Shopping for insurance policies online is becoming commonplace, and an increasing number of insurance shopping platforms are flooding the space. It can be hard to know which platforms are helpful and which are a waste of time. Check out Insurify’s review of insurance shopping platform Nsure to find out whether it’s the real deal!

What is Nsure?

Nsure bills itself as a proprietary online insurance shopping platform. It allows users to shop for home and auto insurance discreetly from a desktop or mobile device. Comparing driver data against a database of information from over 50 top-tier insurers, Nsure matches users with their best insurance options and has agents on standby to help answer simple questions and complete the purchase.

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How does Nsure work?

Like most online insurance platforms, Nsure utilizes machine learning and marries user information with its unique algorithm to arrive at customized choices for homeowners and auto insurance. The questions asked (and just how easy it is to gain access to your quote once you answer them) are what makes or breaks the user experience for this writer. 

First, you’ll need to decide how to start your quotes journey. You can select Home, Auto, or choose to Bundle the two to find your best insurance coverage.  

Next, you’ll enter information about yourself, your vehicles, and each driver. Based on your address, the site auto-fills your vehicle and driver information. In this writer’s experience, the site listed drivers and vehicles no longer at my address. Removing this information wasn’t a very intuitive process.  

The site itself is clean and does well at informing you what part of the process you are on (for example, the page below is gathering information related to policy discounts). There were several places where this writer got stuck because I either didn’t have or didn’t want to provide my information. Specifically, you’ll have to enter your insurance start date, driver’s license, and birth date if you wish to continue through the quoting process. 

Before you can review your quotes, you have to sign up with contact information, specifically an email and mobile number. Though the site claims to compare quotes from over 50 vendors, it only showed me two.

Overall, I felt like Nsure got more information from me than I got from it. This site is not for people who just want to casually compare insurance quotes without committing to getting on the phone with an agent. 

Nsure Reviews: Here’s what customers are saying…

Though Nsure boasts many positive reviews on its website, reviews from around the internet are mixed. In general, positive reviews call out the easy experience, while more negative ones suggest that the quote you get when using the tool isn’t necessarily the price you end up with.  

Nsure vs. Insurify: The Facts

Similar to Insurify, Nsure offers a very clean site—a reassuring sign for those concerned about the professionalism of the sites they engage with. However, Nsure fails to provide a site experience as engaging and thorough as Insurify’s. (And thoroughness is critical for achieving a quote you can depend on.) 

It’s easy to lose faith in the Nsure process as you fill out screen after boring screen in an attempt to arrive at your quote. Unlike Insurify, there’s no starting over, and making changes to your quote requires that you engage with a representative. Insurify’s car insurance calculator is the best in the business and uses cutting-edge customer engagement practices to provide a quotes process that’s as fast as it is flexible.         

Nsure vs. Jerry

Jerry is a similar tool for comparing insurance quotes online. Like Nsure, Jerry leads you through a series of steps whereby you enter your information and receive a limited number of quotes (Jerry selects three quotes for you). 

While both Nsure and Jerry are legit companies, neither is for you if you aren’t ready to commit to providing pretty specific (and sometimes very personal) information. Insurify makes it easy for users to sample different coverage amounts and features quotes from up to 20 providers. 

Nsure vs. Otto

Like Nsure, Otto has mixed reviews. Both attempt to offer an option for finding your best insurance options but make you commit to providing more and more information before allowing you to see your quote. With Insurify, you never feel misled or strung along. In just minutes, you’ll arrive at a long list of quotes you can consider for a while or act on immediately. 

How to Save on Car Insurance

The fastest, most reliable way to save on car insurance is to leverage the speed and processing power of AI-enabled online insurance shopping platforms. The key is finding one that can get you the most reliable data quickly, without signing up for unwanted calls and texts. Insurify makes insurance shopping simple, affordable, and hassle-free.  

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More about Nsure

Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, is a proprietary online insurance shopping platform that allows consumers to shop for insurance digitally throughout the United States. Nsure issues quotes from over 50 carriers and uses licensed agents to assist online shoppers by phone or text. The company claims that its technology can decrease home and auto insurance premiums for all coverage levels by up to 45 percent.  

Phone 1 (561) 288-9700
Office 6501 Congress Ave #300, Boca Raton, FL 33499

Nsure: Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nsure legit and safe to use?

Though Nsure is not Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited, it’s a legitimate company with no complaints on record. Its statement regarding security includes the fact that customers make payments directly to the insurance company they select. In terms of information privacy, only the chosen insurer has access to the information entered to obtain a policy.   

What are the differences between Nsure and Insurify?

Insurify is much easier for the casual comparison shopper to use. Insurify provides you up to 20 real-time quotes in minutes, while Nsure only gives you two. And Insurify lets you experiment with different coverage amounts, while Nsure requires that you contact the company or begin the whole process over to get a new price.

What types of insurance can Nsure compare?

Nsure compares auto insurance and home insurance and includes an option for bundling the two.

Updated October 29, 2021

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