Despite its smaller footprint compared to other big names in the United States, COUNTRY Financial offers a wealth of discounts and an extensive array of coverage. Those looking for a comprehensive policy with average industry prices, plus the option to qualify for additional savings, will find COUNTRY Financial to be a great choice.

Who Benefits Most and Least from COUNTRY Financial Insurance?

Best For…

  • Drivers who prefer to partner with a local financial representative
  • Parents of newly licensed teen drivers
  • Teachers, EMTs, paramedics, police officers, or firefighters, who may be eligible for additional discounts

Not the Best For… 

  • Those who need claims settled quickly
  • Drivers looking for the lowest rates
  • Individuals seeking basic coverage with minimal add-ons

COUNTRY Financial: Does it really offer “carefree coverage?”

COUNTRY Financial promises policyholders that its auto coverage is “carefree,” allowing you to get the policy you need and cross that task off of your list with relative ease. Most customers find that the level of discounts the company offers helps lessen worry when it comes to finances, but cheaper isn’t always better. The company makes it easy to get a quote or speak with an agent and offers a wealth of other products to bundle with your auto coverage; however, it isn’t necessarily a good fit for everyone.

COUNTRY Financial does have some limitations in terms of the areas it serves, and reviews are mixed when it comes to the ease with which you can file a claim. Although its policies are incredibly customizable, some note that agents often opt for hard-sell tactics when it comes to the company’s financial products.

COUNTRY Financial Car Insurance Ratings

Insurify Composite Score: 101 out of 100

Insurify gives COUNTRY Financial an Insurify Composite Score of 101/100. This score is the result of analyzing multiple factors that indicate the quality, reliability, and health of an insurance company. Inputs to the score include financial strength ratings from A.M. Best, Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s, and Fitch; J.D. Power ratings; Consumer Reports customer satisfaction surveys; mobile app reviews; and user-generated company reviews.

U.S. Auto Insurance Claims Satisfaction Study (2018)

Overall SatisfactionThe rest
Repair ProcessThe rest
Claim ServicingThe rest
SettlementThe rest
Rental ExperienceAbout average
Estimation Process The rest
First Notice of Loss (FNOL)About average

J.D. Power Ratings by Region (out of 1,000)

RegionRatingsState Average
North Central849Among the best

Financial Ratings

Company NameRatings
A.M. BestA+

COUNTRY Financial Car Insurance Quotes and Discounts

Any savvy shopper knows that the first price you see isn’t always what you end up paying, so it’s crucial to evaluate the entire picture when comparing auto insurance quotes. While its prices might not seem to be low on the surface, COUNTRY Financial integrates a wealth of discounts and could end up saving you more when all is said and done.

Every dollar matters when it comes to financial security, so make sure to use Insurify when shopping for auto coverage—it saves you time when comparing quotes and allows you to easily see every available discount.

Auto Insurance Quotes Comparison: COUNTRY Financial vs. Progressive, GEICO, Elephant, and State Farm 

Insurify’s data team collected car insurance quotes for the profile of a 42-year-old woman living in Chicago, Illinois, with a clean driving record. These are her rates:

Insurance companyQuote
COUNTRY Financial$51/month
State Farm$116/month

Then we compared insurance quotes for the same person after she got a speeding ticket:

Insurance companyQuote
COUNTRY Financial$71/month
State Farm$185/month

Finally, we compared insurance rates for the same profile with an at-fault accident on record: 

Insurance companyQuote
COUNTRY Financial$56/month
State Farm$132/month

COUNTRY Financial’s quotes, while not always the cheapest, are pretty competitive with those from Progressive and GEICO, much lower than those from State Farm, and slightly lower than those from Elephant. 

Drivers Can SAVE with these Discounts from COUNTRY Financial

Those with great driving records, multiple vehicles, and both teen and young adult drivers on their policy will save the most with COUNTRY Financial. It tends to be the preferred insurance company of those employed in the public service sector. With its multi-policy discount option, COUNTRY Financial makes an attractive argument for bundling your purchase with life insurance, health, or even crop policies.

Good Student Discount up to 30%
Multiple Vehicle Discountup to 30%
Good Driver Discount up to 26%
Legacy Discountup to 25%
Engaged Couple Discountup to 25%
Anti-Theft Device Discountup to 15%
Advance Quote Discountup to 12%
New Car Discountup to 10%
Organization Discount up to 10%
Occupation Discountup to 10%
Simply Drive® Discount up to 10%
Defensive Driver Discountup to 5%

COUNTRY Financial also offers discounts for customers who pay for their auto insurance policy in full, who take driver training classes, and those who have multiple policies with COUNTRY Financial. 

States Where COUNTRY Financial Car Insurance is Offered

With its roots firmly planted in the agricultural industry and home offices located in Bloomington, Illinois, COUNTRY Financial focuses its service in the Midwest and the West Coast. It offers policies and financial services in 19 states across the country: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Tennessee, Washington, and Wisconsin. 

Click here to find the cheapest car insurance quotes in your state.

COUNTRY Financial Auto Insurance Coverages

COUNTRY Financial’s policies include much of the standard coverage you’d expect with varying deductibles to meet your specific needs. Its options offer provisions for the following:

Liability Coverage
Accidents can happen in the blink of an eye, which is why you’re required to have both property damage and bodily injury coverage before you buckle up. With this type of coverage, drivers who are at fault in an accident can count on COUNTRY Financial to pay toward both the medical bills and vehicle repairs of the other party involved.

Uninsured and Underinsured Protection
In some instances, a vehicle accident can happen with another person who doesn’t have auto insurance, or you could be a victim of a hit and run collision. If this occurs, the uninsured portion of your COUNTRY Financial policy will pay toward your vehicle repairs. Similarly, if an at-fault party doesn’t have enough coverage to pay for all of your expenses, you won’t be left footing the bill. Underinsured protection is designed to help bridge the gap and offer you peace of mind when addressing your repair costs.

Comprehensive and Collision
The cornerstones of any basic auto insurance policy will include two types of coverage: comprehensive and collision. Situations that are out of your control (like a break-in, a tree falling on your car, or someone vandalizing your tire) are covered under the comprehensive portion of your policy. Collision insurance kicks in when you’ve been in an accident and covers damage to your vehicle.

Personal Injury Protection
Often abbreviated as PIP, this part of COUNTRY Financial’s basic coverage extends beyond the scene of an accident. If you’ve sustained injuries and require ongoing medical care, like physical therapy or follow-up doctor visits, PIP can help to offset the costs. In some situations, even lost wages and childcare expenses might fall under this portion of your plan.

Medical Payments Coverage
It can be expensive to repair a vehicle after an auto accident, but sometimes the injuries that you or your passengers sustain can be even more costly. Medical payments coverage is designed to protect everyone in your vehicle for up to two years after a collision. Whether you have health insurance or not, medical payments coverage is essential for your own financial security.

Other Special Auto Coverages Offered by COUNTRY Financial Insurance

In addition to the array of discounts offered, COUNTRY Financial is an attractive choice for auto coverage based on its unique options for policy customization:

Emergency Road Service
With 24 hour service, no matter where you are, your emergency road service protection will help if you’ve locked your keys in your vehicle or you break down. COUNTRY Financial will reimburse you up to $100 for towing, fuel, parts, or labor.

Vehicle Rental and Trip Interruption
Nothing ruins a road trip like getting into an auto accident, but with this additional coverage, an incident is less likely to drain your bank account. COUNTRY Financial’s rental and trip interruption coverage varies by state, but can reimburse you up to $800 for a covered loss associated with a rental car and could assist with lodging and meals if your accident is more than 100 miles from your home.

Umbrella Insurance
Some people want to have extra liability protection on their vehicles, so COUNTRY Financial offers an umbrella add on with up to $1 million of coverage or more.

Personal Effects Coverage
If you’ve ever had your sunglasses or GPS stolen out of your vehicle, you know that your auto policy may not always cover their replacements. However, with personal effects coverage, you’ll have up to $800 of purchasing power, subject to a $100 deductible.

The Keeper® – New Car Coverage
There’s nothing more exciting than driving a new car and nothing more disappointing than having it sustain significant damage during an accident. If your vehicle is four model years old or newer and ends up totaled, COUNTRY Financial will pay for a brand new car of the same make and model.

Safety Glass Coverage
Broken glass can add up quickly at the repair shop, so many drivers like to add safety glass coverage to their plan. This feature waives your comprehensive deductible for windshields, light covers, windows, and more.

Other Insurance Products Offered by COUNTRY Financial Insurance

COUNTRY Financial itself offers a range of other insurance types, while its partners COUNTRY Casualty Insurance Company and COUNTRY Life Insurance Company round out a multitude of options. If you’re considering bundling your policies for greater savings, you can select from:

Motorcycle Insurance
Similar in coverage to traditional auto insurance, COUNTRY Financial customers can make sure they’re protected when on their motorcycle, motor scooter, or motorized bicycle.

Boat Insurance
Accidents can happen on the water, too, and boat insurance will cover up to $1,500 in damage. If your boat or watercraft is worth more than that, you can purchase additional coverage through your home policy. COUNTRY Financial’s boat insurance covers your watercraft, motor, trailer, and accessories.

RV Insurance
Recreational vehicles like golf carts, dirt bikes, and ATVs can be covered one of two ways with COUNTRY Financial – either through an addition to your auto policy or through your home coverage.

Home & Property Insurance
No matter where you live, there’s an insurance policy for you. COUNTRY Financial offers options for your condo or mobile home along with insurance for homeownership, rentals, and even if you’re a landlord.

Life Insurance
There are several selections to choose from depending on your coverage needs, as COUNTRY Financial offers term, universal, and whole life policies.

Health Insurance
In today’s healthcare marketplace, finding a policy that meets your needs can be difficult. COUNTRY Financial offers health insurance, Medicare supplements, and long term care policies that, when bundled with an auto plan, could be cheaper than many other choices.

Business Insurance
From policies designed specifically for craft breweries to commercial packaging and more, business owners can count on these plans to help cover buildings, business personal property, and even outdoor signage.

Farm & Ranch Insurance
If your livelihood depends on the health of your livestock, it makes sense to cover your animals with insurance. Farm outbuildings, irrigation equipment, and other items that may not fall under a traditional home policy may also be covered.

Crop Insurance
Affiliated with the Illinois Agricultural Association, COUNTRY Financial knows that the success of your business is essential. Whether you’re concerned about your yield or are looking at your bottom line, you can protect your crops in a variety of ways.

Pet Insurance
COUNTRY Financial takes your whole family into consideration, so it’s partnered with Crum & Forster Pet Insurance GroupTM to offer insurance for your furry friends.

Home Warranty
Unexpected home repairs can add up quickly, but a home warranty policy can help to alleviate your out-of-pocket expenses. Protect your home appliances, HVAC systems, plumbing, and more with this option.

Identity Theft Protection
Identity theft can happen instantly, and, often, you aren’t even aware it’s happened until damage has been done. COUNTRY Financial has partnered with LifeLock to monitor your data, alert you to any unusual activity, and work with you to restore your information.

How Can I Buy Auto Insurance from COUNTRY Financial?

There are several ways to obtain a policy from COUNTRY Financial for residents in its service areas. If you live in one of the 19 states it serves, simply visit its website to begin the quote process. You can also call the company directly at 1 (866) COUNTRY or contact one of its captive agents in person or via phone or email. 

Keep in mind that when you get a quote on COUNTRY’s website, you’re only viewing an approximate rate and that prices can vary. If you’re shopping for the best price possible, make sure to use Insurify and compare up to 20 different quotes at once!

How Can I Pay for My COUNTRY Financial Car Insurance Policy?

Customers can pay their COUNTRY Financial premiums in one of several ways:

  • Log in online and make your payment using your bank account, Discover, Visa, or MasterCard. COUNTRY Financial offers the ability to schedule automatic payments online if you use your bank account
  • Call 1 (866) COUNTRY to make a payment by phone using your Visa, Discover, or MasterCard or using your bank account
  • Set up a convenient auto-pay option using your bank account
  • Mail a check to your COUNTRY Financial representative or to its headquarters at:
    COUNTRY Financial
    PO Box 2100
    Bloomington, IL 61702-2100

How Often Will COUNTRY Financial Increase My Premiums?

Most insurance companies tend to raise their rates due to specific circumstances like if you’ve been in an auto accident, make a change to your payment plan, or if the state you live in undergoes a regional rate revision. COUNTRY Financial may raise your premium in some cases, but it’s best to contact the company directly or speak with your agent to see how your rates might change.

How Does COUNTRY Financial’s Claims Process Work? 

Starting an auto claim with COUNTRY Financial is quick and easy, as it offers several methods of reporting an incident. Simply log into your account online and click “Claim” at the top of the page. After completing a report and receiving your confirmation number, an agent will contact you to move forward. Its claims department can also help over the phone 24/7. Glass claims should be reported online only.

Depending on the specifics of your claim, a representative might need to assess the damage and will schedule an inspection. Your claims agent will walk you through the entire process and will also help you to settle the claim. COUNTRY Financial recommends starting the claims process as soon as possible, although many states offer a grace period of up to one year before the claim is no longer valid.

Your claims representative will help you to determine if you need a police report and will also act as your liaison with your repair shop. Each claim is treated on a case by case basis, so process timelines, payments, and other details will vary.

While reviews differ, some customers report that COUNTRY Financial is lacking in its claims department, noting that communication is difficult, and the process can be quite lengthy.

How Can I Cancel My COUNTRY Financial Car Insurance Policy?

If you need to cancel your COUNTRY Financial policy, you’ll need to contact your financial services representative directly. There’s never a cancellation fee, and in some cases, you might be eligible to receive a refund of any unused portions of your premium.

Keep in mind that you are legally required to carry auto insurance, so it’s best to select a new plan before you cancel your COUNTRY Financial policy. To find a new insurance provider quickly and easily, and compare rates for up to 20 different companies, make sure to use Insurify.

How Much Does Uber/Lyft Coverage Cost with COUNTRY Financial?

COUNTRY Financial does not currently offer any additional types of policies for Uber or Lyft drivers. Before beginning any ride-sharing program, contact COUNTRY to find out what kind of coverage you need on your vehicle.

Insurance Companies Similar to COUNTRY Financial

Many customers compare COUNTRY Financial with State Farm, almost calling it a mini-version of the company. Discounts through State Farm are just as plentiful, and you can also work directly with a captive agent there, although prices could be slightly higher. If you’re on the hunt for lower prices with very similar levels of customer service and policy options, Allstate could be a great option as well.

According to Insurify’s internal database of over 2 million car insurance applications, and analysis of external sources, drivers who used to hold COUNTRY Financial car insurance most often switched to the following companies:

  1. Liberty Mutual
  2. Progressive
  3. State Auto
  5. Dairyland

COUNTRY Financial Customer Satisfaction and Policyholder Reviews

It seems as if your personal experience with COUNTRY Financial depends on who your local agent is, as customer satisfaction is highly mixed. Those who have been happy with their auto coverage cite the ease of communication with their financial representative and appreciate having more of a personal relationship with their agent.

However, filing a claim is by far a huge pain point for many customers, as paperwork can be processed quite slowly, and wrong information is often disseminated. Some customers find that it’s a fight to receive any sort of payment on their claim.

COUNTRY Financial Mobile App Review

Perhaps one of the most loved aspects of having an auto policy with COUNTRY Financial has to do with the use of its mobile app. Review after review states that it is incredibly easy to use, allowing you to access your policy, pay your premium online, contact your agent, and much more. It’s available for both Apple and Android devices.

The app allows customers to submit a claim right away, request roadside service at any time, and view the status of an existing claim. Its layout is easy to read and makes managing your policy incredibly easy.

Integrating telematics into its offerings, COUNTRY Financial also maintains a separate app called DriverIQ. Using data from each of your car trips, it offers discounts and rewards for safe driving. DriverIQ places emphasis on the entire family’s driving with features that allow everyone to compete for the title of safest driver and functionality to help instill good habits in teen drivers.

App storeRatings (Out of 5)User reviews
Mobile App (iOS) 4.540
Mobile App (Android) 4.85

Frequently Asked Questions: COUNTRY Financial Car Insurance

Is COUNTRY Financial a good insurance company?

Auto insurance isn’t a one size fits all product, so some features of COUNTRY Financial’s policies might be better for you than others. It offers a wealth of discounts and are among the lower priced options available, but you should always make sure to compare prices across several companies.

Does COUNTRY Financial cover rental cars?

Your comprehensive and collision coverage typically offers protection on a rental car, but it’s best to check with the specific company first. If your coverage through COUNTRY Financial isn’t enough, you may be asked to purchase a damage waiver.

Are COUNTRY Financial’s rates the lowest?

Auto insurance rates depend on a range of factors, and while COUNTRY Financial’s prices are typically on the lower end, it’s best to compare prices first. Use Insurify to compare up to 20 quotes at once and find the ideal policy for your needs.

Is COUNTRY Financial the cheapest car insurance in your area?

If you live in one of the 19 states that COUNTRY Financial serves, you might find that it offers some of the lowest pricing available when you take advantage of its multitude of discounts. Ultimately, another insurer might be able to offer a lower price, but you’ll only know after comparing quotes. Save time and use Insurify compare auto insurance quotes to view multiple cheap car insurance quotes and make sure you’re getting the best deal.

COUNTRY Financial Auto Insurance Overview

COUNTRY Financial started in 1925 under the name COUNTRY Mutual Insurance Company and only sold coverage for fire and lightning at that time. Over the years, it has added more and more products to suit a wide range of needs and has formed partnerships with other entities to also offer retirement planning, capital management, and more.

Headquartered in Bloomington, Illinois, COUNTRY Financial serves 19 states with a heavy concentration in the Midwest. It works with captive agents across the nation to offer a very robust portfolio of financial services. In general, COUNTRY Financial receives positive customer service reviews, although reports do vary when it comes to filing a claim.

COUNTRY Financial Contact Information

Customer service phone number
1 (866) COUNTRY or 1 (866) 268-6879
Headquarters address
1701 N Towanda Ave
Bloomington, IL 61701-2057
Claims service phone number1 (866) COUNTRY or 1 (866) 268-6879
Website URL

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