Illinois SR-22 Car Insurance: Costs and Quotes (2021)

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Cheapest Companies for SR-22 Insurance in Illinois (2021)

For drivers with SR-22 in Illinois, it’s important that you evaluate all of your potential insurance options to ensure you are finding the best rate. Comparing the right insurance companies after this incident will allow you to get the best possible insurance rate after an SR-22.

To simplify comparing companies, Insurify has analyzed rates from top insurance providers in Illinois. The following are the best insurance rates from carriers that offer car insurance for drivers with an SR-22 in Illinois.

How Much Does SR-22 Insurance Cost in Illinois?

In Illinois, needing an SR-22 means you will pay more for insurance than a motorist who isn't required to have one. That's because SR-22 filings are generally attached to drivers who have demonstrated—through their driving behavior—that they are a higher risk to insure.

While a motorist with a clean driving record pays an average of $166 monthly for insurance, one with an SR-22 pays $31 more per month. The SR-22 rate is a 19 percent increase over average rates in the state for low-risk drivers. Since an SR-22 must be on file for three years in Illinois, drivers needing this designation end up paying $1,116 more than they would have with a clean record.

No Violation - Avgerage Monthly RateWith SR-22 - Average Monthly Rate
$31 ▴Difference in Average Monthly Rate
18.67% ▴Percent Change in Average Monthly Rate

Insurify's comparison tool will help you make sure you're getting the best possible quote even after an SR-22. You can have peace of mind that you're reviewing all of your available insurance options and can confidently choose the one that is best for your situation.

What Is an SR-22, and Who Needs One in Illinois?

An SR-22 is an endorsement filed by the insurance company with the state. It confirms that the person named is carrying the minimum amount of insurance required. In Illinois, people who have lost their license due to serious safety violations, unsatisfied judgments, or receiving three or more convictions for not carrying the right amount of insurance have to have an SR-22.

Because people who need SR-22s have, in effect, proven that they are not responsible on their own, insurance companies sometimes shy away from covering such risk. Finding a carrier that will write you an insurance policy and file an SR-22 is doable, but sometimes it can take a little searching.

How Much Does Credit Score Affect SR-22 Insurance Costs in Illinois?

Both your credit bracket and having an SR-22 impact insurance costs. Regardless of credit, motorists requiring an SR-22 designation will see insurance rates increase anywhere from $35 to $43 a month.

Those with excellent credit experience the lowest increase of $35, while drivers with poor credit will feel the most significant financial pinch with a $43 increase. Those whose scores land somewhere in the middle get hit with an increase of $39 per month.

Credit TierDifference

How to Find the Best SR-22 Insurance Rate in Illinois

Getting an SR-22 in Illinois is pretty straightforward. Contact your current insurance company and ask them if they file these financial responsibility certificates. If not, start shopping around for a new insurer. Once you find an insurance company with rates you like and that will file an SR-22, they'll do the rest. After about 30 days of processing, you'll receive a copy of the SR-22 from the insurance company and a letter from the secretary of state's office. Keep the SR-22 on you as proof of insurance if you are asked to show it.

Non-Owner SR-22 Insurance in Illinois

Not everyone who has to file an SR-22 owns a vehicle. But the SR-22 requirement still applies to non-owners. In Illinois, your insurance company will file an operators-owners certificate. This certificate covers all vehicles you drive. A non-owner policy is sometimes less costly than traditional owners insurance.

Alternatives to an SR-22 in Illinois

There are other acceptable ways of proving financial responsibility and getting your license back in Illinois besides filing an SR-22. If you have $70,000 in cash or securities, you can deposit those in an account with the Illinois state treasurer. Other ways of getting around an SR-22 include filing a surety bond and filing a real estate bond. If you aren't from Illinois and find yourself in a situation requiring an SR-22, you can complete an affidavit to request waiving your financial responsibility.

How Do I Get SR-22 Insurance in Illinois

It's a time-consuming task—researching company after company and sorting through coverage, discounts, and rates. If you don't want to shop this way, you can use Insurify to compare auto insurance quotes industry-wide in minutes. Just a little information from you, like the kind of car you drive, your driving habits, and answers to other easy driving-related questions, will unlock a list of top quotes matching your profile. Using Insurify as guidance, you can quickly source trusted quotes, slashing hours of shopping off your to-do list.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do you need an SR-22 in Illinois?

Illinois requires that you maintain an SR-22 for three years. Remember, the insurance company is in direct communication with the state. If you let your coverage lapse or cancel your insurance, the state can automatically revoke your license. You must renew your SR-22 insurance 45 days in advance to allow for processing time between your insurance company and the state.

What happens to my SR-22 in Illinois if I move?

An SR-22 is like your luggage: when you move, it goes with you. You cannot just let your SR-22 lapse because you're moving across the country—even if your new state doesn't require SR-22s for license reinstatement. In all likelihood, your new state will require that you complete the terms of your original SR-22 in your new state. You can do this by finding an insurance company that can get you liability coverage and file the SR-22 for you.

Do I need an SR-22 in Illinois if I don’t have a car?

Even if you don't have your own ride in Illinois, you need an SR-22. Insurance companies write what are called non-owner insurance policies for people who don't own a car. They then submit the SR-22 on top of this non-owner policy.

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