Why buy car insurance? 

First, it’s illegal NOT to have car insurance in most states. 

Second, it simply makes sense. Mistakes, fender benders, and unforeseen accidents are going to happen whether you are on the road or parked right outside your front door.

Making sure you have that just-in-case auto insurance policy coverage to protect your investment is just the tip of the iceberg. No matter who you are or the purpose your vehicle serves, getting cheaper, more affordable car insurance coverage is easier than ever, thanks to technological advances.

You can compare detailed, personalized, and free car insurance quotes in minutes with Insurify.

Score savings on car insurance with Insurify

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Insurify: The Best Way to Buy Car Insurance Online

The digital revolution has opened up an entirely new way of doing business. Instead of working with local car insurance companies or leaning on the advice of a friend, you can shop online at your own convenience.

Not only do our connected devices offer incredible convenience and choice, but algorithms are also able to process a whole slew of data points at once—to pinpoint your best car insurance options faster and more accurately than ever before.

Forget brick-and-mortar agents. The ability to calculate this much data so quickly has transformed the insurance shopping experience and handed an incredible amount of control over to the individual. 

Using insurance comparison shopping websites like Insurify, you can now:

  • Compare quotes instantly
  • View quote packages ranked from cheapest to most expensive
  • Buy your car insurance policy online or over the phone
  • Sidestep needless back-and-forth with an insurance agent
  • Make apples-to-apples comparisons 
  • Get real quotes (not just estimates) from reputable carriers 
  • Avoid scams and sites only intent on selling or sharing your information 
  • Sign up for text alerts so you can make financial shifts quickly when auto insurance coverage rates drop
  • Leverage real-time data from a growing list of insurance companies
  • Keep in constant sync with insurance market offerings

How does data make a difference in finding the best insurance rates? 

Because computers have gotten so good at processing data, personalized car insurance rates are quickly becoming the norm. An individual’s data can be processed alongside bits of information representing multiple carriers’ practices, products, and discounts to make the best financial match.

  • Insurance companies use risk indicators to calculate risk (and how much you pay). Risk indicators include things like your age, what you drive, where you live, if you own a home, your driving history, etc.
  • The premium you pay depends on the rate grouping you fall into and the car insurance discounts for which you’re eligible.
  • Insurance companies are not all the same. Differences include the math that a company uses to determine rate groupings and whether or not the company insures drivers that are considered high risk (those with poor driving records including drivers with too many points or DUIs on their record).
  • Something else that sets insurance companies apart from each other is the discounts they offer. The trick is to find the insurance provider with the most applicable discounts. Some insurers offer more generalized discounts like good driver and loyalty discounts. In contrast, others provide more specific discounts, like those related to the work that you do or organizations you’ve joined. 

So how easy is it to use Insurify, really?

Getting through the quote process for a cheap car insurance policy is quick and easy with Insurify. Why? Because we’ve intentionally made it that way. How? Come take a test drive and see!

How to Compare Auto Insurance Quotes on Insurify

Just enter your ZIP code on insurify.com to start saving.


Insurify not only provides quotes for car insurance, but it can also give you insurance rates for home and life policies, too. And when life becomes busy, we’ll wait for you! Return to your saved quotes at any time. Every question matters. And each question answered increases the accuracy of your results.

Enter info about your ride

Never feel lost in a list of questions with no way out. Insurify lets you see progress on every page and makes answering easy. Smart questions, images, and clickable choices help you complete questions faster and limit mistakes.

Tell us how you use your car and unlock more discounts!

How you use your car matters and might even unlock more discounts for you. Insurify covers all of the critical questions an agent would ask, but at your own pace, and privately. You can revisit different sections along the way if you need to. Don’t forget….every click you make increases quote accuracy…and you can see so for yourself!

Fill-in-the-blank answers are time-consuming and uncomfortable. Even worse, they often skew rates and deliver unreliable results. Insurify narrows the guesswork by giving you choices that make the most sense and get you closer to the right answer. We also allow you to add vehicles and drivers along the way—without starting over.

Tell us a little about yourself…

Don’t worry. Each question is designed to find you the most complete coverage at the best rates. How is this done? Insurify allows you to create the most complete driver profile possible—not only to define proper coverage but also to unlock even more of the available discounts out there.

Almost done! Now that we know you better, it’s time for another round of questions to unlock even more insurance discounts and lower that insurance premium.

Tell us about the insurance coverage options you have or had. Even these small details can lead to better insurance rates.

Enter info about any accidents, tickets, and claims. You’ve had better days, but we make telling us about them as pain-free as possible.

Save your profile and get your quotes now! Here, you can also make a choice to opt-in (or out) of emails and texts from Insurify. Don’t make the mistake of filling up your inbox unintentionally with emails that don’t matter. Only an insurance comparison website like Insurify can cut through the clutter to give you the most complete and reliable insurance information at once.

And voilà! The cheapest, most reliable quotes from providers we trust.

Your final results include more than just a sample of waiting providers and rates. Your editable dashboard now allows you to view and purchase coverage from auto insurance companies precisely matched to your insurance profile. 

Buy these ready-for-purchase, customized quotes online or over the phone. It’s totally up to you. Be sure to set a policy start date that overlaps with your current policy, to ensure there’s no lapse in your coverage.

Did we mention this can only take a few minutes?!

How Insurify keeps you safe (and sane)

Lead generation sites can leave you feeling unsafe. You don’t want your private data shared, and you certainly don’t want to fall prey to websites that are created to steal your information. 

Insurify encrypts your most private data and is 100 percent secure. We are not a lead generation site at all.

Conclusion: The easiest way to compare and save on car insurance

That’s it. Getting complete car coverage at the price you choose couldn’t be easier—especially if you’re in a pinch. Though Insurify can’t compare rental car insurance quotes, we can offer same-day car insurance. That’s the beauty of buying online and setting your own policy start dates.

Remember to compare car insurance quotes on Insurify at least every six months, and anywhere from one month to two days before your current policy’s expiration. Who knows? You could find an even cheaper rate from a new provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy insurance coverage online? 

Not all insurance companies provide online car insurance quotes. Even if they do, they are generally just estimates. You’ll need to check each carrier’s website or call insurance agents individually for more details. You can also buy car insurance online through insurance comparison websites.

Where can I buy third party car insurance online?

Policyholders looking for third-party-only (TPO) insurance often have a harder search in front of them because many insurers refuse to take third-party claims. Your best bet in finding those providers is through insurance comparison websites.

How often should I compare car insurance quotes? 

You should compare car insurance quotes before your policy expires (six to 12 months) and when you have life changes that could affect your policy (adding people to the policy, after making a claim or having an accident). Ready to start saving on car insurance? Build your own insurance profile online quickly with Insurify to get your best rates instantly.

Score savings on car insurance with Insurify

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Updated June 30, 2020

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