Infinity Auto Insurance is a non-standard insurer available to drivers in Florida, California, Arizona, and Texas. Recently acquired by Kemper Auto in 2018, it is financially secure and offers affordable rates for tiered coverage plans. Infinity’s commitment to serving Hispanic populations sets it apart from other similar companies, and it provides all of its online resources and phone service in Spanish.

Who Benefits Most and Least from Infinity Insurance?

Best For…

  • High-risk drivers who can’t get insured by larger, national companies
  • Spanish-speaking households who need bilingual service
  • Drivers who want access to a roadside assistance program with no upfront costs

Not the Best For… 

  • Drivers who value transparent customer service and claims processing
  • Anyone outside of the four states currently serviced by Infinity 

Infinity: Endless possibilities for non-standard drivers

Infinity Auto Insurance gives an affordable policy option to high-risk drivers. Tiered policies are now available to drivers in Arizona, California, Texas, and Florida. Although Infinity doesn’t have the greatest online track record for claims processing and customer service, its sign up process and account management are easily handled either on the phone and online. It also boasts a complete offering of phone service and online resources in Spanish.

Infinity Car Insurance Quotes and Discounts

When it comes to auto insurance, companies stay competitive in many ways besides just cost. That’s why the cost of your premium can vary so much between companies. With Insurify, you only need to answer a few basic questions to get multiple quotes from a variety of insurance providers. From there, you can weigh the cost of each policy against things like user reviews and additional coverage types to help you make the best decision for yourself.

Auto Insurance Quotes Comparison: Infinity vs. Competitors

To see how Infinity stacked up to its competitors, Insurify’s data team compared its rates to other companies like GEICO and Progressive. Below are the car insurance quotes for a 42-year-old female in Houston, Texas, with a clean driving record:

Insurance companyQuote

These would be the same driver’s quotes if they were to get a speeding ticket for driving at 75 mph in a 50 mph zone:

Insurance companyQuote

Lastly, these would be the same driver’s quotes if they were to have an at-fault accident:

Insurance companyQuote

Infinity’s car insurance quotes were higher than those from GEICO and Progressive for all three scenarios for this specific driver profile. But you can’t really be sure what your personalized car insurance quotes would look like since that heavily depends on factors like your age, state, zip code, and driving record.

To get personalized car insurance quotes and compare them with other companies, you should consider using an auto insurance quotes comparison website like Insurify, which lets you compare quotes between up to 20 different companies!

Drivers Can SAVE with these Discounts from Infinity

Depending on where you live, you may qualify for one of several state-specific discounts on Infinity Auto Insurance policies

Drivers in Florida, Arizona, and Texas have the most bundling rewards available to them: multi-car households can get up to 38 percent off, and homeowners can save with a discount on car insurance premiums when opening other policies with Infinity.

Older drivers conscious of safety get rewarded, too. Drivers over a certain age in California and Florida can save by participating in Mature Driver Improvement Courses.

Additionally, drivers with a good driving record could get up to 25 percent off, and those who pay for their policy upfront in full can get an 11 percent discount.

While Infinity also offers discounts to people who get quotes in advance of buying a policy, those who opt for paperless policies, and those who are good students, these discounts are restricted by your state. Remember to check with an Infinity agent to see which discounts you may be eligible for!

States Where Infinity Car Insurance is Offered

As far as auto insurance companies go, Infinity is one of the little guys. While it initially operated in seven states, it changed its business model in 2014 to “refocus” on California, Arizona, Texas, and Florida. Residents in these states can buy new auto insurance policies. In Georgia, Nevada, and Pennsylvania, residents with existing Infinity car insurance policies can still renew, but the company isn’t accepting new customers from these states. 

Infinity Auto Insurance Coverages

Infinity’s coverage is structured differently than most other companies. The company uses a tiered structure that’s similar to health insurance plans. 

Economy coverage is pretty basic. It covers the primary policyholder as well as a spouse. It provides coverage for repairs made at an approved body shop, as well as 20 days of bodily injury liability and physical damage coverage for a replacement vehicle. Economy coverage applies only to a single insured vehicle.

Standard coverage is a step up from the state minimums. In addition to covering the primary policyholder and a spouse, it also insures relatives, residents of the same households, and non-resident drivers. And rather than just being applied to an owned car, Standard coverage also covers rentals and non-owned vehicles driven by the people on the policy. It provides Economy’s auto body coverage for the owned car and a rental, as well as 30 days of coverage on a temporary rental.

Deluxe coverage covers the same individuals as Standard coverage. Physical damage coverage extends to rental, temporary, and substitute vehicles. Like Standard, it also covers a temporary rental for 30 days. 

Read more about these common components of your car insurance coverage here. 

Other Special Auto Coverages Offered by Infinity Insurance

According to its website, Infinity offers an optional roadside assistance package through the Infinity DriverClub. DriverClub members can enjoy 24/7 refueling, battery jumps, towing services, tire changes, and more.

Membership to the Infinity DriverClub is free, unlike parallel programs such as AAA; however, members will pay per use. Its website currently lists an average flat fee of $59.95 for typical services like getting a jumpstart, gas delivery, and local towing. 

Other Insurance Products Offered by Infinity Insurance

Infinity does more than car insurance. Its offerings include motorcycle insurance, classic car insurance, boat insurance, and commercial auto insurance

On the property side of things, you can choose from homeowners insurance, renters insurance, flood insurance, condo insurance, and more. 

Life insurance and umbrella insurance round out the brand’s offerings. 

How Can I Buy Auto Insurance from Infinity?

Infinity operates through more than 13,000 independent insurance agents in the states it serves. The company makes it easy to connect with an agent online, with clear calls to action sprinkled around its website. 

Of course, you can get an accurate Infinity quote—and compare it against others all in one fell swoop—right here with Insurify.

How Can I Pay for My Infinity Car Insurance Policy?

Infinity offers a self-service portal through its website where users can securely pay their insurance premiums and other fees. Users may also pay through Infinity’s mobile app. 

How Often Will Infinity Increase My Premiums?

Infinity mentions several reasons why your rates might go up but also notes that the possible causes for a higher premium are “infinite”—not quite the application of the company’s name you might have hoped for. 

Moving to a new ZIP code, new construction in your area, claims on file, and tickets could lead to raised rates.

According to customer reviews, rates may be raised month to month without warning or explanation. 

How Does Infinity’s Claims Process Work? 

You can reach Infinity’s claims line 24/7 at 1 (800) 334-1661. Policyholders registered with an online account can also file a claim online via the My Policy website

Who processes a claim depends on the complexity of your claim. Your first contact is the First Notice of Loss adjuster. Straightforward claims will be processed at this level. 

Complex claims that involve multiple parties or require an investigation are escalated to Initial Action for processing. Your claim will be assigned to either a local adjuster or the company headquarters in Alabama

Infinity maintains a list of pre-approved repair shops. You can easily locate pre-approved shops by using this interactive map or by speaking with a customer service agent over the phone at 1 (800) INFINITY. 

There does not appear to be a standard timeline for processing, communication, or payout from Infinity. The Infinity website advises patience when working through a claim. Reviews from policyholders and involved parties alike report difficulty connecting with adjusters and delayed payouts.

How Can I Cancel My Infinity Car Insurance Policy?

You can cancel your policy by logging into your online portal or calling to speak with an agent directly. 

Infinity’s website doesn’t specify cancellation fees, although they are mentioned in some customer reviews. To learn about the full process and requirements, log in to your online account or contact customer service by calling 1 (800) INFINITY. 

Before you decide to cancel, line up another auto insurance policy to avoid a lapse in your coverage. Insurify can help you compare quotes for free so you can find the best deal before you switch. 

How Much Does Uber/Lyft Coverage Cost with Infinity?

Currently, rideshare insurance from Infinity is only available in the Miami metro area. The cost of this type of coverage depends on how often you drive, as well as what kind of car you use for your rideshare business.

Insurance Companies Similar to Infinity

Infinity is one of many small, regional auto insurance options for non-standard drivers. Other companies that serve a similar client base include United Auto, Direct Auto, and Safe Auto

Infinity boasts the strongest financial strength rating of similar non-standard, regional auto insurance companies. However, all of these companies are plagued with reports of poor customer service with regards to claims processing.

It’s worth considering national companies like GEICO and Progressive for more competitive rates. Even high-risk drivers could qualify for savings with larger names. 

According to Insurify’s internal database of over 2 million car insurance applications and our analysis of external sources, drivers who ended up choosing Infinity car insurance most often switched from the following car insurance companies:

  1. Progressive
  2. GEICO
  3. State Farm
  4. Allstate
  5. Esurance

And drivers who left Infinity most often switched to these providers instead:

  1. Mercury
  2. Clearcover
  3. Progressive
  4. Infinity (finding an even better rate on Insurify!)
  5. Bristol West


Infinity Customer Satisfaction and Policyholder Reviews

While Infinity does provide an option for high-risk drivers to get covered by an insurance policy, it is not very well regarded for the customer service it claims to pride itself on.

Positive reviews mainly center on an easy signup process and affordable rates. 

Negative reviews highlight poor communication from customer service and adjusters during claims processing, long waits for assessments and payouts, and a lack of transparency about fees.

Despite many negative reviews online, Infinity has an A rating from the Better Business Bureau. 

Infinity Mobile App Review

Although Infinity does offer a mobile app, it’s not very well rated—or used. With only 60 reviews, the app has a meager 2.6 stars on the iOS store. 

Although many of the reviews do comment on the app’s frequent crashes, others were written by disgruntled customers unhappy with Infinity as an insurance provider. Users report trouble accessing ID cards and other important documents, difficulty connecting with customer service representatives, and login issues.

App storeRatings (Out of 5)User reviews
Mobile App (iOS) 2.566
Mobile App (Android) 3.71,303

Frequently Asked Questions: Infinity Car Insurance

What is the phone number for Infinity Auto Insurance Roadside Assistance?

Members of Infinity’s free roadside assistance program, Infinity DriverClub, can call 1 (855) 69-4611 for 24/7 help. Whether you are driving your insured vehicle, or are a passenger in another car, you can get assistance by calling the DriverClub line.

What are the fees for Infinity Auto Insurance?

Premiums vary depending on individual and geographic factors. A quote can tell you what your expected monthly premium would be for an Infinity Auto Insurance; however, this can change month to month based on your circumstances. Members of Infinity DriverClub don’t pay a monthly fee but do pay for services used as needed. The fee for standard services is currently listed as $59.95.

How do I cancel my Infinity Auto Insurance policy?

Call customer service at 1 (800) INFINITY to speak with an agent to cancel your policy. You should inquire about any fees that may apply when you cancel. Policyholders who are registered with an online account can also cancel using the online portal. Lining up your next policy before canceling can save you money and prevent a lapse in your coverage. The only way to know you’re getting the best rate when you switch is by comparing quotes with Insurify.

Is Infinity the cheapest car insurance in your area?

Infinity Auto Insurance provides an affordable option for high-risk drivers in Arizona, California, Florida, and Texas.

Rates depend on many factors, such as your driving record, age, and location. You may qualify for certain discounts depending on where you live, but your rates can vary over time as your circumstances change. 

To ensure you’re getting the best deal for your personal needs and situation, you need to compare cheap car insurance quotes between multiple insurance companies. Insurify lets you compare real quotes between multiple companies, so you can make sure you get the coverage you need for the best price.

Infinity Auto Insurance Overview

Founded in 2002, Infinity Auto Insurance was acquired by Kemper Auto in July 2018. At this time, car insurance policies are available in Arizona, California, Florida, and Texas. Infinity caters to Hispanic communities with all online and phone services offered in Spanish, and has a community initiative called “Read Conmigo.”

While considered affordable for high-risk drivers, online reviews highlight poor communication from customer service and negative experiences with claims processing.

Infinity Contact Information

Infinity Auto Insurance quote line1 (800) 782-1020
Customer service email address
Customer service online chat
Online form
Headquarters addressInfinity Insurance, 2201 4th Avenue North, Birmingham, AL 35203
Claims number1 (800) 334-1661

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