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With over 655 different auto insurance companies in the U.S., how do you know whether or not you’ve found the right one for you and your family?

Personal factors like who you are, where you live, what you drive, how you drive, and even your credit score used differently by each car insurance company to calculate your car insurance rates. You could have hundreds of coverage and cost options in front of you, and still not know how to proceed, decide which policy is just right for you, or determine if you’re even getting the best price.

That’s why Insurify provides easy and free car insurance quote comparison for all kinds of drivers nationwide. You’ll receive accurate quotes and discounts from top insurance companies in minutes! And our personal coverage recommendations ensure you’re not just getting the cheapest car insurance policy, but the most appropriate one, too.

Auto Insurance Quotes Comparison: Before and After Insurify

Before Insurify

Before Insurify

Spend hours answering the same questions online or over the phone for each of the auto insurance companies in your area, during their specific business hours.

Get trapped by quote aggregation and lead generation sites that make money off selling your information to insurance agents.

Compare all your quotes and coverage limit options on your own, mining research from various sites and dodging calls from pesky robo-callers.


After Insurify

After Insurify

Spend 5 minutes on Insurify’s trusted service site telling us about you, your car, and your coverage preferences.

Let Insurify instantly deliver side-by-side quotes from several national and regional auto insurance companies.

Read through your car insurance discounts and policy coverage recommendations before you buy online or over the phone.


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Comparing Auto Insurance

Because no two drivers are the same,

auto insurance companies must look further into each individual’s risk factors to determine a more accurate cost for their products.

Different features of your driver profile are weighed methodically by your insurer to determine how likely you are to file a claim.

After base rate premiums, insurance costs are as unique as you are, which is why auto insurance comparison is so important.

The fastest way to compare quotes

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No need to fill out multiple, long application forms.

Accurate Quotes

Get real, accurate, and cheap car insurance quotes from dozens of companies in one place.

Not convinced? Try our car insurance calculator to get a quick estimate of how much you could save.

Where You Live

Where You Live

Many insurance companies heavily weigh where you live and drive because of geographically relative variables like population density, crime rates, and weather patterns.
Compare car insurance by state

Your Age

Your Age

Teen drivers have the most expensive car insurance premiums of any age, in every state. Luckily, insurance gets cheaper as you age and gain more experience on the road.

Average Monthly Car Insurance Rates by Age
Age RangeAverage Rate (Monthly Premium)
20 or younger$387
80 or older$216

Auto insurance rates can change rapidly over time: quotes tend to drop drastically for drivers after their teen years and start to rise again as they progress through elder adulthood.

Your Gender

Your Gender

Men tend to pay more expensive insurance rates than women drivers for the same type of coverage because men are more likely to speed, cause accidents, not wear their seatbelts, own a sports car or otherwise expensive new car, drive under the influence, and spend more time on the road.

Average Monthly Car Insurance Rates by Gender
GenderAverage Rate (Monthly Premium)

As a result, auto insurance quotes can vary by gender. The average female-identifying driver will spend about $14 less on her monthly premium than a male-identifying driver.

Your Home

Your Home

Car insurance premiums are more expensive for individuals who rent their homes compared to those who own them. Drivers who rent homes pay as much as 47 percent more for their car insurance coverage than their homeowner peers for the same coverage.

Your Driving Record

Your Driving Record

Elements of your driving history, like previous accidents, speeding tickets, and DUIs, are important to insurers. A minor violation attached to your driver’s license can increase your monthly bills by 20 percent.
Compare car insurance for high risk drivers

Your Car

Your Car

Car insurance companies take your vehicle make and model to indicate your likelihood of accidents, thefts, and claims. This vehicle information will also determine the purchase price, the average cost of repairs, and safety test results – all of which might factor into your car insurance policy.

Your Marital Status

Your Marital Status

Married individuals often have cheaper car insurance rates because they are involved in fewer car accidents than drivers who are single – including those who are divorced or widowed.

Average Monthly Car Insurance Rates by Marital Status
Marital StatusAverage Rate (Monthly Premium)

Car insurance quotes presented to married drivers on Insurify were about $14 less than those for single drivers.

No matter who you are, Insurify’s got you covered. Whether you’re looking for just state minimum liability coverage or a full-coverage plan that includes comprehensive coverage and collision coverage, personal injury protection, or uninsured motorist coverage, Insurify can help you find a plan that has all the products you need so you can hit the road with confidence.


Cheapest and Most Expensive States for Auto Insurance

Even if you have a clean driving record, your auto insurance rates can increase depending on where you live.

Your premium rates can be even more expensive if you buy auto insurance through an insurer that covers a large portion of the drivers in your area.

As of 2019, Wyoming is the cheapest state for auto insurance coverage, with an average monthly premium of $28.

Michigan is the most expensive state for auto insurance coverage, with an average monthly auto insurance premium of $225.

Average Monthly Car Insurance Rates by State [2021]
StateAverage Rate (Monthly Premium)
District of Columbia$75
Not all states allow where you live to cause an increase in your auto insurance rates. In states that do allow it, insurance companies will take the following into account when calculating your rates:
Heavy Traffic

Heavy Traffic

Living in a highly congested, urban area with heavy traffic is more likely to lead to car accidents and insurance claims. Your rates will be higher to offset these risks.

Theft Rates

Theft Rates

Living in a ZIP code with frequent incidents of vehicle theft and vandalism will cause your auto insurance rates to increase.

Severe Weather

Severe Weather

A location prone to severe weather like windstorms, hail, hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes will have more expensive auto insurance premiums to make up for car damage.

Amount of Insurance Claims

Amount of Insurance Claims

Living in an area that has a higher than average incidence of insurance claims, even fraudulent ones, will affect your insurance prices.

Cheapest and Most Expensive Cars to Insure

Your vehicle make and model affect how auto insurance companies calculate your premium rates.

Insurance providers look for specific risks that are most likely to follow your car compared to others on the road.

Of the 70 most popular car models on the road in 2017, the Toyota Tundra is the cheapest car to insure at an average of $140 a month.

The top 5 cheapest vehicle models to insure in the U.S. are Volkswagen, Kia, Mazda, Toyota, and Jeep with an average monthly premium rate of $143.

On the other hand, the Chevrolet Camaro is the most expensive car to insure at an average of $161 a month. Chevrolet is joined by Honda, BMW, Buick, and Acura as the top 5 most expensive car models to insure.

Accident Rates

Accident Rates

Driving a vehicle with a history of higher accident rates will increase your auto insurance premium rates.

Theft Rates

Theft Rates

Living in a ZIP code with frequent incidents of vehicle theft and vandalism will cause your auto insurance rates to increase.

Safety Test Results

Safety Test Results

Auto insurance companies offer safety discounts for certain features, but they don’t always make your auto insurance cheaper. Extra safety features can be expensive to repair or replace.

Amount of Insurance Claims

Amount of Insurance Claims

Driving a car model with a high number of claims, including fraudulent ones, will affect your premium rates.

Cost of Repairs

Cost of Repairs

Some vehicles’ parts are expensive to replace, which will most likely make your auto insurance premiums higher.

Annual Mileage

Annual Mileage

Your estimated annual mileage shows how much you’re on the road, and therefore how much risk you are at for an accident.

Primary Use of Car

Primary Use of Car

Auto insurers also take into account how you use your vehicle. A vehicle used to commute to and from work or school will be more expensive to insure because you most likely drive during peak traffic hours.


Is Auto Insurance Cheaper for Teen Drivers, Middle Aged Drivers, or Senior Citizens?

Teen drivers pay more than double for car insurance than middle-aged and senior drivers, with an average monthly premium payment of $541.

By the time a driver reaches their 20s, annual rates drop significantly each year and begin to rise slightly after age 60.

Woman looking at an insurance policy

Is Auto Insurance Cheaper for Female or Male Drivers?

Men are usually quoted more expensive insurance rates than their female counterparts for the same type of coverage because accident statistics show men to be higher risk drivers.

By the time drivers enter their 30s, all genders generally pay the same amount for similar car insurance coverage.

Is Auto Insurance Cheaper for Immigrants or U.S. Citizens?

Car insurance premiums for immigrants to the U.S. are more expensive than those of a natural born citizen.

Compare auto insurance for immigrant drivers

Is Auto Insurance Cheap for Rideshare Drivers?

Auto insurance is usually more expensive for drivers who drive for rideshare services like Uber or Lyft because they spend so much time on the road.

Using your personal car for business purposes will increase your auto insurance premiums because you’ll be at a higher risk for accidents.

Is Auto Insurance Cheaper for Married Couples or Single People?

Married individuals are often quoted cheaper car insurance rates than drivers who are single, including those who are divorced or widowed.

Most married couples as less active and more cautious than their single peers. When it comes to driving, they’re less likely to be involved in an accident.

Is Auto Insurance Cheaper for Homeowners or Non-Homeowners?

Auto insurance premiums are more expensive for individuals who rent their homes compared to those who own.

Drivers who rent homes pay as much as 47 percent more in auto insurance coverage costs than their homeowner peers for the same coverage.

Is Auto Insurance Cheaper for Military or Nonmilitary Drivers?

Auto insurance is generally cheaper for active military personnel and veterans compared to nonmilitary citizens.

Auto insurance companies who serve the general public offer discounts as high as 15 percent to military members and their families.

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Top Auto Insurance Companies

Compare Top Auto Insurance Companies

Use Insurify for all of your car insurance comparison needs! Compare and connect directly with the top insurance companies to find the best rates as well as the most personalized discounts and coverage options.

Insurify’s network includes over 200 insurance companies throughout the U.S. who can work with you to get you the right auto insurance policy at the cheapest price.

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Insurify FAQs

How does Insurify get you the cheapest car insurance?

Insurify users save an average of $489 a year on their car insurance thanks to Insurify’s AI and predictive analytics technology. Insurify analyzes your driver profile to generate up to 10+ real, bindable car insurance quotes that are tailor-fit to your preferences and needs.

Why should I compare auto insurance quotes online?

Comparing auto insurance quotes on Insurify saves you time, money, and stress. Entering the same personal information directly on several insurance company or lead generation sites will leave you susceptible to unwelcome spam calls and emails. With Insurify, users can compare quotes on one secure platform in mere minutes, and choose to buy online or over the phone.`

Which auto insurance companies offer the cheapest quotes?

According to Insurify’s database of millions of real car insurance quotes, USAA and Erie Insurance provide the cheapest average rates in the highest number of U.S. states. Among the top four largest insurers in America, State Farm boasts the lowest rates for the most states.

Does Insurify provide quotes from State Farm, Geico and Allstate?

Insurify is the top-rated and most-rated car insurance quote comparison site in America, and provides quotes for all of these carriers. With a 4.8 / 5 customer satisfaction rating on Shopper Approved and over 3,000 customer reviews, Insurify saves an average of $585 per year for users in all 50 states. Other auto insurance comparison sites include and The Zebra.

How can I find quote alternatives to State Farm, Geico and Allstate?

Don’t rely on one insurance company or agency to get a car insurance quote. Comparing at least four car insurance quotes on a site like Insurify will give you a more accurate idea of how much you can expect to pay in monthly premiums. The average Insurify user can get six or seven real, bindable quotes in a matter of minutes.

Insurify Rate Comparison Methodology

The car insurance quotes, statistics, and data visualizations on this page are derived from Insurify’s proprietary database of over 4 million car insurance applications from ZIP codes across the United States. Insurify’s data science team performs a comprehensive analysis of the various factors car insurance providers take into account while setting rates to provide readers insight into how car insurance quotes are priced.