score include financial strength ratings from A.M. Best, Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s, and Fitch; J.D. Power ratings, Consumer Reports customer satisfaction surveys, mobile app reviews, and user-generated carrier reviews. The following are the top rated carriers that offer car insurance in Sparks. For the complete list, see Insurify's best car insurance companies.

Average Car Insurance Cost

Quotes by Top Carriers
Quotes ($/mo)
NevadaLas VegasHendersonRenoNorth Las VegasSparks
Monthly $

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Sparks, NV Driving Facts


Minimum Car Insurance Requirements in NV

All motor vehicles operated or parked on Nevada roadways are required to be insured. Proof of insurance must be carried in your car at all times and must available when:

  • Requested by law enforcement
  • Renewing vehicle registration
  • The vehicle is involved in a car accident

Though coverage options vary between insurance companies, some are not optional. The minimum liability car insurance requirements for private passenger vehicles in Nevada are as follows:

  • $25,000 per person/$50,000 per accident for Bodily Injury (BI)

Bodily injury liability coverage protects drivers if their car is involved in an accident that harms another individual. The minimum limits required by Nevada state law are $25,000 for the death or injury of a single victim as a result of a car accident and $50,000 for the deaths or injuries of multiple victims. Insurance companies list this type of coverage as 25/65, referring to the dollar limitations of each minimum. If you’re in an accident, liability coverage will cover the cost of a legal proceeding as a result of a crash. Bodily injury coverage is part of the minimum coverage required by Nevada law.

  • $20,000 per accident for Property Damage (PD)

The state minimum amount of property damage liability property damage liability coverage required in the state of Nevada is $15,000. If an insured driver is determined to be at fault and held liable in a motor vehicle accident, this coverage pays for damage repair to another individual’s property. Property damage coverage will also pay for legal costs if an insured driver is involved in a lawsuit following an accident.

Sparks Car Insurance Rates by Driver Age

Drivers in this gambling town are of every age. But young drivers here pay the lion’s share when it comes to car insurance costs. Why? Young drivers carry with them much greater risks than mature drivers, statistically speaking. To compensate for this risk, insurance companies charge these age groups more. In Sparks, drivers in their teens and 20s pay up to 88 percent more than those in their 30s, 40s, and 50s.

Driving History
No Violation$173
Speeding Ticket$195
At-Fault Accident$176
Failure to Stop for Red Light / Stop Sign$193

Sparks Car Insurance Rates by Driving and Accident History

Want the best insurance rates in Sparks? While some risk factors are out of your control, maintaining an excellent driving record is not. Those with a clean driving record can expect to pay an average of $172 a month for auto insurance. But start making mistakes, and those rates will go up. Why? The insurance company has to recoup their losses not only when you make a claim but when risky behaviors increase the likelihood that you’ll make a claim in the future. Speeding or blowing through stop signs in Sparks can raise your rates to an average of $192 monthly.

Sparks Car Insurance Rates by Credit Tier

While age and driving behaviors influence car insurance costs, your ability to manage money can, too. Why? Studies have shown that the lower a person’s credit score is, the higher the likelihood they’ll make a claim. Motorists with an average credit score in Sparks can expect to pay $158 a month in insurance premiums, while those with a poor credit score will pay almost 62 percent more for the same coverage.

Sparks, NV DMV Information

Accomplishing your DMV tasks can be challenging in Sparks, as the immediate area only has one office to serve drivers. It’s open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and is the closest office to Reno as well, making it very highly trafficked. If you have time to drive nearly 20 minutes to the Nevada DMV office, you may find that you’re served far more quickly. This office is open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Public Transportation in Sparks, NV

Sparks doesn’t offer residents and visitors a plethora of options when it comes to public transportation, as so much of the central city is walkable. Public bus routes do connect Sparks with Reno and are great for daily commuting, while special destinations may necessitate a ridesharing option like Uber or Lyft. Renting larger vehicles, like party buses, is popular in the greater Sparks area but is only utilized for special occasions.

Conclusion: How to get the best and cheapest car insurance in Sparks, NV

If you prefer to live in the suburban area of Sparks and rarely visit the downtown area, you might find that driving in this part of the country is very easy. Others who travel near Reno could tell a completely different story, as Highway 80 can be clogged with traffic at various times of the day. No matter what your driving habits are, it’s smart to make sure you stay current on your auto insurance and enroll in the appropriate type of coverage for your needs.

Car insurance in Nevada can be expensive for some, but with Insurify, you’ll be able to compare quotes from multiple companies at once and see if you can find a cheaper policy that still features everything you’re looking for. Drivers in Sparks are surprised by how much they can save with Insurify!

Find local Sparks agents

Steven Melching Insurance DBA Battle Born Insurance 
1714 A Street, Sparks, NV 89431
Heuer Insurance Agency, Inc. 
5050 Vista Blvd Ste 101, Sparks, NV 89436-2845
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1016 N Rock Blvd Ste. 101, Sparks, NV 89431
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707 Pyramid Way, Sparks, NV 89431
Michelle Terelak: Allstate Insurance
2955 Vista Blvd Ste 103, Sparks, NV 89434
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1197 Rock Blvd, Sparks, NV 89431
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4894 Sparks Blvd, Sparks, NV 89436
Shawna Honea: Allstate Insurance
716 H St, Sparks, NV 89431
AllForOne Insurance and Planning
414 S Rock Blvd #1, Sparks, NV 89431
Action Auto Insurance
1100 E Plumb Ln Ste F, Reno, NV 89502

Insurify Insights: How Sparks Drivers Measure Up

Chevrolet Silverado
Most Popular Car in
Sparks, NV
suspended licenses
Cities with Most
Suspended Licenses Rank

Drawing from their database of over 4 million car insurance shopper applications, the data scientists at Insurify have published various reports on driver behavior and car ownership — including how Sparks drivers measure up to their fellow Nevada motorists in the rankings above.

From driver performance across different geographical locations and demographics to patterns in motor vehicle ownership and auto insurance coverage, Insurify Insights publishes data-driven articles, trend analyses, and national and local rankings each week on all factors related to cars and those who drive them.

Accidents Sparks

While car accidents are a sadly unavoidable feature of time spent on the road, rates of accidents do vary from city to city and from state to state. Sparks drivers rank 2 in the number of car accidents per driver across all cities in Nevada.

  • Rank within state: #2
  • Percent of drivers in Sparks with an accident: 10.31%
  • Drivers in Sparks, NV with an accident in their driving history paid on average 29.24% more than drivers with a clean record

Speeding Sparks

Exceeding the speed limit can endanger others and leave a permanent stain on your driving record. When compared to other cities in Nevada, Sparks drivers rank 2 in the number of speeding infractions per driver.

  • Rank within state: #2
  • Percent of drivers in Sparks with a speeding ticket: 9.47%
  • Drivers in Sparks, NV with a speeding ticket in their driving history paid on average 33.33% more than drivers with a clean record

DUI/DWIs Sparks

While driving while intoxicated is never acceptable, it’s a more common offense than many assume. Sparks drivers rank 3 in the number of DUI’s per driver across all cities in Nevada.

  • Rank within state: #3
  • Percent of drivers in Sparks with a DUI: 2.51%
  • Drivers in Sparks, NV with a DUI in their driving history paid on average 39.18% more than drivers with a clean record

Most Popular Vehicle Sparks

Some car models are just more popular than others and trends can vary from place to place. The most popular vehicle in Sparks is the Chevrolet Silverado.

Rude Sparks

The Insurify team classifies rude drivers as those who commit the following driving offenses: failure to yield or failure to stop, improper backing, passing where prohibited, tailgating, street racing, or hit-and-runs. Among all cities in Nevada, Sparks drivers rank 1 in rude driving infractions.

  • Rank within state: #1
  • Percent of drivers in Sparks with a reckless driving violation: 2.23%
  • Drivers in Sparks, NV with a reckless driving violation in their driving history paid on average 19.88% more than drivers with a clean record.

Safest Drivers Sparks

Having a squeaky-clean driving record is an accomplishment to be proud of. Some cities have safer drivers than others; Sparks drivers rank 5 in clean driving records across all cities in Nevada.

  • Rank within state: #5
  • Percent of drivers in Sparks with clean record: 79.53%

Failure to Yield the Right of Way Sparks

Failing to yield the right of way isn’t just frustrating for other drivers; it’s dangerous, too. Sparks drivers rank 1 in failure to yield violations per driver across all cities in Nevada.

  • Rank within state: #1
  • Percent of drivers in Sparks with a failure to yield violation: 0.84%
  • Drivers in Sparks, NV with a failure to yield violation in their driving history paid on average --% more than drivers with a clean record

Reckless Drivers Sparks

Reckless driving refers to a specific traffic violation: when drivers willfully act dangerously in spite of the risks they’re imposing on both themselves and others. Among all cities in Nevada, Sparks drivers rank 5 in the number of reckless driving offenses per driver.

  • Rank within state: #5
  • Percent of drivers in Sparks with a reckless driving offense: --%

Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Ownership Sparks

As auto manufacturers increasingly turn towards producing greener car models, more and more motorists are embracing hybrids and EV’s. Sparks drivers rank 2 in hybrid and electric vehicle ownership across all cities in Nevada.

  • Rank within state: #2
  • Percent of drivers in Sparks with a hybrid/electric vehicle: 1.11%

Green Driving in Sparks, NV

The EPA reports that the United States' transportation sector accounts for 27% of national greenhouse gas emissions. In a country of over 263 million registered vehicles, many communities are taking action to reduce their environmental impact and vehicular carbon footprint. This city has been named the "greenest" in the state by Insurify.

The state of Nevada offers many green driver incentives, including federal tax credits, parking fee exemptions for alternative fuel vehicles, and discounts through some car insurance carriers.

Greenes Cities


Greenes Cities
% of Hybrids / Electrics

FAQs - Sparks, NV Car Insurance

Why is auto coverage in Nevada so expensive?

When you consider that Reno and Las Vegas are popular party cities, it’s easy to see why residents may pay more for car insurance. Drinking and driving tends to occur all too often, even in cities like Sparks, leading to accidents and subsequently higher rates for everyone.

Is collision coverage required to drive in Sparks?

No, the state of Nevada does not require drivers to enroll in this type of coverage, although it’s a wise option if you’re on the road frequently. Make sure to evaluate your car insurance policy regularly to make sure it meets your needs.

Does Nevada offer a grace period for my auto insurance?

While some states allow drivers to get caught up on their policy, Nevada is rather strict. If your insurance coverage lapses, you could face the suspension of your vehicle registration the following day. A reinstatement fee of at least $251 will likely apply as well.

Insurify Rate Comparison Methodology

The car insurance quotes, statistics, and data visualizations on this page are derived from Insurify’s proprietary database of over 4 million car insurance applications from ZIP codes across the United States. Insurify’s data science team performs a comprehensive analysis of the various factors car insurance providers take into account while setting rates to provide readers insight into how car insurance quotes are priced.