Cheap DUI Car Insurance in Idaho:
Costs and Quotes (2021)

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Best DUI Insurance Companies in Idaho (2021)

For drivers with a DUI or DWI offense in Idaho, it’s important that you evaluate all of your potential insurance options to ensure you are finding the best rate. Comparing the right insurance companies after this incident will allow you to get the best possible insurance rate after a DUI.

To simplify comparing companies, Insurify has analyzed rates from top insurance providers in Idaho. The following are the best insurance rates from carriers that offer car insurance for drivers with a DUI in Idaho.

DUI Car Insurance Costs in Idaho

In Idaho, a DUI or DWI offense will on average have drivers paying $244 per month and $2,928 per year for their car insurance rates.

Compared to drivers with a clean driving record, that is on average an 77% increase on car insurance rates for drivers with a DUI. So in order, to find an affordable monthly rate after a DUI, comparison tools like Insurify become essential to finding the best rate.

Avg. Monthly Cost - No ViolationAvg. Monthly Cost - After DUI
$106 ▴Monthly Impact of DUI on Rates
76.81% ▴Percent Bad DUI Impact Rates

Insurify's comparison tool will help you make sure you're getting the best possible quote even after a DUI. You can have peace of mind that you're reviewing all of your available insurance options and can confidently choose the one that is best for your situation.

How Much Does a DUI Impact Car Insurance Rates in Idaho?

A DUI charge will negatively impact various parts of your life, including your finances, relationships, driving record, and maybe even your job status. Your car insurance rates are no exception.

A clean driving record is a good first step toward a low car insurance rate. Idaho drivers without a DUI pay on average $106.18 less a month for their car insurance than those with one. That lapse in judgment could increase your car insurance rates almost 77 percent, to $244.18 per month. Your car insurance rate is likely to increase over time; don't add to the damage with an avoidable mistake like getting a DUI.

Average Percent Increase After DUI

What Are the Average Car Insurance Prices After a DUI in Idaho?

Your individual circumstances will determine your car insurance rates after a DUI. However, many drivers in Idaho with a DUI on their record pay $244.18 a month to maintain their coverage. This makes Idaho the 48th most expensive state to get a DUI in from a car insurance standpoint.

Taking time to compare car insurance rates is one the best decisions you can make after you've been charged with a DUI in Idaho. Look at more than just car insurance when shopping; be sure to see what other products the company offers, too. You may be able to bundle your car and home insurance policies and get a discount.

Most Expensive State for DUI (1-50)

How Long Is the Lookback Period for a DUI in Idaho?

A lookback period is how long a DUI remains on a driver's record. The state of Idaho has a 10-year lookback period for DUIs. This means if you were to be charged with a second DUI within 10 years of the first, it would be deemed a second offense and lead to a more severe penalty. A subsequent DUI after 10 years would be viewed as a first offense and would come with a less harsh punishment. Hopefully, you learned your lesson from your first DUI and the lookback period won't come into play.

Your car insurance rates will likely be high enough after your DUI violation. Maintaining a clean driving record going forward will keep them from increasing any further. Insurance companies in Idaho can view DUIs from the past 10 years.

Idaho DUI Penalties

Your age, license type, driving record and other circumstances will determine the penalties associated with your DUI in Idaho. However, first-time offenders could receive up to six months in jail (up to a year if their BAC is .20 or higher), face a fine up to $1,000 (up to $2,000 if BAC is .20 or higher), and have their license suspended for 90–120 days. Idaho drivers could also be required to have an ignition interlock device in their vehicle. This device prevents a vehicle from starting unless someone breathes into it with alcohol-free breath.

DUI penalties in Idaho for drivers under the age of 21 are severe, too. First-time offenders are fined up to $1,000, and their driver's license is suspended for one year. The offender can request restricted driving privileges after the suspension is finished. First-time underage DUI offenders also have to undergo an alcohol consultation.

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