As we work together to slow the spread of COVID-19, state insurance commissions and insurance providers are constantly changing regulations and practices surrounding monthly payments, claim payouts, and more. To stay up to date with the latest on auto insurance reimbursements in your area, be sure to check with your state’s insurance commission and your current auto insurance provider.

If your driving habits have changed due to COVID-19, find a new, cheaper, ready-to-buy auto insurance policy on Insurify by comparing dozens of quotes at once.

Hawaii Auto Insurance and COVID-19

Update 5/19/20

Hawaii-based insurers are now permitted to take action to assist policyholders without the risk of breaking unfair trade practice regulations.

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Aloha! Here’s car insurance that’s cheap as a plate lunch and tasty as ono grinds.

There are 1.4 million residents in Hawaii. And they only give directions with mauka and makai.

Before you get in your ride and get stuck in the car on your way to fresh fish from Da Poke Shack, spam musubi from Broke Da Mouth Grindz, or loco moco from Café 100—are you getting the best car insurance rate?

Here’s our guide to the best and cheapest car insurance quotes in the Aloha State.

Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes in Hawaii

Here are the cheapest insurance companies in Hawaii for the following user profile: a single, 30-year-old male with a clean driving record who drives a 2012 Honda Accord and pays a $1,000 deductible for the state’s minimum liability insurance. We averaged car insurance rates for the twenty most populous cities in Hawaii.

Insurance CompanyQuotes
State Farm$53/month

Best Car Insurance Quotes in Hawaii

The Insurify Composite Score is calculated by analyzing multiple factors that indicate the quality, reliability, and health of an insurance company. Inputs to the score include financial strength ratings from A.M. Best, Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s, and Fitch; J.D. Power ratings; Consumer Reports customer satisfaction surveys; mobile app reviews; and user-generated company reviews. The following are the top-rated companies that offer car insurance in Hawaii. For the complete list, see Insurify’s best car insurance companies.

Insurance CompanyScoreQuotes
State Farm83$53/month

Most Popular Car Insurance Companies in Hawaii

With all the geckos everywhere, we’ll give you one guess as to who’s number one. The Insurance Information Institute (III) says these are the top five most popular car insurance companies in Hawaii by market share:

  • State Farm
  • USAA
  • Allstate
  • Progressive

Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes in Hawaii by City

Yes, those two towns might be a goat’s graze apart. But crime rates, population density, and even weather differences can affect the price of your car insurance policy. Here’s a look at how the same driver’s auto insurance quotes vary in each of the five most populated cities in Hawaii

CityInsurance CompanyQuotes
Pearl CityProgressive$50/month

Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes in Hawaii by Profile

Here are the cheapest insurance companies in Hawaii based on averaged sample rates for four driver profiles that included varied gender, age, driving history, credit, marital status, prior insurance, higher education, employment, and military service

Cheap Car Insurance Quotes for Drivers with a DUI

It was a fast choice with far-reaching consequences. A DUI or OVUII is operating a vehicle under the influence of an intoxicant. Drinking and driving may cause hefty fines, loss of license, jail sentences, and higher insurance prices for years. The penalties for a first offense are a fine of $150 to $1,500 and a 90-day license suspension.

Here are the cheapest quotes we could find for drivers with a DUI:

Insurance CompanyQuotes
State Farm$44/month

Cheap Car Insurance Quotes for Drivers with a Speeding Ticket

Just one more snooze, right? Now you’re running late. Be careful. A speeding ticket can raise your insurance rates.

How can you lower your price? Slow down brah or sis and consider taking a defensive driving course or other driver discount programs to help your budget.GEICO: 28/month

Insurance CompanyQuotes
State Farm$44/month

Cheap Car Insurance Quotes for Drivers with an At-Fault Accident

Fender bender or not, your rates will rise. Think about paying a little extra for accident forgiveness. When you have an accident on your driving history, it’s best to shop around. You may find one company that only looks at the past three years while another goes back five:

Insurance CompanyQuotes
Island Insurance Group$48/month

Cheap Car Insurance Quotes for Young Drivers Under 40

Seeing more candles on your birthday cake? Surprise—one benefit of growing older is your insurance rates go down. Insurance providers charge new drivers more because they see them as a higher risk. Young drivers should look for every discount possible, including those for good students or completing driving courses.GEICO: 25/month

Insurance CompanyQuotes
Island Insurance Group$36/month

Cheap Car Insurance for International Drivers

To operate a vehicle legally in Hawaii, you must be 18 or older and have a valid license from your home country. Along with the driver’s license, you’ll also need insurance to drive in Hawaii

The Motor Vehicles Licensing and Permits Division (DMV) strongly recommends that you get an International Driving Permit (IDP). You get your IDP before leaving your home country. With your IDP in English, both forms of ID together make it easier for law enforcement and reduces your hassle if you’re ever pulled over.

Your foreign driver’s license and IDP are valid for up to a year after entering the USA. If you’re planning to stay for the long term, then you’ll want to buy traditional car insurance. To find the cheapest car insurance options, use Insurify to compare quotes.

Cheap Car Insurance for Undocumented Immigrants in Hawaii

Hawaii is one of 15 states that issue driver licenses to undocumented immigrants. You or your undocumented family member can apply for a driver’s license taking the following valid and unexpired paperwork to a DMV office:

  • A Foreign Passport, Permanent Resident (Green) Card, Employment Authorization card, Travel Document Reentry permit, Refugee Travel Document, or Notice of Action
  • Social security card, W-2, I099-R, or denial letter from the Social Security Administration
  • Two separate proofs of Hawaii state residency such as vehicle registration or title, utility bill, credit card statement, insurance policy, bank account record, employment record, rental agreement, U.S. Postal Service change of address confirmation, other non-personal mail postmarked in the last two months
  • If your name has been changed, provide supporting documents such as a marriage license, divorce decree, or court order

You then must complete a vision and road test. Once you’re issued a driver’s license, you’ll need auto insurance coverage. You can check Insurify to find the best rate for you and your needs.

Hawaii State Insurance Laws

State Minimum Car Insurance Coverage in Hawaii

The state of Hawaii requires all motor vehicle operators to have proof of insurance available in the car at all times.

The minimum bodily injury liability insurance requirements in Hawaii are:

  • $20,000 bodily injury liability per person
  • $40,000 bodily injury liability per accident

Bodily injury coverage protects you by paying for the injuries of anyone you harm in an accident. The minimum coverage limits Hawaii state law requires are $20,000 for the injury or death of a single person involved in a car accident and $40,000 for the injury or death of multiple persons. Insurance providers list this coverage at 20/40, stating the limitations of each minimum. In an accident, liability coverage protects you up to the policy limit. Damages above the policy limit of $40,000 are your responsibility.

The minimum property damage liability insurance requirements in Hawaii are:

  • $10,000 property damage liability per accident

Property damage liability coverage pays for any property that you damage in an accident. The state of Hawaii requires $10,000 for the minimum. You’ll see the collective state minimum listed at 20/40/10. The 10 refers to the property damage liability. Once again, any damages above the $10,000 are your responsibility.

The minimum personal injury protection (PIP) insurance requirements in Hawaii are:

  • $10,000 personal injury protection (PIP) per person per accident

Hawaii is a no-fault state, so Personal Injury Protection (also called no-fault insurance) is mandatory coverage for all drivers. Hawaii PIP covers you, your immediate family, and your passengers for economic losses, medical costs, and death benefits regardless of fault. The minimum coverage limits Hawaii state law requires is $10,000 per person per accident.

Optional Supplemental Coverage

Bodily injury and property damage liability coverage do not protect damages to your vehicle at all. To protect your car, you must add comprehensive insurance coverage and collision insurance coverage.

Both coverages require you to pay a deductible before the insurance company helps you repair it. Typical deductibles are $500 or $1,000. You can choose a higher deductible to lower your overall insurance premiums.

When drivers say they have “full coverage,” they’re saying they have liability coverage along with comprehensive coverage and collision coverage. You’ll need full coverage if you have a car loan or lease. People who own their vehicle outright may go with “liability only,” skipping any protection for their car.

Comprehensive insurance coverage pays for physical damage to your vehicle for losses caused by events other than a collision. Sometimes insurance providers label comprehensive as “other than collision” coverage. It covers losses because of animals, falling objects, fire, flood, hail, theft, and vandalism.

Collision insurance coverage pays for physical damage to your vehicle that results from colliding with an object such as a light pole or other cars.

What happens if someone hits you, and they do not have insurance or enough insurance to pay for your damages? Consider that the Insurance Information Institute reports 10.6 percent or just over one out of ten Hawaii drivers has no insurance. You may want to add uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage to protect yourself.

Uninsured motorist bodily injury pays your medical expenses if you’re injured by a hit-and-run driver or one who has no insurance.

Underinsured motorist bodily injury pays your medical expenses if you’re hit by someone who does not have high enough policy limits to cover your costs.

Is Hawaii a No-Fault State?

Yes, Hawaii is a no-fault state. No-fault states require drivers to file a claim with their own insurance company regardless of fault after an accident. All drivers must buy Personal Injury Protection (PIP).

In the 1970s, states started adopting no-fault laws to quicken the payment process for routine injuries and lower the overall cost of insurance claims. Typical PIP claims do not give non-monetary damages or “pain and suffering.” In Hawaii, those benefits are only available with “serious” injuries, or when you’ve suffered:

  • Medical bills that exceed $5,000
  • Loss of function or part of the body
  • Serious disfigurement
  • Death

No matter what company you choose, Insurify will make sure you meet the state’s no-fault insurance requirements.

Texting and Driving and Distracted Driving in Hawaii

Hawaii law prohibits all vehicle operators from texting, talking, or using an electronic device while driving a vehicle unless it allows for hands-free operation. 

  • Exceptions:
    • 9-1-1 calls
    • Emergency responders on duty
    • Specific two-way and radio use
    • Drivers completely stopped in a safe location with the motor off
  • Penalties:
    • For a standard violation: $250.
    • For a construction zone or school zone violation: $300

Drivers under 18 are prohibited from using a handheld device or cellphone while driving, even in hands-free mode.

SR-22 Insurance in Hawaii

Has the state suspended or revoked your license, and you now need an SR-22 filing? Hawaii may require an SR-22 if you’ve been convicted of a moving violation, driving without insurance, a DUI, OVUII, or other serious offense.

Many insurance providers in the state will file the SR-22 on your behalf, including 21st Century, Dairyland, Esurance, Farmers, First Hawaii, Foremost, GEICO, The General, National General, Progressive, and Safeco. 

Legal Alcohol Limits in Hawaii

In Hawaii, if you’re:

  • The age of 21 or over, it’s against the law to drive with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08 or higher
  • Under 21, it’s against the law to drive with a BAC of .02 or higher
  • Driving a commercial vehicle, it’s against the law to drive with a BAC of .04 or higher

If you refuse a chemical test, the state could revoke your license for one year.

What Are the Seat Belt and Child Passenger Laws in Hawaii?

  • Hawaii law states that all persons must wear seat belts or proper restraints, including drivers, backseat passengers, and children.
  • Hawaii’s seat belt laws are primary, which means law enforcement can stop you solely for violating the seat belt law
  • The penalty for a seat belt violation is $102 on Oahu, Maui, and Hawaii, and $112 on Kauai.
  • Child Passenger Safety Law:
    • Children under 4 years of age must be in a child safety seat.
    • Children between ages 4 and 8 must be secured in a child safety seat or booster seat.
    • Violators will pay a fine between $100 and $500 and must attend a four-hour safety class.

Hawaii DMV Information

The Motor Vehicles Licensing and Permits Division (DMV) has seven driver license centers, 10 satellite city hall locations, and five Hawaii DMV now kiosks (specifically for vehicle registration renewal). Most offices have hours from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM on weekdays. There are a few exceptions, so call or check online before you go. The DMV locations are walk-in friendly, and you can get a head start by setting your appointment online (the DMV recommends you schedule a road test ahead of time). 

The online portal lets you skip the drive and amongst other services you can:

  • Order personalized plates
  • Perform a Motor Vehicle Inquiry
  • Renew your registration
  • Schedule a road test

Registering your car if you’re new to Hawaii


You must have the following paperwork for the DMV location:

  • Bill of Landing
  • Current Hawaii Vehicle Inspection Certificate
  • Current out-of-state registration
  • Out-of-state title, if available

Then fill out an Application for Registration and pay your license plate and emblem fee.


If you’re 18 or older, you must go to a DMV location with:

  • Your out-of-state license
  • One proof of legal presence such as a birth certificate, passport, social security card
  • If your name has been changed, provide supporting documents such as a marriage license, divorce decree, or court order
  • Two proofs of residency, such as a utility bill, credit card statement, insurance policy, bank account record, employment record, rental agreement, US Postal service change of address confirmation, or other non-personal mail postmarked in the last 60 days

You’ll then have a vision test and fingerprinting. Your road test may be waived. 

How to Get the Cheapest Car Insurance in Hawaii

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Updated May 19, 2020

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