Few give more to their country than those who serve in the military. And that’s why car insurance companies across the country try to give back to our nation’s veterans through affordable coverage options and expansive discounts. 

But how do you get started finding a car insurance company that keeps veterans in mind? After all, transitioning back into civilian life after active duty can be an overwhelming process—so you don’t want shopping for car insurance to slow you down. 

Insurify can help. With a comprehensive database of car insurance information, you can browse providers and compare free insurance quotes side by side in real time. With all this information at your fingertips, you can quickly find the right car insurance coverage at the right price for you.

Best Car Insurance Companies for Veterans

After leaving the military, one of the first things you probably want to do is get back on the roads—which means you’ll need to find car insurance. Fortunately, if you’re looking for car insurance companies that cater to the specific needs of military veterans and offer military discounts, you won’t have to look far.

When it comes to car insurance for military personnel, few can beat the quintessential provider for military car insurance: USAA. Since 1922, USAA has helped members of the armed forces and their families find coverage at an affordable rate. In fact, USAA only offers insurance to active duty military members and veterans—so you can rest assured its services are designed specifically to benefit those who’ve served or are currently serving.

Active duty service members and veterans from every branch can become USAA members, including those from the Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard, and National Guard. However, USAA is not available for civilian employees of the Department of Defense.

For instance, if a USAA member is deployed and chooses to keep their insurance with USAA, they can save up to 60 percent on your insurance rates. Combine these can’t-miss deals with high customer service ratings, and you have the ideal car insurance provider for military families. And USAA also offers renters and homeowners insurance policies to military service members and their families, providing the option of bundling multiple insurance plans. 

GEICO is another nationwide car insurance provider that’s earned the trust of countless service members and their families. Although GEICO’s insurance products aren’t offered exclusively to military personnel, its discounts make it a provider worth checking out. For instance, anyone with military experience, regardless of status, can earn a 15 percent discount on their rates. And if you’re deployed in an area with imminent danger, you’ll get 25 percent knocked off your insurance rates for the duration of your deployment.

Other companies that provide affordable car insurance policies for members of the military include MetLife, Infinity, and Kemper. And other providers like Progressive and Esurance might not offer military discounts but have become household names thanks to their winning customer service and the ease with which you can file claims. It’s why J.D. Power & Associates has given them such high customer satisfaction ratings.

Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes for Veterans

There are plenty of financial considerations to keep in mind as you leave active duty and re-enter civilian life. Luckily when you buy coverage from one of these auto insurance companies, you won’t have to worry about your insurance premium breaking your budget.

Insurance CompanyLowest Rate
Bristol West$31/month

Do you want a car insurance provider that fits your specific budget? With Insurify, you can compare car insurance options, search for discounts, and find coverage at a price that works with your financial situation.

Best Auto Insurance Discounts for Veterans

As we’ve touched on above, plenty of car insurance companies do their best to give military members affordable rates. And one way to earn even cheaper rates is by taking advantage of all available discounts.

GEICO offers just about the best military discount around, with veterans saving up to 15 percent on their car insurance. GEICO also provides deployment discounts, which help you save on insurance while you’re serving overseas. This can also come in handy if you receive an emergency deployment and have to leave your car behind abruptly. USAA is no slouch either, offering 15 percent discounts if you keep your vehicle on a military base. 

Maintaining a good credit score after serving can also earn you a Good Credit discount, which can knock a significant chunk of change off your insurance rates. Good Driver discounts and Driving Training discounts are other ways car insurance providers can reward you if you have an impressive driving record, which proves you’re less likely to file claims.

Are you a loyal customer? If so, your provider might reward you with even more savings. For instance, if you insure multiple vehicles with a particular provider or bundle your car insurance with a provider’s homeowners insurance or life insurance, you can save over 25 percent on car insurance.

See the table below for more of the best auto insurance discounts for veterans:

Veterans vs. Others: Who Pays More?

You’ll probably be delighted to learn that veterans tend to pay less for car insurance compared to their peers. Check out the chart below to learn how other driver profiles stack up against each other. 

Car Insurance Tips for Veterans

Finding the right insurance company is only half the story when it comes to saving on car insurance. Driving smart, knowing your living situation, and buying the right car are a few other crucial ways to save on car insurance. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Saving starts with driving smart.

  • Setting the right deductible is one of the best ways to save. If your deductible is high, you’ll save on monthly rates—but you could end up having to pay quite a bit out of pocket if you end up filing a claim. 
  • If you’re stationed overseas and want to take your car with you, look into your provider’s fine print. Many providers, like USAA and GEICO, will let you apply for international insurance so you can hit the road no matter what country you’re in.
  • Maybe you’re just on leave from the military. If so, remember to activate your existing policy after taking your car out of storage. If you forget to do this, you might end up driving uninsured. 
  • If you aren’t ready to buy a car yet and want to stick to renting or borrowing a friend’s car, buy a non-owner car insurance policy, which is often quite affordable.

Make the most of your living situation.

  • When it comes to calculating your car insurance rates, where you live matters. For instance, if you move to an area with high crime rates, an insurance provider might assume you have a high chance of filing theft claims. This could mean you end up paying a slightly higher insurance rate.
  • Always let your provider know if you’re being deployed so that they can cancel or suspend your coverage. Depending on your policy, this suspension might not count as a lapse in coverage. You may also be eligible for an emergency deployment discount.
  • Make sure everyone in your household is either included or excluded from your policy. And if a family member is being deployed, consider removing them from your policy to lower your prices.
  • If necessary, add your spouse to your policy. This can help you unlock certain car insurance discounts, like a multi-vehicle discount.

Buy the car that works for you.

  • Buy the right car for your needs and preferences. A safe family sedan is cheaper to insure than a luxury vehicle—so keep that in mind before springing for that flashy convertible! 
  • For obvious reasons, you want your car to be as safe as possible. But on top of the safety benefits, investing in anti-lock brakes, automatic airbags, and other safety features can lead to all sorts of valuable discounts. Safe drivers with a clean record are also often eligible for discounts. If you do get into a scrape, investigate whether your insurer offers an accident forgiveness program. 

Veteran Car Insurance FAQs

Which car insurance companies offer military discounts?

GEICO is one notable car insurance company that offers a military discount. And while USAA doesn’t technically have a military discount, its rates are designed to help service members save, whether you’re active-duty military personnel or a veteran.

Should I add family members to my car insurance policy?

This is ultimately up to you. Remember that adding multiple vehicles to your car insurance policy can help you save thanks to multi-vehicle discounts. At the same time, insuring a new driver, such as a teenager, can lead to higher rates, as they’re seen as a “high-risk” driver. In general, assess your needs and go with the option that keeps your family covered responsibly and affordably.

As a veteran, how can I find affordable car insurance?

Finding the right car insurance as a veteran can be overwhelming. That’s why Insurify is committed to making the process easier by letting drivers compare auto insurance quotes side by side. That way you can find the right insurance coverage at the right price point.

Conclusion: The best way to save on car insurance

Car insurance companies recognize that military veterans have made a significant sacrifice for their country. That’s why companies across the industry go out of their way to provide generous discounts to those who’ve dedicated themselves to military service.

The key is finding those deals on auto insurance quotes and opting for a car insurance company that caters to veterans. Whether you’re looking for comprehensive coverage or a more minimal policy, Insurify is here to make the whole process stress-free. Insurify’s wide array of car insurance quotes from leading insurers like Liberty Mutual and Nationwide makes it easy to compare prices and find the best rates for your home insurance or auto insurance policy.

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Updated April 22, 2021

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