Paying for your monthly car insurance policy can be a bitter pill to swallow. Many of us know the feeling: you’ve taken care of your other household bills and think you’re in the clear–– then your car insurance payment takes you by surprise. In such a situation, it makes sense to wonder about the cost of your insurance coverage: is it above or below average? Are your neighbors paying more or less? And are there better deals to be found elsewhere? 

In this article, we’ll take a look at the average cost of car insurance in the United States in 2020 among many different groups. We’ll also examine some of the factors that insurers use to determine which drivers are high-risk and when they should impose higher rates.

It’s important to remember that the average cost of car insurance will vary wildly from driver to driver. A sixty year old driver driving a Honda and seeking a bare-bones minimum plan from Geico will receive a very different quote than a teenager seeking a comprehensive policy with property damage liability and bodily injury liability from Allstate.

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Average Auto Insurance Cost Per Month

Insurify combed through its database of proprietary data from millions of U.S. drivers to determine the national average cost of auto insurance. Whether you pay more or less, the answer may surprise you. 

In the United States, the average cost per month of auto insurance is around $234. 

$234 is a pretty hefty chunk of change. It’s a little under half the cost of the new PS5 with Ultra HD Blu-Ray Disc Drive, which is retailing for $499 this holiday season. It’s about the same price as a Halloween Day direct flight from New York to Madrid, which Iberia Air is currently offering for $242. With the average price of a gallon of gas currently sitting at $2.38, you could afford approximately 98 gallons for the same cost as the average monthly car insurance for a U.S. driver. 

Average Total Auto Insurance Cost

Monthly averages are all well and good, but what’s the average cost of auto insurance for the duration of the policy? Most drivers want to know how much they’ll end up shelling out for the total duration of their car insurance plan, not just the price of their payments each month.

Because most auto insurance policies provide protection for six months, the average total premium for a U.S. driver is around $1,463. 

If a driver chose to renew their $1,463 six-month policy for the same price, their average annual premium would come out to $2,926, just shy of three thousand dollars. 

That’s a pretty significant amount of cash. In February 2020, the average monthly rent for an apartment in the United States was $1,468. That means that the average U.S. car insurance policy costs roughly as much as a month of rent. The average cost for a loaf of bread from your local supermarket currently runs around $2.08. That means that for the average cost for a car insurance policy in the U.S., you could buy roughly seven hundred loaves of bread. That’s a lot of sandwiches. 

Average Auto Insurance Cost for Teens

Average monthly and annual auto insurance costs for all U.S. drivers are good metrics to get a birds’ eye view of America’s car insurance landscape. But those figures say surprisingly little about what the average cost of car insurance will be for an individual driver.

That’s because auto insurance companies look at many different factors for each individual driver to guess their potential risk level. The riskier a driver you’re considered to be by insurers, the higher they’ll raise your car insurance premiums. Some of these risks have to do with your driving record. If you’ve gotten into previous scrapes or received citations for driving recklessly or under the influence, your rates will almost certainly be higher than a driver with a squeaky-clean record. 

But some of the factors have to do with traits outside of your control, like your age and gender. In general, young people, especially teenagers, are riskier drivers than older adults, and young men are more reckless behind the wheel than young women. Because of these trends, your car insurance will cost more as a teen, particularly as a teenage boy. Teenagers getting into more accidents than older drivers makes intuitive sense––in general, they’ve had much less experience behind the wheel.

Insurify examined data from hundreds of thousands of auto insurance quotes for teenage drivers to determine their average monthly costs––and as you might imagine, they’re quite a bit higher than the average monthly premiums for all U.S. drivers, particularly for boys. Another expected trend that the data reveals has to do with age: 19-year olds are the least expensive teens to insure, presumably because they have more experience on the road and make more mature choices while driving.

The most expensive category of teen to insure is a male 18-year old. These drivers pay a mind-boggling $503 per month––more than twice the average monthly cost for car insurance nationwide

Car Insurance for Teenage Drivers

Age Male Female
16 $498 $477
17 $499 $479
18 $503 $452
19 $451 $401

Remember: Driving record impacts auto insurance rates

A teen’s driving history may be limited, which is why their auto insurance premiums are so much higher than those of U.S. drivers in general. Teens cause the highest rates of auto accidents: per mile driven, teen drivers are nearly three times more likely than drivers aged 20 and older to be in a fatal crash. That’s why most providers consider their age group to be the riskiest drivers to insure. 

Average Auto Insurance Cost for Young Drivers

The early twenties can be a special time in many people’s lives. For many, it’s their first time living away from home, launching a career, or attending college. Young adulthood also marks a time of change for car insurance premiums. As drivers gain more maturity and experience on the road, their rates decrease on average, though male drivers continue to pay higher premiums than female drivers. 

There’s one interesting factor you might not expect in insuring young adults you might not expect: their educational status. Because college students are less risky drivers in general, college students sometimes pay lower insurance premiums than non-students of the same age and gender. Some insurance companies even offer special discounts for students who maintain a high grade-point average. Insurify’s data on car insurance quotes for young adults reveals that students pay a monthly average of around $433, while non-students pay about $376.

Why does the data suggest that college students pay more on average per month? There are a few reasons: students tend to be younger than non-students, and often remain on their family insurance policies. Students are also more likely to go to school in cities, where the cost to insure a car is often higher than in rural areas. 

But regardless of whether you’re a student or not, you’ll likely be paying less for your car insurance coverage as a young adult than you did as a teen. Take a look at our table below of average premium costs for young drivers, compiled from Insurify’s comprehensive database of quote comparison searches

Car Insurance for Young Drivers

Age  Male Female
20 $417 $377
21 $366 $338
22 $339 $314
23 $311 $295
24 $296 $282
25 $273 $266

Average Auto Insurance Cost for New Drivers

As we’ve covered, one of the most important factors in calculating the cost of your driving record is driver experience. So what about drivers who have only been licensed for one year or less? New drivers, also sometimes known as “first-time drivers,” are an expensive demographic to insure. 

A 23-year old new driver costs, on average, $335 per month to insure. That’s $24 more per month than a 23-year-old man with prior driving experience is charged, and $40 more than an experienced 23-year-old female driver. $24 and $40 may not seem like much, but yearly it adds up to quite a bit: $288 and $480, respectively.

That’s why new drivers looking to save should compare quotes across dozens of the nation’s largest insurance companies with Insurify. Insurify provides drivers with car insurance quotes personalized for them in just a few clicks––while protecting their digital privacy.

Car Insurance for New Drivers

Current Age Monthly Cost
17 $492
18 $483
19 $437
20 $415
21 $384
22 $362
23 $335

Average Auto Insurance Cost by State

Another factor that heavily impacts the cost of your car insurance policy is location

Different states have different laws regarding car insurance. State legislators determine how much car insurance drivers need to buy, what qualifies as an uninsured driver, what accident-related costs insurers are required to cover, and other insurance-related questions. These regulations affect how much car insurance costs in each state. Regulations aren’t the only location-related factors influencing average car insurance cost: Americans drive differently in each state and face different challenges and hazards. 

You’re probably curious about insurance rates in your state. Thankfully, Insurify has the data to provide you with answers. Read on to find out the average monthly premium for car insurance in all 50 states, as well as the top 10 most and least expensive states for auto insurance

Average Monthly Cost of Car Insurance: 50 States and Washington, D.C.

State Average Premium
Alabama Car Insurance Rates $195
Alaska Car Insurance Rates $160
Arizona Car Insurance Rates $210
Arkansas Car Insurance Rates $202
California Car Insurance Rates $235
Colorado Car Insurance Rates $250
Connecticut Car Insurance Rates $261
Delaware Car Insurance Rates $331
Florida Car Insurance Rates $328
Georgia Car Insurance Rates $328
Hawaii Car Insurance Rates $117
Idaho Car Insurance Rates $148
Illinois Car Insurance Rates $184
Indiana Car Insurance Rates $165
Iowa Car Insurance Rates $163
Kansas Car Insurance Rates $199
Kentucky Car Insurance Rates $272
Louisiana Car Insurance Rates $332
Maine Car Insurance Rates $145
Maryland Car Insurance Rates $312
Massachusetts Car Insurance Rates $218
Michigan Car Insurance Rates $515
Minnesota Car Insurance Rates $170
Mississippi Car Insurance Rates $217
Missouri Car Insurance Rates $265
Montana Car Insurance Rates $174
Nebraska Car Insurance Rates $211
Nevada Car Insurance Rates $305
New Hampshire Car Insurance Rates $163
New Jersey Car Insurance Rates $290
New Mexico Car Insurance Rates $173
New York Car Insurance Rates $351
North Carolina Car Insurance Rates $138
North Dakota Car Insurance Rates $175
Ohio Car Insurance Rates $178
Oklahoma Car Insurance Rates $196
Oregon Car Insurance Rates $207
Pennsylvania Car Insurance Rates $201
Rhode Island Car Insurance Rates $371
South Carolina Car Insurance Rates $308
South Dakota Car Insurance Rates $150
Tennessee Car Insurance Rates $192
Texas Car Insurance Rates $269
Utah Car Insurance Rates $195
Vermont Car Insurance Rates $149
Virginia Car Insurance Rates $213
Washington Car Insurance Rates $252
Washington, D.C. Car Insurance Rates $299
West Virginia Car Insurance Rates $213
Wisconsin Car Insurance Rates $161
Wyoming Car Insurance Rates $143

Top 10 Cheapest States for Car Insurance

The least expensive state to insure your car is Hawaii, with an average monthly premium of $117.

Why is the cost of car insurance in Hawaii so low? 

Hawaii has passed strict anti-discrimination laws prohibiting insurers from basing insurance premiums on factors including age, sex, race, ethnicity, driving experience, or marital status

Along with California and Massachusetts, Hawaii is also one of three states that don’t allow insurers to base their rates on a driver’s credit score. 

Top 10 Cheapest States for Car Insurance

Top 10 Most Expensive States for Car Insurance

The most expensive state to insure your car is Michigan, with a stratospheric average monthly premium of $515.

Why is it so expensive to insure your car in Michigan? Again, regulations play a part. In Michigan, personal injury protection regulations decree that insurers are required to pay a lifetime of medical expenses––up to $550,000––if a driver is injured in a car accident. Additionally, Michigan’s no-fault car insurance policy means that drivers can recover financial losses from their own insurer after an accident, no matter who was at fault. 

These policies present additional costs for car insurance companies, so companies raise their average rates as a result. However, in July 2020 Michigan reformed their car insurance regulations, so drivers can expect the average price of premiums to begin to trend downwards.

Top 10 Most Expensive States for Car Insurance

Auto Insurance Cost by City

Car insurance costs don’t just vary by state––they change depending upon what city you live in, too. Because of higher rates of theft, vandalism, and accidents, urban drivers usually have higher premiums than their rural counterparts. Below are the average monthly car insurance premiums in a few major cities in the U.S.

  • New York City (pop. 8.4 million): $283
  • Los Angeles (pop. 4 million): $316
  • Chicago (pop. 2.7 million): $216
  • Houston (pop. 2.3 million): $320
  • Phoenix (pop. 1.7 million): $239
  • Philadelphia (pop. 1.6 million): $307

Average Cost of Auto Insurance: Liability vs. Full Coverage

One of the most primary distinctions determining your car insurance cost is the level of coverage. Every state except New Hampshire mandates that drivers own some form of car insurance (and even New Hampshire requires proof of financial responsibility before you hit the open road). 

But car insurance policies can provide many different coverage levels––from the bare-bones state minimum coverage to a comprehensive package of insurance products often known as full coverage insurance. Full coverage insurance varies from provider to provider, but it usually includes the three following insurance types: liability insurance, collision insurance, and comprehensive insurance

Category Covers Doesn’t Cover
Liability Coverage Bodily injury or property damage if you are at fault or if the person at fault is an uninsured motorist or an underinsured motorist. Your medical bills or damage to your car or property should you be at fault.
Collision Coverage Damage to objects (not animals or people) and vehicles due to a collision regardless of fault. Hit-and-run accidents. Doesn’t cover damage due to “Acts of God.” (See Comprehensive)
Comprehensive Coverage “Acts of God”: events out of a person’s control: for example, fire, floods, or vandalism. Doesn’t cover medical costs or vehicle damage due to a collision.

As you might expect, the more coverage a plan offers, the higher the cost of its monthly premiums. Insurify perused its database to determine the breakdown of average monthly costs across a spectrum of coverage types.

Average Monthly Car Insurance Cost by Coverage Type

Coverage Type Avg. Monthly Cost
State Min Liability Only $164
50/100/50 Liability Only $177
50/100/50 + $1000 Comprehensive/Collision  $320
50/100/50 + $500 Comprehensive/Collision $335
100/300/100 + $1000 Comprehensive/Collision  $321
100/300/100 + $500 Comprehensive/Collision $348

Full Coverage vs. Liability Coverage Average Monthly Cost*

Coverage Type Avg. Monthly Cost
All Liability  $167
All Liability + Comprehensive/Collision $323

*All types averaged.

Average Auto Insurance Cost by Insurance Company

Some drivers may be curious about the average monthly car insurance costs of each insurance company.  

Insurify compared the data from millions of car insurance quotes to determine average monthly car insurance costs by company. Insurance companies like Progressive or State Farm charge drivers different average premiums for a variety of reasons.

Some companies are regional and only operate in a few states. Some specialize in certain demographics of drivers, whether that’s high-risk drivers with low credit scores, low-risk older drivers, or military drivers, as with USAA

Regardless, you shouldn’t rely on the table below to decide upon a car insurance company. Your individual characteristics and history as a driver are crucial to determining which company and policy is a good fit. For that reason, your best bet is using an insurance comparison site like Insurify, which can customize your car insurance quote and add any potential discounts in real-time.

Average Monthly Car Insurance Cost by Insurance Company

Provider Avg. Monthly Cost
Metromile $107
Farmers $116
Plymouth Rock $171
Travelers $176
MetLife $194
National General $200
Kemper $232
Mercury $243
Nationwide $243
American Family $244
Liberty Mutual $252

Average Auto Insurance Cost by Credit Score

In many places, insurance companies use a driver’s credit score to determine their policy cost. (The practice is banned in three states: Hawaii, California, and Massachusetts.)

In general, good credit scores correlate with safer drivers, and customers with high credit scores are considered less likely to default on their insurance payments. 

But if you’re a driver with lower-than-average credit, don’t fear––certain insurance companies, known as no-check insurers, will provide insurance quotes for drivers without examining their credit scores

Check out Insurify’s data on the relationship between monthly premiums and credit scores below. 

Average Monthly Car Insurance Cost by Credit Score

Average Monthly Car Insurance Cost by Credit Score

Average Auto Insurance Cost by Gender

Despite what outdated jokes may suggest, men––especially young men––tend to drive more recklessly than women. As a result, men pay on average slightly more for their car insurance. This difference in cost tends to shrink after men enter their mid-twenties. 

Average Monthly Car Insurance Cost by Gender

Gender Average Monthly Premium
Male $245
Female $236

Average Auto Insurance Cost by Marital Status

One unexpected factor in your monthly car insurance premiums is marital status. Married people tend to be older and drive less recklessly than single people. So if you’ve been waiting for a reason to pop the question, consider that you might save on your car insurance! Homeowners are also often eligible for discounts on their auto coverage. 

Insurify tabulated data comparing rates for married and single drivers below.

Average Monthly Car Insurance Cost by Marital Status

Marital Status Average Monthly Premium
Married $238
Single $266

Average Auto Insurance Cost: Clean Record vs. At Least One Accident

Insurance rates increase dramatically after an accident.

Because the main cost for insurance companies consists of paying for medical and property costs after auto accidents, a driver with a history of accidents is usually far more expensive to insure, particularly if they were found to be at fault in one or more of them. Having been at fault for a previous accident suggests to insurers that you may cause more in the future.

Look below to find Insurify’s table demonstrating the average monthly increase in insurance premiums for a U.S. driver after just one accident. 

Average Monthly Car Insurance Cost: Clean Record vs. One Accident

Accident Type Average Monthly Premium
Clean Record $236
One Accident (At-Fault and Not At-Fault) $276
One At-Fault Accident $284

Average Auto Insurance Cost: DUI vs. No DUI

Just one substance-related violation like a DUI can cause substantial increases in the price of your insurance policy, not to mention legal difficulties. If you’re thinking of driving after a few drinks, don’t do it

Not only could you save a life by not driving drunk, but the cost of a taxi or rideshare home is far less than even one month’s difference in average premium cost between a DUI-free driver and one with a DUI.

Average Monthly Car Insurance Cost: Clean Record vs. DUI 

Clean Record vs. DUI Average Monthly Premium
Clean Record $236
One DUI Violation $352

Factors that Determine Your Car Insurance Rates

As the tables above show, car insurance companies employ many different methods to assess your risk as a driver––and, as a result, the price of your monthly premiums. Some of the most common factors driving up your monthly auto policy cost include:

  • Age: On average, young drivers are less experienced behind the wheel and pay more than older drivers.
  • Gender: On average, young men tend to drive more recklessly and therefore pay more than young women.
  • Car Type: What car model you drive impacts your insurance rates. A luxury or sports car driver will face higher premiums for their speedy ride with expensive parts.
  • Location: For a variety of reasons, certain states have higher average car insurance rates, and urban drivers usually pay more than rural ones.
  • Credit Score: In many states, a poor credit score will increase your auto premiums.
  • Education: Students are considered lower-risk and are often offered discounts or lowered rates.
  • Mileage: If you spend lots of time on the road, you’re statistically more likely to get into an accident, so your premiums will be higher.
  • Driving Record: Accidents, moving violations, and DUI’s will all substantially raise your rates.

Conclusion: How To Save on Car Insurance

Hopefully, this article helped you learn more about average car insurance costs nationwide, as well as the many factors that go into determining the price of a driver’s car insurance premium. If you’re looking to save on your car insurance, here are some basic tips:

  • Drive safely and carefully. It might seem commonsense, but accidents or tickets can cause substantial increases in your monthly car insurance premiums.
  • Consider using telematics. Many insurance companies now offer telematics devices that drivers install in their vehicles, which calculate mileage and driving style. Installing such a device may send some serious discounts your way. 
  • Shop around for new quotes often, especially after life events like getting married or improving your credit score. These events could lower the cost of your monthly premiums! If you’re not actively shopping around for insurance, you might not be aware of potential discounts or deals available for you.


Whether you’re in the market for cheaper premiums, more comprehensive coverage, or a lower deductible, Insurify and its cutting-edge quote comparison AI technology can provide dozens of extra-affordable auto insurance quotes personalized for you––without frustrating spam calls or releasing your data! 

Insurify helps connect users with insurance providers that offer cheap car insurance at lower rates, regardless of your type of car, credit history, or driver profile. Whether you have a clean driving record or more than one speeding ticket in your rearview mirror, Insurify can help.


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FAQ: Average Car Insurance Rates

What is the average cost of car insurance?

The American driver pays around $1,463 in total premiums on average for their car insurance policy.

What is the average cost of car insurance per month?

Drivers in the United States face an average monthly premium of around $234 for their car insurance.

What is the average cost of full coverage car insurance?

U.S. drivers can expect to pay a monthly average of $323 for a full coverage car insurance package.

Where can I compare cheap car insurance quotes online for free?

Rather than wasting days comparing quotes from individual insurance carriers like Allstate or GEICO one-by-one, innovative insurance quote comparison platform Insurify can help you get real, accurate, and cheap car insurance quotes from dozens of companies in just a few clicks!

Updated January 13, 2022

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